Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 229: Escaping Death

Chapter 229: Escaping Death

It turned out, the Black Shark King felt as though his fists had sunk into a clump of dough as his fist landed on the green light. It was extremely sticky but yet also elastic. In the end, the punch of the Black Shark King had its strength reduced by over half with the remaining force of the blow being unable to land SongZhong in the slightest. This immediately made the Black Shark King feel extremely awkward.

In comparison, SongZhong felt extremely comfortable; when the green light of the Blood River Pattern weakened the punch of the Black Shark King, it actually absorbed a portion of the Black Shark King’s strength, converting it into spiritual Qi and replenishing SongZhong’s body. This special spiritual Qi made SongZhong feel extremely comfortable, as though he was drinking an ice cold drink during summer.

When the fist finally landed on SongZhong’s chest, he did not feel anything at all. It was as though it was a beauty lightly hammering his chest, with the fist making him feel comfortable.

Seeing that situation, the Black Shark King was startled. Following which, he flew into a rage, “Darn fatty, you cheated? This is obviously a protective magical artifact!”

“HAHA, idiot! This isn’t a magical artifact, it is a blood pattern on my body.” SongZhong giggled, “But, you wouldn’t understand even if I were to explain it. Just die with ignorance!”

As he said that, SongZhong made use of the fact that the fist of the Black Shark King was still stuck in the green light of the Blood River Pattern, thrusting out his right fist, landing squarely on his stomach.

Now, the strength of SongZhong’s body was comparable to that of a YuanYing expert. With a swing of his arms, he would be able to generate hundreds of thousands of catties worth of force. This fist of his was enough to shatter the mountains; even if the Black Shark King were to receive it in his optimal form, he would not be able to endure it. But, the Black Shark King was still recuperating from his injuries.

Thus, everyone only saw the scene where SongZhong’s fist sunk into the stomach of the Black Shark King. HIs intestines, hip, and spine were all smashed up by SongZhong. Even the skin on the Black Shark King’s stomach was also cracked with blood spewing all over.

The Black Shark King let out a shriek of misery in that instant. Just when he wanted to retaliate, he was interrupted by the thunderous attacks of SongZhong. SongZhong clenched his fists, charging forward and punching the Black Shark King continuously. Everyone could then only here to muffled sounds of punches together with the miserable shriek of the Black Shark King.

Following the relentless attacks, the body of the Black Shark King was completely destroyed. Many of his bones were broken and his muscles almost all reducing into a pile of useless clump. His skin began to crack as blood spewed out from all over, turning him into a blood human.

Following SongZhong’s final fist onto the Black Shark King’s head, the skull of the Black Shark King was shattered, ruining his brain completely. This tyrant in the Eastern Ocean, part of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, the Black Shark King, had lost his life right here, being beaten to death by SongZhong.

The body of the Black Shark King was then sent flying up into the air with a final fist by SongZhong. Only after flying up a thousand feet did it slowly stop down and begin to descend. When it was in the air, the body of the Black Shark King gradually grew bigger until it regained its original body.

A 5th-grade peak demonic beast as such was filled with treasures all over. SongZhong would naturally not let go of him so easily. Thus, SongZhong calmly lifted his hands and kept the corpse into his Natal Artifact as the Black Shark King landed beside him.

From the time the Black Shark King started fighting with SongZhong started fighting until they were killed, it all happened in a mere instant. It was also because everything happened just too quickly, to the point the people around was unable to react to it. Only after they saw SongZhong keep the body of the Black Shark King did the black sharks in the ocean snap out of this daze. They then let out a miserable shriek as they attacked SongZhong without a fear of losing their lives. As they charged forward, they began to spray out water pillars, looking as though they were willing to perish with SongZhong.

SongZhong was immediately startled as he saw that. He originally thought that the fastest way to deal with them would be to kill the Black Shark King. As long as the Black Shark King dies, his subordinates would no longer pose a threat and escape in all directions. However, the matters have developed exactly opposite of what SongZhong had imagined. Not only did SongZhong not scare the black sharks, he even aroused their killing intent, making them want to fight SongZhong to the death.

Were it just a few hundred of them, SongZhong would kill them without hesitation. If there were a few thousand of them, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for him to deal with them with the aid of nine beauties. But the problem was the dense figures surrounding all over looked as though there were at least 10,000 of them. If they wanted to kill all of the black sharks, just how long would that take them?

At that moment, SongZhong felt that something was strange. He had obviously met with 10,000 black sharks previously and he had personally killed almost half of them. Why were there so many black sharks able to emerge again? It turns out, the black shark king did not just have 10,000 subordinates. Instead, there was a total of 100,000 of them.

However, it was impossible for the Black Shark King to bring all of his subordinates out with him whenever he goes out for a patrol. It was more than enough for him to bring out 10,000 of them at any one time. But after he suffered a loss previously and allowed SongZhong to escape to the Bewildering Ocean, the Black Shark King did not have a choice but to lock down the area to find the corpse of SongZhong. Therefore, he had called upon another 50,000 subordinates of his to lock down this place completely.

In the end, all of the subordinates of the Black Shark King were completely enraged. All of them began to charge forward without a care of their lives. The water pillars than shot out in a densely packed formation, covering the skies and completely unable to defend against.

Helpless, SongZhong could only summon his large copper bell to defend against the attack. At the same time, he instructed the demonic witches to charge towards the outside. It can’t be helped, even ants were able to kill an elephant if there were enough of them. Seeing this 50,000 4th grade demonic beasts, even a YuanYing cultivator would have to escape; much less SongZhong.

Facing the water pillars which covered the skies, even SongZhong’s copper bell was unable to withstand completely against them. The large force of the attack had made his hands turned numb. Even the nine demonic witches did not dare to reveal their bodies. The moment they appear, they would definitely be attacked by the countless water pillars.

SongZhong quickly realised that he cannot allow things to continue this way. Just the recoil from defending against the water pillars would crush him eventually. Thus, he had to think of a way quickly.

After a moment of consideration, SongZhong’s eves lit up as he quickly threw out a bunch of Earth Divine Lightning, defending against the water pillar for a moment. It was a pity that there wasn’t enough time, if not he would have definitely used the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning.

However, even the weaker Earth Divine Lightning was able to defend against the water pillars because of the elemental advantage it had. With that short opening he fought for, SongZhong shot out a spiritual talisman to the bell. Following a loud ring, all of the black sharks fell into a state of sorrow, forgetting to attack at that moment.

Seeing that, how would the demonic witches dare to hesitate? They immediately revealed themselves and unleashed all of their attacks. The sword Qi of the Five Element Essence Sword shot around all over, killing hundreds of black sharks. Even the four nuns also killed plenty of black sharks with their magical artifacts.

Following which, the black sharks managed to react and wanted to attack again. However, SongZhong had sent out another spiritual talisman, causing all of the black sharks to fall into a state of shock this time. Some of the black sharks stopped their attacks, while the attacks of the others became inaccurate, giving the demonic witches a chance.

Of course, their final goal was not to massacre the black sharks. After all, there were just too many black sharks. The demonic witches would not be able to kill them all even if they were to tire themselves out. Thus, they only killed a road for them to quickly escape.

Following which, everything became easier. SongZhong used the copper bell to affect the emotions of the black sharks, making them unable to generate any useful attacks. Then, the demonic witches would attack with all they got to open up a path for SongZhong.

Of course, despite having the aid of the copper bell and divine lightning, it wasn’t an easy thing for them to escape from 50,000 enraged 4th-grade demonic beasts. Especially the fact that there were a few 5th-grade demonic beasts within them who had a JinDan cultivation. As such, this battle became extremely gruesome.

Thankfully, SongZhong and the demonic witches had had their fortuitous encounter, increasing their strengths greatly. If this were to happen a few months ago, they would be dead for sure. In any case, SongZhong was finally able to kill his way out after hours of bitter battle. As for the nine demonic witches, they had their bodies destroyed and were forced to recuperate in the Nine Beauties Painting, unable to come out anytime soon.

Despite being bruised all over by the water pillars, SongZhong was still in an extremely good mood. After all, he had just killed the infamous Black Shark King and had managed to escape from 50,000 enraged black sharks. This battle achievement was something which he could boast about to matter where he goes.

A couple of days later, the fatigued SongZhong had finally returned to the Green Plateau, his house in the Eastern Ocean Alliance. When he flew to the mansion atop the peak, he heard a few people speaking inside. SongZhong immediately paid careful attention, secretly concealing his body while he eavesdropped.

At this moment, the hall was filled with the people from the squad, including the Naked Skinning Witch who had escaped on her own, SiYu, SiYun, Stone and Old Poison.

The Naked Skinning Witch sat at the head of the table with arrogance, as though she was back to that all-powerful leader again. Beside her was Old Poison with a lecherous look. As for stone, he was still completely indifferent, seated in meditation. However, SiYu and SiYun had a face full of fear, as though something bad was about to happen to them.

“Both of you bitches listen up, if I ask you two to sleep with Black Monk, you better go. At the same time, you better make sure you serve him well! If not, I will let the two of you know how I got the title of Naked Skinning Witch!” The Naked Skinning Witch threatened coldly.

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