Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 215: Slaughtering Demonic Beasts

Chapter 215: Slaughtering Demonic Beasts

The eastern part of the volcanic island was indeed a flat plain. Lush green vegetation grew on it and it was as though no one had passed this place. Apart from SongZhong and Mu ZiRong, the rest of them were already veterans. When they arrived, they immediately went to their respective positions and started working in tandem.

SiYun and SiYu both took out a large number of formation plates, formation flags and various middle grade spiritual stones. They hurriedly began to estimate the correct position and set up their formation flags.

The rest of the team were stationed in different positions, ensuring that there was nothing wrong with the grounds they were on. At the same time, they had their guards up for an ambush.

Only SongZhong and Mu ZiRong did not know what to do. They were extremely strong and had a bad temper, thus no one dared to give them any commands. Seeing that, SongZhong was not angry. Instead, he smiled and pulled Mu ZiRong to a place where he would not disturb the sisters. He then sat down and drank wine while eating snacks, enjoying life as it was.

As SiYun and SiYu saw that, they frowned and hesitated for a moment. Then, they said to SongZhong carefully, “Senior brother Song, can you not eat now?”

“Why?” Little Fatty asked.

“Because the demonic beasts have an incredible sense of smell; especially pertaining the scent of wine and roasted meat. They are capable of smelling it from a few kilometres away. As the formation is not ready yet, we would be dragged into a bitter battle if you are to draw them here!” SiYun and SiYu quickly explained.

“Ah ah ah, I understand!” As SongZhong heard that, he knew that he was in the wrong. He was also not an unreasonable person and quickly kept the food. Then, he said awkwardly, “It’s my mistake! Hehe, I won’t do it again!”

“It’s alright!” Seeing how SongZhong was so polite, SiYu and SiYun replied with a smile, “It is inevitable for someone to make mistakes on their first hunt. Senior brother do as you please, us sisters will be setting up the formation!” After they said that, they smiled at SongZhong and started getting busy again.

“I shall not disturb you!” SongZhong replied with an apologetic smile, “Instead, I’ll protect you two!” He then sat near them silently.

It was obvious that SiYun and SiYu did this often and were accustomed to it. In just a short 2 hours, they set up a formation of over 10,000 feet in area, involving thousands of formation flag and formation plates. Then, they managed to activate it all in a single attempt, displaying the enormous prowess of a late foundational cultivator.

After the formation is activated, a white mist immediately rose, covering the surroundings. Seeing that, the Naked Skinning Witch instructed everyone to take shelter in the formation. Then, she and Old Poison both stealthily approached the island, obviously planning to do something bad.

At this moment, SiYun and SiYu became relaxed and rested in the formation while Stone also sat in meditation.

Despite not following, SongZhong also did not just sit there doing nothing. He secretly deployed two demonic witches to trail Naked Skinning Witch and Old Poison in their formless form.

The both of them activated a concealment spell and calmly infiltrated the centre of the island. Them, the both of them suddenly split ways. The Naked Skinning Witch flew up into the sky while Old Poison flew in the direction where the wind was blowing.

After Old Poison reached the upstream of the wind, he picked a place with a good wind direction and followed the direction of the wind. Finally, he arrived at the peak of the volcano island where there was a lake of lava that was a few hectares large. In the lake was tens of red beasts who were 40 to 50 feet long. They looked like alligators in appearance but their body was much stronger and had a shorter mouth.

These type of volcanic beasts liked to live in lava. When it is hungry, it will fly to the ocean to hunt for fish. Although their bodies are of the fire constitution, they have the ability to hunt for fish in the ocean. Furthermore, these beasts are extremely violent and specialise in fire type spells. The moment they get into a fight, tens of mature volcanic beast would shoot out flames together. The flames are capable of melting metal. Even JinDan cultivators would not be able to survive if they face the combined attacks of these volcanic beasts.

However, their enemies now were are humans, sly humans. They were full of devious tricks and would not fight the volcanic beasts head on. After Old Poison found a good place, he carefully took out a sack of powdered medicine and gently released it into the wind.

As it was a coastal island with tall volcanos, the winds were extremely strong. As the powdered medicine was taken out, it was immediately dispersed, pervading throughout the place.

At the same time, the Naked Skinning Witch also took action. She hovered above the lava lake, stimulating herself while moaning softly. Following the sounds of her moans, a light pink mist appeared around her. Under sunlight, it was impossible to see the mist if one did not look carefully. This mist was not something ordinary, it was a special substance condensed by the Naked Skinning Witch’s Burning Desire Formula. It was not affected by the wind at all and it slowly drifted onto the lava lake under the witch’s intention.

Under the influence of Old Poison’s poison and the Naked Skinning Witch’s secret technique, the blissful volcanic beasts in the lake soon had some reactions. Their eyes turned completely red and their breathing became ragged. The poison aroused their desires, which clouded their minds. They became fervently agitated and started attacking each other in an attempt to vent out all their pent up desires.

At this moment, they did not know that the ones surrounding them were their comrades. Instead, they took them to be their mortal enemies. Following a few loud roars, they mercilessly injured their comrades with their sharp claws and teeth. Consequently, the whole lava lake was filled with the sight of their blood evaporating.

Although their skin was thick and strong enough to withstand the high temperature of the lava, the interior of their body was not. As their skin was slowly torn apart, the lava flowed into the body through the wounds, causing them to all cry out in pain.

However, not only did the pain not wake them up, it made them even crazier. They were no longer satisfied with physical attacks, but began to use their natal flame.

As 4th grade demonic beasts, the volcanic beast has an inner core. Being Fire type demonic beasts, they naturally are able to activate the fire essence spiritual Qi in their inner core to shoot out a frightening natal flame. Although this would harm their vitality, the natal flame is essential in deciding the victor in a life and death battle. The natal flame was so frighteningly strong such that even the volcanic beasts themselves were not able to handle it.

The battle in the lava lake soon reached its climax as the volcanic beasts were spouting natal flames on their brethren. One by one, the volcanic beasts fell under the natal flame of their comrades. Even the cubs were not spared in the crossfire, dying a painful death. After this wave of natal flame attack ended, more than half of the volcanic beasts were dead with the remaining suffering from heavy injuries. But even so, the fight between the volcanic beasts did not stop there. Instead, it became even more intense as the fight continued from within the lake to without the lake. Many volcanic beasts were shoved out of the lake by their comrades, and so they rolled down the mountain. The whole place was soiled with their blood, lava and flames, making it an extremely tragic scene.

Despite it being his first hunt, SongZhong knew that the volcanic beasts were going to lose for sure. The only thing that remained would be for them to wait a while before tying up the loose ends. He originally thought that the Naked Skinning Witch and Old Poison would come back and report the news to the team. But, he never expected that the both of them did not have any intentions of returning.

Old Poison then pounced onto a volcanic beast who was sent out of the lake, killing it with a merciless slash. Then, he began to slice its abdomen apart to extract its inner core.

As for the Naked Skinning Witch, she was even more gutsy. She ignored the demonic beasts on the outside and went to the lake bank. Relying on her concealment spell, she ignored the rampaging volcanic beasts and started scouring for treasures.

The place where demonic beasts reside are commonly abundant with spiritual Qi. The denser the spiritual Qi, the more common it is for treasures to be present. For example, this lava lake was abundant with Fire type herbs, and the oldest one was a few thousand years old.

The volcanic beasts all possess some iota of intelligence and knew that these herbs were extremely beneficial to them. If their comrades were injured, they can use it to heal them. Thus, they would not destroy these herbs usually. In fact, they would protect them from other types of demonic beasts’ harassment. Hence, the herbs by the lake bank were all extremely healthy and large in quantity, with some even a thousand years old.

All of these were extremely precious treasures. If they were all brought back, they could be easily exchanged for a low grade magical artifact. By right, all of these belonged to the whole team and should be shared evenly. However, it was obvious that the Naked Skinning Witch did not have such intention. She secretly dug it out without her teammates knowing. Furthermore, she only dug out all of the good ones, removing almost all of them before reluctantly letting go of the rest. Then, she began to collect the inner cores of the volcanic beasts.

If SongZhong did not send the formless devils out to follow her, he would definitely suffer a loss this time. The inner cores can be counted and they may take some of them out to share with the team. But as for the herbs, the Naked Skinning Witch would definitely not admit to it. She had already remove the soil together with the herb, not leaving any traces behind at all.

SongZhong would eat tolerate anything in his life, except for losses. Witnessing this scene, how could he sit still any further? But, he also can’t possibly say that he was spying on them. Thus, he pretended to be anxious, “Why are they still not back yet? Is it possible that they met with trouble? I have to go out and take a look!” As he said that, he stood up.

Seeing that, SiYu and SiYun hurriedly pulled him back and said, “Don’t, junior brother Song! Team leader Naked Skinning Witch does not like us straying from the plan. If you go out now, she would scold you even if you help her!”

“Do you think that slut dares to scold me?”

“Eh~” Only then did SiYun and SiYu began to remember that the person in front of them was someone who dared to humiliate the Naked Skinning Witch in public. However, they still persuaded, “Us sisters know that you are not afraid of her. But, you probably shouldn’t do things that both require strength but have no reward. Instead, why not just wait here where it is safe and and there’s no responsibility to assume?”

As SongZhong heard that, he almost fainted and curse in his heart, ‘Wait?! It’ll be too late if I continue waiting!’

But, the pair of sisters said that out of goodwill and he can’t possibly scold them. Thus, he could only force out a smile and justify his actions, “Senior sisters are wrong, now that we are a team, we should function as a whole. Now that we are on the same boat, we cannot let our personal matters become a barrier between us. That would only end up harming all of us. No matter what, I will have to go out and take a look to ensure they do not encounter any trouble!”

As he said that, SongZhong did not even bother giving them a chance to reply and left with Mu ZiRong.

SiYu and SiYun were both stunned by what SongZhong said. In fact, they even felt ashamed of themselves as they said, “Junior brother is right, us sisters will follow you as well!”

As they said that, they did not forget about Stone who was meditating, “Brother Stone, are you coming?”

Stone was still as cold and taciturn as ever. He stood up and followed behind the both of them, expressing his answer through actions. The ladies then smiled and followed SongZhong and Mu ZiRong.

Just like that, they quickly arrived at the lava lake. At this moment, the Naked Skinning Witch had only just kept all the herbs and retrieved two inner cores. There were still plenty of corpses to take care of and many materials and herbs by the lakeside.

Seeing SongZhong, Mu ZiRong, SiYun, SiYu and stone suddenly appearing, Old Poison and the Naked Skinning Witch were in shock. Then, the Naked Skinning Witch said acrimoniously, “Why are you guys here? Didn’t I ask you to wait for me?”

The grandeur of the Naked Skinning Witch was still there, and the pair of sisters did not dare to reply her. But, SongZhong was not afraid of her and said coldly, “Wait for you to keep everything good so that the rest of us are left with the remnants? Slut!”

As he said that, SongZhong’s eyes already burned with rage. Only then did the Naked Skinning Witch remember that the team dynamics were no longer the same. She was no longer the sole leader of the team anymore.

Despite her anger, the Naked Skinning Witch could only reply with an apologetic laughter when facing SongZhong and Mu ZiRong, “I wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare. I am only worried for you!”

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