Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 236: Making Up

Chapter 236: Making Up

*Cough cough* after Huo ** heard that, he gave two awkward coughs before quickly explaining himself, “Isn’t that because she was young and ignorant? She has already received a scolding from the family and has turned over a new leaf!”

As he said that, Huo ** signaled to Mu ZiRong by his side. Mu ZiRong did not dare delay as she walked by SongZhong’s side and pleaded pitifully, “Husband, I know my mistake already. Really!”

As she spoke, tears suddenly seemed to fill her eyes as though she had really turned over a new leaf. If SongZhong did not understand Mu ZiRong enough, he would have really been duped by her. But ever since he knew that she was cultivating the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula, he knew that she was already incorrigible. Such a change in her is also definitely for her future plans.

Thus, SongZhong did not believe her immediately. Instead, he frowned and stared at her coldly.

As Huo ** whow as by the side saw that, he knew that SongZhong would not forgive her so easily. Thus, he said with an apologetic laughter, “Haha, look at how I forgot to give you a letter from the sect master. You will understand after reading through it!”

After he said that, Huo ** handed a letter over to SongZhong.

SongZhong received the letter and realised that it was indeed the handwriting of Daoist HuoLong. He had apologised to SongZhong in the letter about how he did not bring Mu ZiRong up well. Following which, he assured that Mu ZiRong will not do that again. If she were to really cheat on him, the Huo family will have nothing to say even if SongZhong killed her on the spot. This letter of his would be the evidence!

After SongZhong had finished reading through the letter, he could not help but give a long sigh as he lamented about how Daoist HuoLong was a sly old fox in his heart. Although SongZhong had completely given up on Mu ZiRong and had only treated her as nothing more than a s*x toy, he had to reconsider the matter now that Daoist HuoLong had written a personal letter. After all, Daoist HuoLong had already taken a step back already. If SongZhong were to continue harping on the matter, it would seem as though he was extremely petty.

Thus, SongZhong smiled and as he said with a smile, “If that’s the case, then I will believe you again. In future, this is your home!”

“Thank you!” Mu ZiRong acted as though she was extremely touched as she dived into SongZhong’s bosom.

Huo ** who was by the side twiddled with his beard as he laughed, “Good good good, I like to see the intimacy of you young people!”

Mu ZiRong and SongZhong were embarrassed by what he said and they quickly split up as SongZhong said with an apologetic smile, “Senior is joking!”

“Haha, I am not joking!” Huo ** got up and said, “Alright, now that this matter is over, my mission is completed. I will not stay here and bother you any further! Goodbye!” As he said that, he flew away on his flying sword, disappearing in the horizons.

As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but think to himself, ‘This person comes and goes as he wishes with a carefree feeling. This is also something wonderful!’

Seeing that Huo ** left, Mu ZiRong was no longer as shy. She then leaned onto SongZhong again as she said emotionally, “Husband, this slave knows that it was my mistake in the past. I will not dare to do that again. I only wish that husband will no longer control my body with the demonic witches again, alright?”

As SongZhong heard that, he immediately revealed an evil laughter, “I can choose not to control you. But after you did so many things to let me down, how will you learn your lesson if I don’t punish you?”

“Then punish me with all you got!” After Mu ZiRong heard that, her eyes revealed an excited glare as she said, “I want you to use all of your strength to punish me harshly!”

~~~Just how much happened after? The heaven and earth knows, you and I know~~~

The next day, SongZhong got out of bed with full of energy as he saw Mu ZiRong, who had completely no more strength left in deep sleep. He then could not help but reveal a delighted laughter. Then, he washed up and wanted to find SiYu and SiYun to explain the matters about yesterday.

However, just as SongZhong stepped out, he immediately felt as though something was wrong. The air was suddenly filled with a demonic atmosphere. This was an atmosphere that only experts of a certain level could feel. It was the intuition of an expert which ordinary cultivators did not have.

Only then did SongZhong remember that today was the day for the Eastern Ocean Three Demons to visit him. It seems as though his ominous premonition was because of them.

Right at this moment, three dark clouds suddenly appeared from afar, flying over from three different directions. They quickly arrived above SongZhong, covering the sun and surrounding the whole Green Plateau.

With such a large commotion, it was obvious that everyone noticed what was happening. Very quickly, SongZhong’s subordinates had all arrived. The Naked Skinning Witch, SiYu, SiYun, Stone and Old Poison. Even Mu ZiRong had dragged her lethargic body out and stood beside SongZhong.

Following which, the dark clouds above suddenly split open, leaving behind three clouds which were a few thousand feet wide and filled with dozens of people.

On the cloud at the east, it was filled with handsome and beautiful cultivators which were all of the foundational stages at the very least. They all surrounded a large chair with an extremely beautiful figure which looked less than 20 years old.

The face of this person looked like a man but was filled with makeup all over. His eyes curved upwards seductively, making one unable to tell if he was a man or women. SongZhong immediately thought of the Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao. It is said that this person had both the genitals of a male and female, and was extremely evil in personality, loving beautiful women and handsome men.

As for the group on the left, they were mainly made up of men who were all small in size and extremely pale. There were only a few female cultivators who were mixed within the group. It looked as though it was a country filled with females. They were all surrounding a chair with a forty odd year-old man in it with a crafty looking face.

The moment SongZhong saw his beardless chin and red robes, he realised that this person was most likely the eunuch, Asexual Green Demon Qing Qing.

SongZhong could not help but think to himself, ‘He looks like that and dares to call himself Qing Qing? He really makes me want to puke!’

As for the last group of people, they looked more ordinary without any special traits. But, the people amongst them were full of variety, man, and women, young and old, righteous and evil, full of variety. The one leading them was an old man dressed in yellow. He had a long beard with a dark skin, looking exactly like the farmers from the countryside. Without a doubt, this person is the Capricious Old Devil Zhong.

All of these people came together and displayed their might the moment they arrived. Using the magical Qi to create the dark clouds to cover the sun, then letting the hundreds of foundational and JinDan cultivators appear, increasing their grandeur to the extreme. As such, the Naked Skinning Witch and gang were all frightened as their faces turned pale and body trembling.

As they saw the situation of these people, the people from the Eastern Ocean Three Demons all felt extremely proud of themselves as they let out a cold laughter.

However, SongZhong was completely unafraid. Being someone who was able to escape from the thousands of subordinates of the Black Shark King, how would he be affected by all of these? Thus, he criticised with a cold laughter, “All of you bastards, coming to my territory sneakily and still daring to eccentrically copy after a dog. You guys are really seeking death!”

As SongZhong said that, everyone was startled. The way they saw it, the situation was extremely clear right now. The Eastern Ocean Three Demons are already right up to SongZhong’s doorstep. As long as the darn fatty is wise, he should immediately kneel down and beg for mercy. But they never expected that SongZhong did not have the slightest intentions of surrendering and even took the initiative to taunt them!

All of these people were already used to being domineering. After being stunned for a moment, all of their faces changed as they began to curse back.

“Darn fatty, what did you say? Are you tired of living?”

“My lord is here today and you dare to spout nonsense? Are you really an idiot?”

“Damned bastard, today is your death date!”

SongZhong alone could naturally not win all of these people in a war of words. Seeing as how he was at a disadvantage, his eyes narrowed and wanted to teach them a lesson.

Just at this moment, the ‘beautiful’ Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao suddenly coughed.

This simple cough of his was like the gentle voice of a beautiful lady, making everyone extremely comfortable as they heard it. As such, they all could not help but stop what they were doing and listen to him.

This was obviously an extremely powerful seducing technique. SongZhong’s copper bell specialised in the use of soundwaves and he would naturally understand it. Thus, he immediately focused his attention and suppressed the seductive effect of the sound wave. Very quickly, he regained the clarity of his mind. But despite that, SongZhong could not help but break out into a cold sweat as he scolded in his heart, “Dammit, they are indeed demons. Without even saying anything, they just launched a sneak attack. If not for my strong concentration, I would have died today!”

Thinking about how he was almost seduced by Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, SongZhong could not help but be enraged. He then thought to himself, ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m not going to fight today. But if I’m going to fight, I will definitely fight this bastard first!’

Just when SongZhong was feeling frustrated, he did not know that the three demons were also startled. It turns out that Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao specialised in a special type of Sexual Celestial Tune. He is able to unknowingly use sound to seduce his opponents to control them as he wills. Because this special cultivation formula does not show any signs before activating it, it is extremely difficult to guard against it. Thus, if anyone ordinary were to receive the attack, even JinDan cultivators, they would most likely be controlled if they were caught off guard.

However, they never imagined that SongZhong, who was only a foundational cultivator, was able to withstand the attack of the Sexual Celestial Tune. In fact, he was not even seduced for a single second at all. As such, they all could not help but think to themselves, ‘This SongZhong really does live up to his reputations and has some ability!’

As Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao saw that his attack was ineffective, he withdrew his attack and said with a smile, “Ai yah yah, junior brother Song is indeed strong! You actually weren’t affected by this slave’s Sexual Celestial Tune!”

Hearing his voice which did not sound either male or female, SongZhong almost puked on the spot. Bearing with the disgust, he scolded with a cold laughter, “If not for the fact that your voice is too disgusting, I may have really fallen for it!”

Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao never expected that SongZhong would not give him any face at all, scolding him in front of the hundreds of cultivators present. This was completely a slap in the face!

After Capricious Old Devil Zhong and Asexual Green Demon Qing Qing heard that, they could not help but be filled with a smile. As for Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, she was angered to the point she lost her composure and scolded, “Darn fatty, you dare to humiliate me?”

“I did?” SongZhong feigned ignorance as he replied, “I think I only said the truth right? Don’t tell me you’re not Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao?”

“I am indeed Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao” Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao replied coldly.

“Ha! That’s right, not male and not female. If you aren’t a demon, what are you?” SongZhong sneered.

“Bastard!” Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao had been dominating the Eastern Ocean for more than a hundred years already. Since when had she suffered such anger? It has always been him taking care of whoever he was displeased with. She never expected to meet someone as rude as him today, humiliating her in front of the crowd.

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