Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 238: Pushing Back the Three Demons

Chapter 238: Pushing Back the Three Demons

For Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao to have been humiliated by SongZhong as such, he was angered till the point his face turned green. Following which, he scolded, “Then go and die!” As he said that, he activated the black threads as they attempted to entangle SongZhong.

SongZhong just could not figure out what these black threads were. Helpless, he could only secretly release a demonic witch while asking her telepathically, “Quickly tell me what this darn thing is!”

The way SongZhong saw it, the demonic witches had inherited the memories of the FenShen cultivators and were already omnipotent beings. They would most certainly be able to recognise this weird magical artifact.

Indeed, after the demonic witch appeared, her eyes lit up as she quickly explained, “Master, this is the Ten Thousand Ancient Soul Thread, it is created by refining the life essence of a cultivator through an evil method. Every single thread here is equivalent to a cultivator’s life essence!”

When SongZhong heard that, he almost died from shock. You have to know, the black threads which Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao were extremely dense and able to cover the skies. There were at least a few hundred thousand black threads within it! He then exclaimed, “This is impossible right? No matter how strong he is, he can’t possibly kill a few hundred thousand cultivators right?”

“He definitely inherited it from someone else. He is also able to use the life essence of a demonic beast to refine it. Seeing as how we are at the Eastern Ocean, this is most probably a magical artifact which an ancient cultivator refined with the large amount of demonic beast here and was obtained by him!” The demonic witch quickly explained.

“So this is the case!” Only then did SongZhong come to a realisation. But, he quickly asked, “I can’t harm this thing with the divine lightning or sword Qi. Don’t tell me I can only escape? How can I block it?”

“Master, the Ten Thousand Ancient Soul Thread is actually the same as life essence and does not have a physical body. After it is refined, it is greatly strengthened. It would be difficult to destroy it with weapons or spells. As such, it became an extremely powerful demonic magical artifact. However, it is extremely simple for you to deal with them since you have us!” The demonic witch then said to SongZhong with a yearning tone, “Master, this thing is something extremely beneficial to us! Can it?”

“Do you need to ask?” SongZhong quickly released all the nine demonic witches and shouted, “Quickly eat it! Eat them all!”

“Yay!” The nine demonic witches celebrated as they began to swallow the surrounding threads.

Everything indeed has its weaknesses! SongZhong had already unleashed all of his trump cards but was unable to deal with the black threads at all. But in the face of the demonic witches, the black threads turned into a meal. In just a single instant, they are able to swallow dozens of black threads. The demonic witches then traversed around the black threads happily. Apart from SongZhong who was their master, no one else was able to see the demonic witches in their formless form. Everyone was only able to see the black threads slowly diminishing.

Being the owner of the Ten Thousand Ancient Soul Thread, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao was able to feel it the most clearly. He immediately felt that something was wrong, as though there was something eating up his own treasure. This was his Natal Artifact which he had treasured greatly. If anything were to happen to it, he would suffer greatly.

Thus, he quickly kept the black threads as he shouted, “Dammit, what...what is this?”

“Something good!” SongZhong then gave a malevolent smile, “You can have a good taste of it!”

In the time they spent talking, the demonic witches had already gobbled up thousands of black threads. Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao almost died from the heartache. However, while it was easy to release the black threads, he needed time to keep them. Thus, despite how anxious he was, he did not have a choice. The demonic witches were able to eat their fill and continued eating at such a speed. By the time Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao finished collecting all the black threads, he would lose at least tens of thousands of them. If that was the case, the strength of his magical artifact would definitely be greatly weakened. The time taken for it to become a spiritual artifact would also be greatly delayed.

Helpless, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao could only choose to escape. As he escaped, he quickly kept the Ten Thousand Ancient Soul Thread in an attempt to reduce the speed at which was being eaten.

Being someone with a reputation, even if he were to escape, he would still leave some words behind, “Darn fatty, this matter isn’t over yet. I have something on today and will leave first, I will definitely come back and find you again!” As he said that, he quickly flew away on his flying sword.

As SongZhong heard that, he was enraged as he gave chase on his flying sword. At the same time, he scolded, “Why wait until tomorrow? Since the matter between us isn’t over, why not we settle it today?!” As he said that, his Five Elements Essence Sword slashed out.

Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao could not help but unleash a green ring-like magical artifact to defend against the attack. Although he was able to block the attack, it affected his escaping speed as well as the speed at which he was collecting the black threads. As a result, the demonic witches ate a lot more black threads.

Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao was extremely anxious. While he wanted to teach SongZhong a lesson, he was worried about his magical artifact. Besides, he was really afraid of SongZhong now. Now that his most prized magical artifact was useless against him, what else could he use to fight SongZhong?

Thus, the Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao really became afraid in his heart. After scolding SongZhong a bastard, he turned to his subordinates and scolded, “Are you guys all dead? Why aren’t you trying to stop him!”

As his subordinates saw that he was mad, they were all frightened and quickly took out all their flying swords and magical artifacts to attack SongZhong.

Facing the attack of dozens of magical artifacts and flying swords, SongZhong did not dare to be careless either. He quickly summoned his copper bell to block all of these attacks. In this short time, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao also accelerated and escaped a few kilometres away, gone from SongZhong’s sights.

SongZhong was still looking forward to letting his demonic witches eat more of the black threads to strengthen them. How could he bear to let him escape? But, he was currently being tied down by these flies and could not leave.

In a moment of anxiousness, SongZhong became enraged. Without saying anything, he sent out his Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning.

The moment they saw SongZhong unleashing the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning, they all dispersed before it was even formed. While Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao was scary, it was even scarier to be blown apart by the divine lightning. Even their master, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, suffered from the divine lightning. If they were to receive the attack, wouldn’t they be reduced to ash?

SongZhong never imagined that when he finally formed the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning, everyone had escaped already. Furthermore, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao was already out of his sights and he would not be able to catch up anymore! As such, he was unable to find a suitable target to unleash his divine lightning.

Songzhong was enraged in his heart! In frustration, he looked around for a target and quickly locked onto the remaining two demons. He then thought to himself, ‘Since all of you are here to find trouble, I shall not go easy on you. Since I can’t blow Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao up, I shall vent my anger on you!’

Thinking about that, SongZhong’s eyes lit up as a wave of killing intent was unleashed. Asexual Green Demon Qing and Capricious Old Devil Zhong were all old timers, how could they not tell what SongZhong’s intentions are?

They do not have the intention of fighting SongZhong to the death at all. Especially after seeing SongZhong’s divine lightning, they completely did not have that intention anymore.

Thus, the crafty Capricious Old Devil Zhong laughed, “Ai yah yah, the weather today is so good! Brother Song, I only wanted to come and say hi to you today to congratulate you for obtaining the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant. Now that I have already said hi, there are still many things for me to handle at home and I will take my leave first! Goodbye!”

As he said that, he cupped his hands and left in the quickest possible speed before SongZhong went crazy.

Now that Capricious Old Devil Zhong left, only Asexual Green Demon Qing was left behind. SongZhong would naturally direct his malicious gaze onto him.

As Asexual Green Demon Qing saw that, he could not help but curse Capricious Old Devil Zhong for escaping so quickly. It was obvious that Capricious Old Devil Zhong wanted him to endure the rage of SongZhong.

Asexual Green Demon Qing was also no idiot and would naturally not fall for the trap. Thus, he quickly said, “Hehe, I am actually here to congratulate brother Song as well. Now that the formalities are met, I will not be staying any longer! Goodbye, goodbye!”

As he said that, Asexual Green Demon Qing left with all of his subordinates, even faster than a rabbit escaping for its life!

As such, the three demons who came with malicious intents had all escaped in an instant.

The only ones remaining are the shocked SiYun and gang, as well as SongZhong who was still holding on to the divine lightning in search for a target.

The bad thing about the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning was that it had to be thrown the moment it was formed. If not, the five elements Qi within it would become unstable and explode on the spot.

Since SongZhong was unable to find a target, he could only throw it out into the ocean. Following which, a loud explosion sounded as a colourful fireball could be seen on the horizon. There was a huge tower of mist and a tsunami which smashed onto the cliffs of the Green Plateau.

Only at this moment did SiYu and gang snap into their senses as they stared at SongZhong with admiration from deep within their hearts. Even the Naked Skinning Witch was not an exception! Strength is something that everyone would worship no matter where!

Only after a short while did the Naked Skinning Witch say with shock on her face, “Damn, you… you are actually able to scare the three demons away alone? Goodness, I think I am falling in love with you!”

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