Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 19: Best Target to Bully

Chapter 19: Best Target to Bully

Little Fatty absorbed the spirit thread into his stomach, then used his spiritual sense to ensure that there was nothing wrong. Only then was he relieved. After excitedly rubbing his crotch for a while, did he reluctantly climbed up. “Senior sister, now that we have close ties, you can rest assured, I will not threaten you to do anything. In front of others, you can pretend that you do not know me, or even despise me. All in all, just be yourself.”

The reason why Little Fatty did this was because he was afraid of forcing her to the edge. Where she would report this matter, risking the fact that she may die together with him.

“Really? Why would you do this?” Han Ling Feng couldn’t help but asked.

“Because I do not want to reveal my abilities. Senior sister, please help me keep the fact that I have a magical tool in my hands a secret!” Little Fatty replied.

“Don’t worry, I will not spread it!” Han Ling Feng nodded her head as she began to get dressed, bearing the pain.

“That’s good!” Little Fatty then smiled slightly and said “Senior sister offered your body today, making junior brother really touched. In order to commemorate the meaningful first time between us, I am intending to give the items of those two outside to you. I hope senior sister will accept it!”

“What? You’re going to give their stuff to me?” Hearing this, she immediately exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, is there any problem?” Little Fatty replied with a giggle.

“Don’t tell me you’re joking?” She replied in disbelief “Although Wang Zhong and Zhang senior brother are not considered very rich, but they still have their own respective savings. Especially Zhang senior brother, after being a outer court disciple for over 20 years, he has garnered many valuable items. Just that 3rd grade magical tool is worth over 10,000 spiritual stones. You’re willing to give it to me?”

“Ah ah, of course. In my eyes, all those are just trash!” Little Fatty curled his lips and said.

“Ah~” Han Ling Feng couldn’t help but took in a breath of cold air and said “No wonder you can casually take out that many talismans worth about a hundred spiritual stones. It seems that the inheritance your parents left for you must be a lot?”

As Little Fatty heard this, he was first slightly stunned. He then quickly understood that Han Ling Feng misunderstood the source of his wealth. To him, this is definitely a beautiful misunderstanding. So, Little Fatty did not bother explaining, but he only smiled slightly and then acted unfathomable and said “Senior sister, there are some things that shouldn’t be said!”

As Han Ling Feng heard this, she took it that Little Fatty acknowledged what she said and replied “Okay, I understand! Since this is the case, then can I really accept all these things?”

“Of course, giving it to you is for you to keep it!” Little Fatty then continued “Of course, if you would settle the two trouble over there while you’re at it, that would be the best!”

Han Ling Feng was first stunned, then she began to understand. This was Little Fatty giving her a crime to her name! Thinking about the unlucky plight she was in currently, it was all because of the 10 spiritual stones of reward from Wang Zhong. An unknown flame of rage ignited in her heart. But since her life and death can be arbitrarily decided by Little Fatty, she did not dare to say anything. But instead straightforwardly said “Leave it all to me, but what about my spiritual Qi?”

“Ah ah, senior sister, this is the antidote!” Little Fatty calmly took out a pill and gave it to her.

Han Ling Feng did not know if Little Fatty would have a hidden agenda. But after all, her life and death was in his hands, he did not have a need to use such a method to fool her. Thus, Han Ling Feng ate the pill with relieve. Very quickly, she felt the missing spiritual Qi beginning to return. In just a while, she regained her battle prowess.

After recovering, Han Ling Feng did not say anything else but walked out of the wooden hut directly. She stretched her hands towards her flying sword, and it flew into her hands, she then began walking towards Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong had already began regaining consciousness. The current him had been roasted in and out by the lighting on the lightning wind sword, resulting in the aroma of barbequed meat in the air. As he opened his eyes, he saw Han Ling Feng. He bore the pain and began pleading “Junior sister, save me!”

However, Han Ling Feng, with sorrow and anger replied “You were the one who caused me to be so miserable, and you still have the cheek to ask me to save you? If not for you, I as a princess, by a lecherous fatty was…~”

The words towards the end, she naturally did not dare to say it out loud. But saying up to here, Han Ling Feng was already shedding tears of anger. She couldn’t contain her rage any longer and raised her flying sword and fiercely pierced downwards.

“Junior sister~” Wang Zhong only had the chance to shout that before dying on the spot.

After killing Wang Zhong, she began walking towards cultivator Zhang. He also regained consciousness, and witnessed the end of Wang Zhong. He quickly said “Junior sister, junior sister, I was not the cause of your misery. I’m the same as you, also a victim?”

“Maybe, but that does not matter anymore. For my future, senior brother, little sister can only disappoint you!” With a swing of the sword, she chopped off cultivator Zhang’s head in a swift motion.

After destroying the bodies, Han Ling Feng turned and looked towards Little Fatty who was watching from the door and said “Junior brother, if there is nothing else, I will be leaving!”

“Senior sister take care!” Little Fatty said while waving his hands and laughing.

Han Ling Feng originally thought that he would have taken back some items or state an unreasonable request to take advantage of her. But she did not expect that he would let her go so easily. She could only leave on her flying sword with a heart full of doubts.

“Ah~” As Little Fatty sent Han Ling Feng off, he stretched his body and began circulating the Primal Spiritual Qi. He immediately felt the spiritual Qi within his body rumbling, and the density of it was very much denser than it was yesterday. He probably ascended to the 2nd level of the XianTian stage. Little Fatty who realised this was shocked. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows “Strange, I did not cultivate the whole night. Why did my cultivation increase by so much? Don’t tell me doing it with senior sister can help improve my cultivation?”

Needless to say, as Han Ling Feng left on her flying sword, they feeling of grievance and frustration was in her heart. Her chastity which had been kept for over ten years, was actually destroyed by a lecherous fatty. No matter who it was, would also feel indignant. The worst part was that he still forced her to hand over her spirit thread, which was equivalent to controlling her own life and death. In future, she would have to become his slave. What can she do about this?

Just when Han Ling Feng was feeling worried, she suddenly saw a suspicious figure below. Looking carefully, she recognised that this was the outer court disciple who Wang Zhong hired to keep watch. For whatever reason, after receiving the gold, he did not go back and rest, but instead he remained hidden here.

Seeing this person, Han Ling Feng was immediately startled. She immediately realised that she almost made a grave mistake. If she allowed him to leave, then there would be endless troubles in future. After all, he personally saw the three of them coming to ambush Little Fatty. At this moment, she was the only one who left while Little Fatty was still unharmed. If this person were to spread what happened today out, people would be able to deduce that Wang Zhong and cultivator Zhang died in Little Fatty’s and her hands.

Thinking about the hidden dangers of this affair, Han Ling Feng could not help but break out in cold sweat. Afterall, it is the life of two outer court disciples. If the matter was found out, there was a 80% chance that her cultivation would be crippled. This was not what Han Ling Feng wanted.

Thinking about the great dangers of this matter, Han Ling Feng quickly pointed her sword downwards and landed beside him.

The outer court disciple did not know that trouble had arrived. As he say Han Ling Feng, he immediately smiled apologetically and said “I pay my respects to Han senior aunt~”

“En!” Han Ling Feng nodded then frowned and asked “It’s so late already, what are you doing here instead of resting?”

“Hehe, senior aunt, actually, I would like to help you settle the remains of that fatty. Some things which aren’t convenient for you to do so, are actually my specialty.” That guy replied with an obsequious smile.

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