Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 232: Eastern Ocean Island Head

Chapter 232: Eastern Ocean Island Head

As Huo ** heard that, he could no longer sit still. Although cultivators seem to be extremely open about things between men and women, they were very particular about reputation. While the women can go into bed with her fiance before marriage, she must definitely not cheat on him. The more prestigious the family, the more they were concerned about this.

If SongZhong were to really divorce Mu ZiRong because of her infidelity, the Huo family’s reputation will be besmirched for eternity. That would be a big problem! Even Daoist HuoLong may lose his position as the sect master because of his family’s stigma. This made Huo ** very anxious.

He hurriedly assured SongZhong, “Won’t, she definitely won’t do so!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! She had already cultivated the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula, what else will she not do?” SongZhong replied in frustration.

“I will send a letter back to my family immediately, and ensure that they watch over her. If she really dares commit adultery, even without a single word from you, our Huo family will clean up on our own!” Obviously, Mu ZiRong’s life was incomparable to Huo family’s dignity.

As SongZhong heard that, his eyes lit up and thought about the seductive figure Mu ZiRong possesses. He could not help but reveal a lecherous laugh, “Hehe, it is a waste to kill her. Why not you hand her over to me to watch her personally. It is just that I may be a little more violent. Hehe, you understand!”

Huo ** was also a man, a lecherous man. Naturally, he understood what SongZhong meant. “Alright, alright. If things were to really turn out as you have mentioned, you can do as you deem fit. Our family will take it that she had never existed!”

“Hehe, that’s much better!” SongZhong nodded in satisfaction.

“Haiz, now that you are satisfied, shouldn’t you give us an answer too?” Huo ** suddenly asked.

“What answer?” SongZhong feigned ignorance.

“Nine Beauties Painting! Don’t feign ignorance!” Huo ** did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ah, that!” SongZhong continued feigning ignorance. “Hehe, I picked it up by accident!”

“Ha! Such fortune indeed!” Huo ** curled his lips and said, “Since you’re not willing to say, then forget it. I have already instructed Mu ZiRong to remain silent about this matter. I am the only one who knows about this matter in the Eastern Ocean. When you venture out in the future, you must be careful and not reveal it easily, lest you create trouble for yourself!”

“Yes, Junior understands!” SongZhong quickly replied. As he said that, he handed a cup of tea over to Huo **.

Huo ** took the cup over and had a taste of it. Then, he remarked, “Good tea!”

“If senior likes it, I can gift you more of it.”

“Haha, what a filial child!”

“It is what this junior ought to do!”

While the both of them were extremely courteous to each other on the surface, in reality, a grudge had already been formed underneath. For SongZhong to conceal the matter about the Nine Beauties Painting and Mu ZiRong, this was not something that the condescending Huo family would take lying down. If it was any other person other than Little Fatty, they would definitely take covert actions to snatch the Nine Beauties Painting over.

But the problem was that SongZhong had a controversial status. First, he had a good relationship with the Hong family. Next, he was the son-in-law who would marry Mu ZiRong in future. Thus, it would be troublesome for Huo ** to get rid of him immediately.

However, the main reason was that SongZhong was no longer the ant that they can casually kill. He first warded off the Lightning Eagle King and then killed the Black Shark King. Those two powerful demonic beasts were no joking matter. Even Huo ** wouldn’t be able to win against them. Thus, no matter how much he hated SongZhong for snatching the Nine Beauties Painting, he could only endure it.

Besides, he had something to request of SongZhong, and would naturally not want to ruin the mood.

After a round of hypocritical courtesy, Huo ** began talking about serious matters. He lightly placed down the tea cup as he said calmly while twiddling his beard, “Nephew SongZhong!”

“Junior is here, I wonder what instructions senior has for me?” SongZhong quickly replied.

“I don’t dare to instruct you. It’s like this, I am here today on behalf of the Eastern Ocean Alliance to inform you about the rewards for killing the Black Shark King and rescuing our people! Be prepared for a big surprise!”

Having heard that it was something good, his eyes lit up. “Junior has always been ready!”

“Haha! That’s good! First, on account that you killed the Black Shark King, your team’s total score does not need to be considered and will be placed first in this round of test!”

SongZhong was first stunned and did not understand what was going on. However, he quickly remembered that the Eastern Ocean Alliance would do a review of the hunting squads every three years. In the review, the ten teams which killed the most demonic beasts would receive plenty of rewards. Especially the first place, where everyone in the team would receive a magical artifact each. The better the results, the better the magical artifact received. Now that SongZhong had killed the Black Shark King, his results would naturally be the best in history. After all, only a JinDan team would be able to kill someone like the Black Shark King. How would it be possible for a foundational team to do so? Only someone as perverse as SongZhong, with the Nine Beauties Painting, would be able to do so.

The result which SongZhong attained, could be said to be attained by chance. While there might be people in the future who are capable of the same accomplishments, he is definitely the first in history. After the Eastern Ocean Alliance had been formed for so many years, this was the first time something like this happened! Being the first time, the rewards received definitely is the best as well.

Obviously, this was something unexpected, something SongZhong had never thought of. “I wonder what the rewards would be?”

“I don’t know as well because the review for these three years has not ended yet. Usually, the rewards would only be given out at the end of the three-year period. This time, you obtained the first place by surprise, and thus you will have to wait until next year before you receive your reward! Of course, if there is anyone else who kills an ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, then your first place may be overtaken!”

“Hehe!” As SongZhong heard that, he replied with an indifferent laugh, “If there is really a foundational cultivator who is able to kill a completed JinDan stage demonic beast, I will be resigned if I have to give him the first position!”

“Haha, you are extremely casual about that. But, there will probably not be anyone else who is capable of this apart from you! So, rest assured! Following which, I have a special surprise for you!”

As he said that, a green jade medal appeared in front of SongZhong.

As SongZhong took it over, he realised that it was just a jade medal which seemed a little out of the ordinary. Apart from the intricate design on the medal, there was no special use to it. But, there were five words being carved on it: Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant.

Out of ignorance, SongZhong asked, “Senior, what is this Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant?”

“Hehe, this is something good! Do you know about large islands along the coastal areas of the Eastern Ocean, which are filled with heavenly treasures and spiritual veins?”

“I don’t know!” SongZhong replied honestly.

“There are many of them there, and they all belong to the Eastern Ocean Alliance. Ordinary cultivators would not be able to touch them! If you want to have such an island, you must first have the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant! Only someone with great contributions would be bestowed with an Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant by the Eastern Ocean Alliance! With it, you will be the island head of one of these treasure islands!”

As SongZhong heard that, his eyes lit up. The coastal areas of the Eastern Ocean are nearest to land. There are indeed many islands where the demonic beasts were not too strong either. However, there were many rare treasures growing there and it was just like a treasure island. However, all of these islands belonged to the Eastern Ocean Alliance and any ordinary cultivators would not be able to touch them. SongZhong never imagined that he would obtain the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant after coming to the Eastern Ocean for a short while, and then obtain an island of his own.

Apart from surprise, SongZhong could not help but express his incredulity, “Since when did the Eastern Ocean Alliance become so generous? Don’t tell me it’s because there are too many Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant so they aren’t worth much?”

“Ha! Little brat, you’re really full of nonsense! There have only been three Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant which has been given out up to today. This is the fourth one and even I do not have one! Do you still think that there are many of it? Do you still that it’s worthless?”

“Ah!” SongZhong was shocked as he heard that. “If you were to put it like that, this is definitely some treasure. But, I only killed a Black Shark King, do I really deserve this?”

“Definitely! In fact, there is only a single condition for the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant to be given out: To kill an ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps! No matter who he is, as long as he is able to kill an ambassador, he will obtain an Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant!”

“Eh! For a single ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, the Eastern Ocean Alliance is willing to use a treasure island as a reward. It is evident just how much you hate them.”

“Of course! Do you know, of the people who died in the Eastern Ocean, at least half of them were to the ambassadors of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps. How can we not hate them? It is just a pity that all of these foes have incredible abilities, and surrounded by a large amount of troops every single time. They are just too difficult to kill. That’s why we have hitherto given out four Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant!”

As SongZhong heard that, he suddenly became curious, “It seems that the people who are able to kill the ambassadors must be extremely powerful. I wonder who are the ones who obtained the other three Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant?”

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