Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 18: A Night of Romance

Chapter 18: A Night of Romance

Han Ling Feng felt that her spiritual energy all over her body rapidly diminished, and her limbs became limp and weak. In just a few breaths, she did not even have the energy to truss a chicken.

“Ah, why did this happen? Where did my spiritual energy go? Where is my strength? Why did it all vanish?” Han Ling Feng asked in shock.

“Enough with the fuss!” Little Fatty laughed and said, “It is temporarily sealed. What I fed you was an Energy Dissolving Pill, it is worth 10 spiritual stones! Bought it specially for you! How is it, are you satisfied with the effects?”

As Han Ling Feng heard this, her face immediately changed to one with panic, she immediately asked nervously: “You, you, why did you seal my energy for?”

“Because, I want to calculate all our grievances over the years!” As Little Fatty said this, he carried Han Ling Feng onto his shoulders and walked towards the wooden hut.

“Ah~” as Han Ling Feng was placed on the bed, she shouted with shock and said as she trembled, “Song senior brother, in the past I was unreasonable. I know my mistakes now, on the account that we’re from the same sect, can you not put me in a spot?”

“Okay!” Little Fatty immediately said with a grin.

“Ah, really?” As Han Ling Feng heard she asked in surprise.

“Of course it’s real. How could I bear to put you in a spot? I don’t even have enough time to dote on you!” Little Fatty then fiercely said “Senior sister, little brother will let you have a taste of my sufferings!”

“Ah~” as Han Ling Feng heard that she shrieked in shock.

As Little Fatty saw that, not only was he not shocked, but he said with a lecherous smile “Senior sister, your scream is really nice, but do you really think that you will be able to get people here by screaming?”

“Why not?” Han Ling Feng said exasperatedly “Don’t force me, my voice is really loud. If I scream at the top of my lungs, everyone in the surrounding mile would be able to hear me. If another senior brother comes and see that you are humiliating your fellow sect mate in such a manner, you would be punished by the Enforcement Hall!”

“Haha!” Little Fatty immediately laughed till he was rocking back and forth.

“What are you laughing at? Sect rules strictly forbids sexual crimes. If the Enforcement Hall finds out, you’ll be dead for sure!” Han Ling Feng hurriedly added on “If you let go of me now, I can pretend that nothing has happened!”

“Haha!” Little Fatty laughed and said “Senior sister, you’re really funny! Even if I admit that your voice is very loud, but my house is surrounded by a restriction spell. Even if you scream till your throat is sore, the sound would not travel out. Besides, I have already crippled two senior brothers, which is already against the sect rules. Would I still be concerned with one more crime?”

Only now did Han Ling Feng remember about the restriction spell which they set up. Her face immediately turned deathly grey. This is reaping what one has sowed.

Seeing Han Ling Feng’s shocked expression, Little Fatty definitely couldn’t bear it in his heart. But as he thought about what she did to him, this feeling was immediately flushed away without a trace.

“Ha, senior sister, you shouldn’t blame me for ruining a flower. It is really that you were too much. I was already very pitiful, to the point where I had to throw rubbish for people. But you had to use water to drench me, fire to burn me. Forcing me to run naked in the winter, becoming the joke amongst the servants. That was only for your joy’s sake.” Little Fatty then said with rage “Today, just for a mere 10 spiritual stones, you wanted to kill me. If not for the fact that I came prepared, I’m afraid I would not be left with even a corpse. Since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being unrighteous. What you owe me, you would have to return me!”

What happened after, everyone should know without saying. Little Fatty who endured a decade of grievance, never felt so good before. After keeping it in the rage for a decade and letting it out all in one shot, that exhilaration of revenge was mingled with a feeling of dominance. All these feelings rushing towards him, made him feel as though he was going to fly.

After completing the deed, Little Fatty who was feeling good all over smiled and said: “Senior sister, did you feel good?”

After being tormented by Little Fatty, Han Ling Feng’s mind completely blanked out. After hearing what Little Fatty despicably said, she actually did not know what to reply at all.

Seeing Han Ling Feng remain silent, Little Fatty immediately acted angrily and said: “It seems that senior sister did not feel good! Then I would have to continue working harder!”

Han Ling Feng could not tolerate this anymore and could only plead, “Song junior brother, you have already taken your revenge. Please spare me!”

“Hehe, I have the heart to let you go, but I cannot!” Little Fatty acted and said “I crippled two senior brothers in a row today. If you reported this when you leave, hehe, according to the sect rules, my spirit would be burnt! So, senior sister, I can only let you down~”

As Han Ling Feng heard this, she became shocked till she turned completely white. She immediately pleaded and said, “I won’t junior brother, I swear I will not betray you!”

“What use it is to swear?” Little Fatty asked in disdain.

“I will swear the Devil’s Oath. If I go against it, I will never ascend in my life!” Han Ling Feng hurriedly replied.

“That won’t do, I don’t believe in these kind of mystics!” Little Fatty said calmly.

“Then what do you want in order to let me go?” Han Ling Feng could only ask.

“It is actually very simple, I only need you to hand me a thread of your spirit!” Little Fatty replied calmly.

“What? You want my spirit thread? Then won’t my life and death be in your hands?” Han Ling Feng became shocked and asked.

The spirit was the essence of a person and could not be harmed in the slightest. So, being in possession of one’s spiritual thread was as good as being able to control one’s life and death. If Han Ling Feng were to hand over her spiritual thread, she would completely become Little Fatty’s slave in future. If he wanted her to live, she would live; likewise, if he wanted her to die, she could not do anything but die. It was no wonder then, why she was so shocked when she heard his request.

A pity, no matter how much of a shock Han Ling Feng was in, Little Fatty would not let her go easily. This is because this concerned something grave. If the news was leaked out, Little Fatty would have to die without a place to be buried. So, he could only harden his heart and say, “Senior sister, it is not that I am ruthless, but it is because this matter cannot be revealed. If you do not take your life as assurance, I would not let you go no matter what!”

“You, you already took away my chastity, why do you still want~” Han Ling Feng asked pitifully.

“These are separate matters!” said Little Fatty. “If not for the fact that we have this layer of relationship, I could not be bothered to even talk to you. You would have been like the two half dead people outside. Although my methods are a bit ruthless, but I also do not have a choice. You only have yourself to blame. After all, it was all of you who came to find me and I was only retaliating! That’s enough, time is now tight, and I still have to take care of the corpse. I do not have the energy to talk to you. I’ll only ask you one thing, do you want to live or die!”

To live or to die. There exists a saying, ‘Throughout the ages, the most challenging problem was death’. At the face of life and death, even as the princess of a royal family, she did not have the courage to take that step. Facing the resolute expression on Little Fatty’s face, she knew that no matter how she pleaded, it was useless. If she did not hand over her spirit thread, this person, who had already crippled two of her senior brothers, would not let her go. Without a choice, she could only comply.

Although her spiritual Qi was completely diminished, but Han Ling Feng who still had her spiritual sense could still control it. She took out a thread of her spirit, and it transformed into a unique ball of light and floated gently towards Little Fatty.

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