Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 22: Negative Lightning Prowess

Chapter 22: Negative Lightning Prowess

“Argh, I’m here~” Little Fatty groaned weakly.

“Ah, Fatty bro, Fatty bro~” Little Monkey began to search in the direction of the voice. He quickly found a Little Fatty who was battered and exhausted.

Little Fatty was lying down on the floor like a dead pig, and the clothes on his body were all tattered. His drenched body was smeared with mud. However, the most shocking thing was that he did not have any injury, be it a scratch or bruise, nothing at all.

Only after Little Monkey finished inspecting him, was he relieved. He then smiled and said “Fatty bro, stop acting. Hurry and get up, you do not have any injury at all. Right, how did this happen?”

Saying this, Little Monkey suddenly noticed the wall behind Little Fatty and was shocked.

“No injury?” Little Fatty was first stunned, he then said “It can’t be, I was already blown away?” He could still remember the scenario at that moment. The large shockwave sent him crashing heavily onto the wall and he almost fainted. With such a large impact, how could he be fine?

As Little Fatty was talking, he noticed that Little Monkey had a strange expression. He was staring intently at the wall directly behind him. He then asked in doubt “Monkey, what are you looking at?

While he was talking, he also turned and look. He was stunned as well.

The wall behind Little Fatty had a distinct human shaped indent. The way it looks, obviously someone had been in that indent. The shape and size of it was exactly the same of Little Fatty’s back. At the same time, there were some distinct cracks below the indent as well, all the way to Little Fatty’s back.

Anyone who witnessed such a scene could easily tell what transpired. Little Fatty was sent flying, and slammed onto the wall before slowly landing onto the floor.

From the half foot deep indent and spiderweb cracks on the wall, the impact is undeniably very heavy. But the problem is, he did not seem to have any injury at all.

Such a strange situation left Monkey stunned. Even Little Fatty himself was also a little shocked. He thought to himself ‘Is this me? My back is so strong? It can almost compare to a tortoise already. Pi, What am I thinking?’

Little Fatty then regained his senses, why must he always compare himself to the animals crawling on the floor?

“Fatty bro, when did your body become so sick? This hardness, it is comparable to a bodily cultivator! Ah, don’t tell me you are cultivating a cultivation method which refines your body? You aspire to be a bodily cultivator?” Monkey began to ask in doubt.

A bodily cultivator, refers to cultivators who specifically train their body. They think that refining their body is better than any artifacts. Through various tough training and other methods to increase their hardness, these cultivators are said to have bodies as strong as artifacts and flying swords. Only after they become this sick, will it result in them being unhurt after creating such an impact on the wall.

In actual fact, Little Fatty did not know what kind of cultivation method the Primal Chaos Formula was. You have to know, there are too many different kinds of cultivators in the world. It can be generally classified as spells cultivator, bodily cultivator, artifact cultivators and lightning cultivators who specialises in lightning spells. There are also beastal cultivators, and the demonic gate cultivator, blood cultivator, corpse cultivator, ghost cultivator, and etc.

The Mystical Sky Yard where Little Fatty was at was considered orthodox. The sect’s strongest scroll was the Mystical Sky Records. It was said to be left by a saint, and many strong cultivation techniques are recorded on it. There are flying sword techniques, refining weapons technique, fortune telling techniques, and many various strong divine lightnings. In other words the Mystical Sky Yard can produce sword cultivators, spell cultivators, weapons cultivator, and lightning cultivator. It is just that, an important scroll such as the Mystical Sky Records would not be passed down easily. Ordinary disciples are unable to cultivate it. Only the most talented person who were lucky enough to become the disciples of the core elders can cultivate the profound techniques. Ordinary disciples can only cultivate what the other disciples collected afterwards. These techniques were also divided to 9 different grades. The quality could not be compared to the Mystical Sky Records. But it comes in large quantity and is enough to satisfy the various sect disciples.

With the many cultivation methods in the Mystical Sky Yard, there would naturally be bodily cultivation methods. Occasionally, there would also be such cultivators within the sect. Thus, after seeing Little Fatty’s feat, Little Monkey would think that he was such a cultivator.

Little Fatty originally thought that he could cultivate the water lightning, and eventually advance to become the strongest lightning cultivator with hard work. But he did not expect his body to be so scary, and he ostensibly qualify to be a bodily cultivator, resulting in him not knowing to laugh or cry.

“Ai ya ya, maybe I am?” Little Fatty laughed bitterly and said “I gained a cultivation method coincidentally, and seeing that it was not too bad, I practiced it without knowing anything. In the end, I didn’t expect it to be a tortoise divine technique. If I had knew I would not have cultivated it!”

Bodily cultivators are the toughest of all the cultivators. Although they have a stunning defence, but it is extremely tough to cultivate. They need to cultivate in the toughest of environments. It was either freezing cold or merciless summer. A lot of cultivators were forced to give up because they could not stand it.

Seeing Little Fatty’s mood drop, Little Monkey quickly added “Fatty bro, actually bodily cultivators aren’t too bad! Safety and survival percentages are high! Besides, if you cannot take it, you can always change your cultivation method!”

“Oh ya!” Little Monkey’s words reminded Little Fatty, and he said to himself. ‘Although this cultivation method can make my body very strong, but it does not mean that I have to walk the path of a bodily cultivator. From the scenario just now, I could also cultivate lightning spells. Since this is the case, why do I have to endure the bitterness? Isn’t it fine if I just cultivate my lightning spells?’

Understanding this point, Little Fatty immediately regained his energy. He immediately exclaimed “Monkey, you are right. I just do not have to cultivate my body! Now everything is fine, hurry up and continue cultivating, I also have to hurry up!”

“Ah, you’re still practicing?” Little Monkey asked with concern “Do you need me to protect you here?”

“Monkey, I was afraid that you’ll be injured by the explosion. That’s why I asked you to leave!” Little Fatty replied.

“Oh, if that’s the case, you slowly blow things up, I’m going to cultivate!” only then did Monkey understand. He then waved to Little Fatty before leaving reluctantly.

Seeing Monkey leave, Little Fatty continued cultivating the negative water lightning. Since he now know that his body is so sick, there will be no constraints while cultivating. He could boldly carry on. But very sadly, many times, just being bold isn’t enough. His experiment this time failed again. Only after shrinking his water ball by half, it exploded again.

“Cough cough cough~” Little Fatty coughed while he appeared from the mist. A body full of mud made him look very pitiful. But the more this happened, the more it spurred his fighting spirit.

“I don’t believe that I cannot settle you~” Little Fatty roared and began experimenting again.

Little Monkey who was meditating outside was unable to concentrate at all. After a while, he would hear an explosion, following which was Little Fatty’s frustrated roar. Such a scenario, was constantly happening for a period of time. In order to avoid Little Fatty’s disturbance, Monkey did not have a choice but to shift himself to the outermost edge of the cave.

Only after a day 3 months later, there was no longer roars in the cave like in the past. Instead, Little Fatty’s laughter could be heard. Finally on this day, he refined his first water negative lightning. This was a transparent pearl of about the size of a longan. It looked like a crystal, but it was much purer. It weighed a thousand catties, and only after the activation by Qi would it become light. It could be easily shot with the flick of a finger.

Little Fatty who successfully refined it was naturally elated. You have to know, in order to succeed this time, he spent a lot of effort, and faced a lot of bitterness. Just the inner walls of the cave, was smashed by his body to the point it was filled with body imprints all over, which was a ghastly sight.

After going through such adversity, he finally had some gains. Although he succeeded, Little Fatty did not know what the prowess of it was. In order to experiment if the toughness was worth it or not, he decided to go out and find a place to test it.

Avoiding Monkey who was cultivating by meditation, Little Fatty flew on his sword to a mountain 10 miles away from the Sky Ravine. He chose a 100 feet high rock mountain. Pursuant to what was recorded in the lightning jade, he invoked the spell, and flicked the lightning pearl out with his fingers.

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