Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 228: Fighting Black Shark Again

Chapter 228: Fighting Black Shark Again

As they talked and laughed, they flew out of the island, into the huge cloud of white fog. As they traversed through the mist, SongZhong felt a little chilly, before realising that his body was without any clothes. Hurriedly putting on his robes, this made the 9 demonic witches giggle as they too put on their clothes.

At this moment, SongZhong under the effects of both the Primal Natal Fire as well as the Blood River Pattern, actually broke through past the Late Foundation Stage to become a Perfect Foundational Stage Cultivator. He actually jumped 2 ranks in one go! If he were to advance one more step in cultivation, he would be of the JinDan realm.

Due to the increase of their master’s strength, the demonic witches had some form of improvements too, and now possessed a JinDan stage cultivation. Furthermore, due to the Primal Natal Fire’s baptism, the celestial demonic witches had finally integrate themselves fully into their host bodies. In the past, even though they had completed a physical possession of the body, it was not a perfect possession after all. There existed signs of rejection between the demonic witches with their host bodies. Thus, the host bodies were incapable of exhibiting the full capabilities of the demonic witches. In addition, after becoming the demonic witches, they were not able to cultivate properly.

However, everything was different now. Because of the Primal Natal Fire, both the demonic witches and their host bodies were seamlessly fused, as though they were two halves of a whole to begin with. The cultivator had fully become the demonic witch, without any difference between them anymore. Not only were their abilities interchangeable, but they also obtained a huge boost to their strength. There was an 80% chance that, when SongZhong reached the FenShen cultivation stage in the future, they would become existences of the LianXu stage.

Thus, for accidentally intruding into the Bewildering Island, to SongZhong, it was a case of profiting from a disaster. Be it himself or the demonic desire witches, it could be said that they have reaped substantial benefits. Especially for SongZhong, the blood essence of the Black Tortoise within the Blood River Pattern was completely absorbed by him, strengthening his fleshy body to a great degree. Coupled with the effect from the Primal Natal Fire, SongZhong’s current body constitution could be said to be beyond perverse. He was now impervious to ordinary magical artifacts, and if he were to get into a brawl with the Black Shark King at this point, he had absolute confidence to beat him bonkers!

To have reaped such a tremendous harvest naturally made SongZhong ecstatic. As he proceeded back, he hummed a small tune while hugging his demonic witches, attempting to leave the bewildering formation set up in the vicinity as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, days passed.

SongZhog finally stepped out of the Bewildering Ocean with the aid of the Obstruction Destroying Immortal Note. Bringing along his nine beauties, he finally lay foot on the outside world. Seeing the bright sunshine as well as the great ocean which stretched as far as one could see, this made SongZhong, who had been surrounded by fog in the last few days, to want to burst out into tears. Thus, he could not help but face towards the skies and let out a long howl!

With his strength of a Completed Foundational Stage Cultivator, a howl from his vocals would definitely be world-shaking! The sea below him rippled and churned in resonance to his howling, as though a gale was blowing across them.

After he had vented his emotions through yelling, SongZhong’s heart felt a lot better. Just as he was about to mount his flying sword and set off, he noticed that he had been surrounded by a group of Black Sharks.

Were it from before where SongZhong had yet to enter the bewildering ocean, upon seeing this scene, he would have fled without uttering a single word. However, this is now different from the past! The SongZhong right here and now had already been purified and baptised by the Primal Natal Fire, and had even absorbed the essence from the Blood River Pattern, thus he did not fear the Black Shark King anymore.

Seeing the black sharks in front of him, not only did he not run, but in fact decided to stay. As the saying goes: “A clay man is still thirty percent clay”[1], let alone the SongZhong who isn’t afraid of heavens or earth! Previously when he got beaten up so badly by the Black Shark King, he slipped into a coma for three days and three nights. He even wandered into the Bewildering Ocean, where there was only entry and no escape. This was practically a narrow escape for him. For this feud, SongZhong originally thought he had to wait a few years before taking his revenge. After all, the Eastern Ocean was so vast, so how could he encounter the Black Shark King as and when he liked? Luckily, the moment he extricated himself from the fog, the subject in question had already came knocking on his door.

[1]: This saying is telling us that even a person who had evolved from clay still retains some parts of themselves which were their original form. Thus saying that old habits die hard, referring to the way SongZhong is not afraid of anyone.

For an intelligent person like SongZhong, how could he not know that the other party had been lying in wait for him from the start? That bastard caused him so much pain and trouble, and still wanted to ambush him outside the bewildering ocean. Evidently, the Black Shark King wanted to eliminate him at any cost! This had further intensified the flames of fury inside SongZhong’s heart.

Having been angered thoroughly, he reacted viciously without any hesitation. Without a word, his body flashed, and appeared above one of the black shark’s head, before whirling his ten feet tall bell and smashing it down.

The weight of the bell was similar to a small mountain and coupled with Little Fatty’s frightening arm strength, the moment it came crashing onto the black shark’s head, its skull was smashed to a paste without the shark having any chance to cry out. That particular smashed had caused its brains to flew over a hundred feet high, which intimidated the surrounding black sharks till they almost fainted.

Seeing how frightening SongZhong was, how would those black sharks still dare to remain on the surface of the sea? They hurriedly fled to the bottom of the sea. At the same time, a fifth-grade black shark did not forget to shout angrily: “Darn Fatty, don’t be too happy. My big brother is on the way, your death date shall be today!”

“Cheh! You think I’m scared of him?” Little Fatty smiled coldly. “I shall wait here for him. I want to see whose death date it is today!”

As he finished, SongZhong could not be bothered to continue talking with that fellow, and sat down cross-legged on top of his bell, leisurely waiting for the arrival of the black shark king.

The black shark king did not let SongZhong wait for long either. With only the time taken to cook a pot of rice, the originally sunny and cloudless skies were suddenly obfuscated by layers of dark clouds, and following which, a downpour started.

The difference this time was that SongZhong did not need to use any skills to ward off the rain, as the Blood River Pattern flared up on its own, forming a green-coloured protective shield which isolated him from the rainwater. At the same time, SongZhong felt extremely comfortable, as though the surrounding rainwater had become extremely intimate with him. Traces of spiritual Qi could also be seen following the Blood River Patterns and entering his body, making him feel extremely relaxed.

Initially, SongZhong thought that this was weird but quickly understood the situation. The original owner of the Blood River Pattern was the Black Tortoise, and it could be considered the progenitor of the Water-type demonic beasts. Due to himself having absorbed the blood essence of the black tortoise, he would definitely feel a sense of familiarity towards water, and even use the surroundings to absorb spiritual Qi for himself. Perhaps, he himself could even be a grandmaster in naval battles!

The more he contemplated, the more SongZhong felt gleeful at this. At this moment, a violently raging voice sounded out from afar: “Where’s the darn fatty SongZhong? Faster come out and accept your death!”

Upon hearing it, SongZhong could immediately recognise that it was the Black Shark King’s voice, and thus did not hesitate in showing his strength by shouting back: “Black Shark King, you idiot, this daddy is waiting for you here! You should roll towards me instead!”

“Bastardly kid, you had better not run, this daddy here is coming for you!” The moment the voice resounded, a huge black shadow could be seen appearing in front of SongZhong, that was precisely the silhouette of the Black Shark King.

When the Black Shark King saw how SongZhong was in great spirits, he immediately had a great shock, and could only ask bewilderedly: “Yi, darn Fatty, where are your injuries? Why are they completely healed? Furthermore, you even jumped two ranks in cultivation? Goodness, did you meet with some fortuitous encounter in the Bewildering Ocean that is infamous for being a place of no return?”

“Haha!” Hearing such, SongZhong delightedly replied: “Black Shark King, you do have some eyes after all. Your daddy, me, indeed profited from a disaster this time round! I even have to thank you! If not for your persistent pursuit, how would I obtain such improvements in such a short span of time?”

“Aiyayaya!” Hearing this news, the Black Shark King immediately flew into a rage, and could not help but shout out: “Old heavens, do you not have eyes! How could you actually let this sort of darn fatty have a fortuitous encounter? Are you attempting to anger me to death?”

“Haha!” SongZhong could not help but laugh out: “Then hurry up and die! Only when you are angered to death will I be happy!”

“Hmph, you will not have your way so easily!” The Black Shark immediately realised what SongZhong meant “Darn Fatty, don’t think that just because you have had a fortuitous encounter, you are now invincible. For a little fellow who’s only a Completed Foundational Cultivator, not even at the JinDan stage, no matter how much you struggle you still will not have the qualifications to fight against me! Even though you have broken through, you will still have to die here today!”

“Is that so?” SongZhong merely let out a cold smile. “Black Shark King, if you have any balls, then let the two of us fight alone! You cannot use your little brothers, and I will not have them to help out, how does that sound?” As SongZhong spoke, he pointed at the demonic witches beside him.

Hearing so, the black shark king could not help but furrow his brows, saying in annoyance: “Darn Fatty, you very well know that my star metal Trident is broken, so you want to use your divine lightnings against me! Aren’t you shameless!”

“Haha!” SongZhong let out a loud laugh, immediately replying: “Black Shark King, you look down on this daddy too much! This time, let’s not use any skills or artifacts, nor divine lightnings. We shall just use our fists, and exchange blow for blow, only using punches to hit the flesh. Like men, we shall fight to our heart’s content! What do you think?”

The black shark king’s eyes gleamed as he spoke: “Are you serious?”

“Of course I am!” SongZhong smiled coldly. “How is it? If you can’t even agree to such terms, then you can forget about mingling in the Eastern Ocean. Scram back to your home and drink your mother’s milk!”

“Hahaha!” As SongZhong finished speaking, the demonic witches and him started to laugh unbridledly.

As the Eastern Ocean’s Surveillance Corps Ambassador, the Black Shark King could be said to have an outstanding reputation, so how could he withstand such verbal humiliation? He “Darn Fatty, you dare look down on me? That’s fine, we shall see whose fleshly body is tougher. If you dare to use your divine lightning halfway, then you’re a shameless good-for-nothing!”

“Fine!” SongZhong readily agreed while smiling, “If I were to use divine lightning, then I would be better off dead than alive!”

Hearing SongZhong swear such a vicious oath to himself, the Black Shark King naturally believed him. As such, he abandoned his mount, soaring towards the sky as he taunted: “Good, darn fatty, come come come, let this old daddy teach you a lesson!”

“Hehe, I’m afraid the person to be taught a lesson this time, is you!” As SongZhong spoke, he jumped up suddenly, shooting towards the Black Shark King.

The two of them clashed with each other like lightning. Due to his experience, the Black Shark King managed to take the initiative and punch out first. In order to test the toughness of his body, SongZhong did not bother to dodge, but instead used his chest to withstand the punch.

Having punched out, the Black Shark King’s fist first met the green light released by the Blood River Pattern. He originally thought it was a skill to isolate the rain, and that there was no formidable power behind it. His punch would break through it anyways, and thus he did not give it much attention. However, the moment his punch connected, he felt something was amiss.

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