Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 54: The First Time

Chapter 54: The First Time

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There were many first times in a person’s life, and some of them were unforgettable—for example, today’s first time!

At about 7:00 pm, Zhang Tie adopted Fatty Barley’s suggestion and ate two pieces of bread brought by Barley. After drinking some water, he walked on the way together with Barley, just like the way they had previously accompanied Doug.

On the way, Fatty Barley constantly told Zhang Tie about what he had to pay attention to. “If you eat too much, you will not perform well, and neither would you if you were hungry. Later, when you see Miss Anna, you’d better pretend to be slightly bashful. According to my observations, that woman seems to like conquering bashful boys, especially virgins!”

“Bashful, how?” Zhang Tie asked while looking a bit nervous.

Barley glanced at Zhang Tie. “You don’t need to pretend, she will know you are a virgin at first sight!”

“F*ck!” Zhang Tie cursed inside.

“How do you know that… that… Miss Anna?” Zhang Tie asked curiously.

“When I was 12, my dad took me to visit a friend’s home, and that’s where I got acquainted with her. Ever since the first time I saw her, I had been attracted to her plump breasts. She was really sexy and started to seduce me the instant she saw me…!” Barley said frankly.

Visited her at the age of 12? Zhang Tie became puzzled.

“Is she married?”

“Nope, Miss Anna was a mistress of a man who was a middle-class official in the Department of Goods in Blackhot City. Soon after he saw her for the first time, her lover was arrested. Do you remember that Great Train Robbery that happened several years ago? Her lover was arrested because of that event…”

The Great Train Robbery was a bloody robbery that shocked the whole Andaman Alliance and had occurred when Zhang Tie was in preliminary school. At that time, a train filled with many valuable materials was being transported outside of Blackhot City, heading for the manufacturing center of Andaman Alliance——Kalur, the city of machines. However, it was robbed by the Red-Scarf Burglars on the way, and as a result, there was nothing left on the train. Additionally, the driver, a detachment of soldiers on the train, and as well as several unfortunate workers were murdered. Ever since that incident, the Red-Scarf Burglars had been wanted across Blackhot City.

“How is that incident related to her lover?” Zhang Tie was surprised.

“Of course, I was also confused at first. However, when I came back late after school, I saw Miss Anna applying makeup to herself while she stood under the roadside lamps. When I came back home, I asked my dad why and he told me that her lover was arrested for disclosing secrets of some of the goods in the train. It was reasonable to arrest him…” Fatty Barley cursed while walking along with Zhang Tie. This story was really interesting to Zhang Tie.

“What then?”

“She’s so alluring that I couldn’t stand anymore, so one day, I stole some of my dad’s money and helped her!”

“Help?” Zhang Tie stared at Barley curiously. However, that guy was not bashful in the least.

“Of course, I helped her with either money or my body. Try to imagine how lonely and helpless she is without her lover. In every aspect, she definitely needs the comfort and help from a man. And as I could meet her demands, I used my innocent body and spent all the money I could get for her!” Barley explained shamelessly.

Zhang Tie became speechless as he had noticed another trait of Fatty—shameless, endlessly shameless! How could he explain something like sleeping with a whore to be such a holy and righteous act? This was the first time Zhang Tie had heard such a ridiculous theory.

Zhang Tie knew that there were some apologists and hypocrites that would criticize seeking a whore as a morally degenerate and filthy behavior; however, there were also shameless guys like Barley who would glorify it as a beautiful deed to help the unprivileged. For Zhang Tie, this was neither holy nor indecent; it was just like the trades that happened in Donder’s grocery store—there was a need. A woman needed money to survive, while a man needed to complete his coming-of-age ceremony. Nobody got hurt, and IOUs didn’t exist. What was more, Zhang Tie thought that he was neither an apologist nor a righteous man or swordsman that might exist somewhere at a given point in time. Zhang Tie could not change what happened to her before, and neither should he assume responsibilities for sleeping with her in the future. Each man had his own story. Today, he needed a woman’s help to become a real man. That was it!

“Take this…” Barley gave him a small paper parcel. “This should work if you’re not as stupid as Doug!”

After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie took that paper parcel and opened it. Taking out three tea leaves, he put them inside his mouth and smacked his lips. “It tastes like nothing special!”

This was the first time Zhang Tie had eaten tea leaves to freshen his mouth.

By the time they stood in front of the same door that Doug had previously stood at, darkness had already fallen and the alley looked much darker. Perhaps it was because of his excessive male hormones, but Zhang Tie was excited.

Spitting out the three tea leaves, he took a deep breath under Barley’s encouraging stare. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” He knocked on the door and waited peacefully. Zhang Tie began to hallucinate about Miss Anna’s sexy figure and her sexy expression as his heart started to pound. He became breathless, and his erect p*nis stood up once again, forcing him to have to toss one hand into his pocket and press down on that wild thing.

A little bit of lamp light penetrated from behind the door. Before Zhang Tie knocked on the door for the second time, the sound of footsteps drifted over. Hearing the footsteps, Zhang Tie became even more breathless and started to peep through the cracks of the door...

When the door opened, the frowning face of a woman above the age of 50 with gray hair appeared in front of Zhang Tie. The old woman stood in front of Zhang Tie and Barley with a grin. Her front row of silver teeth scared Zhang Tie, causing him to take a few steps back. Never would he have thought that this fantasies of the “surprise” would turn into a “frightening shock”. At this moment, his p*nis shrunk…

“Come on in!” the old woman uttered…

Zhang Tie turned pale and stared at Barley. Zhang Tie swore inside that he would definitely beat up Fatty Barley if this was Miss Anna, even at the risk of exposing his real strength…

“She’s Miss Anna’s servant!” Fatty explained. Hearing that, Zhang Tie felt reassured. “Where’s Miss Anna?”

“She’s inside…” the servant replied and closed the door. Barley then went inside with Zhang Tie.

The house was not large, but it was well cleaned. When they passed through the door, they saw a passageway and a guest room, which looked really comfortable and warm. The whole house was filled with a slight scent of a woman. Smelling this, Zhang Tie’s p*nis became as hard as fine steel once again.

Waiting in the guest room, Zhang Tie found Miss Anna coming out of the washroom as she dried her crimson-red hair; she seemed to have just taken a bath. Miss Anna was wearing a pair of sandals and translucent lace camis that just barely covered her butt. She was thin and tall and had plump breasts and a plump butt. Although she was not extremely beautiful, she still looked enchanting and seductive, especially her pair of watery eyes. Once his eyes fell upon that woman, Zhang Tie was no longer able to avert his eyes. Consequently, the blood all over his body rushed towards his p*nis…

Hidden under her translucent lace camis, her body appeared under the light of the lamps in the guest room. Her snow-white thighs were exposed, and the graceful curves hidden under the pajamas almost drove Zhang Tie mad. Her breasts especially stood out. Zhang Tie swore that they were definitely larger than Miss Daina’s. Droplets of water from her hair fell onto her breasts, causing the thin camis to become even more translucent as her breasts stuck more tightly to it. Besides the seductive plump breasts, the two purplish grapes also loomed.

Without needing to say a word, Barley pointed at Zhang Tie, and in response, Miss Anna showed an enchanting smile that made Zhang Tie dazed as he instantly mistook this woman for Miss Daina.

Miss Anna walked over and held Zhang Tie’s hand while he was still nervous and gaping. After kissing him gently on his face, she pulled Zhang Tie into her bedroom.

Smelling the fragrance of that mature woman, Zhang Tie became more nervous and slow-witted. Before entering the bedroom, Zhang Tie anxiously looked back at Barley, only to see Barley clasping his fist in encouragement.

The door to the bedroom was closed by Miss Anna as she pulled Zhang Tie towards the huge bed with a pink mosquito net. At that moment, Zhang Tie felt like he was in a wet dream.

“Come on, baby. Apply some rose essence on your auntie…” Miss Anna took out a fine glass bottle containing a dark-red liquid. She passed it to Zhang Tie and gave him a fascinating smile as she slightly undid the straps of her camis. Immediately, a charming, naked female body was lazily lying in front of Zhang Tie …

At that moment, Zhang Tie was in a daze. Her naked body was truly stimulating. Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva and moved two steps forward. Seeing Miss Anna staring at his high rising tent and her bashful smile as she rested her face on her hand, Zhang Tie felt all the blood rushing to his head and immediately charged at her…

“Slower, baby, ah…”

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