Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 226: Strange Island

Chapter 226: Strange Island

“Master, why are you so flustered? We do not know whether or not this place is the Bewildering Ocean. But, we know that this is an extremely large formation and we have fell into it. Actually, as long as we can break this formation, we will be able to leave!” Another demonic witch hurriedly said.

“Formation?” As SongZhong heard that, he became more energetic as he asked, “Do you guys know what formation this is?”

“We have a vague impression. But, this formation is extremely large, of over a few thousand kilometres at least. We have only seen a small corner of it and it is blocked by this strange fog. Thus, it is extremely difficult for us to recognise it!” Another demonic witch replied.

“Then what should we do?” SongZhong asked anxiously.

“Master, the fog in this place does not come along with the formation. Instead, it looks like a special restriction placed using the terrain of this place. If we can break the layer of restriction, we can see the entirety of the formation. With our thousands of years worth of experience, it shouldn’t be difficult for us to find the core of the formation and breaking through!” Another demonic witch answered.

“Alright!” The moment SongZhong heard that there was a chance to escape from the formation he was elated and hurriedly questioned, “Then how should we break this restrictive fog?”

“This~” The nine demonic witches looked at each other but none of them spoke.

“You guys, say something!” SongZhong rushed them impatiently.

“Master, if we were in our prime form, we would be able to break this restriction easily. But we are only of the completed foundational stage now and we are unable to use a lot of profound spells used to break restrictions. We are really helpless!” Another demonic witch replied.

“Isn’t that as good as saying nothing?” SongZhong replied in disappointment.

“Forgive us, Master!” The nine demonic witches hurriedly replied in fear.

“Forget it, forget it. This can’t be blamed on you guys either!” SongZhong was not a sore loser; despite things developing to such a stage, he would not blame those who are innocent.

“Thank you, master!” Seeing how SongZhong did not throw a tantrum, the nine demonic witches were thankful in their hearts. After all, this matter was caused by them. If they knew how to be a little more flexible, they would not end up bringing SongZhong into the Bewildering Ocean!

At this moment, SongZhong did not have the energy to bother about this matter because the Red Palm Elixir had began to take effect and he would have to go into meditation. Thus, he quickly instructed, “Protect me for a moment, I have to go into meditation!” As he said that, he sat cross-legged on top of his bell and adjusted the spiritual Qi within his body, activating the medicinal effects of the Red Palm Elixir and healing his internal injuries. As the nine demonic witches saw that, they hurriedly surrounded SongZhong and protected him.

The Red Palm Elixir was indeed an elixir made from a ten thousand-year-old herb. The strength of the medicine helped both Mu ZiRong and Peerless Sword Deity to recover fully with some remnants that had increased their cultivation.

As for SongZhong’s injuries, despite how frightening it looked on the surface, they were all external injuries and some fractures only, with his vitality not being harmed at all. As compared to internal injuries, it can be taken care of with a lot more ease.

With SongZhong’s frightening body strength, his ability to recover was extremely high as well. Together with the strong medicinal effect of the Red Palm Elixir, his injures were quickly healed up after the medicine took effect. Furthermore, there was still a large amount of medicinal effect unused, travelling through his meridians and becoming spiritual Qi gradually. As such, SongZhong’s cultivation also gradually increased at the same time.

At the same time, as though he was affected by the weird atmosphere of the place or had inspirations from the previous battle, SongZhong actually managed to comprehend many mystical heavenly laws during his meditation. At the same time, a new spiritual talisman appeared in his head.

A couple of days later, SongZhong stood up with his injuries all healed and rejuvenated. As he raised his hand up, the copper bell floated in front of him. Then, his right hand moved slowly, forming a mystical spiritual talisman with the primal chaos Qi. This was the spiritual talisman which he had just comprehended, and he sent it to the bell softly.

As the spiritual talisman entered the bell, a loud ring sounded like the morning bell in the Buddhist temple. Following which, the surrounding fog dissipated as though a large wind just blew past. In the next instant, the surroundings became extremely clear with only the clear blue waters remaining.

As the demonic witches saw that, they immediately asked with joy, “Master, what, what is going on?”

“This is the Obstruction Destroying Immortal Note, capable of destroying any bewildering obstructions!” SongZhong replied with delight, “I just learned it! Hehe, I really get what I wish for! The heavens are indeed biased towards me!”

“That’s great!” A demonic witch replied with surprise, “With master’s Obstruction Destroying Immortal Note, to clear the fog, we can find the core of the formation quickly and leave this place!”

“What are we waiting for? Let us leave this damn place! I am going to be irritated to death by this fog!” SongZhong said anxiously.

In actual fact, the reason why he was so anxious to leave was not because of the fog. Instead, it was because of Mu ZiRong. After all, that single blow from him isn’t enough to knock her out for too long and two to three days would be the maximum. Now, almost 10 days have already passed. She would probably be awake by now, and if she were to spout rubbish, all of his secrets would be spilled! If that’s the case, then he will really be at a loss! Obviously, he had made a wrong choice back then.

However, he really did not have much of a choice back then. If he were to insist on leaving Mu ZiRong behind, he would definitely be criticised. Now that he was in the Bewildering Ocean, anxiousness would not do him any good and he could only plan things a step at a time.

But just at this moment, a demonic witch suddenly said, “Master, this formation is extremely profound, being able to use the natural terrain to set up obstacles. I’m afraid it was set by a FenShen cultivator at the very least. Why do you think someone would use so much effort to lay down this large formation in this vast ocean?”

“En?” As SongZhong heard that, he was first stunned. Then, he asked in doubt, “Indeed, why would he do so?”

“Master, the powerful formations are usually there to protect treasures!” A demonic witch replied, “At times, it is a heavenly treasure which had not matured yet. In order to prevent someone else from stealing it before it matures, he may lay down a protective formation. At times, it may even be his burial grounds. In any case, the things which exist in a large formation is something that is definitely great. If not, he would not go to such lengths!”

“So, we think that it is best for you to not leave so hastily. Since we are already here, why not we go in to take a look? Perhaps we may have a fortuitous encounter!” Another demonic witch added.

“Fortuitous encounter?” As SongZhong heard that, he laughed bitterly, “A fortuitous encounter also can be good or bad. For example, we met with both the Eagle King and the Black Shark King back to back recently. This can also be considered a fortuitous encounter right? In any case, I think that we are extremely unlucky these few days. What if we enter this time and realise that a powerful demonic beast or calamity is being sealed inside? Then, we will definitely die a terrible death!”

“That won’t happen!” A demonic witch could not help but laugh, “Although this Bewildering Ocean looks extremely dangerous, the main purpose of it was concealment. If something dangerous is being sealed inside, the owner of this place would definitely take great measures to make sure this formation is extremely prominent so that everyone can see it from afar. At the same time, he would definitely leave behind a note to warn others to not be rash! He definitely won’t be so sneaky, afraid that someone would find it.”

“Ah, it seems that what you say makes sense!” Only then did SongZhong arrive at a realisation. Following which, his eyes lit up as he said with a laugh, “Don’t tell me a treasure is really hiding in the Bewildering Ocean?”

“No matter what, it is definitely something good!” Another demonic witch laughed, “Us sisters have been alive for so many years and will definitely not get this wrong!”

“That’ll be the best! Perhaps after being unlucky for so many days, it is time for my luck to change!” SongZhong then said with surprise, “If that is the case, let us just stay another few more days since we have already delayed our return for so many days. Let us first explore this Bewildering Ocean!”

“If that’s the case, will master please try his best to clear the fog so us sisters will be able to find the core of the formation?” The demonic witches said together.

“En, that’s easy!” The moment SongZhong heard that they were searching for a treasure, he was extremely excited. Without the need for the reminder, he led the way with his copper bell while shooting out spiritual talismans continuously.

Following the endless ringing of the bell, the fog was destroyed time and time again, revealing the formation hidden within it. In fact, the illusions formed by the formation was also destroyed under the Obstacle Destroying Immortal Note. As such, the demonic witches had an easy time searching for the core of the formation.

However, this Bewildering Ocean was over a few thousand kilometres large. SongZhong’s Obstacle Destroying Immortal Note was only able to break the fog thousands of feet around him. Thus, it wasn’t easy for them to look for the core of the formation. Despite the fact that the nine beauties were extremely experienced, they still roamed around the formation for 10 days before finally recognising that the formation was the rare Positive Negative Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation.

After recognising the formation, everything would be much easier. The nine demonic witches then sped up in the formation, walking out of the restrictive zone of the formation and arriving at the centre of the Bewildering Ocean in just half a day.

After the exited from the fog, SongZhong could only see a sea of red in front of him. It turned out that the centre of the Bewildering Ocean actually existed a red island 500 kilometres wide.

This island was extremely strange as well, it was 500 kilometres wide but was completely flat. with little or no contours. In fact, not a single plant or demonic beast could be seen, and it was as though like a barren land!

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