Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 216: Ingenious Split

Chapter 216: Ingenious Split

“Afraid that we’ll be scared by this bunch of corpse? Then I’ll really have to thank you for that!” SongZhong sneered.

“No no, I am afraid that you guys will be injured by the fleeing demonic beasts remnants!” The Naked Skinning Witch hurriedly defended herself.

“Very good! If that’s the case, go, scout, the surroundings. You can leave this place as it is!” As SongZhong said that, he waved his hands impatiently as though he was swatting a fly.

As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, her expression changed. For SongZhong to do that, it was as good as taking away her rights to the spoils of war. After getting rid of these demonic beasts with so much effort, why does she not have the rights to the spoils of war? SongZhong and the rest barely put in any effort, and yet they could lay claim to most of the spoils. How would she not be angry?

Thus, the Naked Skinning Witch could not help but argue, “Sir, don’t you think you are too much? No matter what, they were all slaughtered by me. By what virtue do you lay claim to all the spoils of war yourself?”

“Hmph! You’re just a thief who cries thief!” SongZhong said with disdain, “You still have the cheek to accuse us of taking all the spoils of war? If we did not reach here in time, won’t everything here be taken by you?”

“This~” The Naked Skinning Witch quickly reacted and defended herself, “Ai yah yah, what are you talking about? Didn’t I just take some inner cores? All of these can be easily accounted for. I was just holding on to it temporarily. You are doubting that I will split it evenly with you guys?”

“Hmph!” As SongZhong heard that, he immediately retorted, “The inner core can be counted, but what about the herbs?” As he said that, he stared at the surface where the Naked Skinning Witch sowed the herbs from.

Everyone also followed SongZhong’s gaze and they quickly realised that something was out of the ordinary. Despite there not being any elixirs, the ground there is extremely fresh. It was obvious that something must have been taken away from there. In that instant, everyone came to a realisation that the Naked Skinning Witch had already reaped big profits.

Seeing how her plan was seen through by SongZhong, she was afraid that SongZhong would demand the herbs from her. “Ai yah yah, today’s weather is really good. You guys take your time. I’ll just patrol around to make sure that there isn’t any demonic beasts which escaped.” As she said that, she did not give the rest a chance to say anything and flew away. The way she flew away, was just like a guilty thief.

Seeing this scene, everyone was infuriated and there was nothing that they could do. From the get go, SongZhong only intended to incite hatred towards the Naked Skinning Witch. Thus, he only exposed the matter but did not settle the issue. Anyway, those things were inconsequential in his eyes. If those items could be used to exchange for the hatred towards the Naked Skinning Witch, it is also worth it to him.

Seeing the Naked Skinning Witch leave, everyone began to clean up the place. SiYun and SiYu were in charge of finding the herbs and precious materials. While Stone, Old Poison and Mu ZiRong were in charge of cleaning up the demonic beasts.

Usually, the body of a demonic beast would be taken care off completely. Including the skin, tendons, inner core, bone marrow and other useful parts. All of these would be able to be sold for a good price. Of course, the most valuable thing is still the inner core. Especially a demonic beast like the volcanic beast with no special traits, the inner core is tantamount to at least two-thirds of the whole demonic beast’s worth.

To handle the entirety of the demonic beast’s corpse would definitely yield the greatest value. But, it was also extremely troublesome. Given Stone’s and Old Poison’s accustomed practices, to fully handle a large volcanic beast’s corpse necessitates at least an hour. To handle more than a hundred of them, who knows when they’ll finally be done.

As such, SongZhong suggested to only retrieve the inner core of the volcanic beast. The inner cores, herbs and precious materials will be split evenly amongst everyone else, and he will not take a single bit. He only wanted all of the volcanic beasts corpses.

After hearing SongZhong’s suggestion, everyone could not help but be startled. It was not because of SongZhong’s greed but it was the exact opposite; SongZhong was too generous. You have to know, if the spoils of war were to be split like that, SongZhong would only get the low quality things. The high quality inner cores, herbs and materials would have nothing to do with him. If they were to calculate the value of these items, he would definitely suffer a big loss. After all, the herbs and materials on the volcanic island were extremely valuable, not much less than the value of the volcanic beasts.

It was obvious he would suffer a loss from this, so why would he still suggest it? Everyone was all extremely puzzled and the sisters duo even asked him why. But, SongZhong only replied with a smile and gave no explanation.

As such, everyone thought that SongZhong was a humble gentleman who did not like to pursue materialistic items. Thus, he let them have the biggest cut. For this, they all sincerely thanked him. Some of them were even touched by this gesture.

Seeing this scene, SongZhong did not know whether to laugh or cry. In actual fact, the only reason why he wanted the corpse of the demonic beast was not because he was generous; it was because his Natal Artifact required these corpses.

Ever since he left the Mystical Sky Yard and arrived at the Eastern Ocean, SongZhong could no longer go to the Sky Ravine to collect trash. If all of the items in his Natal Artifact has decomposed and there was nothing else, his Natal Artifact will no longer have the continuous supply of dense five elements spiritual Qi. As such, the Five Elements Lightning Congregating Tower which he spent all his wealth on will be nothing more than decoration. His five elements pure water will no longer be in production. The five elements lotus will also wither in his Natal Artifact. If that’s the case, the impact to SongZhong would definitely be disastrous.

Thankfully, not only can SongZhong’s Natal Artifact disassemble magical tools and magical artifacts, it is also able to decompose corpses. The one thing that there is no lack of in the Eastern Ocean are the corpses of demonic beasts. Just this mission alone, SongZhong obtained more than a hundred volcanic beast corpse. A 4th-grade demonic beast had the strength of a foundational cultivator. If he were to disassemble them, they would definitely release a large amount of spiritual Qi.

Of course, although the bulk of the spiritual Qi will be of the Fire element, there will still be other elements mixed within it. But, all of these wouldn’t matter. The most amazing part about SongZhong’s Natal artifact is the ability to condense all excess spiritual Qi into spiritual stones, to ensure a balance between the five elements. Thus, SongZhong was not worried about that in the slightest and would only have to bury the corpses inside the black soil.

With a shocked expression on everyone’s face, SongZhong easily kept all the corpses of the volcanic beasts. That was a whole 100 gigantic volcanic beast! It can form a small hill if it were to be piled up. Just how big of a dimensional storage item is required in order to fit all of the corpses in? Everyone was flabbergasted at the enormous dimensional volume of SongZhong’s dimensional storage ring.

In fact, what they did not know was that SongZhong did not keep their corpses in his dimensional storage ring but directly into his Natal Artifact. Furthermore, the other eight demonic witches in his Natal Artifact also got to work immediately to bury them inside the black soil. Very quickly, a large amount of pure spiritual Qi was produced, making Little Fatty extremely satisfied.

Although Little Fatty’s actions saved them a lot of time, they were in no rush to return. Instead, they began to comb the surrounding islands for things of value. Because this place had not been visited by humans for a large amount of time, there may be hidden treasures in this place. Since it took them so much effort to get here, they decided to leverage on this trip. In the end, everyone got to work and managed to find plenty of good items. Especially SiYun and SiYu, who managed to find a reishi mushroom of almost two thousand years old.

The Naked Skinning Witch’s eyes turned red from jealously as she saw that and demanded that it should be sold and split evenly amongst everyone. Old Poison would naturally agree as well, but they were all admonished by SongZhong. Stone also expressed his support for SiYu and SiYun. Thus, the pair of sisters successfully kept that reishi mushroom to themselves.

SiYu and SiYun were naturally extremely grateful to SongZhong to the point they became a little incoherent from excitement. Seeing that, SongZhong could not help but tease them, “If you really want to thank me, why not you let me see your true faces?”

The moment SongZhong said that, SiYun and SiYu played fools and insisted that that were their true appearances. Then they giggled and ran away, making SongZhong extremely depressed.

In the blink of an eye, the day passed and dusk came. Although they did not fight much today, they were still exhausted from running around the whole day. Furthermore, the Eastern Ocean was not safe in the night and many nocturnal demonic beasts enjoyed roaming around in the dark. As such, everyone decided to stay there for the night. Since the volcanic beasts were all annihilated already, this place could still be considered to be pretty safe.

In the night, SongZhong and gang gathered around the lava lake, enjoying wine while chatting. Although the Naked Skinning Witch seemed to have suffered a big loss, she was the one who earned the most from this trip. That large patch of high-grade herbs was reaped solely by her, and those herbs were much more valuable than the demonic beasts. Thus, her mood was also pretty good as she joined everyone with laughter, as though she completely forgot about the matters which happened today. Well, she was the only one who knows what she was truly thinking.

The next morning, everyone got up the moment the sun rose. After washing up, SongZhong took out his black boat again. Everyone knew that they should not stay here for long and thus, they left before even having breakfast.

However, just when SongZhong took out his black boat, the sounds of birds chirping sounded from over the horizon. This sound was extremely loud and could be heard clearly despite the vast distance. Everyone then looked over to the horizon and saw a white line flying towards them. In an instant, that white line had travelled a large distance and was almost on top of them.

It turned out that the white light was a silverish white gigantic eagle with wings spanning over tens of feet wide. The body of the eagle was extremely skinny with thin blue lines all around it like lightning. As it saw everyone, it immediately changed its direction and flew in circles above them. At the same time, it cried out continuously as though it was sending out a message.

Seeing this beautiful silverish white eagle, SongZhong asked, “Haha, what is this demonic beast called? It is really beautiful!”

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