Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 13: Purchasing Elixirs

Chapter 13: Purchasing Elixirs

“He definitely has it, if not the senior brother in charge of the transportation portal would not have allowed him to go!” Wang Zhong said while touching his chin. He suddenly said “It is said that that darn fatty was originally the child of our sect’s inner court disciple. Only after his parents passed away was he chased out. In your opinion, could it have been that he secretly took the treasures which his parents hid?”

“Ah, that’s a possibility!” Han Ling Feng suddenly realised and said: “If not, it would not have been possible for him to have 20 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“If that’s the case, then it could be troublesome. Maybe he did not only get spiritual stones, but he also got a high-grade spiritual tool!” Wang Zhong frowned and said, “If that is the case, it would be difficult for us to deal with him!”

You have to know, when practitioners fight, they mainly compete in 2 aspects. One of which is cultivation, the other is spiritual artifacts. Especially at the initial stages, a good spiritual artifact or spiritual tool would directly affect the situation. A piece of high grade artifact, could easily cause up to 10,000 low grade spiritual stone. Even Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng could not afford it. Currently, they were still using the low grade spiritual tool which was given out by the sect. If Little Fatty really had a piece of high grade spiritual tool, even if there was a gap in their abilities, he would still be able to kill them both.

Han Ling Feng suddenly thought of the arrogant look Little Fatty had when he left. ’It was obvious that he had something to rely on! If not, he would not have dared to be so savage and said that he would take care of me!’

Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng had a very ugly expression on her countenance. She regretted, for the first time in her lifetime, about what she did. She did not think that she would have unknowingly made such a strong enemy. If it was really as they had expected, then the days ahead would not be good.

At this moment, Wang Zhong also had the similar worries in his heart. He was also afraid of Little Fatty finding him for revenge. In his heart, he couldn’t help but begin to grumble about his cousin, who created all these trouble, and thought to himself ‘Why couldn’t you be well behaved and just cultivate, instead, you had to go around offending people. Now you have kicked onto an iron plate, I am also implicated by you!’

While both of them were worrying about the concerns in their heart, they suddenly looked up at each other. At that moment, their eyes lit up, and begin to smile with mutual understanding. An enemy’s enemy is my friend. Since Little Fatty may become stronger, they could only work together!

When Little Fatty arrived at the transportation portal, according to the rules, he took out 20 low grade spiritual stones from his dimensional storage item which he prepared before hand. He pretended that he was reluctant to part with the spiritual stones as he paid, and he was successfully transported to Firmament City.

As Little Fatty arrived at Firmament City, he was awed by the majesty of the place. Firmament City occupied a total of hundreds of miles, and a Holy Mountain. At the peak, there were countless of temples and pavilions. Those were places used to receive experts, and normal cultivators were not allowed to enter. In the middle layer, there were also many grand and tall infrastructures. Although it was not as gorgeous as those at the peak, but with the height of a few hundred metres, those were still considered a brilliant feat of architecture. In order to enter the infrastructures of the middle level, one had to be at least be of the Foundational stage. When he was younger, Little Fatty had followed his parents there before, and enjoyed the services there. Now, he had only just entered into the XianTian stage, and only had the rights to stay in the lowest layer.

However, even in the lowest layer of Firmament City, it was lacklustre in any sense. After all, it was a city for practitioners, every yard, shops, are all very well furnished. At the doorstep, there were enormous trees which were hundreds of years old, the streets were paved with bluestone, all the luxurious designs in the mortal world could all be found here.

The place where Little Fatty appeared was at the lowest level of Firmament City. After he came out from the transportation portal, before he had the time to be happy, he felt the people surrounding him looking at him strangely and in disdain. Even the mortals here snorted at him disdainfully.

Little Fatty was about to blow, but he quickly realised that the problem lied with himself. In order to escape, the clothes he was wearing now were in tatters, and his skin was all black. He looked no different from a beggar!

After he recognised this problem, he was immediately embarrassed and angry. He couldn’t help but scold in his heart ‘Han Ling Feng, I am not done with you!’

But now, it was not the time to find trouble with Han Ling Feng. Little Fatty immediately covered his face and ran into an inn in the vicinity and spent a piece of low grade to rent a room for 3 days. He then quickly took a shower, changed into a fresh robe before mustering courage to leave the house.

When he was walking on the pavement of Firmament City, he had an unprecedented sense of happiness. A full 10 years where he did not have such a good time, everything he saw was something fresh. After shopping around for a while, Little Fatty suddenly thought of Little Monkey’s broken arm. That injury could not be delayed, the faster it was cured the better.

Thinking about this, Little Fatty happened to see a medicine shop up ahead. It was a shop selling elixirs for cultivators. So, he hurriedly walked over.

The salesman of the shop looked like a 20 odd years old teen. He had an average talent, and was in the mid HouTian stage. For him to enter into the XianTian stage, it was still a long way to go!

As the salesman saw that a customer had arrived, he immediately smiled and said “Senior, would you like to buy some medicine or sell some medicine?

A cultivator’s medicine shop, other than selling different kinds of elixirs, they also procured medicine. The loose practitioners who did not have spiritual stones can use the herbs which they obtained to exchange for medicine. He must have seen that Little Fatty was dressed normally, and the dimensional storage item on his waist was very old and tattered, thus thinking that he was here to exchange or sell medicine and could not take out any spiritual stones.

However, he had obviously underestimated Little Fatty’s heroic spirit. Although he had been a servant for so long, but the experiences which he had when he was young, more or less gave him some experience. Although it was his first time here, he was not taken aback. Instead, he said very calmly “I’m here to buy medicine!”

“Oh~” The salesman was briefly shocked, but then everybody who came was a customer. He did not dare to be presumptuous so he immediately smiled apologetically and said “What kind of medicine would senior need? We are a shop which have been here for a hundred years, all sort of cultivating, treatment and elixirs are sold here!”

“I would like some medicine for external injuries, bone fracture, I want a good one!” Little Fatty said.

“Bone fracture? That’s easy, our shop’s bone fracture medicine is really good, and is made up of herbs more than a hundred years old. They were refined by an expert, as long as the bones are not missing, and have not been injured for more than 5 days, it can be assured to be reconnected in 6 hours!” As he said, he took out a jade bottle from the counter and handed it over to Little Fatty.

Little Fatty took it over and pretended to smell it. He could only feel a wave of sweet scent, his pores all opened, and he felt an inexplainable sense of comfort. He immediately knew that this was not a normal medicine which can be made by a mortal. It was definitely refined by the use of a practitioner’s Natal Fire and high grade spiritual grass.

The salesman continued promoting the medicine saying “Senior be at ease, our shop has an outstanding reputation, all the elixirs sold here have always been praised by the public. If not, we could not have survived in Firmament City for over a hundred years, and our shop would have been smashed already!”

“En!” Little Fatty put on an act and nodded. Following which, he asked “How many spiritual stones does this bottle of medicine costs? How many times can it be used?”

“It costs 15 low grade spiritual stones, a bottle could be used thrice! This is something that can save a life, you would not lose out if you buy it!” The salesman replied with a smile.

As Little Fatty heard the price, his heart felt like it was rolling. 15 pieces of low grade stones, that was more than a year worth of supplements from the sect! No wonder all the outer sect disciples were all so poor. A random medicine was at this price, what about the cultivation elixirs used normally, how much would it cost! Cultivation was really a real money burner!

Thinking about this, Little Fatty asked again “Do you have any elixirs to assist in cultivating?”

“Of course! How can we not have that?” The salesman hurriedly replied “Senior, what kind of elixir would you want? As long as you say it, we would have it here!”

“What do you have here?” Little Fatty furrowed his eyebrows and asked.

“Speeding up the cultivation speed of all 5 elements, changing one’s physique, expanding one’s channels, reducing the risk of going astray, increasing the strength of spiritual sense, increasing the flexibility of one’s spiritual sense, in other words, we have almost everything here!” The salesman said with wit.

“The 5 Element spiritual pill, does is refer to fire spiritual pill, water element and other elemental pills?” Little Fatty asked.

“That’s right, whichever cultivating method you practise, you use whichever spiritual pill! I promise that your cultivating speed would increase by at least 3 times as compared to not eating any pills!” The salesman said immediately.

“How many spiritual spills am I required to take each day?” Little Fatty asked again.

Little Fatty saw his parents eat them before, they did not consume them every time they were cultivating. This is because, the medicinal effects are not exhausted all at once. So one would only have to take the pills once every few days.

The salesman immediately replied “Senior, our spiritual pills are of a high grade, because the medicinal effects cannot be unleashed all at once, so normally one would consume a pill once every 4 days. Of course, by eating it this way, it would greatly mitigate the effectiveness of the medicine. If you can eat them daily, although a large amount of medicinal effect would be wasted, but the cultivation speed achieved would be the greatest!”

“En!” Little Fatty nodded his head and asked “If I was cultivating 2 elements at once, and ate 2 different pills together, will there be a conflict in medicinal effect?”

“Nope, even if one cultivates all 5 elements at once, and eats 5 different pills, it would not matter. This is because the elixirs will only effuse it’s own spiritual Qi, there would be no crash in medicinal effect!” The salesman hurriedly explained.

“So this is the case!” Little Fatty then asked “How many pills are there in each bottle? How much does it cost?”

“Senior, our elixirs are all sold by pieces. Each pill costs a low-grade spiritual stone!” The salesman smiled and said, “How many do you need?”

Little Fatty rubbed his chin and thought about the spiritual stones in his dimension. In 3 months, almost 10 low-grade spiritual stones were generated each day, and more than a thousand pieces were condensed. Which was enough for him to purchase a decent amount.

Shortly after Little Fatty left the medicine shop, the salesman behind him smiled brightly and bowed to send him off. Only after seeing Little Fatty walk far, did he come back reluctantly. He mumbled to himself saying “This little fatty looks so normal, but he is really rich. He spent 800 over spiritual stones on elixirs in one shot. This was almost equals to 10 days worth of sales! Haha, with this deal closed, boss would surely reward me!”

After leaving the medicine shop, Little Fatty began looking around. He thought to himself ‘Now that I have money, in order to speed up my cultivating speed, I must not feel the heartache no matter how much I spend. I bought 100 of each element spiritual pill, in the future I can eat 5 pills each day. Plus whatever building physique, strengthening spiritual sense, I’ll just consume them all! I don’t believe that other people can eat pills to become an expert but I cannot! Isn’t it just spiritual stones? I cannot be bothered!”

Thinking about this, Little Fatty raised his head and saw a shop which specializes in selling weapons. Without a second thought, he walked in to take a look.

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