Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 55: Caught

Chapter 55: Caught

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After seeing Zhang Tie enter the bedroom with Miss Anna, Barley paid the old servant 4 silver coins and then sat in the guest room alone as he drunk water peacefully.

Listening to the faint moan of Miss Anna from inside the bedroom, Barley showed an obscene smile. After a while, he heard various strange sounds and the gentle laughters of Miss Anna. More than ten minutes later, a miserable cry drifted over, almost frightening Barley who was drinking water. Barley thought that it might have been Zhang Tie’s cry. Then, the bedroom became silent for a while. Several minutes later, another miserable cry was heard again. Barley heard it clearly this time and it truly came from Zhang Tie.

“What’s happening?” Barley curiously stared at the bedroom. He knew that Miss Anna had no special hobbies and she was the best teacher for virgin boys. How come Bighead cried so miserably?

After the second miserable cry, no more sounds were heard from the bedroom. 5 or 6 minutes later, Barley saw Zhang Tie dejectedly walking out of the bedroom with a pale face. Lowering his head, Zhang Tie pulled Barley’s arm and ran outside without saying a single word.

They didn’t slow down until they were 100 meters away from Miss Anna’s home…

“What’s happening, Bighead? Why were you crying so miserably?” Fatty Barley asked while gasping.

Zhang Tie looked frustrated. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Only under the insistence of Barley’s repeated questions did Zhang Tie reluctantly pour out his secret quietly…

“My d*ck… expanded too much. It was similar unsheathing a sword, but it was difficult to pull it out. I have tried to ‘unsheathe’ it twice, but it almost tore off the ‘sheath’ before being fully ‘unsheathed’.…

“Did you have the same feeling when you slept with her for the first time? Was it utterly different from that in dream?” Zhang Tie asked Barley unconfidently.

Hearing what Zhang Tie said, Barley gaped. Although he wanted to freely laugh loudly, he solemnly suggested, “Bro, it’s nothing serious. You should get circumcised when you have time…”


It seemed that Zhang Tie’s plan to end his virgin status absolutely failed. Thinking of that disastrous defeat, Zhang Tie was fully frustrated.

“Circumcise? F*ck! Nobody has told me about that. It seemed that I didn’t have that problem when “fighting” Miss Daina in the dream. How come I couldn’t stand it when in a real ‘fight’? It seemed that my good reputation would be ruined today.” Zhang Tie was willing to bet that Barley, that talkative guy, would definitely spread this awkward matter among the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood tomorrow.

“Bro, why are you so unhappy? Tell us, so we’ll be happy. Hahaha…” Whenever Zhang Tie thought of the bad traits of the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, he saw no bright future.

At that moment, Zhang Tie saw the two crescents hanging in the sky, seemingly giving off a smile of ridicule. After separating from Barley, Zhang Tie stepped on to the road back home gloomily while casually kicking cobblestones on his way home.

Unconsciously, Zhang Tie moved onto a less populated path…

“Bang.” Zhang Tie had walked into someone. “Ah, sorry…”

He had walked into a huge figure. After apologizing, Zhang Tie raised his face and saw a familiar, evil face. As his two hands clasped around Zhang Tie’s shoulders like a pair of iron pincers, he said, “I finally found you, boy…”

The face looked slightly familiar. The moment Zhang Tie wanted to open his mouth, he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head as everything turned pitch black—he had lost consciousness


Feeling a cold sensation as cold water had been poured on his face, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. He then saw two ugly faces through the flickering of the lamp lights, giving off an expression as if they wanted to eat him. A cold feeling could be felt as he realized the snake-like man had already placed a dagger at his throat.

“Boy, I can easily cut through your windpipe before you can even shout. Try it if you don’t believe me. If I’m clear, nod once. Afterwards, we can have a good conversation!” Zhang Tie didn’t know why, but he was almost more calm when facing dangers. At that moment, Zhang Tie’s mind was as clear as a crystal. Hearing the man’s suggestion, Zhang Tie immediately thought of four pieces of useful information in his mind:.

The first piece of information: The man with the dagger is preventing him from shouting, which meant that this place was not very far from populated areas.

The second piece of information: Since his fate was in their hands, and they didn’t seem to care about killing him, he needed to speak carefully.

The third piece of information: He had met them last Thursday when he had walked into the manly guy called Huck. In the end, he picked up a wooden plate. Since they are looking for him, it must be related to that wooden plate. It seems that although that wooden plate was useless to him, it was very important to them, thus the wooden plate would determine Zhang Tie’s life or death.

The fourth piece of information: Since the two of them have captured him, this means that they are not afraid of being recognized by Zhang Tie. And since they don’t care about the troubles from the magistrates, then it seems that they have made preparations to ensure that Zhang Tie wouldn’t be a threat. They must have made one of the following two decisions: First, they will take the wooden plate and leave Blackhot City; Second, kill him directly. Only having chosen one of those two options would they be this confident…

As the icy dagger stuck close to his throat, the faint smell of blood immediately allowed Zhang Tie to determine their final decision. As he oozed sweat all over his body, Zhang Tie knew that he was faced with the greatest crisis in his life…

All those thoughts flashed in Zhang Tie’s mind in a single second. Then, Zhang Tie nodded…

Soon after, the dagger was moved away; however, the icy edge caused goosebumps to appear on the skin on Zhang Tie’s neck.

“I remember you! We met last Thursday!” Before the two were able to open their mouths, Zhang Tie had forced himself to calm down and started the conversation, causing Huck and Snade to be stunned simultaneously.

Huck and Snade stared at each other silently.

“Very good, boy! Since you remember us, let’s not talk nonsense! Give that wooden plate back to us!” Snade forced a smile within a split second as he immediately put away his dagger. “That plate is very important to us, so give it back right now. If you do so, then we’ll both benefit!”

“Can I sit up?” Zhang Tie asked.

“Heh… Heh…” Huck smiled viciously as he stretched out his hands and yanked Zhang Tie up to his feet. He then pushed Zhang Tie into a chair. The moment Zhang Tie sat up, he noticed that all his personal belongs had been searched through by the two and were spread over the desk. It seemed that the two had only woken Zhang Tie up when they found nothing. If Zhang Tie brought the plate with him, he might have already been a corpse by now.

Looking around, Zhang Tie realized he was in a bedroom with no windows. Around him were various common appliances that were cheap and clean. He could hear faint human voices from outside. Glancing over this bedroom, Zhang Tie instantly remembered those hotels especially used by the pioneers in Blackhot City. Due to the living habits for pioneers that drew them to secrecy and safety, none of the hotels for pioneers had windows, thus they felt like secret rooms. This room had most of the features one would find in a pioneer’s hotel room.

“I don’t remember taking your thing…” Hearing his words, Huck and Snade’s faces twisted at the same time. However, before the two were able to beat him up, Zhang Tie immediately added, “That day I walked into you…” Zhang Tie then pointed at Huck. “After you left, I found a small cloth bag on the ground, and when I opened it, I found a common, triangular piece of wood. I wonder whether you are looking for that?”

“That piece of wood is very important to us. If you can hand it back to us, you will get 10 gold coins as a reward…” Snade gave a kind smile. “Can you tell us where you put it?”

“Nobody would trust you!” Zhang Tie cursed inside. Putting on a greedy look, Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva as he looked at Snade. “10 gold coins? Are you cheating me? I just f*cked a woman for 4 silver coins today. If I had 10 gold coins, I could f*ck 200 women…”

“How could I cheat you? Take a look…” As he said this, Snade took out his purse from his coat, opening it and pouring out dozens of gold coins into his hands immediately.. Seeing those glittering coins, Zhang Tie gaped. At this moment, he was not pretending; ever since he was born, he had truly never seen so many gold coins.

Zhang Tie stretched out his hand to take them, but the gold coins were retracted at the same time. “You still haven’t told me where you have put it.”

“It’s at my house. If you let me go, I’ll go and bring it back to you. Since I found it useless when I returned home that night, I had casually thrown it into my nephew’s bunch of building blocks!”

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