Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 105: Becoming More and More Handsome

Chapter 105: Becoming More and More Handsome

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By the time the sun had set, large pieces of wood had been piled up two meters high in the middle of the square of Wild Wolf Castle, and to the side of the tall pile of wood were scattered smaller pieces of woods that were covered in pine resin. With burning torches in hand, the on-duty students waited to the side with eyes fixed on the highest point of the inner castle tower of Wild Wolf Castle where the lightning rods were installed.

As the last wisp of sunlight slipped behind the highest point of the inner castle tower of Wild Wolf Castle, every pile of wood was set ablaze and the bonfire party started.

At every place and at every night party, women were always the protagonists as well as the hosts of the party, and this included the bonfire party in Wild Wolf Castle. The moment the piles of wood were ignited, those women had already successively walked out of the castle in groups.

Every one of the girls had delicately dressed up, and many of them wore a beautiful skirt. Seeing the groups of girls surging out from the gate of the inner castle, many horny students who had already waited to the side of the gates of Wild Wolf Castle took heavy breaths, and with wide opened eyes, they gazed at the girls passing by, completely captivated by what they were seeing. Along with the flying skirts that brought along with it a fragrant breeze came the various enchanting figures, plump or slim, and various adorable smiles. Compared to when they had first seen those girls at the railway station, this time, they saw real girls, perhaps even goddesses.

Some of the horny students even choked on their own saliva and began to loudly cough...

Much like the tradition in Blackhot City, the bonfire party during the survival training was also considered a tradition. During the survival training, the male students would always show their own abilities and worth, while the female students showed their value for reproduction.

The girls came out of the castle in teams of two. Once they came out, they would begin to separate, with one to the left and the other to the right. After respectively occupying a place in the square, they would sit down by the bonfire, seemingly as if they were competing with each other for the attention of the boys. However, while the boys would use their preys to show their value, the girls, in a similar manner, would use their own values; they would use their beauty, elegance, charm, and other abilities to conquer the boys.

Tonight, the girls were the protagonists!

It was only when all the girls had come out from the castle, sat by the bonfire, and had displayed the attitudes of hosts were the boys, who had long been waiting to the side, allowed to join them.

When all the girls sat beside the bonfires, the animals, who had long been drooling, drew close to the circles of girls that surrounded the bonfire as they pretended to be gentlemen. The square of Wild Wolf Castle then started to be boisterous.


Facing the first night party ever since they were born, all the horny students in the Hit-Plane Brotherhood also paid a great deal of attention to this chance. As someone had to stay in the tree base to keep an eye on it, they drew lots to decide who would stay. Unexpectedly, it was Bagdad who was to stay back, resulting in him being silent and depressed. However, after Zhang Tie took out of the and told him that he had several hours to read this book if he stayed in the tree base, Bagdad grinned. For guys like Bagdad, who treated fighting skills as their lives, he had truly made a huge gain this time.

As they had to participate in such a night party, they would certainly treat it seriously. After supper, they then started to take a bath in that stream that was not far from the tree base. Afterwards, they returned to the tree base and searched their luggage for a set of clean clothes.

For this survival training, Zhang Tie had only brought a total of three sets of clothes and a pair of spare shoes. One of the three sets of clothes was the uniform of Blackhot City’s city guard army, which was left by his elder brother. This uniform was the favorite amongst the adolescents in Blackhot City and was the most popular fashion item in the black market. Although it was much larger than Zhang Tie’s frame, his mom had tailored it and made it barely suitable to Zhang Tie’s frame. His mom was very considerate, and in consideration of Zhang Tie’s fast growth, she had specifically made it a bit larger than Zhang Tie’s current frame. During the last new year when Zhang Tie wore it as a set of new clothes, he had to roll up his sleeves and trousers a bit, but today when he wore it again, he felt that it was only a bit loose and fit him quite well. This time, he didn’t need to roll up his sleeves and trousers.

After changing into a set of new clothes and wearing that pair of leather boots that were gifted to him by his elder brother, Zhang Tie, with the exception of the collar insignia and shoulder strap on his hat and clothes, completely became a member of the city guard army in Blackhot City. Among the adolescents in Blackhot City, this was their favorite way to dress.

Fastening a leather belt around his waist, he hung the new sword that he obtained today in the buckle of the leather belt around his waist. After doing all of this, he felt spirited.

The long sword on his waist was exchanged with Sharwin. As that sword was the one engraved with Zhang Tie’s name and was lent to him by Zhang Tie, Sharwin wanted to take it as a momento, thus he used the new sword that he had obtained today and exchanged it for the sword which had Zhang Tie’s name engraved upon it.

Since Zhang Tie was the last person to finish cleaning himself up, he was certainly the last one to finish changing into a set of clean clothes and walk out from the tree hollow. By the time Zhang Tie had jumped out of the tree hollow, Barley and the others had already been waiting for him below it. At the sight of Zhang Tie, all the other members looked at him with wide opened eyes and instantly stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Tie touched all over his body and lowered his head to check his crotch but found nothing was amiss.

“That’s really strange. After dressing up, I suddenly feel that Bighead is much more handsome than before!” Barley opened his mouth.

“Am I handsome?” Zhang Tie giggled as he touched his head. Since he was born, this was the first time that he was praised by others as handsome.

“Really, I feel that Bighead could already survive by using just his face!” Hista showed an obscene smile.

“Bastard, you go survive yourself by just using your face!” Zhang Tie rebutted.

“Haha, thanks for your praise. To be able to survive using my face is my lifelong dream!”

“Bighead, I feel that you are really different from before...” Leit, with two fingers caressing his chin like an old man, glanced at Zhang Tie from top to bottom. “I can’t tell the specifics, but I can feel that you are really something and have a big Qi field!” Bagdad said.

“I also feel that Bighead seems more handsome than before!” Sharwin added.

“Ha...ha...” Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, as his vanity was somewhat satisfied at this moment. “Well, we are all very handsome. Let’s go!”


In truth, Zhang Tie didn’t know that every since he had obtained the Castle of Black Iron, his body and spirit had undergone a tremendous change.

The effects of the Leakless Fruit gradually improved Zhang Tie’s body. At this moment, Zhang Tie looked magnificent yet reserved. The largest change was Zhang Tie’s eyes, followed by his hair and skin. The health of a person’s eyes, hair, and skin was closely related to the energy within his body, his secretion glands, and the functioning and vitality of organs like the liver and the kidney. One effect of the Leakless Fruit was exactly reflected in the improvements of human energy and the functioning and vitality of human organs and glands.

At the age of 15, his eyes should only be brilliant, but after obtaining the Castle of Black Iron and especially after eating three Leakless Fruits, Zhang Tie’s eyes looked more than brilliant and even shone a bit, making him look very vibrant.

Besides his eyes, his hair had also improved a lot. His hair was neither good nor bad before, but after washing it, his black hair looked as if it had been carefully maintained like that of those honorable ladies. Deep in his eyes was a sort of magnificent spirit which showed his vigorous vitality. As for his skin, it was just as average as the others. Ever since he had entered puberty, his skin was troubled with acne every once in awhile, but since a bit more than a month ago, Zhang Tie hadn’t noticed that the couple of acne on his face had long disappeared. Not only that, his skin was gradually becoming more and more delicate, brighter, and cleaner than before.

The only side effect of the Leakless Fruit is that it made Zhang Tie look more and more handsome. Although Zhang Tie was not considered ugly before and could even rank in the upper middle areas among the Chinese adolescents, after experiencing such a great change, Zhang Tie instantly became outstanding.

Continually mining and doing high-intensity labor work gradually caused Zhang Tie’s muscles to become prominent and sturdy, while his body and shoulders gradually became broader. After the continuous cultivation and repetitively experiencing life and death situations in the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit, Zhang Tie looked more and more mysterious and profound.

With all these advantages, even Zhang Tie himself had not realized that he was gradually becoming more and more excellent and attractive among his peers. As Hista had said, Zhang Tie could already survive by just using his face in front of girls.

These days, since Zhang Tie had been busy digging in the mines, he looked dirty every day with that ugly mining basket on his back, thus few people had noticed his change. However, after taking a simple bath, combing his hair, and changing into a set of clean clothes, Zhang Tie immediately looked different in the eyes of the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, who had stayed with him for a long time. Because of their lack of experience, they had failed to identify the small changes to Zhang Tie. The moment they saw him, they only felt that Zhang Tie had become much more handsome.

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