Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 212: Betraying The Witch

Chapter 212: Betraying The Witch

After the pair of sisters were startled as they heard that, and their faces turned white. One of them hurriedly replied, “I don’t know what the Face Changing Pill is, our ugly countenances are congenital!”

Although their rejection were resolute, their expression had already betrayed them. Everyone present here were all extremely sharp and could immediately tell what was going on. It was obvious that they were afraid that their good looks would attract lechers. Unfortunately, they were exposed by the knowledgeable Mu ZiRong.

After hearing this news, Old Poison’s lecherous eyes lit up as he locked his gaze onto the pair of siblings. The Naked Skinning Witch then let out a cold laugh, blatantly showing her dissatisfaction for being deceived. Only the rock-like person remained expressionless and entered into a meditative state.

Seeing how SongZhong were gazing at them, the two sisters became nervous. From how SongZhong brought Mu ZiRong over, they had already determined that he is a lecher. The moment they were exposed, they fear that Little Fatty would have lecherous intents towards them.

Seeing that, SongZhong naturally knew what they were afraid of. He then could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “The both of you need not be wary of me. I am not the kind of pervert who will lust after every women I see!”

Even though the two sisters were really frightened by SongZhong, they just nodded vigorously no matter what SongZhong said. But, the look of fear and guard on their faces did not change in the slightest. It was also no surprise that this was the case; after all, Mu ZiRong who was beside them had just tortured someone to death with such cruel means that even the Naked Skinning Witch felt a chill. For someone like this to say that he isn’t a pervert with a smile, who would even believe that?

As SongZhong saw their reactions, he knew that ever since he allowed Mu ZiRong to torture Old Xu, he is already considered a pervert. He would probably never be able to wash himself off this title already. Thus, he could not be bothered to defend himself and shook his head in helplessness. Then, he looked towards the rock-like person and asked, “Can I ask what is daoist brother’s name?”

However, the rock like man actually ignored SongZhong completely.

SongZhong never expected the rock-like man to not show him face at all and his expression turned cold. Mu ZiRong who was brewing tea, glared at him viciously and was itching to teach him a lesson.

As the pair of sisters saw that, they hurriedly shouted out, “Daoist brother, please don’t make things difficult for brother stone, he does not like to speak.”

“Brother stone?” SongZhong could not help but ask with a laugh, “Don’t tell me this guy is really called stone?”

“He indeed is!” SiYun and SiYu both answered carefully, “He is from the Iron Sword Sect and only knows how to cultivate. He will only speak if he has no other choice. You, please don’t be so calculative with him!”

“Alright!” SongZhong then said, “On account of you sisters, I will not bother about this stone. Since he is from the Iron Sword Sect, I believe that he specialises in sword skills and is a good fighter. Besides that, my Mu ZiRong is also a sword cultivator and you guys have already witnessed that! Our team is really full of talents!”

As SongZhong finished, everyone looked at each other and did not dare to say anything. Finally, the Naked Skinning Witch mustered enough courage to ask, “Then what does little brother specialise in?”

“Me?” SongZhong smiled and raised his tea glass, “I specialise in drinking tea, I hate fighting the most!”

As everyone heard that, they all wanted to burst out laughing. They just could not understand how could there be a cultivator like that.

Although they were dumbfounded, SongZhong was not. After savouring a cup of tea, he asked, “You guys were having a meeting here? I wonder what you guys were discussing about?”

“Ah, it’s like this, it has been almost a month since our last clean up exercise. After days of recuperation, everyone has already recovered and wanted to take up another mission.” The Naked Skinning Witch replied.

“Very good!” SongZhong nodded and said, “I can’t be bothered with things like these, you guys can just do as you see fit! Just inform me when things are settled!”

As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, her eyes lit up. She thought that Little Fatty would snatch her role as team leader. With Mu ZiRong’s frightening battle prowess, she definitely won’t be able to keep her position as team leader. Never did she expect Little Fatty to just let go of the matter. It was obvious that he is only a hedonistic person concerned with his own enjoyment. If this is the case, then she will definitely still be in command as long as she pleases Little Fatty. In fact, she will be able to make use of Mu ZiRong to help her conquer the Eastern Ocean!

Thinking about this, the Naked Skinning Witch revealed a smile and said, “Don’t worry, all of these troublesome things will be handled by this elder sister. You only have to enjoy life!”

“That’ll be the best!” SongZhong pretended to be excited, “If that’s the case, then you guys can go and do your own things, just don’t disturb my rest!”

As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she was almost angered to death. It must be understood that this particular mansion was located in the best spot throughout the whole mountain and belonged to her. But now, the moment SongZhong arrived, he snatched it over and chased her out.

Seeing that it was not of their concern, everyone began to leave, afraid that they may be stabbed into a blood man by Mu ZiRong if they stayed any longer. After the Naked Skinning Witch glared at Little Fatty for a moment, she decided to give up and pack up her things. Then, she angrily made her way down the mountain in search for another residence.

But, SongZhong was completely unconcerned and began to view his new residence with Mu ZiRong. Thinking about how he was able to do what he wanted just on the first day here, he became extremely excited in his heart. At night, he started whipping Mu ZiRong. Then, he called out all 9 demonic witches and had a great battle till morning.

Just when Little Fatty was taking care of Mu ZiRong excitedly, the Naked Skinning Witch angrily approached Old Poison and discussed with him the events that transpired.

As the both of them met, the Naked Skinning Witch sat on a stool and said, “Old Poison, what do you think that darn SongZhong’s background is? He actually dare to overlook my authority, not putting me in his sights at all!”

“SongZhong, Mu ZiRong~” Old Poison twiddled with his beard for a moment before saying, “They are from the Mystical Sky Yard. I remember that of the famous people in the Mystical Sky Yard, there are these two names. Mu ZiRong should be the granddaughter of the current sect master and had long been in the famous four of the Mystical Sky Yard. As for SongZhong, he only rose into prominence after. In the Jade Green Screen, he became famous from a single battle. It is said that in the battle outside the Jade Green Screen, he worked together with Han Bing’er from the Jade Pearl Pavilion to kill to JinDan cultivators and injured a YuanYing cultivator. That was an extremely big matter and I believe you should have heard about it right?”

“En?” The Naked Skinning Witch then replied with realisation, “Of course I heard about this before. But, I just did not remember his name. I never expected it to be them? Strange, people like these are usually the elites of a sect and have a large amount of spiritual stones for cultivation. There is no need for them to come to the Eastern Ocean to take such a risk!”

“I don’t know about this!” Old Poison shrugged his shoulders and said, “Besides that, Mu ZiRong’s strength is just too perverse! I admit that these geniuses are able to beat a stronger opponent. But no matter how big of a genius they are, they would still have to fight an intense battle before achieving victory. How is it possible that she can easily take care of a completed foundational cultivator, despite having the strength of an early foundational cultivator? This, this is just something impossible!”

“I also think that this matter is strange!” The Naked Skinning Witch could not help but scold, “This old lady has lived for almost a hundred years and have seen many things. Especially in the Eastern Ocean, I’ve seen countless of so-called sword geniuses. But no matter how much of a genius they are, it would require many years of practise and deep comprehension before the profoundness of their sword skills can be displayed. The sword skill that Mu ZiRong displayed today is not something that a foundational cultivator should have. Even those esteemed JinDan or YuanYing cultivators are beneath her. The profoundness of her sword skills is akin to a thousand year old devil’s, so frightening it sent a chill up my spine. Until now, I am still a little afraid. If it was not Old Xu but me who took action today, I would have most likely been tortured to death as well!”

As he heard what the Naked Skinning Witch said, he did not dare to reply. He did not have to guts to say that the Naked Skinning Witch was less than a human. Thus, he could only sit down silently, acting like he did not hear anything.

After the Naked Skinning Witch vented her anger, she asked, “Old Poison, do you think these two people have malicious intents? Should we capture them and eliminate them first?”

“No, no!” Old Poison hurriedly answered, “The both of them are extremely strong and mysterious. Just a single Mu ZiRong is big enough of a headache. But, there is a SongZhong who is able to tame her as such. Although that darn fatty said that he only knows how to drink tea, how can a middle foundational cultivator who was able to kill a JinDan cultivator when he is in the XianTian stage be trash? I think that he is someone much scarier than Mu ZiRong! We should not make any reckless actions!”

“But...don’t tell me I have to let them climb over my head like that?” The Naked Skinning Witch cursed.

“Not necessarily!” Old Poison let out a cunning laugh and said, “We should plan ahead for this matter. The Mystical Sky Yard is an extremely strong power in the Eastern Ocean and the both of them are elites from the Mystical Sky Yard. If they were to die an unknown death, Huo ** and the other JinDan cultivators will not bother reasoning with us.”

“That’s true!” As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she calmed down. She knew that there was no justice in the Eastern Ocean. As long as SongZhong and Mu ZiRong meets with an accident within their team, the fault will lie with them whether or not they have anything got to do with it. At that time, even wanting to die a quick death would be just a dream.

“But, elder sister do not need to be too anxious. Everything that happens has its good and bad. Now that the both of them joined us, the strength of our team is greatly increased. You can even choose a slightly difficult mission this time. No matter what, the rewards from the mission will only be increased!” Old Poison laughed, “As for the other matters, it is best to take things slow! But rest assured, no matter what happens, I will be your ally!”

“En, you are indeed the most reliable!” The Naked Skinning Witch patted Old Poison’s shoulders in satisfaction and got up, “Forget it, I will just bear with them for now. In any case, it isn’t a bad idea to make use of them to help us complete our mission!” As she said that, she flew away without looking back.

After the Naked Skinning Witch left, Old Poison twiddled with his beard and mumbled to himself with a cunning smile, “Ai yah yah, it seems that elder sister will not be able to keep her position for long! This darn fatty comes here with malicious intents; not only is he strong, he has the support of the Mystical Sky Yard. I’m afraid this team will be controlled by him sooner or later. Although elder sister is strong, she is just not smart enough. That brain of hers is probably rendered useless by all of her desires! At such a time, she is not even thinking of handing over her position but still thinking of using them? This is really a big joke. This cannot do, I cannot be dragged down by elder sister like that. This darn fatty is definitely a petty person. If I associate with with elder sister too much, I would definitely be loathed by him and eventually die an unknown death. Haiz, for my own life, I will have to betray you this once, elder sister!”

As he said that, Old Poison sealed up his yard and stealthily went up the mountain. After a few minutes, he became SongZhong’s guests while reveling on the delicacies that Mu ZiRong offered him. Old Poison described what the Naked Skinning Witch said to Little Fatty in details. At the same time, he professed his loyalty to SongZhong, stating that he was willing to do anything for him.

SongZhong naturally knew that Old Poison was someone unreliable who only sides with the powerful. Today, he is able to betray the Naked Skinning Witch. Tomorrow, he will definitely be able to betray SongZhong as well. With regards to such a person, Little Fatty disdained him from the bottom of his heart.

But, it was after all the first time SongZhong arrived here and he isn’t very familiar with the team members. Now that he has a traitor who wants to support him, it would be extremely helpful for his understanding of the team. With the help of Old Poison, SongZhong will be able to easily find out information of all the team members and the history of the team including the dangers they faced before and etc. All of these information would be extremely useful for Little Fatty to lead to team in future.

The reason why SongZhong is so courteous to Old Poison was not only because he wanted information from him. SongZhong also wanted to place a spy beside the Naked Skinning Witch to ensure that she does not do anything crazy.

Old Poison left after spending 2 hours at SongZhong’s place. When he left the mountain, he was already SongZhong’s spy on the Naked Skinning Witch.

After Old Poison left, SongZhong could not help but snicker, “Naked Skinning Witch you slut, you are indeed not going to be honest.”

“Should I go and kill her?” Mu’er who was in control of Mu ZiRong’s body asked, “I will definitely torture her to death!”

“No, no!” SongZhong shook his head and said, “It is only the first day here and it is enough for me to kill a single person. If I kill someone else, everyone would be extremely cautious and it would not be good for our team dynamics in future!”

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