Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 233: Storm in the Yard

Chapter 233: Storm in the Yard

“Hehe!” Huo ** twiddled with his beard with a smile. Then, he said something completely within the expectations of SongZhong, “The Eastern Ocean Three Demons!”

As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but reply with a bitter laughter, “It’s indeed the three of them!”

“Hehe, it isn’t difficult to guess that right?” Huo ** smiled, “In truth, there are many perverse talents in the Eastern Ocean and even the Naked Skinning Witch in your team can also be considered one. But, the only three who are able to shake the whole Eastern Ocean with their names are the those three sickos who had once killed an ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps! Hehe, but from now on, the Eastern Ocean Three Demons are not history. The Eastern Ocean now has a fourth demon, you!”

As SongZhong heard that, his face turned green instantly. He did not think that it was an honour to be classified into the same group as those three sickos. In truth, he was extremely disgusted about being grouped together with the transvestite demon.

As such, SongZhong rejected that immediately, “Don’t, I’m someone normal. How can you compare me to those demons?”

“Hehe, this is not something I can control. It is all based on the traditions of the Eastern Ocean. Whoever kills an ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, the person would be called an Eastern Ocean Demon.” Huo ** then laughed, “But, you do indeed deserve the title. At the very least, they had only completed that task when they were in the late JinDan stage. But, you actually managed to kill the Black Shark King when you are not even at the JinDan stage! For you to do that, what else can you be other than a demon?”

As SongZhong heard that, he almost fainted from anger. Just when he wanted to defend himself, Huo ** stopped him and said with a smile, “Alright alright, let us end our conversation here today. I have to quickly send the message back to the family. I cannot allow Mu ZiRong to cause any trouble! As for you, take good care of yourself! The Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant is extremely valuable and there’ll be many people eyeing on it for sure.”

“What?” As SongZhong heard that, he was first stunned before asking in doubt, “Don’t tell me people are going to snatch a reward from the Eastern Ocean Alliance?”

“Hehe!” Huo ** could not help but reply with a laugh, “You seem to have forgotten that there is no law in the Eastern Ocean! No matter what it is, as long as there are benefits to it, someone will want to snatch it!”

“Hmph!” SongZhong then could not help but flare up, “Good, I want to see just which bastard dares to rob me!”

“Hehe, ordinary cultivators would definitely not dare to!” Huo ** then added, “But the Eastern Ocean Three Demons are exceptions! They would not be afraid of you!”

“En?” As SongZhong heard that, he replied in shock, “Don’t they have a warrant on their own? Why do they want to snatch it from me?”

“Hehe, no one would complain if they have more of something like that. Besides, they are all extremely proud and will not be happy to be placed on the same level as a junior like you. This is more than enough of a reason for them to find trouble with you.” Huo ** then smiled, “In the next few days, they would find you for sure. Take good care of yourself! I’ll be leaving first!”

As he said that, Huo ** did not say anything else and flew away on his flying sword.

Looking at the leaving Huo **, SongZhong could not help but mumble, “My goodness, did this bastard come here to give me a present or trouble? Just who did I provoke recently? Why is it such that I would either meet the ambassadors from the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps or the Eastern Ocean Three Demons? F**k, can’t I just live in peace?”

Just when SongZhong was feeling troubled over the matters of the Eastern Ocean Three Demons, there was another ‘show’ taking place in the Mystical Sky Yard.

Today, Daoist HuoLong was in meditation when he received the emergency letter from Huo **. He did not dare delay as he opened it up the instant he received it and was enraged. On the letter, it said that his granddaughter may have cultivated the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula. Furthermore, she had the intention of cheating on SongZhong.

How could he allow this to happen? If it were to spread that the grandchild of the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard cultivated a devil cultivation formula and even wants to use it against her husband, it will be the greatest tabloid in the Vast Mountains. If this matter were to turn out to be true, Daoist Huo Long may even have the heart to kill her.

Thus, he did not bother about the fact that it was late at night and rushed out hastily. Thankfully, he felt that there was something wrong about Mu ZiRong’s sudden return and so he grounded her at home. It is just that it was a measure to protect her so that she will not become a laughingstock if people were to see her. Thus, the guard she had set up was not too strong. Especially since it has already been a month, the person guarding her may release her out of a moment of soft-heartedness. If this were to cause his Huo family to lose its reputation, he would probably cry to his death!

As Daoist HuoLong flew over hastily, he suddenly spotted a suspicious figure flying towards the place Mu ZiRong was confined at. It is just that he wasn’t as strong as Daoist HuoLong and could not detect Daoist HuoLong.

As such, Daoist HuoLong silently observed and realised that this person was actually the disciple of Mister First, eldest brother Gold. He was acting extremely suspiciously, taking many turns and choosing the least populated roads to take. It was obvious that he looked like he was doing something wrong.

This naturally deepened the doubt in Daoist HuoLong’s heart as he thought to himself, ‘Don’t tell me he wants to do something bad?’ Thinking about that, Daoist HuoLong tailed him secretly.

In the end, Daoist HuoLong never expected that eldest brother Gold was headed to the same place as him. He arrived at Mu ZiRong’s residence unnoticed and avoided the guards in front, approaching from the back. There was originally various restrictions and alarms by the back but were all turned off at this moment. Thus, eldest brother Gold was able to easily arrive at Mu ZiRong’s bedroom.

When Daoist HuoLong saw that, his face turned green from anger. Especially the fact that he had just received the news from Huo ** and the truth was immediately certified. Furthermore, she was doing it with Mister First’s faction.

If Mu ZiRong were to find a handsome man, while Daoist HuoLong would be angry, he would still be able to understand her actions. After all, while SongZhong was strong, his looks are not the most pleasing. Especially in the cultivator’s world where ‘pretty boys’ are all around, SongZhong stuck out like a sore thumb with his buff look. Thus, if Mu ZiRong were to cheat on SongZhong because of this reason, it is still acceptable.

But eldest brother Gold did not look any much better than SongZhong and was from Mister First’s faction. This, wasn’t this just wanting to anger Daoist HuoLong to death?

Right at this moment, Daoist HuoLong saw Mu ZiRong welcome him with undergarments which were almost transparent. As they met each other, they began to say mushy words to each other.

“Brother Gold, you’re finally here, little sister misses you!” Mu ZiRong whined.

“Hehe, you probably don’t miss me at all. You just want to cheat on SongZhong right?” Eldest brother Gold gave an evil grin.

“Haha, this isn’t wrong. But I wonder if brother Gold dares to do so?” Mu ZiRong replied sluttily.

As eldest brother Gold heard SongZhong’s name, fury burned in his heart as he said with a sinister laughter, “Hmph, why don’t I dare to! This daddy will definitely make him a living bastard today!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Mu ZiRong looked with ridicule. At the same time, she seductively rolled her eyes at him.

As eldest brother Gold saw that, his lust rose from his abdomen as he broke out into a lecherous smile, “Baby, I’m coming!” As he said that, he pounced towards Mu ZiRong. In mid air, he had took off his robes, revealing his copper coloured muscles.

Just at this moment, where eldest brother Gold thought that he would have a good time with a pretty girl, a red figure appeared in front of Mu ZiRong like a ghost.

Eldest brother Gold recognised in a single look, this old man with a face full of anger is the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard, Daoist HuoLong!

It could be imagined just how eldest brother Gold felt! He secretly came to find his granddaughter and was caught red handed! This is as good as catching a pair of adulterers in the act!

Furthermore, what made eldest brother Gold afraid was the fact that he was in mid-air currently and pouncing towards Mu ZiRong. But, Daoist HuoLong was right in the way and was about to collide to Daoist HuoLong anytime. Although eldest brother Gold was extremely confident in the strength of his body, he would not dare to rush right into a YuanYing cultivator either. Isn’t this just seeking death?

He was frightened to the point his hands flailed wildly in mid-air, wanting to change the direction he was flying towards. But, he was right in the air with no way to use anything to help him. Thus, he can only pierce forward helplessly.

As for Daoist HuoLong, he only saw a naked well built man squirming around in front of him and about to bang into him. Especially the ugly and hairy thing below eldest brother Gold swinging around in front of Daoist HuoLong, completely repulsing Daoist HuoLong!

Being a YuanYing cultivator and the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard, Daoist HuoLong was of high status with all his disciples being extremely polite in front of him. Which one of them would be like eldest brother Gold today, disgusting him with that thing?

As such, the already angry Daoist HuoLong exploded in anger because of eldest brother Gold.

“You’re seeking death!” Daoist HuoLong scolded. Then, he waved his sleeves and sent out a red Qi wave, smashing it towards eldest brother Gold.

How would eldest brother Gold, who had just entered into the JinDan stage, be able to take the attack from a YuanYing cultivator? The next instant, eldest brother Gold let out a shriek as he was sent flying at high speed. In mid air, he had spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew a few thousand feet backward, landing on the ground unconscious.

At this moment, the cultivators on guard were all alerted as they rushed over to take a look. Daoist HuoLong first waved his sleeves and send Mu ZiRong back into the house with a blast of air, less she was seen in that seductive dressing.

After the guards arrived, Daoist HuoLong pointed at eldest brother Gold and scolded, “Are all of you dead? Allowing this shameless bastard to enter here without any of you noticing! What have all of you been doing?”

“Disciple deserves to die!” Seeing the naked eldest brother Gold and enraged Daoist HuoLong, how would they be unable to tell what happened? They all hastily bowed down to apologise.

Actually, Daoist HuoLong also knew that the matter could not be blamed on them. They are only able to guard against thieves from the outside but not from their own house. If not for Mu ZiRong helping him, it was impossible for eldest brother Gold to enter without being noticed.

But since this was related to the face of the Huo family, he still had to scold all of them to cover up the truth. Then, he ordered with fury, “Lock this bastard up! Then, increase the restrictions on this area by 10 times. No one is allowed to enter here. If there are any violations, kill them without mercy!”

“Yes!” As they saw how Daoist HuoLong had no intention to punish them, they all heaved a sigh of relief. How would they still dare to delay? They all quickly responded and lay the restrictions at night.

After sending them away, Daoist HuoLong entered the bedroom with anger. Before saying anything, he first gave Mu ZiRong a slap before scolding, “Bitch, speak! What is going on?”

The slap from Daoist HuoLong caused the corners of Mu ZiRong’s lips to bleed as her face became swollen. But, she did not plead in the slightest but laughed out loud, “What’s going on? Don’t tell me you can’t tell? I am cheating on SongZhong!”

“You~” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he was almost angered to death as he replied in frustration, “Are you sick in the mind? He is your husband, not your enemy!”

“How is he not my enemy?” After Mu ZiRong heard that, she shrieked, “Not only did that darn fatty cause me to be bedridden for years, he even raped me. Instead of teaching him a lesson, you made me compromise. On what rights? Am I still your granddaughter?”

“Hmph!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he could not help but reply with a cold laughter, “If you are not my granddaughter, what rights do you have to be so unbridled in the sect? Without my protection, just because of how you like to attack people casually, you should have been punished by the sect rules! At that time, why didn’t you ask what gave you the rights to ask others to compromise?”

“This~” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she was stunned on the spot.

Seeing that, Daoist HuoLong shook his head helplessly as he persuaded, “Child, being the granddaughter of Daoist HuoLong, you will receive many privileges. Like your cultivation method, elixirs, spiritual stones and magical artifacts, they can all be easily obtained. But despite all of your privileges, you will have to pay a price as well at times! Even though SongZhong isn’t anyone good, he is a talent of the Mystical Sky Yard and someone our Huo family can rely on in future! Your marriage to him is a contribution to our Huo family! Why can’t you understand that?”

After Mu ZiRong heard that, she could not help but sneer, “Ha! You finally said the truth. The only reason why you brought me up is to give me to the party you want to rope in. Am I right?”

As Daoist HuoLong heard that, his face turned cold as he remarked, “If you really want to think that way, then I can tell you that you are right! In any case, you are now SongZhong’s wife. You will be his women if you’re alive, his ghost if you’re dead!”

“What if I say no?” Mu ZiRong suddenly said resolutely.

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