Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 16: Scheming Plot

Chapter 16: Scheming Plot

Wang Zhong picked up the teacup in front of him and took a sip. He was intoxicated by the fragrance, and he nodded with satisfaction. He couldn’t help but compliment “Junior sister is indeed of a royal lineage. Even the tea you drink is so refreshing, I feel so much more rejuvenated!”

In actual fact, Han Ling Feng was a mortal country’s princess. Only that her identity was more concealed, and not many outer court disciples knew. Little Monkey and the other servants knew nothing about it. Although in the eyes of a strong cultivator, the royal family of the mortals are still mortals and are nothing much. Therefore, she was not looked up upon by the Mystical Sky Yard.

“Ah ah, senior bro has flattered me, it is only the tea of the mortal realm, It only has a small strand of Spiritual Qi, it isn’t considered much!” Han Ling Weng smiled gently and said.

“This is already very rare, at least we can’t afford to drink it!” Wang Zhong smiled bitterly and said.

“If senior bro wanted to drink it, I will let them give some to both of you senior bro later!” Han Ling Feng immediately smiled and said.

“How could we have the honour to do that!” The other guy beside Wang Zhong, a 30 plus-year-old guy, immediately replied with excitement.

“Ah ah, no worries, it is only some tea leaves! It isn’t worth a lot!” Han Ling Feng said without any concern. Being a princess, getting some tea leaves was nothing difficult at all. Anyway, 100 catties of these things are not even worth a single spiritual stone. Being able to make friends with some sect brothers who were a little more talented, it was very worth it.

“Then thanks, junior sister!” Wang Zhong also knew that she had the intention to make friends. If he did not accept, it was not good, so he might as well accept it and remember the favour in his heart. At the same time, Wang Zhong had some thoughts towards Han Ling Feng, this high class and exceptionally good looking lady. You have to know, the Mystical Sky Yard did not forbid marriage, even the patriarch of the sect had his mutual cultivation partner.

The other guy also hurriedly said thanks.

“Dispense with the ceremony, senior bro!” Han Ling Feng smiled, her noble temperament immediately exploded, making Wang Zhong and his invited cultivator lose their spirit for a moment.

Han Ling Feng did not think it was strange also, she only indifferently said: “2 senior bros, we just received news that the servant Song Zhong had returned, what take do both of you have on the matter?”

“He only went for half a day before coming back, this is really too strange!” Wang Zhong said “You have to know, a return trip would cost 40 spiritual stones! Even for us, we are not willing to spend it easily, but he can splurge in this manner, I’m afraid there is a conspiracy!”

I heard Song Zhong has a brother who he played with since young called Little Monkey. Yesterday, he was beaten half dead by Wang Zhong’s cousin. If there aren’t any elixirs, he would be crippled for life!” The 30-year-old guy said, “Do you guys think that Song Zhong went to buy medicine for him?”

“This~” Han Ling Feng thought for a while and said, “Senior brother Zhang has a point, maybe that is the case!”

“But, within the sect already has places which sell Elixirs. When our sect disciples buy it, it is a lot cheaper also!” Wang Zhong frowned and said, “Unless this silly fatty already guessed that we wanted to create trouble for him, so he decided to abandon the near to beseech from the far?”

“I’m afraid that is the case, although Song Zhong seems to be silly, but I think he is actually very sharp. Being silly is all just an act!” As Han Ling Feng mentioned Little Fatty she couldn’t help but grit her teeth.

“If that is the case, that can explain 2 things. First, that Little Monkey is very important to him. Second, he probably has plenty of spiritual stones!” That senior brother Zhang said, “If the spiritual stones were all left for him by his parents, for all you know, in his hands he may also have magical tools!”

Wang Zhong knows, what he is trying to discuss is how to split the spoils of wars. If he was not given any benefits, he would not risk killing another outer court disciple. You have to know, if the fact that they killed a fellow disciple is made known, that is a big crime which punishment is the crippling of cultivation! Of course, if there is no evidence, then nobody would bother.

Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng glanced at each other for a while and understood each other’s intention. Once they knew that Little Fatty was back, they met immediately. After a round of discussion, they thought that the reason why Little Fatty had so many spiritual stones out of a sudden, and even dared to appear so arrogantly must be because of the fact that he had a backer. To play it safe, they invited a person who Wang Zhong knew, Zhang Qing Song. He was already at the 7th level of the XianTian stage. He had a middle-grade 3rd level magical tool and was much stronger than both Han Ling Feng and Wang Zhong combined.

“Ah ah, no matter how strong that darn fatty is, he is still at the 1st level of the XianTian stage. In front of the senior brother, he is nothing but fats without substance. As long as senior brother is willing to exterminate him, then the magical tool in his possession would naturally belong to senior brother!” Han Ling Feng immediately was smiling.

“But what if he was just bluffing, and he does not have any magical tool?” Zhang senior brother asked again.

“He should still have plenty of spiritual stones on him. If not, he would not have gone to Firmament City once!” Wang Zhong immediately smiled apologetically “Of course, if senior bro has no gains this round, I am willing to come out with 10 spiritual stones for senior brother!”

“Ah ah, that won’t be necessary!” Zhang senior brother laughed “Within the same sect, it is only natural that we help each other!” He said it very nicely, as though the Little Fatty who he wanted to kill was not part of the sect, and was their enemy.

Han Ling Feng and Wang Zhong would naturally not reveal his hypocrisy. Instead, they began praising him and bootlicking, making him feel very good.

Since matters have been set, the three of them began discussing other matters. At this time, the sky was still bright, and it was not easy to kill someone so openly. Thus, they first sent a few servants to keep watch on Little Fatty’s residence. Only after the sky was dark, would they then go to take Little Fatty’s life?

In this night, a crescent moon was hanging from the sky and the mountains were dark. However, to a XianTian stage cultivator, where they had already reached an enlightened stage, they could still see the ants on the floor shifting house.

One male and two female, with killing intent in their hearts, at this moment, they stealthily flew on swords to somewhere nearby to Little Fatty’s hut.

As they dismounted from the flying sword, there was a servant running to them immediately. He happily said to Wang Zhong “Boss, that darn fatty had been back since the afternoon. He had been sleeping all the way until now, I was watching him!”

“He flew back on a sword?” Wang Zhong asked.

“Yes!” The disciple hurriedly answered.

“Then what kind of flying sword was he using?” Wang Zhong hurriedly asked again.

“What else can it be? It was just that old black iron sword which the sect gave him. This idiot did not even know how to bribe people and offended elder Wang. He did not even receive a magical tool, but only a broken flying sword. It’s flying speed was slower than a snail!” That disciple began to criticise coldly.

After hearing that Little Fatty was in such a pathetic state, the 3 of them heaved a sigh of relief. After all, they were afraid that Little Fatty had something which his parents left behind. But from the way things appear, there was less probability of that happening.

Thinking about this, Wang Zhong casually threw a piece of gold. After the servant caught the gold, he happily gave thanks, turned and ran away. To a mortal like him, gold was naturally a good thing. But to a cultivator, that was trash!

After the servant left, Wang Zhong cupped his hands towards Zhang senior brother and said: “Senior brother, we have to trouble you now!”

“A piece of cake!” Zhang senior brother said proudly “Look at me!” Saying that, he raised both his hands and instantaneously recited an incarnation. He then lightly tapped at the four corners. Following which, the whole area was covered by a layer of faint green light.

As Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng saw the situation, they were elated. Han Ling Feng smiled and said, “Senior brother is talented, with this level of restriction, our plan will now be successful!”

What Zhang senior brother had just used was a low-grade restriction, enveloping the whole hut. Although the grade of the restriction was not high and it could not prevent people from entering. However, it could prevent the sound and light from inside the restriction from transmitting to the outside. In this case, no matter how much commotion there was, as long as it was still within the restriction, the outside would not realise it. Although this was a pretty deserted place, and it was unlikely that there would be people visiting late into the night. However, killing a fellow sect member within the sect was a serious offence, and people could not be allowed to find out. Thus, they took such precautionary measures. If not for the fact that both Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng did not know such restriction spells, they would not have invited Zhang senior brother along.

After setting up the restriction, the 3 of them did not waste any more time and they surrounded the house. Following which, they took out their magical tools and flying swords. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng both had their own customised black iron flying sword. They both had their own magical tool each as well. Wang Zhong had a green coloured jade flying sword. Although it was a 1st level magical tool, but because it had a deadly poison on it, cultivators who sustained even a single scratch from it would suffer immense suffering. Thus, the strength was not too bad. Wang Zhong gave elder Wang a lot of commodities in order to get it.

Han Ling Feng’s magical tool was even better. It was a shadowless flying needle. It was specially designed to penetrate defence spells, and it was without shape and trace. It could be counted as a 2nd level magical tool. Han Ling Feng was after all a princess and had a decent amount of possessions. The things which she gave to elder Wang made him very happy, so he pretended to make a blunder and gave a 2nd level magical tool as a 1st level magical tool to her.

As for Zhang senior brother’s magical too, it was of an even higher grade. It was a square gold brick and was very shiny. There were countless of carvings on it which were faintly blinking. It was worth at least 20,000 low-grade spiritual stone. This was his total savings, after being an outer court disciple for 20 years.

After the three of them got ready, as they were about to take action, the door was unexpectedly open. Following which, Little Fatty walked out happily. It was as though he already knew that the three of them were going to plot against him, and there was not a single trace of shock on his face. Instead, he indifferently said, “The three of you, if you have nothing, why did you come in find me so late in the night?”

“Darn fatty, you don’t need to act already. Do you think that after crippling my cousin you can pretend that nothing had happened?” Wang Zhong saw that Little Fatty still dared to act and was exploding with rage.

“Ah ah, that trash cousin of yours, so what if he was crippled, it is no big deal at all! Even you, and this other person seeking death, I will also cripple you!” Little Fatty then smiled lecherously at Han Ling Feng and said: “As for you, I can’t bear to cripple you, I will dote on you properly~!” He said it with a tinge of rage, sending a chill down Han Ling Feng’s spine.

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