Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 104: A Great Shock

Chapter 104: A Great Shock

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As expected, the moment Pandora heard the word “gift”, she loosened her arms that were wrapped around Zhang Tie before looking around at the others. Feeling a bit embarrassed, her face immediately turned red.

Zhang Tie didn’t care about Pandora’s response and directly passed the pieces of dried beef that weighed about 30 kg to her. As it was very heavy, Pandora almost failed to steadily hold them even with two arms.

“This… this is my gift?” Pandora stared in amazement with wide opened eyes. This amount of dried beef was worth a lot, not only in the survival training but in Blackhot City as well. For other girls, everyday, they would only be able to exchange items for at most 0.05 kg to 0.2 kg of dried meat. Pandora had never thought that she would one day obtain such a large amount of dried beef at once.

“Hmm, this amount of food is enough for you to live through the survival training and perhaps even longer than that...” In the end, Zhang Tie had stolen it from the Samira Business Group and did not feel reluctant to give it as a present to Pandora. With the other food he had brought back this time, the amount of food he had stored would be enough for him to survive for half a year. Since he couldn’t finish it all even by the end of this survival training and neither could he bring the extra food back home to Blackhot City, at this moment, he decided to be a rich and generous man in front of Pandora.

“I’ve never met anyone who treats me so well. Why do you treat me so well?” With eyes fixed on Zhang Tie, Pandora’s nose was slightly shaking and her pair of beautiful blue eyes began to become glossy and watery once again.

“You are my lucky angel, so I will bring you up...” Zhang Tie made such a joke to stop Pandora from crying, but soon after saying it, he realized he went too far and his words were ambiguous. Thus, he hurriedly added, “We are partners, so of course I will make you full!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Hista made an obscene smile. “Stop, stop your love talk, please. Hurry up and go back to the tree base. We can’t stand it anymore. Pandora, what Zhang Tie means is that you should eat more meat, so you develop well. Heh… heh… you should know what Zhang Tie means!” To the side, Hista grinned.

For an unknown reason, as long as Hista opened his mouth, he always gave others a sense of obscenity. Hearing his words, Pandora’s face turned even redder. Furiously glancing at Hista and Zhang Tie, she slightly bit her lip before hugging the dried meat and returned to the tree base.

“Come on, let’s go back to count our achievements!” Barley also urged to the side.

The moment Barley urged them, Zhang Tie recovered his composure from Pandora’s embarrassed and sexy glance, which had caused him to be captivated. It was not an exaggeration in the least; he was truly captivated by that glance. At the sight of Pandora’s eyes, Zhang Tie felt as if a nerve in his head had become slightly numb before a wisp of excitement trembled and instantly flashed across his whole body like a current of electricity. This time, Zhang Tie couldn’t help but keep his eyes on Pandora’s butt and started to feel an exceptional charm from Pandora’s butt. While his p*nis that was swollen and full of blood, an evil thought flashed in his mind—although Pandora was thin, she was also sexy!


After returning to their tree base, when counting the achievements they brought back, even the girls who worked with the Hit-Plane Brotherhood stared with wide opened eyes at Zhang Tie, Barley, and the other three people who carried back goods that were more than 300 kg in weight. All the items were of high calorie and best sellers like dried milk slices, pieces of dried meat, sausages, ham, etc.. In addition to the food brought back, Sharwin and Doug had brought back several crates. Opening the crates, the gleaming long swords and the portable spare parts, which could be assembled into a spear, that laid on the grass caused the horny students to exclaim. There were two crates of spears with four spears in each, and two crates of long swords with eight swords in each, totaling to eight spears and sixteen long swords. They were all military weapons produced in Blackhot City and were even of higher quality than what they usually used in the survival training.

After jubilantly asking the girls to take some of the food to cook supper, every member of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood started to discuss how they were to deal with these items in the tree house.

In the tree hollow, all the horny members stared at Zhang Tie with no one speaking a single word. Under their gazes, Zhang Tie became a bit baffled. Scratching his head, he then said, “Why are you staring at me?”

The other horny members then moved their gazes onto Barley, who then smiled. “These items could be considered compensation from the Samira Business Group for damaging your reputation, so you have the right to deal with them. We have only brought them back for you .”

“I’m the one deciding?” Zhang Tie pointed at his nose as all the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood nodded.

Seeing these items, Zhang Tie thought for a while before uttering, “Well, since Sharwin and Doug were the ones who brought back the weapons, then they can each pick two weapons, one long weapon and one short weapon. After that, there will be six spears and fourteen long swords left, which will be considered as items to be shared by the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. As for the food we brought back today, we will share them equally. Do you agree with this distribution?”

Looking at Zhang Tie, the other members of the Hit-Plan Brotherhood all burst out into laughter, as they all thought Bighead was truly generous in this affair.

“I agree with equal distribution of food and the weapons given to Sharwin and Doug; however, if the remaining weapons belong to the brotherhood, I think it will be pretty unfair to you. This solution is also not in compliance with the principles of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. After all, you are the one who had spent a lot of efforts this time and are the one who has made the most contribution in the Hit-Plane Brotherhood...” Barley looked very shrewd at this moment. “How about this? We will distribute the remaining twenty weapons based on the number of shares. Since Zhang Tie has contributed the most, he will own forty percent of the weapons. The remaining sixty percent will belong to the six of us. As for the personal weapons we have with us, if we don’t need them, then we can exchange them for shares. After this survival training ends, we will sell this batch of weapons in Blackhot City, and the money we get will be used as our first team fund. What do you think about my suggestion?”

“Great!” Everybody agreed as they all felt Barley’s opinion was much better and more reasonable. Seeing the others nodding, Zhang Tie nodded as well.

At this moment, none of the youths could have imagined that the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, starting as a trivial group that used spears and swords as shares, would become brilliant in the future...


The event of Samira being a “mole of the Norman Empire” was gradually developing...

On a side of a hill more than 10 miles away from Wild Wolf Castle, the on-duty students who had set off from Wild Wolf Castle finally caught up with the horny students of the Male Lion Association, who were ready to capture golden wolves and pick goose-neck grass. After all, a team of more than 200 members could not move as fast as a squad of only seven or eight people.

After catching up with them, when the on-duty students told Burwick the news that Samira might be a mole of the Norman Empire, Burwick’s face immediately turned pale. The Male Lion Association was thrown into chaos, and in confusion, they began to look at each other one by one.

“What’s happening? How could Samira suddenly become a mole of the Norman Empire?” Burwick doubted. Of course, he didn’t know what had happened in Wild Wolf Castle in the past several hours. He would never imagine that his casual exposing of Zhang Tie to Samira, which was due to fear of being surpassed, would, in the end, bury Samira.

“We won’t know the results until the officials from Blackhot City’s Ministry of Internal Affairs take over the follow-up investigation of Samira’s case. Except for you, the fact that Samira had intended to stir up trouble in this survival training is already known by everyone in Wild Wolf Castle!” The on-duty students who came to inform the Male Lion Association looked shrewd and had eyes that contained a wisp of contempt and mockery. Any smart person could see through Burwick’s ambition. As students of Mr. Zerom, the teacher of the Second National Male Middle School, many of them were smart. “The teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee feared that you were being framed by the mole of the Norman Empire. That is why they sent us to inform you. Samira can not even protect himself now, so the promises that he had made in front of you might never be realized. Additionally, nobody knows whether or not Samira intended to harm you by instigating you to march towards Crescent Prairie. It’s estimated that the officials of Blackhot City’s Ministry of Internal Affairs will be interested in those who have cooperated with Samira!”

Before leaving, one of the on-duty students turned around and shouted loudly, “Brothers of the Male Lion Association, Samira is finished. You’d better not be the cannon fodder of some insidious person. Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a bonfire party tonight in Wild Wolf Castle!”

No matter how cunning Burwick was, he also became restless at this moment. If he continued to march towards Crescent Prairie, then he would truly be an idiot. Burwick even started to doubt whether there would even be someone who would want to go with him to experience such an adventure which was teeming with dangers and could even put him in a load of trouble. However, if they went back to the Wild Wolf Castle, every member of the Male Lion Association, who had generously sworn to complete this great mission, might become a huge laughing stock in this survival training—no, it was not might become, but rather, they had already become one. As the instigator of this huge farce, how could his school recommend such a figure?

How did it come to this? Burwick was also confused. He then converted this confusion into hatred and anger—’Who!? Who was the one who had made me lose everything and turn me into a public laughingstock when I was so close to success?’

Burwick’s expressions changed quickly while thinking it over. He was so concentrated that he even failed to notice the people beside him who had called to him several times. When Burwick recovered his composure, he found that all the other members of the Male Lion Association were giving him strange looks.

“We… we better return to our base first!” Burwick forced a smile.

After returning to their base, Burwick sent someone to investigate what had happened to Samira. However, the news from Wild Wolf Castle shocked Burwick for a long time—Zhang Tie… it was Zhang Tie...

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