Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 21: Unexpected Explosion

Chapter 21: Unexpected Explosion

The both of them traversed in, laughing while talking. It was reminiscent of the old times when they went out to play together very often. Without noticing, they had covered a large distance already and reached the end of the cave. It was a lake of about a few hundred feet. Waves of cold air was emanating from the surface of the lake. As Little Monkey was near the lake, he shivered and couldn’t help but say “It’s freezing!”

“Really? I feel nothing!” Little Fatty shook his head then walked towards the lake. He used his spiritual sense to investigate and realised that the lake was very deep. His spiritual sense extended to a depth of dozens of meters until it’s limit, but he still did not reach the base of the lake.

“So deep, at least a few hundred feet!” Little Fatty said while reaching his hand in to investigate. Very quickly, he could not stand the cold and withdrew his hand out and said “It’s really cold, although it is not a cave’s spiritual lake but the cold air is pretty good. Right~”

Saying this, Little Fatty suddenly remembered the lightning method which he purchased yesterday. It was coincidentally the water element. According to what Little Fatty knew, in order to cultivate the water type lightning spell, it has to be at a place with water, and this place would do. Furthermore, because he bought the lighting spell in private he did not want others to know. Thus, he wanted a concealed place to cultivate. In other words, this was the best place for him to cultivate his lightning spell.

As Little Fatty was thinking about this, Little Monkey could not help but curiously ask, “Fatty bro, what did you say was right?”,

“Ah~” Only then did Little Fatty snap out of his thoughts. He then laughed and explained “I’m saying, this place is coincidentally suitable for me to cultivate a spell. This is really a blessing from the heavens! Haha!”

Little Fatty was definitely very pleased with this place. Not only because it could allow him to cultivate his lightning spell in peace. It was mainly because this place was within the Sky Ravine, and it would be more convenient for him to pick up rubbish. In this way, he would save the time taken to travel.

“Cultivate a cultivation method? At this place?” Little Monkey asked curiously “Fatty bro are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure!” Little Fatty then added “Okay okay, this matter is settled. In future I’ll stay here, since you can’t stand the cold air here, you’ll stay near the entrance. Do not return already, less we get bullied!”

“What about our meals?” Monkey asked.

“I will naturally settle it, it is a trivial matter!” Little Fatty laughed and said. After which, he then waved his hands and said “Monkey, in order to celebrate us leaving the bitter oceans, brother will treat you to some wine!”

“Wine?” As Monkey heard, he eyes immediately straightened.

“Hehe, I specially brought it for you. You were injured yesterday, so I didn’t take it out. Now that you’re alright, let’s drink to our hearts’ content~” As Little Fatty said, he pulled Monkey and walked back.

As they returned to the entrance, far away from the cold winds, Little Fatty took out the wine and food he brought back from Firmament City from his dimensional storage item. The both of them then drank happily. Being a servant, they did not have the rights to spend like this. So, as the both of them had a chance to touch wine, they immediately could not put down their wine glasses and drank successively without restraint.

Little Fatty then took off his robes and drank nakedly. While drinking and relishing the effects of liquor, Little Fatty said “Monkey, after knowing each other for over ten years, we were always the lowest existence within the Mystical Sky Yard. Normally we were subjected to other people’s bullying. Not to mention drinking, we would sometimes even have problem filling our stomachs! But now, we can finally have a new start! Those people who were high up above have now been slaughtered and ridden by me”

“What slaughtered? Ridden?” Monkey asked.

“Haha, You will know in the future!” Little Fatty laughed and said “Come, let’s continue drinking. In future we can eat meat and drink wine to our hearts’ content! Haha~!”

“Drink~” Monkey responded, but before he could lift his glass, he collapsed on the ground. Little Fatty was shocked and quickly went to check on him, realising that he fell asleep.

“Haha~” Seeing such a sight, Little Fatty could not control himself but burst out into laughter. He then found a comfortable place to settle Monkey down. He then looked at the cute sleeping Monkey and said “Little Monkey, do you know? I, Song Zhong, am no longer the darn fatty in the past. From today onwards, anyone who dares to humiliate my men, I will repay the person a hundred folds!”

Saying this, Little Fatty shook his slightly dizzy head and mummered to himself “Strange, don’t they all say I will get drunk over wine? Why after drinking a few jugs of ‘good wine’, I feel nothing? Don’t tell me the wine which the guy who sold me was actually of an inferior quality? No, I have to go and find them in future!”

With this thought in his mind, Little Fatty did not stop but walked into the cave again and found a place to sit down. He then took out his lightning jade strip and began to research it silently.

After a few hours, Little Fatty then retracted his spiritual sense, then looked at the lightning jade strip in his hands and was filled with surprise and joy. He was shocked that the lightning spell was no doubt the strongest spell, it’s prowess was powerful beyond compare. It is a pity that the cultivation process was too complicated. Just the complex hand imprints and prohibitions numbered more than a few hundreds. Just by being slightly distracted, the divine lightning would explode in one’s hands, which could result in death.

The joy was because the lightning spell recorded in the jade strip was one of the rarest water type negative lightning.

Lightning spells, had many permutations, and had countless kinds, of at least a few thousand. But it could generally be divided into negative and positive spells. Positive lightning refers to a spell which causes a big commotion when casted, and it was a spell for a hard on approach. Negative lightning was the opposite. It makes little commotion when released, even without a trace. Only until it comes into contact to the other party would it explode, alarming the opponent.

But for the strength of the spell, it was naturally the positive lightning which was stronger. But the negative lightning triumphs in the fact that it can be used for an ambush. Comparatively, the cunning Little Fatty prefered the latter.

Water negative lightning, was the lowest grade water elemental lightning spell. As long as one had a strong spiritual sense, and was a water type cultivator, one could cultivate it.

Little Fatty’s spiritual sense was reconstructed by the bronze bell, and became very strong. Although it could not be compared to a foundational stage cultivator, but it could be compared to a cultivator at the 10th level of the XianTian stage. This requirement was something which he did not have a problem with. But being a water cultivator, this made Little Fatty very frustrated. His primal chaos formula had all five elements. Was that considered meeting the requirements? He also was not clear himself.

Since he was not clear, he could only try. With such a thought, Little Fatty came to the side of the lake and followed the meditation requirements on the jade strip. He then began emulating the hand movements and then grabbed the empty space. A 10 feet water ball was then lifted up.

According to what was recorded on the lightning jade strip, the strength of one’s spiritual sense determines the size of the water ball. After catching the water ball, through the various water type prohibited methods, compression of the ball of water into a water pearl of the size of a dragon’s eye. This water pearl is then the lightning ball. When using it, it just need to be thrown out, it would then explode, displaying it’s shocking prowess.

The bigger the water ball caught, the stronger the lightning ball refined would be. According to the lightning jade strip, the negative water lightning was of a lower grade, but it did not have a limit to it’s prowess. This is because the size of the water ball can be infinitely big. Recorded on the jade strip, JinDan stage experts could even make a water ball of a few thousand feet into a lightning ball. When it was thrown out, it would have an earth shaking impact. During a fight, one could throw it all out at once, even a opponent of a higher stage would have a headache.

Although Little Fatty could only make a water ball of only about 10 feet, but for a person at his level, this prowess could be said to be very frightening.

Thinking about the majestic atmosphere he would have killing everyone around, Little Fatty immediately gained his motivation. He began performing the hand movements continuously, and attempted to refine a lightning pearl. But, if a lightning spell of such a prowess could be so casually learnt, then it would be a common item.

Despite Little Fatty’s intelligence and having committed the hand movements of the spell to his memory, his hands were still unaccustomed to the movements. Shrinking the water ball by a third of its size was his limit. One hand movement was wrong due to carelessness. He then immediately felt that the water spiritual Qi within the water ball which was originally quiet was now unstable. It then began rushing about uncontrollably. Little Fatty’s spiritual sense was not strong enough to control such commotion. In the end, the water ball which was compressed with great effort exploded with a ‘BANG’ sound.

Because of the sudden occurrence of the explosion, from the time he made a mistake to the explosion was in an instant, Little Fatty did not have the chance to defend himself. He was immediately sent flying by the explosion. The great explosion impact spreaded through the whole cave, splitting the waters in the lake.

Little Monkey, who was sleeping near the entrance of the cave also heard the explosion and was shocked awake by it. He immediately ran inside, and the first thing he saw was the water droplets all over the atmosphere, and was misty all over. After finding his way in with great difficulty he then tried shouting “Fatty bro, Fatty bro, where are you?”

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