Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 231: Discussing About ZiRong

Chapter 231: Discussing About ZiRong

SongZhong was extremely concerned about the reward from the Eastern Ocean Alliance. However, he was extremely tired then and couldn’t be bothered with the reward. Since the reward would not disappear for any good reason, SongZhong sent everyone away after inquiring about the current situation. He then decided to have a good rest.

SiYu and SiYun both stayed behind, with the heads lowered, and their face flushed red as they played with the corner of their clothes.

With just a single glance, SongZhong could discern that they wanted to fulfil their promise about giving their bodies to him. No matter how much SongZhong liked them, he never wanted to take advantage of them like that. That would be tantamount to rescuing them with malicious intentions. However, it wouldn’t be good for him to reject the both of them when they presented themselves, as it would probably hurt their female pride.

Thus, SongZhong gave the Black Shark King’s corpse to them and requested them to take care of it for him. A peak 5th grade demonic beast was extremely strong and its corpse is a premium good. A peak 5th grade demonic beast is rarely killed and its monetary worth is insanely high.

The moment SiYu and SiYun saw that SongZhong handed something so precious to the both of them to take care of, they completely forgot about the matters of presenting themselves and ran away with the corpse excitedly. This made SongZhong feel a little depressed as he thought, ‘Don’t tell me I am less attractive than a dead shark?’

Thinking about this, SongZhong could not help but mock himself inwardly. Following which, he could no longer endure the days and nights of tireless battle and went into a deep sleep.

When SongZhong woke up again, it was already three in the afternoon. As he opened his eyes slowly, he saw a figure admiring the painting on the wall. As though he had noticed that SongZhong was awake, he turned around and smiled. “Why? You’re awake?”

SongZhong rubbed his eyes and he was startled! It turns out that the person waiting for him was Huo **.

Huo ** was after all a senior of his and SongZhong did not dare to be rude. Thus, he hurriedly stood up and bowed, “My apologies, this junior slept for too long and made senior wait!”“Haha, as long as you do not mind me coming uninvited, all is fine!” Huo ** laughed unrestrainedly.

“I won’t dare to!” SongZhong humbly said, “Senior, please take a seat. I will prepare some tea for you!” He hurriedly took out a tea set and brewed it calmly. Of course, he would not foolishly take out the Dao Comprehending Tea anymore. Instead, it was another spiritual tea which wasn’t too bad.

As Huo ** saw that, he smiled and sat down. Then, he said, “Ai yah yah, nephew Song is indeed a blessed person. How many days has it been? You have already advanced two stages and become a completed foundational cultivator! If you are to continue cultivating at this speed, I will have to call you ‘Senior’ in a few years time!”

“Senior must be kidding! I was just lucky, that’s all. I had a fortuitous encounter thus advancing two stages. Despite the advancement speed of my magical Qi, my cultivation realm is unable to keep up with it. I still could not be compared to a senior like you. For me to make an advancement again in future, who knows how long it would take!”

“Haha! Very good, you are able to identify the disadvantages of having your cultivation rise too quickly. It means that you have not been blinded by strength and you are still extremely clear headed! But~”

As he said that, Huo ** suddenly stopped talking.

SongZhong could not help but question “But what?”“Despite your wittiness, why do you still do such foolish things?” Huo ** suddenly said coldly.

As SongZhong heard that, his heart skipped a beat as he realised that Huo ** was talking about Mu ZiRong. SongZhong put on a veneer of calmness as he asked, “Haha, I wonder what senior is referring to?”

“Of course I’m referring to Mu ZiRong! The precious jewel of our Huo family! What do you take her to be? A slave to serve your lust?”

As SongZhong heard that, he was first stunned. Then, he pretended to be in doubt as he asked, “Why does senior say that? Since when did I treat Mu ZiRong like that?”

“Hmph! You’re still feigning ignorance? ZiRong had told me everything, including how you controlled her with the Nine Beauties Painting to rape her!”

The only reason why SongZhong would feign ignorance was because he wasn’t sure what Mu ZiRong said exactly. Now that he heard what Huo ** said, he immediately knew that Mu ZiRong had spilled all the beans.

If that’s the case, there is no longer a need for him to feign ignorance. “Haha, did senior hear all of these from Mu ZiRong?”“Of course, don’t tell me she would lie to me!” Huo ** said coldly.

“I know not if she has lied to you. But I can be certain that she did not tell you everything. For example, why I treated her as such!” SongZhong replied calmly.

“En?” As Huo ** heard that, he was first stunned. Then, he replied with a frown, “She said that you were sick in the mind. But, I do not think that things are as serious as she made it out to be. If not, ShuiJing will not treat you as a close confidante! Don’t tell me there is some underlying issues?”

“Of course! Mu ZiRong has been hiding many things from you. For example, the cultivation method she is cultivating. If no one tells you about it, I’m afraid you will never be able to guess it!”

“Really? Isn’t she cultivating the Wood type cultivation method which my Huo family gave her?”

“Of course she had cultivated that. But only recently did she started cultivating a new cultivation method. That is something that you cannot hope to guess or imagine!” SongZhong replied with a smile. “What kind of cultivation method?” Huo ** asked anxiously.

“That is the famous devil cultivation method from the Thousand Desire Sect, the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula!” SongZhong replied with a sneer, “That bitch obviously wanted to suck me dry!”

“Bullshit!” As Huo ** heard that, he flew into a rage, “How would a girl from my Huo family cultivate that evil method?”

“This matter is definitely real! It is the demonic witches from the Nine Beauties Painting who realised it. She had also admitted it herself!”“This, how is this possible? Could you have made a mistake?” Huo ** retorted with shock.

“It useless for us to discuss this matter here. You can go back and inspect her cultivation method yourself. Then, the truth would be out.” SongZhong replied calmly.

“Alright, I will investigate that. But before that, you have to tell me why would she do such a thing right?” Huo ** could not help but ask.

“Haiz, she had always blamed me for making her lose face in the sect competition. Thus, she had secretly took revenge against me a few times. There was once where she made 2nd brother Silver bully my women, Han LingFeng. As a man, this is something which I cannot tolerate. In anger, I gave her a good beating which resulted in crude remarks from her. In a moment of rage, I had forcefully humiliated her!” SongZhong replied in embarrassment.

Huo ** have always been in the Eastern Ocean and did not know about the matters regarding the both of them. As he heard that, his expression contorted. “By humiliation, it can’t be the one that I’m thinking about right?”

“If you are thinking about the actions that are indicative of a beast, then you are right!” SongZhong shrugged his shoulders and said.

“F**K! Darn fatty, you dare to rape a daughter of my Huo family?!”

“Anyway, I have already done it!” SongZhong replied indifferently.

“You little brat, why weren’t you killed by that father of mine?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m just too handsome! In any case, Mu ZiRong had complained to your father about this matter. But not only did the sect master not blame me, he made use of the opportunity to make me marry her!”

Huo ** was first stunned before replying in realisation, “That old man is really so hard hearted. In order to rope you in, he would sacrifice his own granddaughter!”

“Yes, in any case, I am extremely grateful to how the sect master treasures me! But Mu ZiRong was extremely against that, thus resulting in her cultivating such a cultivation method in order to suck me dry. I did not know about that matter initially. It was only until I killed three of the Four Big Metal Brothers and was forced to come to the Eastern Ocean. As Mu ZiRong saw that there was no hope for revenge, she took the initiative to approach me and revealed her scheme to me. Then, she said that she would cheat on me when I’m gone, making me the world’ most pathetic cuckold!” SongZhong then said hatefully, “Senior, will you be able to endure that if it you were in my shoes?”

“This… Probably not!” Huo ** could not help but break out in cold sweat as he said with a bitter laughter, “This child had been that extreme ever since she was young. Never did I imagine that she would be THIS extreme!” It was obvious that Huo ** had already realised that what SongZhong said was the truth from how Mu ZiRong used to act.

As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “Since she is able to sacrifice her own chastity and reputation just to take revenge on me, this isn’t just being extreme right? This is just pure craziness! Mu ZiRong is just a maniac from head to tail! If I have such a wife, how can I not keep her by my side to discipline her?”

“This, this~” Huo ** was rendered speechless. SongZhong then asked, “Right, where is Mu ZiRong? Don’t tell me she went back already?”

“Oh, that’s indeed the case!” Huo ** broke out in cold sweat, “When she regained consciousness, she came to find me and said many bad things about you. In a moment of soft-heartedness, I sent her back!”

As SongZhong heard that, his face turned green as he swore hatefully, “Let me tell you, I will not endure her cheating on me for sure. If she dares to cheat on me, I will not bother if she is part of your Huo family or not! I will divorce her for sure! At that time, do not blame me for not showing you guys face!”

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