Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 237: Battling the Demons

Chapter 237: Battling the Demons

Not to mention Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao who had ruled over the Eastern Ocean with her strength, even if it was any other cultivators, they would not be able to hold back their anger in such a situation. Thus, after scolding in exasperation, he immediately attacked.

Following which, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao cursed SongZhong viciously, “Why aren’t you going to die yet?”

Under the terrifying influence of the Sexual Celestial Tune, those words had a frightening magical power within them. It made everyone who suffered the frontal blow of the sound to have an urge to commit suicide.

SongZhong’s will was extremely strong and resisted it in just an instant. However, the people around him weren’t able to do so. Especially Mu ZiRong and the Naked Skinning Witch, who were cultivating a devil cultivation formula. Their willpower was originally weak already, together with a hidden shadow in their hearts due to the torture, in reality, they could not help but raise their hands up after hearing the voice. They then smashed towards their forehead, wanting to seek release.

As SongZhong saw that, he was startled! He quickly held the both of them back. But just at this moment, something also went wrong with SiYu and SiYun. Their faces changed as they thought that they would enter a heavenly place after committing suicide. Then, they also began to raise their hands as they wanted to smash their own foreheads.

SongZhong did not have four arms to hold all four of them back. Helpless, he could only let out a loud roar. With an earth-shattering roar, he stunned the four of them. Then, he quickly took out his copper bell and shot out a spiritual talisman. Following the loud ring of the bell, everyone present was startled.

This was the shocking spiritual talisman of the Seven Emotions Immortal Note. Being startled, all of them snapped out of the bewitchment. Thinking about how they were about to commit suicide, they all could not help but have their backs filled with cold sweat. In their hearts, they could not help but fear Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao. He was just far too scary, controlling their lives with just a single phrase!

Seeing how he was able to diffuse the situation, Songzhong heaved a sigh of relief. Then, anger rose in his heart. Be it SiYu, SiYun or Mu ZiRong who had just made up with him, they were all his women! There was actually someone who dares to touch them in front of him! This is just not placing him in their sights!

In anger, SongZhong could not be bothered with anything else. He raised his hands and revealed the five divine lightning in each of his hands. As he activated the combination of the divine lightnings, he also said with a menacing smile, “Demon, receive a blow from me as well!”

At the start, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao did not think much about SongZhong. In fact, he even snickered, “With just you?”

However, when he saw how SongZhong was able to merge the 10 divine lightning into a colourful lightning ball, he was startled, “What? This is the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning? Dammit, you really know how to use it?”

In fact, the fact that SongZhong knows how to use the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning had long been spread in the Eastern Ocean. However, the requirements of the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning was just too high as it requires the user to be able to unleash all 10 divine lightnings. Usually, only a middle JinDan cultivator and above would be able to do that. Just learning how to refine all 10 divine lightnings would definitely take a few decades for sure. It was impossible for a foundational cultivator to have this time. With their two to three hundred years of life, they would all spend it on cultivating. If they were not able to advance to a JinDan cultivator, they would be in trouble.

Thus, while many people in the Eastern Ocean Alliance heard about this news, not many people believed it. They all thought that it was some foolish cultivator who mistook another divine lightning with the same looks but different strength for it. At least, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao thought so.

However, after he saw that SongZhong was able to refine the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning, he immediately realised that he was extremely mistaken. This was the authentic Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning! Thus, he was undoubtedly shocked.

SongZhong would not be bothered with how startled Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao was. He was only concerned about throwing the divine lightning out after it is formed.

Facing the famous and powerful Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao did not dare to be careless as well. He quickly took out a red cloth type magical artifact. This magical artifact unleashed a red screen of light, covering a few thousand feet, blocking the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning.

Following an earth shattering explosion, SongZhong’s divine lightning exploded into a large fireball. The red light screen of Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao then shook for a while but did not shatter. Obviously, the famous Eastern Ocean Three Demons all had treasures on them.

Seeing that he had blocked the attack, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao also heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. However, he did not want to show his weakness as he sneered, “Ai yah yah, so this is the famous Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning? Why is it so weak when being used in your hands?”

As SongZhong heard that, he was almost angered to death. Actually, the divine lightning which he was using now was left behind from previously, made when he was a middle foundational cultivator. While the strength of the attack was comparable to a JinDan cultivator, it is unable to affect Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao who was a completed JinDan cultivator.

However, as SongZhong enters into the completed foundational cultivator, the Lightning Congregating Stations which are connected to him will also produce a stronger divine lightning according to his strength.

It is just that SongZhong had only entered into the completed foundational cultivator for a few days and did not have many of these powerful divine lightning Thus, he could not bear to use it at the start and only used those leftovers.

But now that he was jeered at by Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, SongZhong would not be able to take it. As a lightning cultivator, his divine lightning was being mocked. This was akin to a great humiliation!

Thus, SongZhong could not be bothered that he did not have much divine lightning. He took them out and began to form the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning again. At the same time, he said with a cold laughter, “You’ve got balls. Receive another attack from me!”

As he said that, a lightning ball which shone even brighter flew into the air, smashing against the red light screen.

However, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao did not bother too much about it. He thought that there would not be a large difference since the divine lightning was refined by the same person. Thus, he sneered, “The result will be the same even if you tried a hundred times!”

However, before Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao completed his sentence, a large fireball exploded. His impenetrable looking red screen of light was then destroyed after trembling for a moment. Following which, the colourful wave of fire spread all over.

Not only was Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao dumbfounded, the other two demons’ faces also lost their colour. The blast radius of this fire ball was just too large and they were also affected.

The Eastern Ocean Three Demons would naturally not be afraid of something like this. However, it does not mean that their subordinates would not be able to block this wave of fire. In order to protect their subordinates, the three demons let out a cry in unison, activating their magical Qi to protect their subordinates and retreating a few kilometres. Only then were they able to avoid the might of the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning.

After the divine lightning exploded, the dark clouds above had also dissipated, revealing the blue skies. This immediately lifted the moods of everyone below as SongZhong’s mood also became cheery. He then laughed, “You darn demon, do you now know my strength?”

In a moment of carelessness, not only did Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao lose a magical artifact, he was also forced to retreat so far away pitifully. It could be said that he had completely lost face, making him completely enraged.

While the divine lightning SongZhong used looked extremely powerful, for Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao to rule the Eastern Ocean for so many years, he was also extremely powerful. Thus, he was not frightened at all. After suffering a loss, he gave a loud roar and left his subordinates behind, dashing in front of SongZhong. With a glare, he said in exasperation, “Darn fatty, do you really think that I’m afraid of you?”

“Hmph!” As SongZhong heard that, he grunted and also few up. Staring at Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, he said with a cold laughter, “I will beat you up until you are afraid of me!”

As Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao heard that, his eyes narrowed as he scolded, “Damn brat, you’re seeking death!” As he said that, Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao waved his hands and countless black threads appeared in the skies, charging towards SongZhong.

SongZhong did not know what it was, but looking at how disgusting it was, he knew that he must not let them come near him. Thus, he shook his hands and five sword Qi was sent out from his Five Element Essence Sword.

But despite the sharpness of the sword Qi, they were unable to cut these black threads. It was as though the sword Qi was slashing air, passing through the threads. The black threads then continued their approach, forcing SongZhong to retreat while sending out a few Fire Divine Lightning to block them for a while.

However, the Fire Divine Lightning was not able to do anything to them and continued to surround him, making SongZhong flustered.

As Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao saw that, he could not help but say with delight, “Darn fatty, this is the Ten Thousand Ancient Soul Thread. This is a magical artifact which exceeds the ninth grade that an ancient cultivator refined. In another hundred years of so, it may even become a spiritual artifact. If you are able to block it, I will become yours!”

As SongZhong heard that, his first reaction was disgust. Despite how busy he was, he did not forget to shout, “Heavens, earth! Just let me go! Even if I am going to die, I definitely will not want a demon like you!”

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