Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 235: Three Demons Taunting

Chapter 235: Three Demons Taunting

As Mister First and Mister Second heard that, they were enraged to the point smoke could be seen rising from their heads. Although they conjectured that this was a trap by Daoist HuoLong, the problem was: Why did you even fell for it?

Mu ZiRong might have seduced Gold, but Gold would not have fell for such a trap if he had the moral integrity of a righteous cultivator. The problem was that eldest brother Gold could not withstand the temptations of lust and thus, went into Mu ZiRong’s bedroom. Now, there was no way of denying that this isn’t his fault!

Deep in the middle of the night, appearing in the bedroom of an engaged woman, naked and seen by so many people. No matter how eloquent eldest brother Gold may be, he will not be able to wiggle his way out of this mess!

Mister First and Mister Second were depressed! While they intend to save eldest brother Gold, they did not have the means to do so. They were depressed to the point they wanted to puke blood in anger.

However, eldest brother Gold was still part of their faction. If he were to be convicted with such a crime, not only will eldest brother Gold’s reputation be besmirched, both Mister First and Mister Second would no longer be able to establish their footing in the Mystical Sky Yard.

Helpless, Mister First and Mister Second could only approach Daoist HuoLong to have a discussion in secret. Finally, Daoist HuoLong retracted his accusations towards eldest brother Gold. He said that eldest brother Gold had only entered the wrong courtyard while trying to relief himself at night and did not have any malicious intents. As such, Gold was released after being reprimanded.

Of course, Daoist HuoLong had leveraged on this opportunity to siphon almost all the wealth from Mister First and Mister Second. Not only did he make them hand over a few important posts, he even got a magical artifact for Mu ZiRong as a gift to placate her.

Although Mister First and Mister Second paid a large price, they still managed to save eldest brother Gold. However, was it possible for such a scandal to remain unknown? Daoist HuoLong would definitely not let this chance slip off, to deal a blow to Mister First. Thus, almost everyone had a rough understanding of what actually happened.

As such, the faction belonging to Mister First and Mister Second would never be able to lift their heads up again. From then on, they no longer had any hopes of fighting for power and influence in the Mystical Sky Yard.

As though they were resigned to their fates, they announced that they were going into close door cultivation with their disciple and will not bother about the mundane matters. They would only focus all of their attention on cultivation so they will be able to stage an uprising in future.

After Daoist HuoLong had suppressed Mister First and Mister Second completely, he sent Mu ZiRong to the Eastern Ocean again. At the same time, he wrote a letter for Mu ZiRong to bring along with her.

As for SongZhong, his life in the Eastern Ocean wasn’t easy either. Ever since news of the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant was in his hands got out, his serene dwellings became a marketplace, filled with an endless stream of people visiting him.

Most of them were here to come and bootlick him and build closer ties with him. Especially those neighbors of his, not daring to offend the new local tyrant. As for the rest, they were here on behalf of their teams to form an alliance with SongZhong. Finally, there were those who were here to use their backings, to snatch the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant from him.

With regards to these people, SongZhong was extremely annoyed with them. At the start, he did not know how to deal with him. In the end, he just could not take it anymore and hid himself up, letting the crafty Old Poison handle them all.

As for their requests to form an alliance, SongZhong only gave vague replies; he did not reject them, nor he did not agree to it either. As for those who wanted to snatch the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant from him, he gave them all a good beating regardless of their backgrounds.

No one thought that SongZhong would be this savage. After all, the teams who dared to snatch the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant had a few JinDan cultivators at the very least. Like the saying goes, one must look at the owner before beating the dog. For him to beat all of them up and throwing them out like dead dogs, it was akin to offending those teams.

Furthermore, amongst the people he beat up, there were subordinates of the Three Eastern Ocean Demons. Ever since he got the warning from Huo **, he knew that he would have to meet these three demons eventually. Never did he imagine that the day would come so soon and that they would show him no face at all!

The three demons could not be bothered to meet SongZhong personally and sent a random subordinate of theirs over. They demanded the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant and treated SongZhong rudely, and that he had to be filial to them like a grandson!

How could SongZhong tolerate all these? The moment he saw that the other party was rude, he exploded in rage and treated all of them as his sandbags. SongZhong was now an extremely arrogant person as well and would not allow his dignity to be encroached upon. If he were to let others slight him once, they would think that SongZhong was afraid of them and become even more outrageous. As such, SongZhong did not show them a single shred of mercy. Not only did he beat them up, he humiliated them in front of the other cultivators who came as guests.

The three demons would definitely not be able to tolerate this! Thus, they quickly gave a response, giving a joint notice to SongZhong that they would visit him three days later!

The reason why they would come together was that there was only a single Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant, which they could not divide equally. To avoid conflict, they made an agreement to not find SongZhong secretly to settle this matter. Hence, the three of them made a joint notice.

Although the notice said that the three demons were here to pay a visit to SongZhong, no one would believe that they were really there to pay a visit. The notice of visit was obviously an utter bullshit! SongZhong has been targeted by the three of them! There would definitely be a conflict!

The three demons were all completed JinDan cultivators and were much stronger than SongZhong. Coupled with the fact that they were coming together, almost no one thought that SongZhong would stand a chance and would just die in this ‘visit’ of theirs. As such, SongZhong’s noisy dwellings regained its tranquility. No one was willing to walk too closely to SongZhong during this sensitive period of time, lest they offend those three unpredictable demons.

Even old poison and the Naked Skinning Witch had excused themselves away from SongZhong, obviously in a bid to escape the three demon’s wraths.

Thankfully, SiYu, SiYun and Stone still had a conscience and stayed behind adamantly, making SongZhong feel a little better.

Today, it was the day before the three demons were going to visit. Mu ZiRong took the letter written by Daoist HuoLong and arrived at SongZhong’s place together with Huo **.

As the both of them came in, they realised that SongZhong was together with SiYu and SiYun, enjoying the ocean’s view while sipping on tea underneath a tree. Looking at their joyful expressions, it can be seen that they were having a good time.

Mu ZiRong, who did not take SongZhong to be her man, suddenly had a feeling of sourness in her heart for some reason.

SongZhong did not know what Mu ZiRong was feeling right now. Seeing that Huo ** and Mu ZiRong had arrived, he was stunned. Then he got up and said with an apologetic tone, “So it is senior who has arrived. Forgive me for not welcoming you at the door!”

“Haha!” Huo ** laughed, “All is good as long as you do not blame me for being an uninvited guest! I would not dare to let the fourth demon come and welcome me by the door!”

As SongZhong heard that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry as he replied bitterly, “Senior, the three demons had already given a notice that they will come and find me tomorrow! Perhaps this fourth demon here will be vanquished tomorrow!”

SongZhong then brought Huo ** to where the tea was and said with respectful tone, “Senior, please take a seat!”

“Good, good!” Huo ** sat down unceremoniously as Mu ZiRong stood behind Huo ** awkwardly. Both Huo ** and SongZhong had completely ignored her existence.

After he sat down, Huo ** laughed, “Haha, I would believe it if it was anyone else. But I would not believe it if it were you! Based on the fact that you were able to force the Lightning Eagle King into retreat and killing the Black Shark King, I believe that the mere three demons will not be able to do anything to you!”

“I’m not afraid of a single one of them. For the three of them to come together, I may not be able to handle it…”

As he said that, he poured a cup of tea for Huo **

Huo ** received the teacup and took a sip. “Dear nephew, while the three demons share the same status, they are filled with conflicts amongst themselves. They would definitely not work together harmoniously. As long as you do not agitate the three of them into attacking you together, you should be able to easily defuse the situation with your strength and establish your position as the fourth demon!”

“I hope that is the case! In any case, I’m left with no choice either!”

“Hehe, just continue feigning!” As Huo ** said that, he took a mouth of tea as he looked towards SiYu and SiYun casually.

SiYu and SiYun were both extremely intelligent and understood that Huo ** had something to tell SongZhong in private. Thus, they quickly said respectfully, “We have something to do and will take our leave first. I hope senior will forgive us if we did not serve you well!”

As Huo ** heard that, he nodded in satisfaction as he said, “No worries, no worries. Go and do what you need to!”

“Thank you senior!” SiYu and SiYun took a bow, then they looked at SongZhong deeply before leaving reluctantly.

After they left, Huo ** put down his cup calmly as he said, “Dear nephew, it is inevitable for husband and wife to quarrel sometimes. But you can’t possibly blow every small thing up right? As the saying goes, if it starts from the bed, settle on the bed! Isn’t this logic correct?”

“Hehe!” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but laugh coldly, “Senior is right! But I don’t think cheating on her husband is included in that right?”

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