Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 227: Primal Natal Fire

Chapter 227: Primal Natal Fire

Witnessing this scene, SongZhong became depressed as he said, “This is the treasure which you guys were referring to? Why don’t I see anything at all?”

“Haha, don’t be anxious, master. Didn’t you realise that there is something strange underground?” A demonic witch smiled.

“What is strange?” SongZhong lowered his head to take a look and even grabbed a handful of soil to have a feel. “Apart from it being a little warmer, there is nothing wrong with it?”

“Spiritual Qi, the spiritual Qi of the ground here is extremely strange. It is very chaotic, seemingly like the five elements but yet not like the five elements!” Another demonic witch said, “This is the first time I have seen a place like this. I think there is a name for this sort of place, it should be called the Primal Chaos Ground!”

“Primal Chaos Ground? What kind of a place is that?”

“That is a unique place which will only be formed around an active volcano under serendipity. The place must definitely be huge and filled with spiritual stones of all five elements. With the eruption of the volcano, the spiritual stones of the five elements would be destroyed and its Qi would fuse together to form a special spiritual Qi. Thus, this place is called the Primal Chaos Ground.” A demonic witch explained.

“It is indeed complicated. But what kind of benefits does a place like this offer?” SongZhong then asked.

“After the Primal Chaos Ground is formed, it is said that the Primal spiritual Qi will gradually dissipate and eventually become ordinary soil. But before they completely dissipate, it is extremely likely for the Primal spiritual Qi to coalesce into a Primal Natal Fire, which is able to refine one’s body. Using it would enable the strength of a person’s body to increase while increasing their affinity with the five elements as well. This is the dream object of many cultivators!” The demonic witch replied excitedly.

“It is indeed something good. But, this red plains are completely empty and I don’t seem to see any Primal Natal Fire.” SongZhong asked anxiously, “Where is it?”

“Usually, the Primal Natal Fire will appear above the Primal Chaos Ground for a short while before disappearing. So if master wants to use it to refine your body, it is best for you to search around. En, perhaps there will be more Primal Natal Fire in the middle of the Primal Chaos Ground.” A demonic witch answered.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” SongZhong wasted no more words and dashed to the middle of the Primal Chaos Ground with the demonic witches.

This place had a radius of 500 kilometres, and the center was a few hundred kilometres away. With SongZhong’s speed, they arrived at the center of the Primal Chaos Ground in a few short breaths. The moment they arrived here, they were stunned silly by what they saw.

It turns out that there was an altar over a thousand feet wide, constructed from white jade, in the center of the Primal Chaos Ground. On the altar, there was a pillar of grey fire over a hundred feet high.

Seeing the pure Primal Natal Fire in front of their eyes, SongZhong and the demonic witches were at a complete loss of what to do.

SongZhong could not help but ask, “What is going on?"

“Since there exists a large formation protecting it on the outside, this place must have been discovered by someone else already. That cultivator must have set up an altar here to harvest the Primal Natal Fire. Goodness, he really is a genius. From what I know, an ordinary Primal Natal Fire is only the size of the palm. Over a hundred of them must be collected for it to be enough to satisfy the needs of a single foundational cultivator. But over here, there must be at least thousands of them! This is probably enough to even let a DaCheng cultivator strengthen his whole body!” A demonic witch exclaimed.

“What about me?” SongZhong hurriedly asked, “How much can I use?”

“En, I have to estimate it for a moment. Master’s body is just too frightening in strength. Even the peak 5th grade Black Shark King is only able to match the strength of your body. Your body is as strong as an ordinary YuanYing cultivator. Of course, this does include those bodily cultivators. If we were to compare you to bodily cultivators, your body should be as strong as a JinDan cultivator. If we were to use that as an estimation, you will be able to use a few thousand Primal Natal Fire to refine your body. Any more than that would be a waste!” Another demonic witch replied.

“Then how should we retrieve this thing?” SongZhong asked anxiously.

“Unless we have a special magical artifact, we will not be able to take it out. If we are able to take it away so easily, that person would not have left it here like that!” A demonic witch replied.

“Then how should I absorb the Primal Natal Fire? You can’t expect me to jump into the fire pillar right? I will definitely be burnt to death alive!”

“Haha, master, the Primal Natal Fire is not a real fire. They are only in the shape of fire. It is actually a form of Primal spiritual Qi and does not have a high temperature. At least, it would not burn a person to death. However, if one were to absorb too much of it, his meridians would be overloaded. We must definitely avoid that!” Another demonic witch replied.

“Then what should I do?” SongZhong rubbed his hands and anxiously said, “We can’t possibly return empty-handed.”

“En!” After the demonic witches hesitated for a moment, one of them said boldly, “Master, if you do not mind, us sisters can refine our bodies together with you. After all, we all possess physical constitution of a late FenShen cultivator. We are capable of absorbing a large amount of Primal Natal Fire. In any case, we can absorb everything which you leave behind!”

“Huh? You guys can use it too?” SongZhong replied in shock.

“Of course, we all have a physical body and we’re able to cultivate as well. We would naturally be able to use it!” A demonic witch said, “If master allows us to refine our bodies, not only will our bodies be strengthened, we will have a chance to enter into the LianXu stage in future! Don’t tell me master don’t wish for us to become LianXu experts and help you?”

“Ai yah yah, since you put it like that, how can I reject all of you! If that’s the case, let us all refine our bodies together!”

Since he had the Nine Beauties Painting, the demonic witches would not be able to escape from his control no matter how strong they were. He was truly not worried about them. Anyway, they would be of great use to him in future, thus he agreed to their suggestion wholeheartedly.

As they demonic witches heard that, they were overjoyed and began to cheer. Then, they all crowded forward and began stripping SongZhong.

“Don’t! Let’s concentrate on the more important stuff first. We can do this later!”

“Master, what are you thinking about? When we are refining our bodies, the intense fire would incinerate all of our clothes!” A demonic witch could not help but giggle.

“Ah, so that is the case! Does that mean that all of you will have to~” SongZhong then continued lasciviously, “~strip naked with me?”

“Of course!” The demonic witches all replied with a laugh.

“Hehe, I can’t tire you girls out. Why not let me help you!” As SongZhong said that, his hands began to move around naughtily, stripping all nine of them naked and revealing their fair bodies.

“My babies! Come!” SongZhong said with a lecherous grin, hugged the demonic witches and was about to walk into the Primal Natal Fire.

Right at this moment, the demonic witches all held him back and said, “Master, wait a moment!”

“Why? Is there a need for some foreplay before this?” SongZhong could not help but laugh.

“Not that, we want to tell you something important!” The demonic witches replied meekly.


“It’s like this. Master, didn’t you receive a treasure a few years back, the Blood River Pattern?” A demonic witch asked.

“Yes, but it is said that I can only use it after reaching the JinDan stage! Why did you suddenly mention this?”

“Master, the Blood River Pattern is indeed a rare treasure. But it also has its flaws: This item was made for a demonic beast. If it were to be forcefully merged with a human’s body, there would be some rejection for sure. Although it may not be obvious, it would become more and more adverse as time goes on. At times, it may make a cultivator feel uncomfortable or even affect the battle! Although this item is good, not many people like to use it!”

“So this is the case, no wonder that old man is willing to let go of it!” SongZhong suddenly felt like he was duped.

As the demonic witches saw that, they all smiled and one of them said, “Master, the flaw within the Blood River Pattern isn’t that serious. Even if there is one, it will not affect its strength. Thus, there are still many people who like to use it. But to you, there is a chance for you to completely remove this flaw!”

“Eh? What chance?”

“The chance is to refine it together with your body, with the Primal Natal Fire!” A demonic witch replied, “The Primal Natal Fire is said to be able to fuse anything together, fusing even things of entirely different attributes. Thus, not only is it able to refine the body, it is able to use for refining armaments. If you merge with the Blood River Pattern in the Primal Natal Fire, I can ensure that the flaw would be removed, allowing you to merge with it fully!”

“But I am only at the middle foundational stage, far from the JinDan stage!”

“No no no, you’re wrong. That cultivator only said that because he isn’t familiar with your situation. Since you are able to fight with the Black Shark King with your fleshly body, the strength of your fleshly body had already exceeded that of a JinDan cultivator’s. You can definitely use the Blood River Pattern now without any worry!” A demonic witch hurriedly replied.

“Really? You guys aren’t joking with me, right?” SongZhong could not help but doubt.

“We definitely are not. After all, we are Completed FenShen cultivators. Our cultivation and knowledge are definitely greater than those three FenShen elders of yours. How can we be wrong?” A demonic witch replied.

“Alright, if that’s the case, I will go all out as well!” SongZhong grit his teeth and said, “So, what should I do?” As he said that, he took the Blood River Pattern out from his Natal Artifact.

A demonic witch immediately replied, “Master, after you enter the Primal Natal Fire, drip a drop of essence blood on it. Then you need to be spiritually connected to it like how you would refine a magical artifact. It will automatically cover your body!”

“Alright, let me try. Come, let us all go together!” As SongZhong said that, he held on to the Blood River Pattern and entered the pillar of fire.

After entering the Primal Natal Fire, SongZhong did not feel hot. Instead, he felt a sense of closeness, like a fish in water. SongZhong immediately realised that this is probably due to the Primal Chaos Formula which he cultivates.

However, this wasn’t the time for deep contemplation. SongZhong sat down cross-legged in the pillar of fire and bit his lips, sending out a drop of essence blood to the Blood River Pattern. Following which, the black tortoiseshell disintegrated, becoming a mystical blood coloured pattern around SongZhong.

SongZhong did not dare delay and began refining them with his Primal Chaos Formula. The Blood River Pattern began to dance wildly as a small bit of it began to enter his body and fuse with it.

At the same time, the Primal Natal Fire around him were like swallows returning to their nest and began to enter his body, refining it.

Seeing that SongZhong had begun refining the Blood River Pattern and refine his body with the Primal Natal Fire, the demonic witches did not dare delay and entered the pillar of fire and started refining their bodies too.

The process of refining the body with the Primal Natal Fire was an arduous one. It was like refining metal, slowly hitting out all the impurities within it.

Thus, it took a full three days before the Blood River Pattern was completely absorbed by SongZhong. After another three days, the pillar of fire began to decrease in size slowly with time. Finally, the pillar of fire disappeared after a month.

When the Primal Natal Fire disappeared, the whole island began to shake as though a giant was shaking the Primal Chaos Ground.

The large earthquake startled all of them awake. After they realised what was going on, they were all in shock, “Aiyah, not good! As the Primal Natal Fire disappeared, the Primal Chaos Ground cannot be maintained any further. All of the underground earthly fire lost its suppression and may erupt at any time!”

“What does that mean?” SongZhong asked in doubt.

“It means that a volcanic eruption is going to happen right under our feets!” Another demonic witch replied flusteredly.

“Goodness gracious, let us escape quickly!” Only then did SongZhong come to a realisation. He could not be bothered to put on his clothes as he dashed out with the nine demonic witches.

On the way out, they saw a large crater opening up in the ground as red lava spewed out from within it. The large force of the eruption sent the lava a few thousand feet up in the air.

SongZhong’s luck wasn’t good and lava began to erupt from underneath his feet. Being caught off guard, SongZhong did not have the time to react before being struck by the lava.

Just when SongZhong thought that he was finished, something strange happened. A green light flashed from SongZhong’s body, deflecting the lava and forming a protective green shield around him.

SongZhong was first stunned before exclaiming, “Haha, this is the protective divine light of the Blood River Pattern! With this, I need not be afraid of getting ambushed in future!”

As the nine demonic witches saw that, they all cried out, “Congratulations master!”

“The same to you!” SongZhong laughed, “Judging from the smooth skin on your bodies gleaming with light, your cultivation must have made great progress right?”

“It is all thanks to master!” The demonic witches all smiled.

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