Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 15: Water Type Lightning Spell

Chapter 15: Water Type Lightning Spell

Little Fatty, considering his special circumstance, did not know what sort of spells to learn. Thus, he decided to jump the gun, saving the time to learn other spells, and learning the strongest spells directly. This was also the path which the direct disciples of the big clans would tread. Since Little Fatty had this qualification, he would have to seize the opportunity.

So, in reply to the old man’s doubts, Little Fatty gave a firm reply “You did not hear wrongly, I want Lightning Methods, the higher the grade the better! Do not tell me that your Treasure Collecting Building, does not have a single jade strip which contains lightning spells?

Little Fatty has already mentioned about the reputation of the Treasure Collecting Building, how would the old man take it lying down? He immediately replied “This customer, Treasure Collecting Building has 3 different branches. There is even one at the highest layer, that is to entertain super experts, we can even satisfy them, why would we be unable to take out a small Lightning jade strip?”

“Since you have, bring it over for me to see!” Little Fatty replied.

The old man considered for a moment and answered “Customer, according to what I know, our shop does have a lightning strip which records a water type lightning spell, I can bring it at any moment, but~”

“But what?” Little Fatty immediately asked.

“But, this item is not ours, it is being placed on sale by someone in our shop. The owner of the lightning strip only wants to exchange it for a psychic fire jade! If you do not have that item, I’m afraid that you cannot take the lightning strip away!” The old man said.

“Psychic fire jade?” Little Fatty frowned and ask “What is that? Can you tell me about it? I may really have it!”

When the old man heard it, he almost fainted and thought to himself ‘You do not even know what it is, and you dare to say you have it? That is a material where even JinDan stage experts dream to have it. If a newbie like you who just advanced into the XianTian stage has it, then the sun would rise from the west!’

Although the old man was a little exasperated, but it was not good to blow up. After all, everyone who comes is a customer. He cannot tarnish the reputation of the Treasure Collecting Building, otherwise, there would no longer be any customers coming to their store. So he could only repress his exasperation. With a tinge of impatience, he explained “Psychic fire jade is the highest grade amongst the fire jades, normally, it only appears around the volcanos, and is really rare. That item, although it is jade, but it is as soft as a paste, fully red. It is a high-grade material used in refining fire type magical artifacts. If you have a piece as big as this, I can make the decision to sell you the lightning strip. If you do not have it, you should go and do what you want to do~”

Just as the old man said this, he suddenly felt a wave of fire Qi in the room. As he lifted his head, he saw that Little Fatty, who was opposite him, had an egg-sized material in his hands, completely red in colour.

“Psychic fire jade~” the old man couldn’t help but exclaim. In his many years in the Treasure Collecting Building, he had an extensive knowledge. Naturally, with a single look, he could recognise this material, and he stared at it until his eyeballs almost popped out.

The old man then asked with a face full of shock “You, you, how did you get this?”

“Is that important?” Little Fatty looked at the old man, then he stopped talking.

The old man immediately realised that he had committed a taboo. According to the rules, the origin of people’s goods is not to be questioned. He immediately smiled apologetically and said “Sorry, sorry, I said something wrong. If that’s the case, please wait for a moment. I’ll be back very soon!” After he finished, he stood up and left.

Little Fatty smiled and nodded his head, as he saw the old man walk away. He was not afraid the other party would destroy him because of his treasure. Just a psychic fire jade, although it is a treasure in the eyes of a mid class cultivator, but to the Treasure Collecting Building, it is not a very precious item. It was not worth spoiling their reputation just for that item.

As expected, not too long later, the old man came back holding a wooden box. He lightly placed the wooden box, of about 3 inches long, in front of Little Fatty. He smiled and said, “Customer, please take a look!”

“En!” Little Fatty casually opened the wooden box and retrieved a 1-inch long blue jade strip from the box. The jade strip was cold to the touch, very smooth, and had plenty of engravings. It looked archaic. Little Fatty then used his spiritual sense to investigate the strip. He very quickly found a middle aged lady beside a lake condensing water type lightning spells. At the same time, there were words by the side displaying the incarnations and things to take note of. It was even accompanied by a gentle female voice for an explanation. Apparently, this was the cultivating process for the water type lightning spell.

Little Fatty did not have the-the luxury of time to scrutinise. After determining that there was nothing wrong with it, he withdrew his spiritual sense and placed the jade strip into the box and said “There’s nothing wrong with the item, but the psychic fire jade which I gave you was the size of an egg. Which is very much larger than the walnut size which you requested!”

“Ah ah, of course I understand, I would not take advantage of you. If you still have anything you need, I can prepare it for you. If there is nothing else you need, I can compensate you in the form of spiritual stones, or return you the remaining psychic fire jade!”

“Very good!” Little Fatty nodded in satisfaction. Following which, he said, “I would still want some things~”

About an hour later, Little Fatty left the Treasure Collecting Building in satisfaction. When he left, it can be said that he returned from a rewarding journey. In his dimensional storage item, there were many more items. There was a wood type cultivating method which wasn’t too bad. That was for Little Monkey. There was also a low-grade magical tool, spider thread inner armour. It was worn beneath the clothes and had a decent defense. Little Fatty liked the fact that it was concealed, and would not attract trouble for himself.

Other than that, Little Fatty also took about 10 middle-grade talismans and 100 low-grade talismans. Talismans are sealed spells, with it, even if he does not know any spells Little Fatty could still instantly cast it. Low-grade talismans were drawn by cultivators of the XianTian stage, whereas middle-grade talismans were drawn by cultivators of the foundational stage. A single spiritual stone would be able to buy a few low-grade talismans. But middle-grade talismans would require dozens, if not hundreds of spiritual stones. A normal XianTian stage cultivator would not be able to afford it. With it, Little Fatty would now the rights to challenge Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng.

Patting his tattered dimensional storage item, Little Fatty smiled coldly and thought to himself ‘You Father, I, cannot beat you. So I would use spiritual stones to smash you to death! I would like to see, how would all of you newbies deal with a foundational stage cultivator’s spell!’

After he bought everything he required, Little Fatty was not in a rush to return. Instead, he first found a place to have a meal. He then rested in the inn for a while, recovering from all his fatigue, before going to the return teleportation portal with a stomach full of rage!

The cultivators in charge of the Mystical Sky Yard’s Shifting Tower’s transportation portal saw that Little Fatty came back. They all display a face filled with shock. You have to know, a return trip would cost 40 spiritual stones. Within the XianTian stage cultivators, this was not a small sum. But this brat, only after half a day, he already returned. Did he think that he had too many spiritual stones with nowhere else to use?

Without bothering about the sect brothers flummoxed expressions, Little Fatty hurriedly left the Shifting Towers. He immediately took his broken sword and flew towards the Sky Ravine’s concealed cave.

This time, Little Fatty had a different plan in his heart. He did not hide his presence, but instead, he openly flew and purposely allowed some servants to see him. Because it was noon time, most of the cultivators were cultivating in seclusion. Only the servants working were there, so Little Fatty was not worried that someone would follow him on a flying sword to the cave. But, he could let the servants inform Wang Zhong that he was back, in order to better lure Wang Zhong out.

After an hour or so, Little Fatty returned to the cave again. He very quickly spotted Little Monkey who was hiding inside. Although it was just half a day, but the both of them had a feeling where they had been separated for a long time. Seeing Little Fatty come in, Little Monkey immediately excitedly shouted: “Fatty bro, you’re back?”

“En!” Little Fatty replied, then rushed over. He took the elixir which he bought and waved it in front of Little Monkey and said: “Little Monkey, you can be saved, high-grade elixirs, repairing your fractured bone would be child’s play!” As he was talking, he began to apply the medicine for Little Monkey.

As Little Monkey was enjoying the moistness of the elixir, he was touched and said: “Fatty bro, you really treat me very well!”

“Between brothers, let’s not talk about these!” Little Fatty said with some dissatisfaction.

“En!” Little Monkey wiped his tears and asked in curiosity “Fatty bro when you went out, did you meet Wang Zhong?”

“I did not meet Wang Zhong, but I met Han Ling Feng that bitch. I even ate dozens of her fireballs. If not for the fact that I have good skills, I would have been melted by her!” Little Fatty said fiercely “This debt, I must definitely get it back!”

“Ah, Han Ling Feng? I heard people saying that she is a rare fire water twin cultivator talent. According to others, the inner court disciples thinks pretty well of her. As long as she can enter the 10th level, there would be inner court disciples who would be allocated to nurture her. Even the supplements she is taking currently, is twice of others!” Little Monkey asked worriedly “Fatty bro, isn’t imprudent to provoke her?”

“It is not that I provoked her, she was the one who provoked me! That bastard Wang Zhong took out 10 spiritual stone as a reward. She coincidentally saw me, so she started chasing after me just for the 10 spiritual stones, shit!” Little Fatty scolded fiercely “Even if she was very pretty, I cannot let her go this round!”

“Fatty bro, shouldn’t it be her not letting you go? She is a person who has already advanced to the 4th level of the XianTian stage. As for you, you have only just entered the XianTian stage!” Little Monkey sympathetically reminded “Why not, we do not deal with her first, but hide here for a few years first?”

“Hehe~” Little Fatty suddenly laughed devilishly and said, “Little Monkey, whoever your Fatty Bro wants to take care, shall be taken care of.”

As Little Monkey heard this statement, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although Little Fatty appears to be simple and honest, but he was actually quite conniving. When they were younger, they were weak and could not beat other people and were always bullied. But, Little Fatty would always be able to take his revenge in the dark. Whatever laxative, releasing poisonous snake in people’s bed, and ruining people’s errands in the dark, getting people scolded, etc. Little Fatty could play people with perfection. Except for the first few times when he was caught, towards the end, people who were played by him did not even know how they got taken advantage of. Only afterwards, when he became focused on cultivating did he stop doing these. Little Monkey recognised how strong Little Fatty was back then.

But, the people he was taking care of back then were mortals. Now, Little Fatty was facing strong cultivators. So Little Monkey still asked worriedly “Fatty bro, can you really do it?”

“Of course, I have a lot of ‘abilities’!” Little Fatty laughed lecherously and then said: “I’ll go and play with them, you go and take a rest first, I’ll be back later!” After saying this, Little Fatty waved and confidently left.

In a temple with a clean yard, 3 cultivators were seated in a pavilion. The surroundings were filled with lotus, a gentle breeze blew past, the fragrance of flowers all over, as though they were in the celestial realm.

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