Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 103: A Big Harvest

Chapter 103: A Big Harvest

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Boom! The entire square of Wild Wolf Castle was thrown into chaos. For the boys, they would have to spend some time to bring the items back to their base or camp, which were nearby Wild Wolf Castle, while the girls would, like ants, bring the items back into the inner castle before rushing out and getting more.

“Sisters, come on! These are our trophies...” an elder sister-like female student commanded outside Wild Wolf Castle as she supported her hands on her waist. “If any bastard dares to grab our items, then we will go beat him to death!” Seeing the suddenly chaotic situation in the square of Wild Wolf Castle, Zerom smiled. “That fellow named Zhang Tie is truly smart. He actually understood my intentions. At least one thousand people have taken the items of the Samira Business Group, meaning that at least one thousand people believe that Samira is a mole of the Norman Empire. This time, Samira will definitely not be able to explain his way out of his crimes. Even though Samira has a great backer, considering Samira’s notorious reputation, who would be willing to have a connection with this guy...”

At this moment, Samira and his employees had already been put behind bars. Seeing the on-duty students gazing at him with desires, Zerom smiled. “Move quickly. I had promised you an hour of break. Remember to call your fellow students since you all deserve a share of the war trophies...”

Hearing Zerom’s words, all the on-duty students became spirited, and one by one, they immediately disappeared before him.

After the on-duty students left, Captain Kerlin walked towards Zerom as he rubbed his chin. Together with Zerom, the two stood on the high walls of the outer castle of Wild Wolf Castle with eyes fixed on the plunder carnival.

“Did you send someone to tell the idiots of the Male Lion Association about the event with Samira?” Zerom showed an evil smile. “I don’t know how those fellows would feel when they find out the person they had made a promise with and was cooperating with was a mole of the Norman Empire. Right after they left, this was revealed. This time, the expression on the face of that brat by the name of Burwick is definitely going to be a sight to behold!”

“I have already sent some of the faster guys to give them this information. They should not have gone too far yet. I really hope those idiots with blood rushing to their heads could be a little more rational and give up on the idea of capturing golden wolves. This way, there would be fewer casualties!” Captain Kerlin softly sighed, “Burwick has truly made me disappointed. I did not expect that he would cooperate with Samira and lead the Male Lion Association to the Crescent Prairie for the sake of making his ambitions come true at the risk of the lives of the other students!”

“Although Burwick is smart, he is too ambitious and too selfish. Such a person is very dangerous, as he will feel no hesitation to sacrifice others for the sake of his own benefits. In contrast, I feel that Zhang Tie is much better and can give you a surprise at any moment. Oh, I almost forgot, have you heard how he fought the Samira Business Group bodyguards? Those brats have praised his fighting skills so much!”

“I’ve already heard of it, but I still don’t believe it. No matter how careless a LV 3 warrior is, he would never be beaten and sent flying within just a single round!” Captain Kerlin rubbed his steel-needle-like mustache as he pondered over it. “I have not seen him perform this well at school. Could what the other students said be true? For him, is mining the most rigid and mysterious method of cultivation?”

“Perhaps!” Zerom shrugged his shoulders casually. “The Chinese clan is the most mysterious and the strongest of all the clans on the Kun’ang Continent and has its own time-honored and honorable mysterious cultivation system. I have heard that even the Catastrophe could not stop the succession of their cultivation system, let alone the fact that the Chinese Clan had also dug out many legacies from the underground world, thus obtaining numerous mysterious knowledge. That brat is Chinese and might have obtained some mysterious knowledge. People who have not been to the Oriental Continent would not be truly powerful. Perhaps I will visit the Oriental Continent one day. I have heard that it was pretty splendid over there and is filled with many powerful figures and numerous beauties...”

Zerom showed an expression of longing.

“Stop talking about the future. What should we do now? Is it really fine to treat Samira that way?” Captain Kerlin pointed at the noisy square below.

“This is just a small turmoil caused by Samira, a mole of the Norman Empire, and has nothing to do with us!” Zerom yawned, feeling as if it had nothing to do with him. He casually added, “Although there seems to be a great number of items, in the eyes of the big figures, they are worth nothing. The guy with bad luck in this is only Samira. Who would blame us for treating a mole of the Norman Empire, especially one who had tried to frame a student in such a despicable manner and had incited the anger of the public? Wouldn’t they be afraid of being treated as an accomplice of the mole?” Zerom showed an evil and cunning smile. “We will just treat these items as gifts from the Samira Business Group to the brats during tonight’s bonfire.”

“Although I couldn’t wait to pinch and break his eggs, who would have thought that Samira would be finished in such a way? Why did he set up Zhang Tie? I really can’t think it through!” Captain Kerlin heaved a deep sigh.

“Hahahaha, stop thinking about that unlucky fellow. If Samira has any bitterness left to pour out, then just let him explain it to the guys from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Blackhot City, who always suspect everything...” As he finished saying this, Zerom looked right and left before whispering to Captain Kerlin in a mysterious tone, “I heard that Zhang Tie was given a strange punishment by Miss Qili. He probably doesn’t know that in the eyes of the girls, he has already become a hero...”

“What punishment?” Zerom’s strange behavior made Captain Kerlin unconsciously move back.

“I heard that girls nowadays mature early and are good at picking men. Heh heh heh… Don’t you think this survival training is becoming more and more interesting?”

“Yes, this survival training is becoming more and more interesting.” Captain Kerlin remembered the students who he had just inquired about Zhang Tie’s fight with the Samira Business Group bodyguards. Based on the descriptions and the imitations of the actions from the students, Captain Kerlin realized that the fist skill Zhang Tie had used to strike back at that bodyguard was the exact same Hammer Fist skill that was part of the Iron-Blood Fist, causing Captain Kerlin to be amazed. Within such a short period of time, is that brat already able to apply the fighting skills within the Iron-Blood Fist into practical fights? That was a lot of progress; Captain Kerlin knew that even if it was the simplest move, there was still a huge gap between theory in a book and applying it to a fight. In order to cross over this gap, you would have to fight others with real machetes and spears, you would have to bleed and sweat before instinctively mastering these fighting skills and moves and being able to respond quickly at the most critical junctures during a fight. With the exception of this method, there were no other methods available. However, that brat had received the Iron-Blood Fist for less than a week, within which, according to the description given by the other students, he had spent half a day every day digging in the mines, meaning that he had less time to cultivate. “That shouldn’t be the case. Could it be true that digging in the mines is a mysterious cultivation method in the Chinese clan? Should I give it a try myself?” Captain Kerlin mumbled inwardly.

He himself was really startled by his idea of digging in the mines...


Two hours later, every one of the Samira Business Group’s items piled up in the square of Wild Wolf Castle, including the items that they had purchased from and exchanged with the students, like wolf hides, medicinal herbs, and crystal sands, were taken away with nothing left behind. It was as if a pack of wolves had licked clean the entire square of Wild Wolf Castle. When the students who were still restless after plundering Samira’s items heard that Samira was trying to despicably stir up trouble during the survival training by setting up students who attended it, they immediately became reassured and furious. Every one of them reaffirmed that a guy like Samira, who used such dirty tricks to stir up trouble during the survival training, was definitely a mole of the Norman Empire who was lurking in Blackhot City. There were definitely reasons behind his disgusting behavior.


When the chaos in the square of Wild Wolf Castle came to an end, Zhang Tie and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood had already arrived at their tree base and were covered in sweat. Although they moved as slowly as snails, they had already won the game since they were able to carry back so many items. Usually, they would not be able to stand carrying so many items at once, but for them to use such a righteous way to become rich through robbery, they wanted to obtain as much as they could carry at once; therefore, every one of them exerted their utmost efforts to do so.

Out of them all, the weight of the items carried by Sharwin was the least; including the items in his hands, it totaled to roughly 50 kg. In contrast, Zhang Tie had carried the most; with the mining basket on his back being fully loaded as well as his hands holding items, Zhang Tie alone carried more than 100 kg of items. As for the others, Barley, Leit, Hista, Doug, and Bagdad, each respectively carried 50-80 kg of items. Bagdad directly carried a huge sack of dried meat that weighed at least 60 kg and had not even been opened, though the sack was slightly smaller than Zhang Tie’s mining basket. Additionally, Bagdad had also clamped two bags of sausages under his armpits. Altogether, the items carried by Bagdad would weigh more than 80 kg.

Carrying these items, everybody became exceptionally excited. They only rested for a couple of times on the journey back and all spent all their efforts to bring back the items that they had plundered to their tree base.

At the sight of Zhang Tie, Pandora ran over with slightly red eyes. Hugging Zhang Tie tightly, she burst out into tears. “It’s all my fault. Because of me, you met troubles...”

At the sight of the other guys’ lustful eyes, Zhang Tie became both slightly embarrassed and moved. Ever since he was young, it was the first time for a girl to hug him while crying. Zhang Tie didn’t know what to say to make the situation better. This Pandora… whenever others encountered misfortune, she would always think the bad luck was related to her.

“Don’t cry… Look, aren’t I perfectly fine? Today, we have such a big harvest, and I have even brought you a gift!”

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