Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 20: Cave Investigation

Chapter 20: Cave Investigation

Han Lin Feng was stunned by these words and was skeptical towards the help offered. But, she very quickly understood why. He obviously wanted to utilise this opportunity to siphon some of the little fatty’s possessions. After all, the fact that Little Fatty used the teleportation portal was already known by many people. This guy wanted to see if he could find anything which Little Fatty left behind. Even if it was the remains left by the 3 of them, it would still let this outer court disciple enjoy plenty of benefits.

Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng could not help but to hold this guy in contempt. However, Han Ling Feng beared with it, and smiled warmly at him and said “Many thanks to you!”

Upon seeing the beauty’s smile, that guy was mesmerised by it and replied in a daze “No worries.”

“Ah ah, the matter today is a secret, you must not let anybody know about this!” Han Ling Feng then asked “The fact that you sneaked out, are you sure nobody would notice?”

“Of course!” That guy quickly said “Rest assured senior aunt, I came out pretending that I had a tummy ache. The people who I share a room with are all exhausted from the day’s work and have all gone to sleep. Nobody will find out for sure!”

“That’s good!” As Han Ling Feng heard this, she was immediately relieved. She then stretched out her jade hands, and her flying sword appeared in a flash out of nowhere in front of her.

Seeing Han Ling Feng take out her flying sword all of a sudden, the guy thought that she wanted to fly away on her sword. So he was not afraid, but instead smiled apologetically and said “Senior aunt is leaving? Disciple sends~”

Han Ling Feng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, seeing him so ignorant about his death. She helplessly shook her head and said “Don’t blame me for being heartless, I do not have a choice also!”

“En?” As that guy heard that, he immediately realised something was amiss. His face slightly changed and wanted to inquire something. But Han Ling Feng would deprive him such opportunity. With a flash of cold light, a sharp sword Qi instantly slashed him.

A spark flickered, and the corpse incinerated to ashes. Han Ling Feng then released a light gust of wind and blew the ashes away. She then frowned and mummered “Strange, it burnt too fast. As though the strength of the spell increased by over 10%. Why is this so? No, I better return and conduct a self-examination before I’ll know.”

With enquiries, Han Ling Feng quickly lifted herself up, then started flying on her sword. In just a while, she flew back to her living quarters.

After an hour, Han Ling Feng who was meditating on her bed slowly opened her eyes. With amazement, she said to herself “Although the Qi in my body decreased, but the impurities have been removed. It’s purity is very much higher now. It is probably equivalent to a few days worth of effort?”

When a cultivator cultivates, although he would mainly absorb spiritual Qi of compatible elements, one would inevitably absorb some impurities. For example Han Ling Feng was a dual cultivator of fire and water. The main spiritual Qi which she would absorb would be of the fire and water element. But during cultivation, there will still be earth, metal and wood spiritual Qi being mixed within. These spiritual Qi are detrimental to Han Ling Feng, with no iota of benefits. The 5 elements are all naturally opposing forces, their presence would prevent the main 2 elements from exhibiting its full prowess. In order to get rid of them, a cultivator has to spend lots of time to condense his Qi. Especially during advancement, the purity of the Qi correlates to chances of success. Thus, these impurities is something which all cultivators have to face.

As Han Ling Feng began meditating, she was surprised to find out that her Qi was much purer than before. With most of the impurities being removed.

Actually, the reason why such a phenomenon would happen is because of the Primal Chaos Formula which Little Fatty cultivates was very unique. It is able to convert the Qi of the 5 elements into a pure primal spiritual Qi. The prerequisite is that there must be sufficient amount of all 5 elements before being able to convert it. In other words, a portion each of all 5 elements would convert into a portion of primal spiritual Qi. If the amount was not enough, there was no way to convert it. So, when Han Ling Feng and Little Fatty was consummating, the impurities within her was absorbed by Little Fatty.

Thus, Little Fatty’s primal spiritual Qi was increased by a bit, and Han Ling Feng’s total Qi decreased. But because the impurities were converted into primal spiritual Qi, she received a blessing from a disaster. The increased purity in Han Ling Feng’s Qi would cause the strength of her spell to increase, and when she cultivates in future, it would only require half the effort. This is because, the purer one’s Qi, the easier it is to cultivate. It would also reduce the amount of time spent condensing one’s Qi, it can be said that many things were gained with a single action.

Although Han Ling Feng did not know why this would happen, but she could not help but guess that the reason was because of Little Fatty. This is because the only special thing which she did today was copulating with Little Fatty. Apart from this, she could not think of anything would could result in such an effect.

Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng could not help but be overwhelmed by emotions. Being a cultivator, there was nothing more important than cultivating to her. If making love with that darn fatty would give her such benefits, she was likely to not mind in her heart. Although that Fatty was lecherous, and it was a grievance to herself, but every one time would save her dozens of days of meditating. How much would her cultivation speed increase this way? You have to know, cultivating is a race against time. As long as she could advance speedily, what could that grievance be amounted to.

After Han Ling Feng left, Little Fatty had a beautiful sleep. He could dream of the fragrance of a beauty in his dreams, and it made him very comfortable.

The next day after Little Fatty woke up and washed up, he went to the cave to see Little Monkey. Monkey’s injury was a lot better already, after all, all the elixirs which Little Fatty gave him was of a high grade, it was normal for the effects to manifest very quickly.

Seeing Little Fatty walk in, Monkey quickly walked out to receive him and hurriedly asked “Fatty bro, are you alright? How is it outside?”

“Ah ah, everything is settled already, there will no longer be anyone finding trouble with us anymore!” Little Fatty casually said.

“Ah, it’s all settled? How did you settle it?” Monkey quickly asked with shock. According to his knowledge, Wang Zhong was not a virtuous person, especially since he suffered such a big loss this time, his cousin was crippled by Little Fatty. How could he let Little Fatty off lightly?

Little Fatty did not want to reveal all his secrets to Monkey. After all, some things needed to be kept a secret forever. So, he just smiled slightly and said “Okay, anyway everything is okay already, you need not ask anymore. Anyway everything is settled!”

Little Fatty saw that Monkey still wanted to ask, so without waiting for him to speak, he changed the topic and said “Right, how is your injury?”

“Ah~” hearing Little Fatty being concerned with him, he immediately excitedly said “I’m a lot better! All thanks to Fatty bro medicine. Right, that medicine cost a lot right?”

“You do not need to care about this, you also do not need to be a servant in future. Just stay here and focus on cultivating!” Fatty said “I will provide you will the elixirs for cultivation. With your talent, I assure you that you will enter the XianTian stage in a year or two!”

“Ah~, this~” As Monkey heard that Little Fatty wanted to provide him with so much elixirs, he was stunned. He was immediately moved to tears and did not know what to say.

“Alright, if you take me as a brother, don’t stand on ceremony!” Little Fatty then took out a bottle of elixirs specially bought for Monkey and a secret manual made of paper and said “This is a wood element cultivation method which I bought specially for you. Make good use of it and don’t disappoint me!”

“En!” Monkey wiped his tears and received the item.

Little Fatty smiled slightly and then looked towards the depths of the cave and asked curiously “I also don’t know if there is anything inside there”

“Who knows? Anyway there is always a chilly air emanating from there. If not for the fact that my body was considered fit, I would have froze to death already!” Monkey said.

“It’s like this? Let me go in to take a look, you stay here and cultivate!” Little Fatty smiled and said.

“I’ll accompany you!” Monkey replied resolutely.

“Ah ah, also good, let’s go. We have not explored together for a long time already!” Little Fatty laugh and said. As he said that, he pulled Monkey and walked towards the depths of the cave.

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