Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 14: Lightning Wind Flying Sword

Chapter 14: Lightning Wind Flying Sword

This shop was much more luxurious as compared to the medicine shop. Its four walls were embellished with magical tools, flying swords, all flickering with a cold light. The salesman inside was a well-built man, almost at the peak of the HouTian stage, and was about to advance into the XianTian stage.

This man was not as eloquent as the salesman in the medicine shop. As he saw Little Fatty walk in, he immediately shouted out, “Brother, what do you want?”

Little Fatty considered for a moment and said, “I want a fast flying sword!”

Flying Sword, is what most cultivators use to travel. In a battle, only the sword cultivators would use a flying sword to battle. Other similar cultivators preferred to use magical tools or spells to attack and defend. To Little Fatty, a flying sword is a tool used for escaping, so speed is his main priority, and the other properties could be blithely ignored.

As the man heard what Little Fatty said, he’s eyebrow furrowed and asked “You only want one with a fast speed? Do you have any other requirements?”

“Oh, if it is possible, something a bit uglier.” Little Fatty said, “The best would be a flying sword which people look down on!” Little Fatty did not want to use an eye-catching flying sword to go everywhere. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to telling people that he was rich?

“Ah ah, your request is really strange, other practitioners would all want a gorgeous looking flying sword. Instead, you want an ugly one, this would not be easy to find!” The man then took a lightning shaped blue flying sword from the wall and said “This Lighting Wind Sword, although it is not of a high grade, only that of the 2nd grade, but it also the highest quality of its grade. It is also fast, of at least 800!”

Little Fatty knew what does a speed of 800 means. It meant that it could fly a total of 800 miles in an hour. Most flying sword speeds were all measured by the hour. Little Fatty’s current sword only had a speed of 200. Under normal circumstances, a disciple of the 5th level in the XianTian stage would use 2nd-grade magical tool flying sword. The speed would only be about 600, this sword had a speed of 800, and it was considered very good already. Of course, there were many flying swords that were better than it, but the higher the grade of the flying sword, the more Spiritual Qi required to support it. This was not something which Little Fatty could support, even this sword, he would most likely struggle to use it. He would not be able to travel long distances with it, he could only take it out in critical moments to escape.

Little Fatty wanted a flying sword to escape. So as he heard the introduction of the sword, he was immediately intrigued. He took it over and realised that the whole body of the sword was blue in colour and had a simple look. The sword had a heavy atmosphere and did not have any decorative design which stood out too much. Holding it in his hands, he could feel the Spiritual Qi permeating, and it was unusually comfortable. A light wave of the sword and many thin lighting bolts streaked across the body of the sword, and it was unusually beautiful.

At the side, the man was promoting the sword “This sword was made by refining flexible wind copper and the spiritual bones of the thunder beast, following which, a crystal with lighting energy was added in. During an attack, there would be lighting emitted, although it is not lethal, but the numbing effect is really stunning. It is best used to deal with demonic beasts or ghosts!”

“En, not bad!” Little Fatty nodded and said, “How many spiritual stones?”

“15 thousand!” The man straightforwardly said. “This is a work which my master is very proud of, it cannot be sold for anything less!”

“So expensive?” When Little Fatty heard the price, he almost fainted. Who knew a flying sword could cost this much!

“Little brother, you must recognise the value of this good! A normal 2nd-grade magical tool flying sword would be worth at least more than 5000 spiritual stones. This sword, not only is it 3 times faster, it also comes with a numbing effect, the price of 15000 is not expensive at all. If you think that it is expensive, there are cheaper ones here, this only costs 300!” As the man said, he took out a black iron sword.

As Little Fatty saw it, he immediately knew that it was the flying sword of the lowest grade, which was of the same quality as the one his sect issued him. Of course, it was still much better than the broken sword which Little Fatty had, at least it was freshly made.

As Little Fatty glanced once at the black iron sword, he immediately took up the Lighting Wind sword and asked, “Can it be cheaper?”

“Impossible, the items sold here were never open to negotiations. They all have a fixed price. If you cannot afford it, I can only invite you to leave!” The man said very straightforwardly.

Little Fatty had no other idea, he could only ask “I do not have any spiritual stone, do you accept materials?”

“Materials? Of course, but we only accept the bones of spiritual beasts and minerals, we do not accept medicinal materials!” The man replied immediately

“This, why not you see how much it’s worth!” As Little Fatty said, he took out a head sized wind copper from his dimension. When he was taking things out, be it from his dimensional storage item, or his Natal Artifact, it all appeared out of nowhere, and so others could not tell what Little Fatty was hiding.

In Little Fatty’s dimension, black iron was the largest in quantity. However, that material was not worth much, so Little Fatty could not be bothered to take it out. Next in line would be the wind copper, this was a common material for 2nd grade flying swords. Little Fatty already possessed a mountain of wind copper about the height of a person. Before coming here, he already cut off a few head sized pieces. This time, he took out a piece.

“Wind copper?” The man took it over and inspected, following which, he exclaimed: “What a pure piece of wind copper! It does not have a single trace of impurity, how did you refine it?”

“Cough cough!” Little Fatty coughed twice and said, “I don’t think this has anything got to do with our deal, right?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot the rules!” The man immediately said embarrassedly. “The price of wind copper, 100 spiritual stones for a tael of wind copper. This is not a small piece of wind copper, about 14 catties. Originally, it would not be enough, 15 catties would then be worth 15000 spiritual stones. But your wind copper is very pure, it should be worth more. So I would not bother arguing with you, we’ll just exchange it like this, what do you say?”

“Okay!” Little Fatty could not be bothered with that small amount of wind copper. The moment he saw that the other party agreed, he immediately kept the Lightning Wind Sword into his Natal Artifact.

Next, Little Fatty wanted a set of protective armour. However, it was a pity that it was all not suitable. He was just too fat, and they did not have one befitting his size. Most of the armour which could be adjusted in size are all high-grade magical tools, with his abilities, he was unable to control them.

Helplessly, Little Fatty could only leave. After walking around leisurely for a round, Little Fatty walked into a shop named ‘Treasure Collection Building’. This shop was more exquisite compared to the previous shops, and every customer had a private room. Every customer that came would be ushered to a private room for discussion. There was only a single reason why they were so careful, and that was because everything which was sold here were magical artifacts, magical tools and other rare ancient books, which were all valuable treasures. For these sort of transactions, both parties would not want a case where everybody knew what was being transacted, thus, the design of so many private rooms.

The person who received Little Fatty was an old man who was in the XianTian stage. Of course, his talent was too mediocre, and despite his age, he was only at the 3rd level. If not, he would not have been here receiving customers. Although this old man could not cultivate, he was very knowledgeable. Most ordinary items could not deceive his magical eyes.

Although Little Fatty was dressed normally, and could even be said to be shabby, but the Treasure Collection Building did not have any delay. They invited him in, served him tea, following which, the old man courteously asked, “This customer, what sort of business do you have for our shop?”

All the shops for practitioners have entry and exit. The Treasure Collection Building was no different, they did not only sell goods, but they also bought goods. Obviously, this old man misunderstood that Little Fatty was here to sell goods because the lower level practitioners who came here normally came here to sell the rare treasures they found coincidentally.

Little Fatty first sipped some tea, and reminisced the past, following which, he calmly said: “I want to buy something!”

“Oh? What would you need?” The old man asked curiously. He did not think that this beggar looking low-level practitioner actually dared to come to the Treasure Collection Building, such a high-class place to buy things. Therefore, he became curious and thought to himself, ‘Did this guy come here to create trouble?’

“I would like to see your Lightning methods!” Little Fatty suddenly said.

“En!” As the old man heard, his face instantly changed. He carefully sized Little Fatty up and then he said with doubt, “Customer, are you sure that you want Lighting methods?”

Lightning methods, it was a method to cultivate different types of lighting arts. Lightning arts were also considered spells, just that it was very strong, and high in level. Normal spells, as long as one said the incarnations, and mobilised the Spiritual Qi within the atmosphere, it could be executed. Such a spell would require consuming one’s own Spiritual Qi, so it is unable to be maintained. Even an expert at the JinDan stage, would not be able to consecutively unleash strong spells. In order to solve this problem, the geniuses of the Ancient Era created many different kinds of talismans. It was just that talismans consume spiritual paper and skin of beasts. They did not have a high success rate and their strength was limited. Thus, only low-level spells could be used, and high-level ones were really rare.

But, lightning spells were different, it could use different Spiritual Qi to condense into a stable lightning ball. When it needed to be used, it just needed to be thrown. Not only was it destructive, it also does not consume any Spiritual Qi. So, as long as there was enough kept in stock, one could crazily throw it everywhere, making it horrifyingly destructive. Furthermore, one could combine it with the natural surroundings, for example with a cold lake, earthen fire, or anything similar, the special Spiritual Qi which was generated there could also be used. It could be used to make a destructive Ice Cold Divine Lightning, or Earth Fire Divine Lightning, etc.

However, although the destructive force of lightning spells was large, it was very difficult to cultivate. Especially the technique for cultivation, it was usually a secret. Without a sect, it was impossible to find. Lightning spells were a bit more special when cultivating, if one was just a little bit careless, it would explode. Thus, under normal circumstances, a master would slowly guide the student. It could not be taught like normal spells, where one could just follow according to what was written on the jade bamboo strips, and learn just based on the pictures and incarnations recorded.

If one wanted to record the cultivating methods of a lightning spell, one could only use high-grade jade bamboo strips. The cultivation process would then be recorded in the form of an illusion into it. Because these sort of precious jade, which could preserve illusions, were very expensive, plus the importance of lightning spells, resulted in such jade bamboo strips which recorded lightning spells to be very rare and expensive. Normal foundational stage disciples had to wait until the later stage in order to come in contact with a lightning spell. An impoverished person may not even learn it at the JinDan stage. Only the heirs of the big families would be able to learn a strong lighting spell at the XianTian stage.

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