Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 213: Setting Sail

Chapter 213: Setting Sail

“Why not you let me possess her!” Another demonic witch by the side said excitedly.

As SongZhong heard that, he became tempted to do so. But after a moment of consideration, he shook his head helplessly and said, “It’s best not to, at least not for now!”

“Why would that be so?” The demonic witch asked curiously.

“It will be too easy for others to see that something is wrong!” SongZhong explained with a bitter laughter, “There’s already a Mu ZiRong with perverse sword skills besides me, making things seem extremely strange. If there is another exaggeratedly strong Naked Skinning Witch, a meticulous person would be able to easily spot their differences and deduce your identities as the Nine Beauties Painting! I do not want to risk exposing your existences over some slight inconveniences. That would be making this small matter into a huge one!”

As the witches heard that, they all nodded in agreement. Then, Mu’er asked, “Master, what about the Naked Skinning Witch? Don’t tell me you’re just going to let her scheme behind your back?”“Ah ah, we can ignore her for the time being. Anyway, with Old Poison spying on her, she won’t be able to create any trouble!” With a cold smile, SongZhong continued to add “If she really dare to do anything behind my back...hmph! I can only teach her a lesson!”

“Master is indeed wise!” The nine witches praised.

“Haha, all of you just know how to make me happy!” Little Fatty said with a lecherous smile while taking advantage of their bodies.

The nine beauties would naturally allow him to do as he please. Not only did they not reject him, they even went along with him. In the end, it ignited SongZhong’s lust and they began a huge battle again.

A couple of days later, the Naked Skinning Witch came to the mansion atop the hill. In a small pavilion, she saw Little Fatty taking advantage of Mu ZiRong.

As the Naked Skinning Witch, who had been pained with the suppression of her burning, desires saw that, her eyes could not help but be suffused with lust as the corners of her mouth twitched. At the same time, she began to rub herself all over and started moaning.

SongZhong became extremely uneasy with her presence and he let go of Mu ZiRong. With a helpless shake of his head, he then took up his tea cup and asked, “Slut, what are you here for?”The Naked Skinning Witch was already prepared to get insulted by Little Fatty. As such, she did not bother about what Little Fatty called her and cut straight to the chase, “I have already chosen a mission. It is a volcanic island over a few hundred metres wide. On the mountain is a group of less than 100 volcanic beast! It is the clean up mission best suited for us!”

“Volcanic beast?” SongZhong frowned and asked, “They are 4th grade demonic beasts after becoming mature. That would mean that they would have the strength of a foundational cultivator. With such a big group of them, are you sure we can destroy them?”

“It isn’t a big problem. With my Burning Desire Formula and Old Poison’s poison, it would be more than enough to drive them crazy. At that time, they would end up fighting amongst themselves. We will just have to take care of the loose ends after most of them are already dead.” The Naked Skinning Witch said with a smile, “If everything is successful, we would not even need to take much action!”

“En!” SongZhong nodded his head and thought for a moment. Then, he said, “Alright, if that’s the case, then let us go. When can we set off?”“Everyone will require some time for preparation. They would require some items which can help to avoid the flames of the volcanic island. At least these items aren’t too rare and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find it. I think that 3 days should be enough!” The Naked Skinning Witch hurriedly said.

“Alright, go and inform everyone that we will set off in 3 days time!” SongZhong commanded as though he was the team leader. “Roger!” Although the Naked Skinning Witch was not happy, she did not dare to display her dissatisfaction. She replied obediently and then said, “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave first!”

“En, I won’t be sending you off!” SongZhong waved his hands as though he was chasing a fly away.

“I won’t dare to trouble you!” The Naked Skinning Witch then left the mansion in a flash and went to Old Poison’s place.

When she saw Old Poison, she immediately complained, “Damn it, that darn fatty is really too much. He did not even offer me a cup of tea and kept ordering me around as though I am his maid. He is really too much!”

As Old Poison heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “That darn fatty is indeed too much, but we do not have much of a choice right? How can we not lower our heads when we are weaker than him? It’s best for us to restrain our anger.”“Dammit!” The Naked Skinning Witch kicked a chair in anger and scolded, “This old lady can’t tolerate this anymore!”

“So what if you can’t? Don’t tell me you want to fight that Mu ZiRong?” Old Poison could not help but reply with a bitter laughter.

“This~” The Naked Skinning Witch immediately became speechless. Only after a while did she say fiercely, “Dammit, if you force this old lady into a corner, I will fight you even if it means death for the both of us!”“It’s best for you to hold your anger back first. Maybe SongZhong will leave after a while?” Old Poison persuaded, “After all, with his connections in the Mystical Sky Yard, it would be more normal for him to join a JinDan team. Coming here is indeed a waste of his talent!”

“Really? Forget it, I will just bear with it for a while!” The Naked Skinning Witch said helplessly. Then, she added, “Right, we will be going to kill the volcanic beasts 3 days later. Make your preparations!” As she said that, she did not say goodbye to Old Poison and left in a rush.

After seeing the Naked Skinning Witch leave, Old Poison immediately went to find SongZhong to report to him what happened. SongZhong then praised him a little before sending him away. Although he had no intentions to take action against the Naked Skinning Witch, he was getting increasingly wary of her in his heart.

SongZhong was afraid that this mission was a trap set by the Naked Skinning Witch. Thus, he specially made a trip to the Eastern Ocean Alliance’s headquarters to understand the situation from Huo ** a little better. He then realised that this mission was indeed like what the Naked Skinning Witch had described. There are less than a hundred volcanic beasts. Apart from the cubs of the beast, there were only a few tens of 4th grade demonic beasts. Amongst them, there were none of them in the 5th grade.

After receiving the information from Huo **, SongZhong became more relaxed. With just these 4th grade demonic beasts, he would be able to take care of them. Even if there is a 5th grade JinDan demonic beast, he would not be afraid of them. There is simply nothing for him to be afraid of. After chatting with Huo ** for a while, he returned to the mansion, awaiting the 3 days to pass.3 days past in the blink of an eye. In the morning, everyone was gathered under the pine tree with solemn faces and fully equipped gears with an expression as though they were about to face battle. Only SongZhong had a carefree expression on his face with a bottle of wine in his hands.

As everyone saw this scene, they all began to frown and revealed a dissatisfied expression. It was just that they were afraid of Mu ZiRong’s strength and savageness that they did not dare to say it.

Even if everyone else did not say anything, as the team leader, the Naked Skinning Witch cannot overlook it. Helpless, she can only grit her teeth and say, “Is everyone ready? We are going to an island tens of thousands of kilometres away this time and will have to fly for a good few days!”

Although she said everyone, her gaze was fixated on SongZhong.

As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but say with a smile, “It is only a few ten thousand kilometres, is there a need to fly a good few days?”

In truth, with the speed of a late foundational cultivator, it wouldn’t be too difficult to cover 5,000 kilometres in 2 hours. For a few ten thousand kilometres, it will only take 2 days of travelling time. It is just that they would be a little tired after that. There is completely no need for a good few days.

As everyone heard that, they all revealed faces of disdain. The Naked Skinning Witch then explained with a frown, “The Eastern Ocean is not like the Vast Mountains. There are dangers lurking all over and battles can happen anywhere. As such, we cannot exhaust too much spiritual Qi on travelling. We can only travel 10,000 kilometres a day before recovering our spiritual Qi in meditation. If not, we will definitely suffer a big loss if we were to meet with battle halfway!”

“Haha, I see, Actually, you don’t need to be worried about that at all!” As SongZhong said that, he waved his hands and a large black boat appeared in the sky.

“Woah, what a beautiful flying boat!” SiYun and SiYu exclaimed excitedly.

Everyone else’s eyes also lit up and became excited. The Naked Skinning Witch immediately cried out, “Ai yah yah, I never expected you to have a treasure like that. With this item, we do not need to be worried about exhausting spiritual Qi on the way there. Our travelling time will also be greatly shortened, reducing the risks of an accident during travel! This item is just like a super treasure to us!”SiYun and SiYu also said, “Daoist brother is indeed a famous character, you are so rich! You are actually able to take out a giant magical artifact that only sects would have. This is really too surprising!”

“Hehe!” SongZhong said with delight, “It isn’t much, it is just a spoil of war. It originally belonged to the Mechanical Sect, I snatched it over from their young master!”

If it was any other place, he would definitely be looked down on with disdain if he were to talk about snatching something. But, it was the Eastern Ocean here where robbery was just too common. If you do not know how to rob someone, you would definitely be looked down by others. Similarly, the better the things you snatch, the more highly people will think of you.

As such, SongZhong purposefully said the truth and the results was extremely good. As everyone saw that he had such an ability, they all looked towards him with admiration. Even the Stone who ignored everything else could not help but look at SongZhong in admiration. Although it was only a single glance, it made SongZhong extremely delighted to be able to impress the Stone.

Following which, SongZhong did not say anything else as it was about time and called everyone to board the flying boat. Although this giant magical artifact is the smallest amongst the giant magical artifacts, it was still more than a hundred feet long and was more than capable of fitting 7 people. As everyone got on board, SongZhong did not say anything else and immediately set sail!

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