Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 121: Disbandment of Male Lion Association

Chapter 121: Disbandment of Male Lion Association

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Leaving the group of gaping animals, Zhang Tie met up with the other members of the Brotherhood. At the sight of the admiration in the eyes of the other members of the Brotherhood on him, Zhang Tie felt pretty cool once again.

“How did you do that?” Hista seriously asked Zhang Tie on the way back. “Do you know that you’ve opened a wholly new school tonight in flirting with girls? That is really a great invention!”

“What school have I opened?”

Zhang Tie became amazed.

“Beast school...”


He didn’t know that among the onlookers were some people who had been blessed by the fabricated Ancient Gods Church.

On the second day, the Wild Wolf Castle was filled with various gossip that a tough guy had successfully expressed his love to three girls at the same time.

However, in the mining cave, when the 64 brainwashed guys learnt that Zhang Tie was that tough man, they all became highly spirited. Really, really, that must really be so! That was definitely the effect of Big Blessing Skill. Only Big Blessing Skill could allow an enlightener to successfully express his love to three women at the same time in the same place by using those terrifying words. Besides Zhang Tie, nobody else could do this. That was really a miracle!

Even Zhang Tie didn’t know that what had happened between him and the three girls last night enabled the brainwashed guys to be more certain about the effect of the Big Blessing Skill. They became more pious to the fabricated belief of Ancient Gods Church.


On the second morning, when the guys in the mining cave were spreading the ‘miracle’ of the enlightener, many things happened across the Wild Wolf Castle and the Wild Wolf Valley.

In the tree base, Zhang Tie had long prepared his package to start his loner’s trip in the early morning. His first target for this loner’s survival training was to find and kill the two wild wolves that had escaped him yesterday.

When he left, he was not held back by Barley and the other members of the Brotherhood; instead, they all stood in front of the Dragon-Claw Tree and stared blankly at the six small holes made in a straight line on the trunk. Besides the members of the Brotherhood, nobody else knew how the six small holes came into being.

In Wild Wolf Castle, when Pandora woke up, she found the other girls’ eyes on her were different than before. Previously, all the other girls’ eyes were filled with indifference. However, now Pandora saw a wisp of admiration and envy mixed in with that indifference. Yes, it was admiration and envy. Ever since she was born, she had never seen anyone staring at her with such an expression.


“I heard Pandora became the first partner of Zhang Tie in this survival training...”

“Yes, I heard that Zhang Tie expressed his love to her on the Wild Wolf Square!”

“I really cannot understand it, why did Zhang Tie choose Pandora. She cannot match me in any aspect, including figure and looks. Why not choose me?”

“Don’t forget it, Zhang Tie is also accompanied by Alice and Beverly!”

“What else do the two b*tches have besides their faces. I also have a good figure. I can also do what they can!”

“But they’re braver than us. I heard those naive boys all like such coquettish girls.”

“Do you think it’s still timely for me to be coquettish now?”

“I’m afraid now...”


“Because those women of Rose Association have already occupied the positions in front of you. Can you match those b*tches who pretend to be innocent...”

In the washroom, Pandora closed the door and supported her lovely face with her hands. Sitting on the lid of the washing bowl, she silently listened to the discussion of the girls outside the door. After they left, she took out of the wolf canine that had been gifted by Zhang Tie. Holding it, she carefully looked at it with a wisp of a smile on her face.


Coming out of the washroom, Pandora encountered Alice and Beverly.

“Pandora, we might have made that guy too great last night!”

Alice looked a bit worried.

“We made him well-known!”

“We stirred up big trouble for ourselves. The more well-known he is, the more popular he’ll be among other girls. This is a war between girls, we’d better not lose it!”

Beverly also frowned slightly.

“Whatever, I’ve said that even if he has 100 women, I’ll never mind it!”

Pandora gave them a smile.

“You really aren’t worried about that?”

Both Alice and Beverly stared at Pandora with a bit amazement.

“Do you think other girls still have any chance to be close to him?” she asked them.

Alice and Beverly exchanged glances. “Humph, that guy belongs to us. If he dares to have other thoughts when he comes back, we’ll deal with him together!”

The three girls then giggled...


Being different from the three girls, there were two women who felt bad in the early morning. One was Kristine, and the other Miss Qili. The moment they thought back on how Zhang Tie had shamelessly expressed his love to the three girls last night in the Wild Wolf Square, they would feel blood rush to their heads.

Kristine regretted that she had not kicked Zhang Tie more ferociously, while Miss Qili regretted that she didn’t throw this guy behind the bars in the underground prison of Wild Wolf Castle when she saw this villainous act in the square and kept him there until the end of this survival training.

‘How could there be such a villain in this world!’

Two women started to curse Zhang Tie inwardly. How did he dare to do this? One of the two women believed that this villain must have silently done many more ‘terrifying and disgusting things’ to her in his mind in these days; the other became worried about him doing ‘terrifying and disgusting things’ to more girls. They then both became infuriated about him at the same time.

Seeing Miss Qili’s extremely icy face, all the teachers of Temporary Supervision Committee chose to stay away from her. However, careless Captain Kerlin seemed to know nothing at all. In the early morning, when he saw Miss Qili, he even initially greeted her.

Unexpectedly, he was rewarded with a ferocious glare from Miss Qili. She then turned her face and left, ignoring him, which really made Captain Kerlin dejected.

“What happened to that women?”

He innocently rubbed his mane-covered head with his hand. Everybody then shrugged their shoulders. Right then, at the sight of Zerom walking towards him with a weird expression, Captain Kerlin immediately knew that something must have happened.

“Male Lion Association had been disbanded...” As teachers of Temporary Supervision Committee, they naturally knew well about the situation of greater teams among the students. “You would never guess how it came to be!”

“Hahaha, they’d better be disbanded in case they go to die by themselves in the Crescent Prairie, and I have to clean their butts...” Captain Kerlin laughed out loudly before asking out of curiosity, “How?”

“Burwick went for Zhang Tie yesterday. Then, something happened to them, and the Male Lion Association was disbanded this morning!”

Zerom then told Captain Kerlin about what had happened last night between Zhang Tie and Burwick. Hearing Zerom’s description, let alone Captain Kerlin, even the other teachers beside them, became amazed and started to exchange glances with each other.

“Samira first, then Burwick. Is this Zhang Tie really the natural-born enemy of mean people? How could those guys who wanted to set him up are all being beaten back to their original form? Captain Kerlin, there’s really a sharp one in your school this year!”

“Of course! Back in school, I’ve already found this Zhang Tie outstanding. He could always surprise me. From then on, I’ve meant to cultivate him!” Captain Kerlin calmly replied. “Unexpectedly, he really didn’t let me down! Zerom, where’s that brat? As he has solved the problem of the Male Lion Association and let them calm down, I really want to give him a reward!”

“I’m afraid that you won’t find him now!” Zerom said, shaking his head.


“Because that guy has already started the loner’s survival training!”

“What?” Everybody became shocked once again, including Captain Kerlin. “A LV 1 warrior was brave enough to start a loner’s survival training? Does it mean that there will be another loner among the students besides Blues?”

“I don’t know why he is that confident, either!” Zerom shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe he’ll come back in a couple of days when he can no longer suffer it. Otherwise, he might create another miracle this time. It’s really hard to say...” Zerom casually explained with a wisp of cunningness in his eyes.

“How about betting on the time of Zhang Tie’s arrival?” a teacher suddenly proposed.

When there were no students near them, teachers of Temporary Supervision Committee actually didn’t pretend to be solemn at all. Hearing this suggestion, Zerom smiled.

“Fine, what's the wager?” someone immediately asked.

“Two gold coins for each person, for whether he comes back in one week, two weeks, three weeks or after three...”


More than ten teachers agreed immediately. After closing the door, they started to sign and put their thumbs’ prints. After that, they took out the gold coins and left the receipts. Most teachers bet that Zhang Tie would come back in around 1-2 weeks. Only two teachers bet that he would stand 3 weeks, recalling his performance against Samira.

“Zerom, how long do you think that Zhang Tie can stand outside alone?”

“Even if most of you think that brat won’t be able to stand three weeks, I’ll choose more than three weeks!” Saying this, Zerom dropped two gold coins.

“What about you, Captain Kerlin?”

Seeing the more than 20 brilliant gold coins, the one-eyed man rolled his eyes before glancing at Zerom. “I will also choose more than three weeks!”

Seeing Zerom’s mouth corner twitch slightly, Captain Kerlin was even more certain that Zerom was really cunning. ‘But I, the Captain Kerlin, am not an idiot either. This time, I’ll follow that cunning guy and may enjoy another surprise from this brat. Heh… heh...’


When a group of laughing teachers were betting in the office of the Wild Wolf Castle, several other events happened in the Wild Wolf Valley.

Less than two hours after Zhang Tie had left the tree base, a group of girls from Rose Association arrived. Their arrival made the girls who had already formed a team with the Brotherhood feel like they faced a great enemy.

When they arrived, Doug was left alone in the tree base while the other members were off to collect their prey from the traps. Seeing those girls from Rose Association, Doug’s saliva poured like a stream.

Of course, they were here for Zhang Tie. After a casual talk, they learned that he had left. Hearing that he had started a loner’s survival training, they became both shocked and disappointed.

Before leaving, a beautiful girl in Rose Association told Doug, “When Zhang Tie comes back, please tell him that Angel, who had picked pine nuts together with him, had come here for him!”

Doug nodded like an idiot.

Therefore, by noon, the whole Wild Wolf Castle teemed with gossip that Zhang Tie would be the second loner, next to Archer Blues. By then, Zhang Tie’s name had started to become brilliant among all the students attending this survival training.

However, when Zhang Tie’s name became begun to shine, Burwick’s name was gradually forgotten...

In the base of Male Lion Association.

Although the broken ribs had been wrapped and dealt with once again, the marks on Burwick’s face from the ferocious beating could not be eliminated in a short time, after just one night’s rest.

Burwick who had panda eyes—one big, one small—numbly stood at the entrance of the mountain cave, hoping that the last members of Male Lion Association would stay. Perhaps because he looked too miserable at this moment as he completely looked like a pig head, any words coming out of his mouth sounded funny.

This time, his eloquence was useless.

The Male Lion Association, which seemed to lack morality after being shocked by Samira’s event, fully collapsed. Ignoring Burwick’s meanness by targeting the members of Brotherhood to join the Male Lion Association in front of the girls and inviting Zhang Tie to be the vice head of the Male Lion Association, it was an indisputable fact that Burwick had been ferociously beaten by Zhang Tie like a dead dog. Such a miserable fact was enough to completely destroy the small halo on Burwick’s head since nobody wanted to follow loser’s orders.

The Male Lion Association didn’t completely disband and disappear as many members spontaneously gathered together to hunt prey like before. But this time, Burwick was excluded.

Standing in the base of the Male Lion Association alone for awhile, Burwick finally chuckled like a lunatic. He chuckled in a low voice at first, but then it turned to laughter, and finally wolf cries. Hearing those cries, people would definitely feel creeped out...

“Zhang Tie...”

A miserable wolf howl reverberated from the base of the Male Lion Association.

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