Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 239: Spiritual Island

Chapter 239: Spiritual Island

Upon having heard the utterances by the Naked Skinning Witch, SongZhong hurriedly replied with a chill in his heart, “ You better give up your love for me, for I could not accept your type!”

“En~” to which the Naked Skinning Witch let out a casual groan. Only SongZhong could utter this words without suffering any consequences. It was guaranteed if the same reply were made by others, they would definitely be shredded to pieces by her.SongZhong had just repelled the Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons and was still feeling elated. He could not be bothered with the Naked Skinning Witch as he waved his hands, “Come, come, come. Let’s all go in and have a good celebration!”

“Okay!” SiYu and SiYun cheered. Then, they went in first and prepared a celebratory feast.

The duo’s culinary skills were extremely refined, and they were able to whip up a feast in just a short while. Then, everyone gathered under the tree on the peak, enjoying the feast while admiring the scenery!

After a round of celebration, SiYu and SiYun smiled, “Senior brother Song, you are really too powerful. You are not even at the JinDan stage and yet you are able to scare away the Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons who are at the completed JinDan stage. If it was not for the fact that we witnessed it, we will not be able to believe it for sure!”“That’s right!” The Naked Skinning Witch added on, “This time, you are going to be famous. The title ‘Fourth Demon’ is definitely yours now!”

As SongZhong heard that, his face turned bitter as he lamented, “But I am obviously a normal person. Why do I have to be the Fourth Demon?”

“Goodness!” After SiYun and SiYu heard that, they did not know whether to laugh or cry, “With a cultivation at the foundational stage, you were able to scare the Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons into escaping. Is this something which an ordinary person can do? Not to mention calling you the Fourth Demon, even if we were to call you the First Demon, there will probably be no one who will object to that!”“That’s right! With boss’s battle feat today, you can definitely be the First Demon!” Old Poison also added on.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” SongZhong waved his hands, “I will rather die than be a demon!”

“Haha!” As everyone heard that, they all burst out into laughter. SiYu and SiYun could not help but laugh, “Brother Song, this is something which has already been publicly acknowledged. I’m afraid you don’t have a choice but to admit it!”

SongZhong also knew that what SiYu and SiYun said was true. For such a thing which was part of tradition, it was not something which he can object to. Thus, he said in a depressed tone, “My goodness! How can I still meet people in future!” As he said that, he hugged his head in frustration. As everyone saw SongZhong as such, they all burst out into laughter. As Mu ZiRong saw that, she could not help but hug SongZhong’s arm, “Husband, isn’t that all just reputation? What’s the big deal about that? No matter what you are called, I will still support you!”

“You’re the best!” SongZhong could not help but feel warmth from what Mu ZiRong said.

Mu ZiRong then laughed and continued to be in SongZhong’s embrace, looking extremely loving.

As everyone saw this heartwarming sight, they could not help but feel a sense of awkwardness. In order to break that awkwardness, the Naked Skinning Witch coughed out twice and said, “Boss Song, you are already an island head already. It is time for me to give up my position as team leader! I hope that you will not reject me!”

As she said that, the Naked Skinning Witch looked at SongZhong. Following which, everyone else also looked at SongZhong nervously, afraid that he will reject. After all, it wasn’t easy to find a strong team member. For them to have a strong team leader like SongZhong was a blessing to them.

As SongZhong saw that, he did not reject and said, “Alright then, since you willingly let up your position as team leader, I will accept it reluctantly!”

As everyone heard that, they were all elated. Only the Naked Skinning Witch did not feel good in her heart as she thought to herself, ‘Only an idiot will give up the position of team leader willingly. The only reason why I am doing this is because of you. If this lady is still not going to be tactful, I think you will probably kill me right?’Of course, the Naked Skinning Witch would only keep those words in her heart, saying it out as it was akin to seeking death.

After SongZhong announced that he was taking over as team leader, the Naked Skinning Witch stood up and said, “Come, bottoms up to our new team leader!”

Everyone also lifted up their wine cups and offered a toast to SongZhong, “To our new team leader, cheers!”

“Hehe, thanks, thanks!” SongZhong did not dare to be rude, so he stood up and drank with them.

After everyone sat back down, the Naked Skinning Witch said, “Leader, now that you have the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant, it is best for you to occupy a spiritual island as soon as possible. You have to know, the spiritual island is filled with treasures. The one more day you have it, the greater your benefits!”

“That’s right!” As Old Poison heard that, he quickly added on, “I heard that the spiritual islands of the Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons are capable of producing over 100,000 spiritual stones everyday! Leader, it’s best that you make your plans soon!”

“More than 100,000 spiritual stones everyday?” SongZhong could not help but exclaim, “There is actually so much?”

“Of course, the spiritual island is inundated with treasures, with abundance of spiritual herbs. There are even some special things which can be easily worth a magical artifact!” Old Poison added on.

“Aiyah! Are there many of these spiritual islands?”“Of course not. In the whole Eastern Ocean Alliance, there are only about 10 of these islands!” The Naked Skinning Witch replied.

“Oh!” As SongZhong heard that, his eyes lit up as he said, “If that’s the case, apart from the three that the Eastern Ocean Three Demons occupy, I still have about 10 to choose from?”

“Not necessarily so!” The Naked Skinning Witch replied, “Those spiritual islands which seemingly has no owner, are actually shared by the various large sects!”“And they do not have the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant? I am the one who has the authority to own an island!” SongZhong exclaimed.

“Hehe, my dear team leader. You seem to have forgotten something. The Eastern Ocean is not a place where people are reasonable. As long as they claim it as theirs, it would be theirs. Even if you have the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant, it only means that you are an owner in name only! In any case, if you want the spiritual islands, you have to get it by force! If you win, it will be yours. If you lose, you may not even keep your own life!”

“Dammit, this Eastern Ocean is really lawless! So according to what you say, this Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant is as good as useless? Since it doesn’t seem to do anything at all?”

“Of course not. The Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant does have some use. It bestows you proper ownership over the island.” The Naked Skinning Witch explained, “On the other spiritual islands, they were constantly fought over by the large sects due to the fact that they did not have any proper rights to the island. It was simply the case of ‘since you can come, so can’. But on the islands owned by the Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons, no one dares to enter them. Not only were they strong, they had the rights to own that island. If matters are blown up, the Eastern Ocean Alliance will also help them. After all, the warrants were given out by them and they had to show some concern as well for their own reputation! It was also for this reason that so many people are eyeing on your Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant!”

“Hehe, it is a pity that while they want it, they don’t have the ability to take it!” SongZhong sneered. “Forget it, forget about all those bastards. We should discuss about how we are going to capture the spiritual island! All of you have stayed here for so many years already, do you have any suggestions?”

“I think that the Clear Spiritual Island is a good idea. There is a Water-type spiritual spring there. If one were to cultivate a Water type cultivation method within it, it is similar to the effects of cultivating in the Water Divine Hall, achieving twice the results with half the effort. It was also suitable for refining divine lightnings or Water type magical artifacts!” Old Poison smiled, “Of course, the key is that the guards on that island is the weakest. With your strength and reputation, you will be able to take over it easily!”

“Oh!” As SongZhong heard that, his eyes lit up as he asked, “Then who is the one in charge of that island?”

“Jade Pearl Pavilion! In the Eastern Ocean, these women are the weakest!” Old Poison replied without hesitation.

“F**k!” As SongZhong heard that, he scolded, “What kind of stupid idea are you giving me? Don’t tell me I have to resort to bullying ladies?”

“Ah?” Old Poison was shocked. He never imagined SongZhong to be so prideful. He quickly replied with a sycophantic smile, “Don’t be angry, leader. It is my fault, we shall not fight with the ladies!”“That’s better! Are there any other spiritual islands?”

“Of course!” Old Poison replied, “Since you are not willing to fight with the ladies, what kind of spiritual island do you want? I can formulate a plan for you!”“Of course the one with the most benefits!” SongZhong replied immediately, “The place with the most benefits will be the place that I want. As for the guards, you can ignore them completely. I will blow them all up with my Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings. If they are not going to escape, they can get ready to be blown to ashes!”

“Good, leader’s divine lightning is the strongest!” Old Poison flattered, “If that’s the case, then things are simple. Of all the spiritual islands in the Eastern Ocean, the richest one would definitely be the Sulfur Island! It is 5000 kilometres wide and have more than 10 spiritual stone deposits and many other treasures. There is even a type of water caltrop there that is said to bolster the cultivation of JinDan cultivators. Just this item alone will definitely make one rich! It is just that~”

“Just what?” SongZhong asked.“It is just that such an island will definitely have many people on it. There will at least be about 10 JinDan cultivators guarding it. If we were to really fight, it will not be an exaggeration if there were 20 or 30 JinDan cultivators coming to fight!” Old Poison said meekly, “Leader, of the many JinDan cultivators, there are still some which are at the completed JinDan stage. Are you sure you can manage?”

After hearing that there are so many JinDan cultivators, SongZhong was also taken aback. He then asked curiously, “Which powerhouse owns that island?”

“Oh, this island is actually owned by five different powers. It is just that four of them are extremely weak, not being able to match up with the biggest one even if they are added together.” Old Poison explained. “So which big powerhouse is that?” SongZhong asked.

“Mystical Sky Yard!” Old Poison replied.“F**k!” As SongZhong heard that, he slapped the table in anger and scolded, “Are you an idiot? I am from the Mystical Sky Yard and you are asking me to rob my own sect? Then won’t I be killed by my sect master when I return? What kind of malicious intents do you have?”

“Ah!” Only then did Old Poison come to a realization that he made an obvious mistake, forgetting SongZhong’s origins. He then quickly explained, “Leader, leader, listen to my explanation! I forgot about it! If not I would definitely not make such a mistake!”

“Go go go!” SongZhong waved his hands impatiently, “It is best you go one side and let someone else explain it to me!”

Seeing that SongZhong was really angry, Old Poison could not help but be frustrated. He did not dare to test his luck anymore and drank gloomily by the side. At this moment, the Naked Skinning Witch suddenly smiled, “Leader, I have a place where the benefits are not any much less that the Sulfur Island which was occupied by the Mystical Sky Yard. Furthermore, the defence is very weak!”

“Eh?” As SongZhong heard that, he replied in surprise, “What place is that?”

“This island is called Green Bamboo Island. There is a large bamboo forest which spans 500 kilometres on the island, thus getting its name!” The Naked Skinning Witch smiled, “The Green Bamboo is a treasure and it can be used to refine a magical tool, even when it is only 100 years of age. If it is a thousand years old, it can refine a magical artifact below the 5th grade. If it is 10,000 years in age, it can be used to refine a 9th grade magical artifact! This is just a treasure gathering pot!”

“Oh? Is it really that good?” SongZhong asked in surprise.

“While the Green Bamboo Island is good, the older Green Bamboos have already all been extracted. The only ones remaining are only a few hundred years in age!” SiYu and SiYun could not help but say, “While the Green Bamboo Island is good, it is one of the more worthless spiritual islands. It is not comparable to the Sulfur Island at all!”

“Eh?” As SongZhong heard that, he replied unhappily, “Naked Skinning Witch, you dare to fool me?”

“I didn’t, I didn’t!” Looking at the unfriendly look on SongZhong’s face, she quickly replied, “Don’t misunderstand me! I am speaking the truth! SiYu and SiYun do not know everything!”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean it, there are greater benefits on the Green Bamboo Island. That is the Golden Earth Dragon Vines!”

After SongZhong heard that, he asked, “Is it the Golden Earth Dragon Vines which is said to be the strongest amongst all the vine type spiritual items?”

“That’s right. It is said that many YuanYing cultivators like to use Golden Earth Dragon Vines, which are above 1000 years in age, to refine armours which can defend against the flying swords of YuanYing cultivators!” The Naked Skinning Witch said.

“I know, the value of this thing is above the Green Bamboo!” SongZhong then said, “Don’t tell me the Green Bamboo Island has it?”

“Of course!” The Naked Skinning Witch quickly said, “It is buried a few thousand feet underground and is rarely seen. The reason why no one knows is because only those who own the Green Bamboo Island knows about the secret. After seeing it once coincidentally, they hid the news due to the gravity of it.”

After SongZhong heard that, asked in doubt, “Since news of it was kept a secret, why do you know?”

“Because I am from the Thousand Desire Sect!” The Naked Skinning Witch replied in embarrassment.“How is that related?” SongZhong asked.

As SiYu and SiYun heard that, they quickly explained, “Brother Song, that is because the Green Bamboo Forest is owned by the Thousand Desire Sect!”

“Ah! No wonder you know about this. Your sect it the one in charge of the island!”

SongZhong was bewildered, “That’s strange. Since it is your Thousand Desire Sect’s secret, why would you tell me?”

The Naked Skinning Witch smiled bashfully and wanted to say something. SongZhong then quickly waved his hands and said, “Don’t give me the bullshit that it’s because you’re loyal to me. I am not a fool and will not believe you so easily. If you think that I am only a little smarter than a fool, then you better tell me the truth. If not I will go crazy!”

The Naked Skinning Witch was first stunned before replying with a bitter laughter, “Alright, alright. I can’t hide anything from you! If that’s the case, I’ll tell the truth!”

The Naked Skinning Witch then tidied her hair as she cursed, “Although I am from the Thousand Desire Sect, I hate those bastards who forced me to cultivate the Burning Desire Formula! This lady now has to bear with the lust within me everyday, and am unable to let them out. It is worse than death!”

As she said that, she looked at SongZhong with bitterness.

However, SongZhong waved his hands indifferently. “I know the rules of your Thousand Desire Sect. You get to choose the cultivation method which you want. In other words, you are the one who chose to cultivate the Burning Desire Formula and only have yourself to blame! Even if someone forces you, it probably isn’t something serious. This cannot be the reason for you to betray your sect! It’s best you tell me the truth!”

After the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she said with a bitter laughter, “Alright, I’ll tell you the truth. I fought for the Thousands Desire Sect with my life, but was rejected when I requested for a Golden Earth Dragon Vine!”

“Hmph!” The Naked Skinning Witch then said viciously, “It is not that I do not have the qualifications. It is because I cannot serve them. So, they would rather give the vine to the weaker female disciples who can serve them rather than me! If that’s the case, then they can forget about everything and give it to my dear leader!”

As she said that, she looked at SongZhong lovingly, “Do you agree, leader?”

SongZhong frowned for a moment before replying with a bitter laughter, “Perhaps. In any case, I am still doubtful of your words! I still can’t believe you totally!”

“Leader!” As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she quickly said, “I am already yours, why do I need to fool you? Don’t tell me I’m not afraid of you blowing me up with your divine lightning?”

“Mmm, that’s true!” SongZhong nodded in agreement.

“Actually, I do not request for much!” The Naked Skinning Witch said, “I only want leader to give me a magical artifact refined from the Golden Earth Dragon Vine, even if it is only a few hundred years old!”

“Hmph, you do not need to mention that!” SongZhong said proudly, “I will definitely reward accordingly. As long as your news is right, I will definitely not shortchange you off your Golden Earth Dragon Vine. It will definitely be a thousand years in age and definitely more than one!”

“Ai yah yah, then I have to thank leader!” The Naked Skinning Witch replied excitedly.

“Don’t be so eager to thank me first!” SongZhong replied strictly, “Let me be clear with you. If what you said was the truth, there will definitely be benefits for you. If you dare to lie to me, hmph, I will definitely make you regret being born to this earth!”

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