Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 234: Killing Two Birds With a Stone

Chapter 234: Killing Two Birds With a Stone

Daoist HuoLong then stared at Mu ZiRong calmly, and he heartlessly replied, “You do not have any rights to decide in this matter!”

“Then can I at least have the right to die? I would rather die than let SongZhong lead an easy life.”

“Even if you want to die, you will have to die with SongZhong!”

“HAHA, good! Then I will die on his bed, or perhaps he will die on my stomach!” Mu ZiRong broke out into a maniacal laughter.

As Daoist HuoLong heard that, his expression changed as he suddenly remembered something. He quickly grabbed hold of Mu ZiRong’s wrist and sent a wave of spiritual sense to probe her bodily status. Then, with an ashen face, he said, “Is the weird and evil Qi in your body from the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula?”

“HAHA, it seems that darn fatty has told you about everything! That’s right, I am cultivating this evil cultivation formula which can suck a person to death! So, do you still want me to marry him?”

After Daoist HuoLong heard that, he was first stunned before bursting out into laughter, “Yes, why won’t I want you to marry him? If you suck him to death, your strength would take a great leap. At that time, our Huo family will have yet an additional powerhouse. I would be more than happy! But…”

“But what?”

“That darn fatty knows that you cultivated the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula and still dared to bring you along with him. It can be seen that he cannot be bothered with you at all! You still want to use those petty tricks of yours to mess with him? You’re really seeking death!”

“This, this is impossible! The Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is a profound cultivation method. How can that darn fatty not be afraid of it?”

“Hmph, his cultivation method invoked a divine tribulation even at the foundational stage. Evidently, it is an extremely powerful cultivation method. In fact, it is even stronger than our most profound Mystical Sky Records! A mere Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is considered to be pretty good in this world of ours but is leagues beneath the Mystical Sky Records, much less SongZhong’s perverse cultivation method. I’m afraid that even if you cultivate the Nine Beauty Revolutions, you will not be able to do anything to him!”

“Dammit! My dearest grandfather, since that darn fatty has such a good cultivation method, don’t you want to partake in it?”

“There is no need for that! SongZhong was born with an average affinity with all five elements, which is the requirement cultivation method. People who are born with that are extremely rare, and SongZhong is the only single weirdo who I have seen, with an average affinity with all five elements. Since he is the only one suited for that cultivation method, it is useless for me to have it. More importantly, he has grown to a point where I cannot deal with him so casually anymore!”

As he said that, Daoist HuoLong could not help but sigh, “This darn fatty only cultivated for a few years and he is already this scary. If he is given another few more decades, I would definitely not be able to control him anymore. Thankfully he is now part of my faction with you, Mu ZiRong, serving as the bridge. If not, I wouldn’t know if I should suppress or eliminate him!”

Even Mu ZiRong did not know what was going on. As she heard Daoist HuoLong’s words, she could not help but ask with doubt, “Grandfather, that darn fatty is only a middle foundational cultivator and isn’t even fit to carry your shoes. Why can’t you suppress him?”

“Hmph, what do you know? He is already a completed foundational cultivator and had even killed the Black Shark King! That is a peak 5th-grade demonic beast which is comparable to a completed JinDan cultivator! Do you think I can just casually deal with someone like that?”

“Ah? How is this possible?” Mu ZiRong exclaimed, “When I left him, he was only a middle foundational cultivator? It has only been a month and he is already a completed foundational cultivator?”

“That darn fatty has good luck and met with another fortuitous encounter! While the Eastern Ocean is extremely dangerous, it is inundated with many treasures and is the resting place of many ancient cultivators. Thus, there are many cultivators who had fortuitous encounters over there. I expected him to have some luck and so I sent you to follow him. Never did I expect his lucky break to come so quickly when you are not by his side! Goodness, is this your fate?”

“This~” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she could not help but regret. While she hated SongZhong, she does not have anything against fortuitous encounters. She would not have any complaints as long as she is able to grow in strength when by SongZhong’s side. It was just a pity that there is no medicine for regret in this world. Unfortunately, there was no chance for her to redo her actions.

Seeing how she acted, Daoist HuoLong also felt depressed in his heart. Then, he gave words of advice, “Alright, do not regret anymore, there will be chances in the future. Now that SongZhong had killed the Black Shark King, he will be awarded an Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant. With it, SongZhong will be able to choose an island filled with heavenly treasures, to be his own personal property. As long as you are by his side, there will definitely be many benefits for you!”

As Mu ZiRong heard that, she felt extremely tempted. After all, she was a cultivator herself and no cultivator would not be tempted by heavenly treasures. It is just that staying with SongZhong was akin to hell for her. As such, she could not help but lament, “But SongZhong hates me to death now. If I go there, he will definitely let the demonic witch possess me. At that time, I will only be a zombie-like existence! Grandfather, can you bear to see me like that?”

“Hmph, you still have to cheek to mention that? If not for the fact you cultivated the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula and want to cheat on him, would that darn fatty do that? If it was me, I would have resolved myself to kill you!”

Mu ZiRong knew that she was in the wrong and said, “Since things are already like that, you just decide what to do.”

“Haiz!” Daoist HuoLong took a long sigh. Although he hated the fact that Mu ZiRong did not live up to his expectations, she was still his granddaughter after all. Furthermore, she was also the bridge to SongZhong and he would not let him take control of her with the demonic witch. Thus, he could only reply helplessly, “I will talk to SongZhong to get him to treat you nicely. You must also apologise to him and don’t ever think about cheating on him! Not only will this throw his face, it will also throw yours, and the Huo family’s face!”

“But I am unresigned!” Mu ZiRong said hatefully.

“If you’re unresigned, all the more you have to serve him well. Only when he has his guards down, will you have a chance to know of his weakness. If you are able to obtain his Nine Beauties Painting and all of his hidden secrets, you may become as strong as him. At that time, you will be able to replace him easily! Only this can be considered revenge! What can cheating on him be considered? Why are you so stupid?”

“Ah? Grandfather, you don’t mind if I take care of SongZhong?”

“Hmph, that darn fatty isn’t my son. Why would I mind? The key is that you cannot make any rash moves. You have to know that SongZhong has the Hong family as a backer. Even if we want to plot against him, we must make sure that it cannot be traced back to us! Furthermore, you have to see if you can obtain benefits from it! If you can obtain enough benefits, like the Nine Beauties Painting, then we will have to get rid of him even if it aroused the Hong family’s suspicion. If we cannot gain anything, then we must definitely not make a move, lest we waste our energy!” Daoist HuoLong then said, “Do you understand what I am saying?”

“I do!” Mu ZiRong nodded.

“Good that you do!” Daoist HuoLong then let out a long breath and continued, “The matters today will besmirch your reputation if news of it is spread. You must stick to the claim that eldest brother Gold barged his way in and wanted to molest you. Do you understand?”

Mu ZiRong smiled with an evil grin, “Yes! I understand! I will definitely let eldest brother Gold die with indignance!”

“Hehe, very good. You are finally using your brains! It is getting late, go and rest!” After which, Daoist HuoLong turned and left.

Mu ZiRong dare not be rude and bowed, “Sending grandfather off!”

It did not matter how sincere she looked when she bowed. When Daoist HuoLong left, Mu ZiRong looked up into the skies with a sinister glare and said, “Darn fatty, I will definitely play you to death! But my dear grandfather, if I ever have the strength one day, you who objectified me as a gift will also be a target for my revenge!”

Daoist HuoLong did not know that Mu ZiRong, who was behind him, bore a bone-deep hatred against him. At this moment, he felt extremely relaxed. Not only was he able to resolve the issues between Mu ZiRong and SongZhong, he was also able to take care of eldest brother Gold as well. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

The next morning, a stunning news which shocked everyone had already spread across the Mystical Sky Yard. The prideful disciple of Mister First, eldest brother Gold, actually barged into Mu ZiRong’s bedroom with malicious intentions. In the end, he was caught by Daoist HuoLong who was passing by and locked up in prison to await punishment.

As Mister First and Mister Second heard that, they were naturally shocked. They quickly went to the prison to question eldest brother Gold. Eldest brother Gold who had injuries all over felt completely lost! He quickly told them how Mu ZiRong tried to seduce him and how he encountered Daoist HuoLong. He swore that it was definitely a trap plotted by Daoist HuoLong to frame him!

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