Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 214: Arriving At Volcanic Island

Chapter 214: Arriving At Volcanic Island

On top of the black boat was a beautiful pavilion where Little Fatty and gang were resting in. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery while enjoying the tea and snacks which Little Fatty prepared. Of course, the stone was an exception. He was still in meditation as though he was in bitter cultivation. This made Little Fatty could not help but applaud at how hardworking he was.

After flying a while, SiYun and SiYu suddenly said together, “Daoist brother~”

As SongZhong heard that, he interrupted them with a bitter expression, “I am younger and weaker than both of you, just call me junior brother. Don’t call me Daoist brother, Daoist brother, making me sound so old!”

“Ah ah!” SiYun and SiYu found SongZhong’s words amusing and could not help but giggle. They complied and said, “If that’s the case, then we shall not stand on ceremony! Junior brother Song!”

“En en!” SongZhong then said with a smile, “I wonder what senior sisters need from me?”

“It’s like that!” SiYun and SiYu hurriedly said, “When you are flying in the deeper parts of the Eastern Ocean, it’s best that you fly at lower altitudes; just a few hundred feet above the sea. You must not fly at heights approaching the sky!”

“En?” As SongZhong heard that, he asked in doubt, “Isn’t it better to fly up in the sky? The scenery is better and we can look further. If we fly so low, we may end up ramming into a mountain!”

SongZhong’s is definitely not turning a deaf ear to what the sisters said. You have to know, the flying boat is able to travel 500 kilometres in 10 minutes. If they are to fly just above the sea, its speed would generate shockwaves which would definitely stir the sea beneath it. If a large island is to suddenly appear in front of it, it would be difficult to dodge it for sure.

As SiYun and SiYu heard that, they hurriedly explained themselves, “You can let the boat fly slower, but don’t fly too high because the sky is extremely dangerous. The strongest cultivators and demonic beasts all like to fly up in the sky. Of course, it is extremely rare to see them normally. But if we really see them, we would most likely be in trouble!”

“In trouble?” SongZhong asked in doubt, “Don’t tell me they all like to rob juniors?”

“No no, they do not like to rob juniors. In truth, the generation separation does not mean anything to them. They are only concerned with treasures. This flying boat of yours is something which everyone would fight for. A flying boat like yours is a rare sight, even to JinDan cultivators. If something like this is seen in the hands of a group of foundational cultivators, will they not come and snatch it?” SiYun and SiYu explained.

“Ah, that’s true!” SongZhong answered in realisation.

At this moment, Mu ZiRong who was by the side, scorned, “Then ask them to come and snatch it! Don’t tell me we are going to be afraid of a mere JinDan cultivator.

As everyone heard that, they were all startled. Although they already held Mu ZiRong’s strength in high regard, they never expected her to be perverse to the point she can fight a JinDan cultivator. Moreover, she was just a mere early foundational cultivator. Just where did her arrogance stems from?

Seeing how suspicion has filled everyone’s eyes, SongZhong knew that things were going wrong. If Mu ZiRong’s real strength were to be exposed, the secret of the Nine Beauties Painting would definitely be out.

Helpless, he could only glare at Mu ZiRong and demanded her to shut up. Then, he explained with a smile, “Please pay no heed to her nonsense. How could she defeat a JinDan cultivator? The only reason why she dares to say that is because of the Mystical Sky Yard backing. In the Eastern Ocean, there probably aren’t many people who will not show face to the Mystical Sky Yard right?

After hearing SongZhong’s explanation, everyone revealed an expression of understanding. SongZhong then heaved a sigh of relief.

But, SiYun and SiYu hurriedly said, “Junior brother Song, you guys are thinking too simply. The strong cultivators in the Eastern Ocean are not just the cultivators of the Eastern Ocean Alliance. There are also many high-grade demonic beasts! They are intelligent and enjoy roaming around the Eastern Ocean. They may even approach the Eastern Ocean Alliance to kill people for fun. If we were to meet perverts like these, they would kill you regardless of your status. It’s best for us to be careful!”

“You’re right!” SongZhong agreed and said, “Low profile, low profile!” As he said that, he controlled the boat to fly less than a thousand feet above the sea. At the time time, he slowed the boat down in order to avoid hitting into mountains.

Despite the boat reducing their traveling speed, they did not have to rest and can travel through the night. Thus, they managed to reach in just two days.

Finally, the black boat landed on an island near the outskirts of the volcanic island which was emitting smoke.

Looking at the island in front of them, everyone could not help but reveal an excited expression. This time, not only did they save a large amount of time, the journey was a lot safer because they did not have to stop to recover. They were all in their prime conditions and could engage in battle at any time. Usually, they would have to take a day worth of rest after reaching their destination before engaging in battle. This stark difference is unquestionable.

Thus, despite how no one displayed it, they were all extremely thankful towards SongZhong for taking out the giant boat. Even the Stone also nodded to SongZhong slightly to express gratitude. This gratitude had made SongZhong feel overwhelmed.

Following which, the Naked Skinning Witch asked, “Can we take action yet?”

“You can make the decision!” SongZhong replied indifferently, “You’re the leader, we will listen to you!”

With just a single sentence, SongZhong handed over the command rights. It was not because he could trust the Naked Skinning Witch. But, it was his first time participating in such a mission and he just does not know anything. If he were to command them blindly, he would only ruin things. At that time, the goodwill which he painstakingly built up will be completely destroyed. Thus, he decided to give up the rights to command and participate as a third party. If the Naked Skinning Witch does a good job, he can also bask in glory together with her. If she did not do things well, then he can appear to take care of the mess. This would also help him gain his teammates’ goodwill. Ultimately, this seems to be the most prudent decision.

The Naked Skinning Witch knew nothing about SongZhong’s little plan. She thought that SongZhong was just being lazy and could not help but disdain him inwardly. Then, she unceremoniously took over the role of the leader and commanded, “Stone, go and monitor the situation within the island!”

Stone did not say anything but nodded. Then, he took out a wholly ebony sword and disappeared. Obviously, he was the scout within the team and was used to doing things like that already.

Then, the Naked Skinning Witch said to SiYun and SiYu, “Both of you go to high grounds to search for a spot suitable to plant a formation!”

“Roger!” SiYun and SiYu nodded and took action. They immediately flew to the skies and began observing the island.

Seeing that, SongZhong could not help but ask, “Didn’t you say that you are going to handle them with your Burning Desire Formula and Old Poison’s poison? Why do you need SiYun and SiYu to prepare a formation?”

“That is a precautionary measure!” The Naked Skinning Witch explained, “The Eastern Ocean is just too chaotic. Someone may attempt to backstab us when we are in the middle of the fight. Thus, we have to make sure we have a contingency plan for unexpected situations!”

“Smart! Your plan is indeed well rounded!” SongZhong could not help but praise with admiration.

“Haiz, I learned all these from mistakes!” The Naked Skinning Witch let out a long sigh and said, “After being in the Eastern Ocean for so many years, I have met with far too many accidents. I can’t help but be more careful!”

Seeing such a valiant lady like the Naked Skinning Witch let out a helpless sigh, SongZhong could not help but ask, “Don’t tell me an accident is that likely to happen in the Eastern Ocean?”

“How should I put it?” The Naked Skinning Witch shrugged her shoulders and said, “If you say it’s easy to meet with one, it may not even appear in 10 years. If you say it isn’t easy to meet with one, you may meet with 2 or 3 of them in a single year! In these two years, this team of ours is especially unlucky. We have met with many accidents which resulted in us losing 4 members! Especially the last time, after expending a large amount of effort to kill all the demonic beasts within an island, we encountered a migratory bunch of demonic beasts. At that time, we just finished a ferocious battle and had exhausted all our resources. Then, how could we still defend ourselves? Thus, we had no choice but to sacrifice two people in order to ensure our survival! All these were coupled with the fact that SiYun and SiYu had set up a formation before that. If not, we would have all died there!

Although the Naked Skinning Witch made things sound simple, SongZhong can still imagine how bitter the battle was. He can imagine, a group of tired people without assistance on an island, assaulted by a group of demonic beasts. Just how miserable a situation it was. It definitely wasn’t easy for them to survive that battle!

Of course, SongZhong would not believe that the two who stayed behind were not willing parties. They were probably forced to do so by some unknown means by the Naked Skinning Witch.

It is just that all of these were not SongZhong’s concern and he could not be bothered with it.

Just at this moment, stone returned with a cold expression. He then said to the Naked Skinning Witch coldly, “98. Big, 72. 26, Middle. Volcano!” After he said that, he kept quiet and did not utter another word.

Everyone else understood what he said except for Mu ZiRong and SongZhong who was completely lost. Seeing that, the Naked Skinning Witch explained, “Stone said that there is a total of 98 volcanic beasts on the island. Amongst them, there are 72 who are mature adults and 26 cubs! They are all resting on the volcano at the centre of the island.”

As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “This guy is really too succinct!”

“Can’t be helped, he is just like that. Even I can’t change it!” The Naked Skinning Witch said with an apologetic smile.

At this moment, SiYun and SiYu landed and said in unison, “On the east of the island is a flat plain with a spiritual vein going through it. We can set up a formation there!”

“Then let’s head east to set up the formation! Be careful in your movements, do not alert the volcanic beasts on patrol!” The Naked Skinning Witch then said to Little Fatty, “Please keep this flying boat for now!”

“Okay!” SongZhong replied and kept his boat. Then, they all began to infiltrate the island surreptitiously.

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