Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 119: You are All My Babies

Chapter 119: You are All My Babies

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The last sentence of Zhang Tie’s gave away a lot of information. First, he was prepared to start a loner’s survival training, and second, the three girls being suddenly attacked by the four wolves today was an unexpected event, which shocked the public a lot.

Therefore, in the second half of the supper, the atmosphere became a bit depressed. Although Zhang Tie would have liked to make it more relaxed, none of them was in a good mood.

Dusk fell soon, and it was time to accompany the girls back to the Wild Wolf Castle.

When they arrived at the castle, the other brothers were keeping a distance from Zhang Tie to give him some space to talk with the three girls.

Zhang Tie prepared himself to undo the makeshift package that he was carrying on his back. It looked really large and heavy. As Zhang Tie was not good at packaging items, he just wrapped each one of them with some tarpaulin and kraft paper. All bundled on his back, the items looked pretty cumbersome and were akin to a mining basket full of ores inside.

Since they left the tree base, Zhang Tie had been carrying this huge load. On the way to the Wild Wolf Castle, the three girls didn’t care about it at all. In the depressed atmosphere, they all kept silent, including Zhang Tie. Once he started his loner’s survival training, it meant that the relationship between him and the three girls would come to an end.

After carrying a big load of items from the tree base to the Wild Wolf Castle, even if Zhang Tie had greater strength than before due to mining, he was still sweating all over his forehead.

Before departing, Alice finally opened her mouth to break the silence. “Do you find us boring?” she asked.

“What are you talking about? Hurry up, help me undo the load. I’m so tired, almost dea...”

“If we’re not that boring, why do you prefer to attend the loner’s survival training?” Beverly asked, full of complaints. “No boy would choose a loner’s survival training when he has girlfriends, no matter how great he is!”

Scratching his head, Zhang Tie realized that girls really thought differently than boys. How could they have such weird thoughts? How could he explain this to them?

Seeing Zhang Tie being silent, Alice seemed to become even more angry. Looking pretty cold, instead of having her usual sweet expression, Alice continued, “I know, you think Beverly and I are bad girls because we initially accosted you? You also complained about Pandora’s bad figure. You want to find a girl with as good a frame as that of Beverly and I’s and as good a temperament as that of Pandora’s, am I right?”

“Wench, what are you talking about!” Seeing tears filling their eyes, Zhang Tie, who didn’t know what to say, lost his temper and cursed. “Alice, Beverly, do you know how worried I was about you when I saw wolves chasing after you? The fear on your faces at that moment were deeply engraved into my heart. And you, Pandora, do you know what I was thinking about when I saw a wolf was going to bite your neck? Do you know why I dared to throw my spear towards the wolf at that critical moment? Have you thought about why I was not afraid of hurting you by mistake? Is my throwing skill so perfect?

“If you don’t believe me, you can go ask Barley and the other guys how I’ve performed in throwing before. Pandora, at that moment, I was thinking that if the wolf really bit you, you would definitely lose your life. So I had no other choice but to bet with your life and my own as the wager. If I killed you by mistake, I would also commit a suicide after killing the wolves. However, no matter what, I would never let those beasts just kill you. I could even sacrifice my own life at the critical moment for you, so how can you say that I find you boring?”

“Really? Did you really think that?” Hearing Zhang Tie’s explanation, tears in Pandora’s eyes flowed down like a collapsed river bank. She was really moved. “Did you really want to sacrifice your own life at that moment for me?”

“Really, in my eyes, you are the best. At that moment, I preferred to be bitten by wild wolves instead of you. I would never allow you to be hurt, even slightly. You are all my babies!”

Seeing the three girls full of tears, Zhang Tie embraced them like what he had done at noon. He loudly poured out his genuine thoughts, “Alice, do you know, with you on my side, I felt that it was my happiest night in that bonfire night party. You let me realize that I could be that happy in my life.

“And Beverly, I feel so lucky to have you. I like your nifty and sexy short hair, your smooth skin, and your cute large breasts. Do you know how sexy you are when you show the whites of yours eyes in front of me? Alice and you are the most sacred goddesses in my dreams. These days, I could not help but do many disgusting and terrifying things to you in my mind. I feel too bashful to pour out what I have dreamed to do with you.

“I like how you treat me. Really, I really like your exceedingly fascinating and charming behaviors. I like you flirting with me. You are not only my goddesses, but also the most fascinating and alluring women in my dreams.

“Pandora, you are the angel of luck gifted to me by the God. I swear that you were the first woman whom I had a crush on ever since I was born. Do you remember that day when Hista made a joke about you and me when we were bringing our items back. You peered at me and left. At that moment, I was really enamored by you, and that thing below instantly became hard. No other women could do that to me, and what Hista that bastard said was really what I wanted to say. I even wanted to make love with you at that moment. I didn’t feel like your frame was not good at all, I felt like there was a special charm to you...”

Embracing the three girls, Zhang Tie kept pouring out what he wanted to say. He didn’t know how to say sugared words. In his mind, men’s sugared words should be their true emotions about their beloved women. Men should express their admiration and adoration to their beloved women. Only when they were expressing their true emotions were they using sugared words, which were rightly what women liked. All the other words were crap and untrue.

Slightly farther back, the other boys who had accompanied them here were all standing shocked. They kept stealthily glancing at Zhang Tie like watching a god. They had seen tough men, but they had never seen one like Zhang Tie. How could a man embrace three girls and express his love to them one by one? That was too great! That was so great that it could never be matched by anyone else. They really had witnessed a miracle and a legend today!

The move that Zhang Tie had used to embrace the three women was not the most powerful. What was truly powerful were the words that he used to express his love for them.

All the guys who heard what Zhang Tie was saying were shocked so much that they even twisted their mouths and eye corners and spat white foam. They could never believe that a man could express his love to three girls at the same time...


That night, Kristine and her sisters were also accompanied back to the Castle by a group of boys with whom they had formed a team. In the past few days, these girls had formed a good relationship with these boys. They had grown closer to each other. When they arrived at the small square outside the Wild Wolf Castle, many boys and girls automatically separated into groups of two, looking for a place in the square to say something.

The boy who was walking together with Kristine looked handsome, elegant, and kind. He also had a good fighting force as he would soon become a LV 1 warrior. From the first sight of Kristine, this man had already been fascinated by her. He took care of her in all aspects.

Kristine also knew the boy’s intentions. To tell the truth, she also had a good feeling about him. However, not knowing the reason, it was just a feeling which could not develop further. She always felt that there was something lacking between them. No matter what, she didn’t feel that expected pounding of the heart.

It was that black-haired boy that she had met in the railway station that had made her heart pound in the past couple of days. She always thought back on how she had kicked him, and that person’s shocking decisiveness when he jumped into the black hole after killing the three wolves. What made her impressed and resentful was that bastard’s pleased look when he had embraced two sexy girls during the bonfire night party.

Unconsciously, Kristine started to grit her teeth, feeling regret about not having kicked him more ferociously back then. She thought that she should have just broken that bastard’s shin so that she wouldn’t need to see his pleased look now.

“Kristine, do you know, since the first time I saw you, your beautiful frame has already fallen into my soft heart like rose seeds. Gradually, they rooted and sprouted, causing each of my spontaneous thoughts of you to smell fragrant...”

The boy who pursued Kristine finally plucked his courage to express his love for her. As for these words, the boy had thought about them for many days, considering them for hundreds of times. At this moment, he felt they would be powerful enough to move her. Unexpectedly, after waiting for quite a while, he still had not received any response. He then glanced at her only to find her recalling something and gritting her teeth.

“Kristine...” The boy hesitated before waking her up.

“Ah, what? What were you saying...” Kristine seemed to have immediately returned from the dream. “Did you talk to me just now? Said anything?”

Seeing the response, the boy immediately stepped back and cried internally. He felt completely wordless, and that sprouted rose seed in his heart withered away...

Right then, they found numerous people gathering in front of them, seemingly watching something...

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