Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 225: Entry Without Escape

Chapter 225: Entry Without Escape

Seeing this situation, how would the nine beauties dare to delay? The four nuns rushed up together, two hugging his thighs while the other two hugging his arms, flying away with SongZhong. As for the five sword cultivators, they held onto the Five Element Essence Swords and hovered around SongZhong to protect him. While blocking the water pillars, they killed the black sharks who were frantically charging at them to create a blood path of escape.

Thankfully, the Black Shark King was unconscious at this moment and the Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation was also destroyed. The black clouds in the sky had faded away and the downpour also stopped. As such, the ordinary black sharks lost the ability to fly and could only shoot out water pillars from below. Although the JinDan black sharks were able to fly, there were only a few of them, completely unable to stop the five sword cultivators.

Despite the fact that they were in the midst of escaping, the unconscious SongZhong and his naughty hands still subconsciously transformed into claws and were in the midst of grabbing two of the nuns’ chests.

Needless to say, the battle came to an end after SongZhong left. However, this tranquility would not last for long. Under the aid of his brothers, the Black Shark King quickly recovered. Although he still had injuries on him, at least 70% of his combat prowess was recovered.

It turns out, there was a milky white herb on the territory of the Black Shark King, able to allow a seriously injured person to recover quickly. It was even more effective than the pills of the human cultivators. Of course, there wouldn’t be much of this milky white herb, and the Black Shark King himself did not have much. But, it was able to save his life this time.

When he had regained his consciousness, a day had already passed. When he woke up, the first thing he asked was, “Where is SongZhong?”

The brothers of the Black Shark Kings were not all idiots either. At least, the 5th grade demonic beasts had the intelligence of a fully grown adult. Thus, they predicted that the Black Shark King would not let the matter rest and sent out a 5th-grade demonic beast to tail SongZhong in secret.

Now that the Black Shark King had asked, they immediately replied, “Rest assured big brother, 3rd brother has gone to chase after them already! He will give us the appropriate coordinates! That darn fatty was sent flying by a single fist of yours and is currently unconscious. He would not have such a good medicine like us for sure and should still be unconscious. If we were to catch him, it would definitely be our victory without his divine lightning to assist the fight!”

“Good job!” The Black Shark King was elated as he heard that, “All you brothers are extremely thoughtful! This time, I was careless and let that darn fatty take a huge advantage of me. But, this matter isn’t over yet! Is everyone ready? I am going to take revenge!”

“We’re ready!”

“We’re just waiting for the command from the boss!” The other demonic beasts cried out as well.

“Haha, good! Activate the Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation and give chase!” The Black Shark King commanded hatefully.

Following his commands, a few thousand black sharks took action and aided the Black Shark King in setting up the Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation. Following which, endless black clouds appeared as they charged towards the direction SongZhong escaped from with killing intent.

However, despite the fact that the Black Shark King vowed to take revenge, he did not have any confidence of catching SongZhong. After all, the nine beauties were all extremely powerful with high-grade magical artifacts on them. Their flying speed would not be too slow for sure! At the very least, they would not be any slower than his Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation.

If not for the fact that SongZhong was unconscious and had pointed to a location which was far from the land, the Black Shark King would not even bother giving chase.

However, he had a small hope at the very least because the direction that SongZhong was going to was completely in the wrong direction. According to the direction he was flying towards, he would take at least 500,000 kilometres before reaching land. Thus, the Black Shark King still had a chance to catch up to him.

As such, after traveling day and night for three to four days, the Black Shark King met with the 3rd brother who was chasing after SongZhong.

As the Black Shark King saw him, he was stunned at first. Then, he asked in excitement, “3rd brother, weren’t you following SongZhong? Is he right in front of us?”

As 3rd brother heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “Somewhat!”

“What do you mean by somewhat?” The Black Shark King scolded in anger, “Yes means yes, no means no. Don’t tell me you lost track of him?”

“I lost him already!” 3rd brother replied with a bitter laughter, “There is just no way to chase after him!”

“Bullshit!” The Black Shark King scolded, “Why can’t you chase after him?”

“Big brother, don’t tell me you don’t know what lies ahead?” The 3rd brother replied in grievance, “That is the Bewildering Ocean!”

“Bewildering Ocean?” The Black Shark King took in a cold breath before slapping his thigh and scolding, “SongZhong you darn fatty, foolish idiot! Didn’t your elder tell you what kind of a place the Bewildering Ocean is? Why did you still run in there foolishly?”

As 3rd brother heard that, he immediately asked in doubt, “Big brother, one can only enter that Bewildering Ocean but not exit it. If that darn fatty enters it, he would be dead for sure and thus save our effort. Why are you not happy about it?”

“Idiot! That darn fatty is the condition for the Eagle King to marry me. If I do not have his corpse as evidence, my words would be insufficient to let her believe that I killed him!” The Black Shark King scolded, “Dammit, this time, I lost so many brothers but did not even get anything in return! Dammit, this is too much!”

As he said that, the Black Shark King began to tremble in anger as though he was going to go crazy. As the other demonic beasts saw that, they finally understood what was going on and could only lower their heads helplessly.

At this moment, 3rd brother suddenly asked, “Big brother, don’t tell me we are going to let this matter rest just like that?”

“What else can we do?” The Black Shark King said helplessly, “That Eagle King is a bitch, and is also someone extremely difficult to handle. If we do not have the corpse of that darn fatty, she would definitely not agree?”

“Then why not we wait around the Bewildering Ocean?” 3rd brother suddenly said, “It is said that everyone who entered the Bewildering Ocean has died but some of their corpses would float out. Perhaps that darn fatty is also the case?”

“En! That makes sense!” The Black Shark King nodded and said, “Then let the brothers spread out and guard the areas surrounding the Bewildering Ocean. No matter who finds the corpse of that darn fatty, I would definitely reward him heavily!”

“Yes!” The demonic beasts all responded and spread out quickly. As for the Black Shark King, he found a quiet sea cave and nursed his injuries with a few of his brothers guarding him.

Needless to say, SongZhong only woke up three days later. When he opened his eyes to take a look, he realised that he was on the surface of the ocean with a white fog surrounding him. This white fog was extremely creepy, and SongZhong was only able to see a thousand feet even with his powerful eyesight. However, the scariest part about the fog was that it restricted one’s spiritual sense. With SongZhong’s cultivation of a middle foundational stage, he would be able to easily sweep tens of kilometres with his spiritual sense. But, he was not even able to extend his spiritual Qi past 250 metres now, as though there was an unknown force suppressing it.

“Dammit! What kind of a damn place is this?” SongZhong could not help but ask. But, even this ordinary sentence of his made him extremely uncomfortable, coughing incessantly with blood at the corner of his lips.

Seeing how his injuries were so severe, SongZhong did not know whether to laugh or cry. The battle three days ago was the most brutal battle ever since he began cultivating. However, it was also the most refreshing battle. Now that he thought about it, he became extremely excited, itching to go for another round.

As SongZhong thought about all of that, he took out a Red Palm Elixir to consume as well. At the same time, he thought to himself, “Hehe, thankfully Daoist HuoLong used old devil Feng to exchange for this treasure. If not, I will be in big trouble for sure!”

At this moment, one of the demonic witches said in embarrassment, “Reporting to master, we also do not know where this place is.”

“Then how did you guys come in?” SongZhong could not help but ask.

“We followed the direction at which you pointed to and flew here!” The demonic witch replied helplessly.”

“Really?” SongZhong was first stunned. Then, he said with a bitter laughter, “I was so groggy back then and just pointed to a random direction! Dammit, if I had known, I should have just asked all of you to return home. Why did I have to point at a random direction?”

Although SongZhong was extremely regretful, there was no medicine for regret in this world. Helpless, he can only maintain a positive attitude, taking out the map which Huo ** game him. Following which, he asked the nine beauties the direction they were flying in and quickly figured out their location.

But the moment he estimated his location, SongZhong was immediately frightened out of his skin. This place was circled out in red with a special marking made on it. It was the ‘Bewildering Ocean with no escape’ and one must not enter into it!

“F**k!” As SongZhong saw the map, he let out a bitter cry. Then, he lamented, “My goodness, just what sins did I commit in my previous life? Why am I so unlucky? First, I met the Eagle King. Then, I met the Black Shark King. After escaping from them, I entered the Bewildering Ocean! How am I going to survive like that?”

Seeing SongZhong act like that, the nine beauties were alarmed as one of the demonic witches hurriedly asked, “Master, Master, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I’m going to die!” SongZhong replied with depression, “This is the Bewildering Ocean, and it is famous for ‘entry without escape’! It is an infamous place in the Eastern Ocean! Why are we so unlucky? A random direction which I pointed in leads me here. Aren’t we going to die for sure?”

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