Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 12: Escaping Pitifully

Chapter 12: Escaping Pitifully

Little Fatty knew that things weren’t good. The amount of time which she spent cultivating was much longer. She had already reached the 3rd Level of the XianTian stage, which was 2 levels above him. Her flying sword was also of a better grade and was unequivocally faster. If he allowed her to catch up, he would be dead for sure!

Thus the moment he saw that it was her, without a second word, he immediately sped up and fled. Thoughts about stopping didn’t even come across his mind.

Han Ling Feng saw that Little Fatty ignored her and not only continued running, but even speeding up. She got pissed off, laughing coldly she said: “Stupid Fatty who does not know what is good for you, do you think that you can escape from the palms of my hand? Look like I have to teach you a lesson!”

As she said, she pointed with her delicate fingers and softly said, “Fire~”

The moment she said it, a ball of fire, which was as big as a bowl, smashed towards Little Fatty like a meteor.

Although Little Fatty was escaping with all his might, it did not slip his mind to observe the danger behind him. The moment he saw that the opponent had attacked, he did not dare to delay, and dodged with all his might, avoiding the fireball by a small margin.

Seeing that the fireball was avoided, she was enraged and thought to herself: ‘If I cannot even stop a trash like him, wouldn’t I become the joke amongst people in future?’ Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng’s competitive spirit surfaced, both her hands waving, and released fireballs consecutively.

This put Little Fatty in a sorry state as the speed of the fireball was already originally fast, dodging one of it when he was flying on his sword was already not bad, but with the opponent consecutively firing it, it was not something which could be dodged relying on his mastery of the flying sword. Helplessly, Little Fatty could only land and use his legs to avoid the fireballs. He became as agile as a leopard once on the ground, relying on the terrain to dodge every fireball while at the same time sprinting forward.

In the eyes of the spectators, a comedic scene was happening. Little Fatty was like a stray dog, crazily escaping while Han Ling Feng, who was behind, mercilessly and continuously shooting out fireballs. Along with a chain of explosions when the fireballs landed on the ground, Little Fatty miraculously did not fall and was still crazily running for his life.

Although Little Fatty could avoid a direct hit by the fireball, he could not avoid the explosive radius of it. Thus the clothes he was wearing were long ago charred by the sparks of the explosion, resulting in holes all over. Even his face was burnt black by the smoke, not mentioning how pitiful he was.

Luckily, when Han Ling Feng met Little Fatty, he was not far from the Shifting Towers. So, after Little Fatty persistently sprinted for a while, Han Ling Feng had no choice but to give up the hunt. After all, they were chasing him in private, and this should not be exposed. The Shifting Towers was considered an important place within the Mystical Sky Yard, where there were experts stationed all year round. Han Ling Feng would never dare to kill an outer court disciple in the presence of the sect elders.

Thus, when Little Fatty could see the Shifting Towers from afar, Han Ling Feng had no choice but to stop. No matter how much she wanted the 10 pieces of spiritual stone, she did not dare to make trouble here openly.

Although Han Ling Feng stopped, she did not leave. Instead, she controlled her flying sword to hover over Little Fatty and fiercely said “Stupid fatty, don’t think that just because you reached the Shifting Towers you are safe. Come back with me quietly, and I can plead leniency to Wang Zhong senior on your behalf. If not, unless you can stay in there forever, you are doomed for sure!”

Little Fatty did not answer her directly, instead, he took out his flying sword and continued rushing. Only when he reached the entrance of the Shifting Towers, did he grin towards Han Ling Feng and said “Han Ling Feng right?”

“That’s right, I am your great aunt!” Han Ling Feng laughed coldly and said “What do you want!”

“I want to say!” Little Fatty maintained his grin and said “Stupid bitch, you’re dead for sure! I, your grandpa, will make sure you wish you were dead one day!”

The smile on his face was like a flower, but the things from his mouth were as venomous as a snake. The dramatic contrast which was shown on Little Fatty, made him look very lecherous.

After Han Ling Feng heard it, she almost fell from her sword. Although she was not a top class practitioner, but she was also not too bad amongst the outer court disciples. Being a beautiful lady, she was also well-taken care off by many people, when was she humiliated by people before? She could not imagine that today, she was scolded by such a lewd and weak looking fatty. He even used such vulgar and despicable language to scold her. She could not understand, being a practitioner who was resolved to be an immortal, could be so lecherous. Resulting in her almost dying of anger on the spot.

“You, you, you~” Han Ling Feng trembled and point at Little Fatty, stunned for words for half a day. At this moment, her face was flushed red, both eyes dizzy, not knowing what to do.

“You, you your head!” Little Fatty was still smiling and said “The things that happened today, we are not finished yet, you better wash your ass and prepare to be taken care off by me!”

You bastard!” Han Ling Feng was angered silly, she could not control the rage within her heart and wanted to attack him on the spot.

But just as she prepared her spell, a body figure appeared beside her, and coldly said “Are you going to attack in a restricted area?”

This was an expert who emitted a negative, and cold Qi. He was at least at the 10th level of the XianTian stage. Without using his flying sword, he could appear instantaneously and stood in mid air. One could see how frightful his abilities was. From the black Taoist robe he was wearing, one could tell that he was the guard of the Shifting Towers. The Shifting Towers was an important place within the sect, the surrounding area was an area which did not allow disciples to fight, it was a notable martial restricted area. Anybody who dared to fight in this area would be caught and punished severely.

Thus, as Han Ling Feng heard this sound, she came back to her senses. She was scared till she quickly dispelled her spell, following which, she forced a smile and said “I do not dare, it is just that this shameless bastard really made me too mad. He actually used such vulgar words to humiliate me, so, out of anger, I~”

“I do not care about the things between the both of you. People who have nothing to do here are not allowed to stop here, leave if you have nothing!” The guy coldly said.

“Yes~” as Han Ling Feng heard, she was not shocked, but instead happy. If this was the case, not only did she have to leave, even the stupid fatty would be chased out as well. She could not help but thought to herself ‘Heh heh, as long as we are outside, just see how I’ll take care of you!’

However, what made Han Ling Feng disappointed was that Little Fatty did not have any intention of leaving. He only smiled slightly and said “Brother, I want to use the teleportation portal!”

As the guard heard, he frowned and said “Where are you going?”

“Firmament City!” Little Fatty laughed and said

“To go to Firmament City requires 20 low grade spiritual stones, are you able to afford it?” The guard immediately asked “If you can’t, you better leave immediately, don’t stay here to create trouble!”

“I know!” Little Fatty giggled and said “I have prepared it already!”

“If that’s the case, you can go~” The guard pointed towards a tall tower to the side and said “The teleportation portal to Firmament City is over there!”

“Thanks a lot!” Little Fatty already knew where it was, but he still politely bowed and gave thanks. He then smiled slyly, glanced at Han Ling Feng and said proudly “Han senior sister, are you still not leaving? Don’t tell me you would like to go with me?”

“You~” Han Ling Feng did not imagine that this was how it would turn out. She wanted to say something but felt the death stare of the guard. She was horrified to the point she did not dare to stay any longer, and could only stare and Little Fatty and hurriedly departed.

‘Strange, I remembered that this stupid fatty was a servant in charge of collecting rubbish. He just became an outer court disciple a few months ago, he should be a poor broke, where did the 20 low grade stone come from? His monthly supplement was only a piece of low grade crystal’ As Han Ling Feng left, she ruminated and was puzzled.

After Han Ling Feng had just left the Shifting Towers, she met Wang Zhong, who rushed here after receiving the news. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng originally knew each other and also heard that she went to chase after Little Fatty. So, when they met, he could not be bothered with formalities and immediately asked “Han junior sister, did you catch that servant, Song Zhong?”

As Han Ling Feng saw that it was him, she immediately laughed bitterly, shook her head and said helplessly “Junior sister was useless and allowed the stupid fatty to escape!”

“Escape?” As Wang Zhong heard, he immediately asked doubtfully “Junior sister’s flying sword should be able to travel four to five hundred miles per hour right? Song Zhong is still using the flying sword trash which was issued by the sect, which can only fly about 200 miles per hour. You can fly so much faster than him, how could you allow him to escape?”

“That fatty rushed into the Shifting Towers, I can’t possibly catch someone there right?” Han Ling Feng said with a tinge of anger.

“Ah~” Wang Zhong noticed that his attitude was not right, and immediately apologised “I’m sorry junior sis, I was worried for a moment, thus I was a little rude!”

“No worries, I know that senior brother is impatient to take revenge, but I’m afraid you do not have any more chance!” Han Ling Feng suddenly said

“Eh? What is the meaning of saying this, junior sis?” Wang Zhong was puzzled and asked.

“I heard the stupid fatty saying that he wanted to take the transportation portal to the Firmament City! That is a martial restricted place, even if we catch up with him, we can do nothing but watch, and cannot do anything!” Han Ling Feng laughed bitterly and said “This stupid fatty offended so many people here, I’m afraid after he escape this round, he would not return!”

“Darn fatty! Why is he so cunning!” Wang Zhong was enraged, but he immediately realised something strange and asked “That’s not right, I remember that to go to Firmament City, at least 20 low grade stones are required. Even we do not bear to use it normally. He was still a servant a few months ago, where did he get so many spiritual stones from?”

“I also found it strange, don’t tell me he was bluffing us?” Han Ling Feng said suddenly.

“There’s a chance!” Wang Zhong replied, “Why not, let us go and ask, to see if he really left or not!”

“This?” Han Ling Feng hesitated for a moment and said “Senior bro, I think it’s best that you go, I’ll wait here for your news! I was just chased out by the guards for hunting down the fatty. If I go again, it would not be very proper!”

“I see! Alright then, junior sister wait for a moment, I’ll be back very soon!” As Wang Zhong completed his sentence, he bowed to Han Ling Feng and flew away on his sword.

Not too long later, Wang Zhong returned. He first greeted Han Ling Feng by cupping his hands. Following which, he laughed bitterly and said “According to the transportation portal guard, the darn fatty had really gone to Firmament City!”

“What? He really had 20 low grade spiritual stones?” Han Ling Feng replied in shock.

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