Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 120: One Arrow for Three Birds

Chapter 120: One Arrow for Three Birds

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Many people were quietly watching something in front of them. The moment Kristine and that boy walked over there, these guys even put their index fingers onto their mouths, requesting them to keep quiet. Lowering his voice, one guy uttered, “No noise, a brother is so great, he could flirt with three girls at the same time. He’s not a person, definitely a god. Don’t disturb us so we can learn from him...”

Flirt with three girls at the same time? Not only that boy, even Kristine was shocked. The two people could only think of two words - ‘No Way!’. After exchanging glances, they reached a tacit agreement for the first time. Therefore, they both slowed down their steps and moved forward.

They then heard Zhang Tie’s most shameless words to the three girls, “Really, you are all the best in my eyes...”


For some reason, his words made the three girls begin crying even harder. As he was embracing them with his hands, he could only kiss their tears away. At this moment, Zhang Tie swore inwardly that he truly treasured and loved them.

When he was kissing their tears, he felt that he was kissing flowers with dew on them. Those flowers were so beautiful, tender, and lovely. Like a gardener who loved flowers so much that he would even turn himself into sh*t to fertilize them, Zhang Tie was also using his most humble fashion to treasure them.

The salty and hot tears became an icy small fish, which started to stiffly swim in his mouth. At some point, Beverly had already bravely kissed Zhang Tie. She stretched her tongue into Zhang Tie’s mouth which really shocked him and made him stiff. He couldn’t do anything but start to suck on her tongue. All in a sudden, Zhang Tie felt Beverly in his right hand became soft all over, followed by her gradually heating up face.

Such an enchanting taste made Zhang Tie so intoxicated that he even closed his eyes. Beverly’s long eyebrows then niftily rubbed Zhang Tie’s face, causing him to feel itchy and become lost in her tenderness.

“I want it too...” Alice, who was on the side, expressed her dissatisfaction by a cold harrumph. Closely followed that, the first small fish swam away, and the second small fish swam in niftily. Being different from the first fish, Alice’s small fish clumsily swam across Zhang Tie’s gingiva, causing him to become numb all over as if an electric current had flown through his body. Then, Zhang Tie turned his own tongue into a small fish too. As a result, the two small fishes started to play in their mouths.

Beverly’s small fish and hot lips just stayed at Zhang Tie’s ear, slightly playing with his earlobe. Her hot breath fanned his face. All of a sudden, Zhang Tie felt that he was going to explode, and that hand around Beverly unconsciously fell onto her sexy buttocks, starting to rub them.

That untamed thing in Zhang Tie’s crotch had long poked onto Pandora’s soft abdomen like an infuriated dragon when Beverly started to kiss him. After knowing that thing was not Zhang Tie’s “dagger”, Pandora also became soft all over. Gluing onto Zhang Tie’s chest, she started to quiver all over and became slightly hotter.

Young boys and girls being seduced by sex would all be fascinated by the pleasures brought by such fascinating swirls and senses. They would forget where they were. They were each other’s only world.

At least Zhang Tie felt like this. At this moment, he had forgotten that he was in the Wild Wolf Square. Although dusk had gradually fallen, there was still a large audience near the square.

At this moment, many male animals and girls were not simply viewing Zhang Tie as a common god; they viewed him as the great creator and the only God. They had never expected to see such a great person like him.

It was really quiet in the surroundings!

It really felt great to kiss them!

Zhang Tie almost forgot time!

“What are you doing?”

Only when the solemn and angry shout reverberated in their ears did the four wake up from that dreaming swirl, faces turning red. Hearing the shout, Zhang Tie was startled all over. He then looked around and found Miss Qili glaring at him with eyes wide open.

If it was anyone else, Zhang Tie might have felt shameful; however, at the sight of this f*cking woman, Zhang Tie immediately became annoyed.

“Miss Qili, we are kissing, haven’t you seen such an obvious fact...” The moment the three girls became restless and wanted to move, they were tightly embraced by Zhang Tie. He raised his head and looked at Miss Qili full of aggression. “You’re a teacher, not a queen; if you want to punish me, you’d better have a proper reason. I don’t remember any law of Blackhot City, any school regulations, or any wartime decree of Andaman Alliance that forbids kissing!”

After saying this, Zhang Tie ignored Miss Qili and said to the three girls, “Come on, babies, let’s continue; let me see, who’s turn now...”

Face turning as red as an apple, Alice was not as brave as Zhang Tie. Seeing Miss Qili staring at him, she immediately pinched Zhang Tie’s waist. Beverly also hurriedly stomped on his foot before moving his hand from her butt.

Zhang Tie didn’t mean to kiss them; instead, he just disguised the kissing by pouting his mouth. He did this to make Miss Qili angry.

Unexpectedly, Pandora became braver than him at this moment. The moment he moved his pouted mouth in front of Pandora, she truly started to kiss him. Putting her arms tightly around him, she stood up on her tiptoes. As a result, another small fish drilled into Zhang Tie’s mouth without any hesitation while her saliva flowed down from her mouth’s corner.

The two of them were so devoted that a “Zi Za” sound could even be heard. The scene really made Alice and Beverly stunned.

So did it make the audience.

Zhang Tie was really shocked at that moment as well. ‘Is this the same bashful Pandora? Her small fish is both shameful and brave, much braver than that of Alice’s and Beverly’s.”

“Pandora?” Like a cat who’s tale been stepped on, Miss Qili immediately raised her voice.

Even hearing her shriek, Pandora’s small fish felt reluctant to leave Zhang Tie’s lips. Finally, in front of all the others, she even cleaned all the saliva around his mouth using her tongue. After that, she smiled at him before using her sleeve to kindly dry his mouth’s corners and kissed his face. Only after doing this did she turn back and calmly faced that woman who had been driven mad. She then politely greeted, “Miss Qili!”

“What were you doing?” Miss Qili angrily shrieked.

“I was kissing my beloved man with all my heart. Isn’t it one of the goals for each girl to find her beloved man in this survival training?” she answered, looking very calm.

“He?”Miss Qili pointed at Zhang Tie and angrily said, “He’s just a shameless, lecherous guy!”

“Miss Qili, you’re wrong. In my heart, he’s a true tough man. He’s kind, responsible, brave, sincere, and not hypocritical. To save my life, he was even ready sacrifice his own. I feel most happy with him. I, Pandora, have never felt that happy before! I could do anything for him!”

“You girls are really muddle-headed. He’s just playing you. Look at the other girls, you’d better not be cheated by him!”

Miss Qili stared at Pandora full of pain, like looking at a lost sheep.

The skinny Pandora revealed a smile. “What if you’re right?

“Even if he has 100 girls, or 1000 girls, I still would like to be played by him and to please him. He’s my beloved man. If he’s happy, I’m then happy too! Alice, Beverly, don’t you agree?”

After exchanging glances with Beverly, Alice also moved her face closer to Zhang Tie’s and started another long kiss. When her mouth left his, a shiny wisp of saliva was even pulled out.

Then, like how Pandora had done, Alice also used her tongue to clean the saliva around Zhang Tie’s mouth. Closely after Alice was Beverly. Being different from the earlier two, this beauty even niftily bit his nose tip after kissing him.

Hearing Pandora’s words, Zhang Tie almost teared up. Alice and Beverly’s braveness also made moed him, causing his tears to come finally come out. Ignoring Miss Qili’s attitude, he bent over Pandora’s body in his arm and fiercely kissed her face after laughing out loudly. The same scene happened with the other two women.

Driven mad, Miss Qili turned back and left without saying anything.

“We were completely on your side, are you satisfied now?”

Beverly the enchanting girl, who had been fully relaxed, lightly bit his face.

“Let us go now, my waist is almost broken!”

Alice also gave him a white eye.

Laughing loudly, Zhang Tie loosened his arms. “At most one month. Wait for me for that time. The next time when you see me, I’m sure you’ll be greatly startled. Believe me, your man will never let you down!”

After saying this, Zhang Tie ignored the surrounding whispers and took out three packages wrapped in oil paper, one for each girl. They were so heavy that the girls could not even hold them without using two hands.

“What’s this?” Alice curiously asked.

“This is the food I’ve prepared for you. It’s enough for one month’s time. Even if I’m going to leave, I won’t let you be hungry!”

“Since they were for us, why didn’t you give them when we were at the tree base. You don’t need to carry such heavy things alone!” Beverly said.

“It’s too heavy, I’ve prepared about 20-30 kg of food for each of you. How could you bear such a load during that long path? Of course, I would carry them for you...”


Thinking of Zhang Tie’s sweating look on the way here, Alice’s eyes were filled with tears once again. This man had silently carried 80-90 kg of packaged meat for 5 km of mountainous path only to give them that food. Yet they had thought that the items in the package were prepared for his loner’s survival training and needed to be processed here in the Wild Wolf Castle.

“Oh, yea, and this...”

Saying this, Zhang Tie pulled out three well-polished wolf canines.

“In Chinese belief, the canines from a wild wolf killed by a man using his own hands and worn on that man’s woman’s body would prevent evil from happening. I’ve prepared them for you. I killed that wolf today using only my hands to prepare a canine for each of you...”

Recalling the risky scene whre Zhang Tie had killed the wild wolf using only his hands at noon to prepare a canine for them, the three girls were really moved.

After carefully putting away the canines that Zhang Tie had delicately prepared for them, they hugged him once again, kissing him crazily.

“Well, it’s getting late now, I’ll accompany you in!” Zhang Tie patted the three girls’ shoulders as he accompany them to the outer castle. Standing outside the gate of the inner castle, he confided in them various things before bidding farewell and seeing them off to the inner castle with a great amount of items.

Seeing Pandora’s thin frame disappearing last, Zhang Tie recalled something and shouted loudly, “Pandora...”

She turned back and stared at him.

Zhang Tie only opened his mouth, yet did not say anything—eat more, wait for me to come back!

Pandora seemed to understand it. She then also moved her mouth and replied with no voice—bastard!

Beauty was really the source of happiness!

Zhang Tie became very excited. Humming a tune, he left the Wild Wolf Castle. The moment he walked out of the outer castle, planning to converge with Barley and the other members of the Brotherhood, he suddenly found himself surrounded by many animals. With shiny eyes and excited expressions, these animals stared at him which really startled him.

‘What’s happening, are they going to beat me?’ Zhang Tie wondered inwardly.

“What do you want?” Zhang Tie he asked with a raised voice.

“Master, save me...” An animal rushed forward with cries, hugging Zhang Tie’s leg. He raised his head with tears welling up in his eyes. “I’ve not have a chance to touch a girl’s hand since the start of this survival training. Woe is me, please give me even a single instruction, I don’t want to be alone...”

Wordless, Zhang Tie scratched his head. “Do you want to know why the three girls can love me at the same time?”

Everybody then crazily nodded.

“As men, we should not ask why a girl doesn’t love us; instead, we should ask ourselves, which aspect of us is worth their love.”

Saying this, Zhang Tie felt that his expression was akin to that of Burwick’s.

He hadn’t come up with this phrase himself; instead, he had learned it from Donder. Zhang Tie felt it was proper to use it at this moment. He couldn’t even explain why. He only remembered that he had given away his first kiss to the three girls tonight. Until now, he still didn’t understand how it had developed to this degree.

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