Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 118: Wisdom and Determination

Chapter 118: Wisdom and Determination

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“It’s enough, Bighead. If you keep kicking him like that, he might be beaten to death!” After realizing the severity of the event, Barley hurriedly moved forward to pull Zhang Tie away.

“Don’t worry, he won’t die. I know he just has several broken ribs, which aren’t even poking into his guts...”

After another glance at Burwick, who was groaning on the ground, Zhang Tie took a deep breath and started to suggest to Barley and the other guys, “Do you want to kick him for a bit more? I found it’s really cool and funny to kick this guy. He really deserves to be kicked!”

Seeing Burwick’s miserable look as he lay on the ground, the other brothers hurriedly shook their heads. At this moment, if they kept kicking him, it would be akin to bullying a handicapped person. They didn’t feel like losing face. However, seeing that Zhang Tie fiercely kicked Burwick, who had been arrogant to a high degree, everybody felt exceptionally excited.

“Then… that guy… how do we deal with him?” Barley pointed at Burwick lying on the ground.

“It’s him who came to our base to frame, instigate, and irritate me. However, he could not match me in fighting force, and so was ferociously beaten by me alone. You didn’t beat him, but you all saw what happened. Whatever, just let him roll back to where he came from. If he can’t do that, let members of the Male Lion Association carry him back!”

Zhang Tie winked at Barley. For mean people like Burwick and Samira, you should never let them climb onto your head and be insatiable. He felt that once he got a chance, he should beat them all to death without any hesitation. If you could kill them, you should never let them breath. Thus, if he could kick them to the 18th hell, he would never just kick them to the 17th hell; if he could break their bones, he would never just hurt their veins.

The above was imparted by Donder, and also what Zhang Tie had realized in the past few days. In this age, once you became enemies with someone, you should be ferocious enough to kill them and make them tamed. If you were polite to those people, you would suffer from their aggression every time since they would know that even if they lost, the outcome would not be serious.

So if a person wanted to live comfortably with the mean guys detouring him, he had to let them know that it would be very dangerous to find trouble with him. The outcome would be so severe that they could not even imagine it.

The effect of this rule had been seen on Samira and Burwick.

Seeing Zhang Tie wink, Barley immediately understood that he wanted to directly stop Burwick from having the chance to be outstanding in this survival training. According to Zhang Tie, even if Burwick appealed to the Temporary Supervision Committee, he would not get any advantages as the law would stay on Zhang Tie’s side.

Since all the teachers of Temporary Supervision Committee were shrewd, they would clearly know what had happened. Additionally, there were many witnesses on the site, so Zhang Tie didn’t fear it at all.

In contrast, Burwick didn’t have enough face to appeal, nor could he dare to let anyone else know. He also was aware that the only result of letting the Temporary Supervision Committee deal with this event would be making Zhang Tie even more well known while making himself infamous.

The main problem was that Zhang Tie had beaten him so ferociously. Burwick was a LV 1 warrior like Zhang Tie, so being this outmatched in fighting skills without any third party’s assistance - he could blame nobody else but himself. If this thing was exposed to the public, he would lose his face too.

More than that, Zhang Tie would never suffer any blame since the winners were never put at fault. When Burwick had completely lost his ability to fight back, Zhang Tie had even left him alive, which represented his generosity.

As for his miserable look, and him being ferociously beaten by Zhang Tie, Burwick could never keep it a secret as the girls at present were all gossipy. Therefore, it meant that the tall and heroic image Burwick had built for himself since the school would collapse.

Perhaps even Burwick himself hadn’t expected that he would suffer from such an outcome in his trip to the tree base.

Seeing Zhang Tie, the good brother’s face, Barley became startled. Did it mean that he had already expected this result before even jumping up from the ground and starting the attack? Did Zhang Tie just pull Burwick from the supreme point with such a perfect yet unexpected fight?

As for the fight itself, if Zhang Tie had lost it, he would only suffer from some bruises as he had his brothers by his side who would help him at the critical moment. Burwick, who always kept his perfect image, would not hurt him too severely either, at least, he wouldn’t beat him so miserably. However, if Zhang Tie was the winner like now, Burwick would lose everything he owned.

Zhang Tie then smiled at Barley. After exchanging glances, they both knew what the other person was thinking about.

“Leit, brother, I have to bother you to visit the base of the Male Lion Association, letting the guys there know to carry away Burwick. As we have to eat supper after a while, seeing him lying on the ground this way, it would really decrease our appetite. But it wouldn’t be proper for me to go there by myself...” Zhang Tie told Leit with one arm around his neck.

Rolling his eyes, Leit smiled and nodded. At this moment, a good brother like Zhang Tie made him very proud.

“I will go with Leit for the sake of safety!” Bagdad said, standing up.

“Fine, we’ll wait for you to have supper!” Barley also smiled before turning his head to those girls who had not waken up from the reality that their idol had collapsed and deteriorated from a prince to a frog. “Beauties, hurry up and prepare the supper now, we need to celebrate tonight!”

This time, all the girls moved at an unexpectedly fast speed. They all strove to take a part. No matter what, the one who could stomp an idol with his feet was naturally a greater idol, which was rightly the game rule of men world in the eyes of women. After this event, Zhang Tie’s image became taller in the hearts of all the other guys of Hit-Plane Brotherhood and all the girls present.

Nobody would care about Burwick who was already in a coma. Several minutes ago, the girls felt that he was covered with a brilliant golden sunshine. However, this moment, the brilliant sunshine was transferred to Zhang Tie. Girls were smart. Even if they were confused at the beginning, after seeing it for a while, they could also realize something through the fight between Zhang Tie and Burwick.

“What did you say when you beat Burwick just now?” Alice and Beverly asked after drawing close to Zhang Tie.

“Who’s your woman?” Beverly opened her red mouth with a wisp of a smile on her face.

Although Pandora didn’t come here, she was standing nearby with ears erect, clearly listening to the conversation.

Scratching his head, Zhang Tie replied in a foolish way, “Have I said that? But I can’t remember that!”


They all burst into laughter...


Within an hour, the aroma started to drift off from that big pot under the Dragon-Claw Tree. When the wolf meat kebab on bamboo prods started to drip oil, Leit and Bagdad came back with six students behind them. Compared to the relaxed expressions of Leit and Bagdad, the six guys all had their heads lowered. With faces turning blue, they looked like refugees and felt that they were losing face so much that they almost put their heads next to their crotches.

As the boss of Male Lion Association, Burwick had come to others’ base to persuade them to serve him by isolating one of the brothers. But unexpectedly, he fought against Zhang Tie due to improper words. It would’ve been still okay if he had won—he would’ve keep the honor of Male Lion Association.

However, he was beaten like a dog, even having to wait for others to carry him back and clean his butt. What the hell was he doing. That was too shameful, really losing face. They had never imagined that Burwick could lose face in such a foolish way.

When the guys of Brotherhood were cheerfully chatting and talking with the group of girls, Burwick was lying on the ground to the side like a dead dog. Such an obvious comparison was really expressive, and the six guys following Leit and Bagdad didn’t even dare to raise their heads. After taking out a portable stretcher, they put the unconscious Burwick onto it and hurried to leave.

Taking out six pieces of barbecued wolf meat, Barley covered them with tree leaves and handed them to each of the six people. “Brothers should have not eaten supper yet, take it and eat on the way back. Alas, as we are all schoolmates, we didn’t want this happen, however, Burwick is really good at playing tricks. The Male Lion Association has really been just a stepping stone for him to climb up. Watch out, brothers!”

“Zhang Tie, have you beaten Burwick so ferociously just by yourself?” one of the six guys asked loudly.

Sitting by the bonfire, Zhang Tie nodded. He then stood up. “As for this question, you can ask Burwick when he wakes up. By the way, also tell him that if he wasn’t convinced and wants to avenge himself, he can come for me at any time in any place, even a public fight agreed in the Wild Wolf Castle. However, if he dares to use any other mean methods to set me up, or the people beside me, I’ll beat him up ten times as badly as now. I’m not as smart as him, so if I want to kill him, I’ll go directly at him with a dagger! You’d better not let him disguise himself as a savior while stealthily doing dirty things. It’s really tiresome doing that...”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, the six guys didn’t doubt any more. After exchanging glances, they lowered their heads and carried Burwick away.

When supper came under the Dragon-Claw Tree, everybody cheered up.

While eating, Barley suddenly thought of something. He then asked Zhang Tie, “You’ve not carried the mining basket back, does it mean you don’t want to dig mines any longer?”

“Yes, I’ll stop mining from tomorrow!”

Zhang Tie smiled, then turned his head and bit into the fish that was put in front of him by Alice.

“You should’ve done that long ago!” Doug patted his thigh, and all the other brothers nodded.

“I decided to continue the survival training alone from tomorrow onward. Do you remember the two wolves that had escaped in front of us this noon? They were from the same pack that had almost killed me last time. They would have never escaped if I had not jumped into that black hole. Therefore, I will always feel unsuccessful in this survival training if I don’t deal with them and figure out this thing...”

After Zhang Tie stated his plan, it became so quiet that even a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

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