Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 53: Effects of the Iron Body Fruit

Chapter 53: Effects of the Iron Body Fruit

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When Zhang Tie realized the way to use the Iron Body Fruit was exactly the same as the Leakless Fruit, he no longer hesitated and directly plucked the strange-looking fruit and consumed it. It was slightly crunchy and had a fragrance similar to a peach that was not yet fully ripe. Afterwards, he waited for a while for the effects to manifest; however, nothing happened. He then waiting for another while, but nothing happened either…

After quite a while, Zhang Tie blinked a few times and had found that nothing had changed. “There really is a sharp difference between the effects of the Iron Body Fruit and the Leakless Fruit” He felt slightly disappointed; however, in that split second, Zhang Tie realized that he might have been too greedy. As he got this fruit from only being beaten up by a kid for 4 times, the effects of the Iron Body Fruit could not be noticed right now without quantitative accumulation. Iron body… Iron body… Naturally, you can’t have an iron body after having been beaten up only 4 times.

Thinking in this way, Zhang Tie recovered his composure. After finishing the practice of and polishing the burning point at his tailbone, Zhang Tie fell asleep.

At midnight, Zhang Tie woke up because of his growling stomach. Hurriedly sitting up, he grabbed several pieces of toilet paper from the head of his bed and locked on to the arched door in his mind, entering the Castle of Black Iron. With short breaths, he ran towards a corner in the Castle of Black Iron. Covering his stomach, he was only able to run a few dozen steps before he could no longer hold it in. He then immediately took off his pants and squatted. The moment he squatted, he cooly excreted the waste in his bowels, which smelt particularly bad. After more than ten minutes, Zhang Tie felt that he had discharged all the messy things from the insides his stomach. After cleaning his butt, Zhang Tie stared at that “polluted” place as he frowned. At the same time, he was startled by that black pile.

F*ck, that was really disgusting. How did my sh*t turn black?

That pile of sh*t smelled extremely terrible and looked disgusting. Thus, like a cat, Zhang Tie decided to cover his shit with soil.

After looking around, Zhang Tie ran over to that small tree, which had a sundry box beside it. The “powerful rat poison” and the dagger gifted by Donder were stored inside the box in addition to a pile of sundries inside. Zhang Tie picked up a small shovel and ran back to that messy place. He then shoveled a pile of soil and covered the “evidence”. After doing that, Zhang Tie returned to his bed and fell asleep again.

Zhang Tie faintly felt that his stomachache was related to the Iron Body Fruit; however, he didn’t put much thought into it, as he didn’t lose anything in the end. As for the other effects of the Iron Body Fruit, Zhang Tie thought that he would know about it sooner or later!

That night, Zhang Tie slept dreamlessly. When Zhang Tie woke up again, although the pain and the soreness of his body had greatly lessened, he felt no other special changes. His underwear was still dry and cold, and his p*nis was still erect and hard.

Zhang Tie decided not to worry about the matter regarding the Iron Body Fruit anymore. When it came to mind that today would be his “heyday”, Zhang excitedly got up immediately and began the start of his new day.


Zhang Tie entered school in the cleanest clothes he had and in the new leather shoes gifted by his elder brother. What waited for Zhang Tie was not admiration; instead, he was met with all sorts of jokes, looks of ridicule, and gossiping from the bastards in the Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

“Hey… Hey… You’re well prepared!” Fatty Barley came over to Zhang Tie with an obscene smile after class. “You look much cleaner and fresher than you usually are. A fresher virgin may be well welcomed by women. You may be gifted with a surprise~”

Right when Zhang Tie was pretending to punch Barley in the face, he heard the word “surprise”, causing his hormones to immediately rise up rapidly. “What surprise?” Zhang Tie asked the Fatty curiously.

Barley smiled obscenely. However, before he was able to answer, Hista, the evilest guy in the brotherhood, had already wrapped his arm around Zhang Tie’s shoulder and whispered something to Zhang Tie, making him really excited…


Could a virgin concentrate on listening to lessons on the very day when he would end his virginity after having endured for more than ten years? At the very least, Zhang Tie couldn’t. Most of the horny students in the class weren’t in the mood for lessons as well; instead of paying attention, most of them were busy asking the teacher for their signature, as after tomorrow, they would have to say farewell to this classroom. Because of this, most classes in the final two days completely became classes where the students would ask for signatures from their teachers, and Miss Daina obviously had the most fans. Classmates also sought signature from each other. Early in the morning, Zhang Tie had already written down his blessings for many of his classmates.

Although nobody would admit it, everybody felt somewhat dejected over having to leave school. Every one of them wanted to leave something behind, as none of them knew how many among them would lose their lives during the survival training and would be forgotten by the others after several years.

The training class in the afternoon was their final class at this school. In the last training class, the instructor only talked about one topic—the usage of the long-handled weapon in wild training and how to hunt several common animals with long-handled weapons through teamwork. The instructor’s implications were very obvious. For these green birds, they had to cooperate with each other as they used long-handled weapons like pikes and spears to keep a distance between them and the enemy. This was a critical rule for the training in the wild.

Finally, class was over. Outside the school gates, the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood also bade farewell to Zhang Tie like what they did to Doug last time.

“Hope you will be a real man when we see you tomorrow!” Bagdad gave his blessings.

“Enjoy it!” Sharwin added.

“Young men are always ferocious for the first time. Once you can make her feel good, it will be possible to do it another five or six times!”

“Do not keep those damned tea leaves in your mouth!” Doug suggested.

“Don’t forget how to stall time as I told you!” Leit smiled obscenely.

Zhang Tie had mixed feelings at that moment. He felt feelings of excitement and anxiety, and he also felt sadness since he could not easily see Miss Daina again.

Finally, under Barley’s urgency and those horny guys’ whistles and laughter, Zhang Tie left with Barley and headed for the destination where he would end his virginity.

“The same place that Doug had gone last time?” Zhang Tie asked curiously on the way.

“That’s right!” Barley nodded. “Miss Anna is a good instructor to guide you to be a real man…”

“I have to work in the grocery store today!”

“You’ve already told me. I will go pick you up at the grocery store at 7 pm, and we will go look for Miss Anna together!”

“Fine!” Zhang Tie didn’t ask where Barley was heading to, as each man had his own secret.

When they arrived at the first intersection at the railway station, Zhang Tie left Barley and headed for Donder’s grocery store.

At the sight of Zhang Tie, Donder’s words almost made Zhang Tie fall down outside the grocery store. “I remember you told me that you would not be a virgin soon. Judging from your clothes and the pair of new leather shoes, I guess it will happen tonight. Hey… Hey… Actually, I would understand if you told me it would happen tonight. There is an old saying in the Oriental Continent—‘It’s worth one thousand gold coins to sleep with the one you love’. I won’t be that unkind. How about imparting you with two techniques? I am sure the lady will be highly spirited when you use them!” Donder smiled obscenely.

The fatty’s talent of observing others made Zhang Tie furious. His secret was revealed so easily, making Zhang Tie feel like he had lost face.

“Yea, I will go for a woman two hours later to end my virginity. I heard that young men always performed ferociously for the first time, and they could even do it seven or eight times. Dear boss, how long has it been since you have not been able to do it seven or eight times in one night?” Zhang Tie purposely patted his own forehead. “Oh, I almost forgot. At your age, you should just stay healthy since you are not suitable to do this anymore!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s harsh attack, Donder, who was drinking water, coughed heavily. As a result, the two glared at each other furiously for a while, just like two fighting cocks. Then, they harrumphed consecutively, turned away their heads respectively, and started doing their own jobs.

Donder dealt with several transactions, while Zhang Tie settled the accounts. It might be because Zhang Tie had made him angry, but the narrow-minded man looked cold for two hours. During that period, he didn’t say a single word to Zhang Tie. Whenever their eyes met, Donder would harrumph and turn his face away. Two hours later, that guy spoke stingily again, “I will not provide you supper!” Hearing this, Zhang Tie left.

Walking out of the gate, Zhang Tie saw Barley greeting him on the other side of the street. In a split second, he felt his heart pounding again, more heavily this time. Zhang Tie then shook his head and that gloomy face of Glaze flashed away in his mind.

“Motherf*cker!” Zhang Tie cursed inside.


In an alley nearby the railway station, Huck became gradually infuriated after having received no clues in the past week. Even Snade became anxious as he played his dagger. It was becoming closer to the final moment when the organization would take action. If they were still unable to contact that influential figure inside the Blackhot City within two days, they would fail this task and would have to escape as far away as possible…

The darkness fell again when a thin beggar ran into the alley.

“We’ve found a person who meets your description…”


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