Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 106: Being A Bestseller

Chapter 106: Being A Bestseller

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When the six members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood arrived at Wild Wolf Castle, It was already completely dark, and the square with the bonfires was becoming increasingly boisterous. Looking from a distance, the red flames from the bonfires in the square looked like bundles of flower blossoms that attracted crazy bees and romantic butterflies to fly over. In addition to that, the music played on the accordions, and over time, the aroma of the roasted meat drifted far away along with the cheers of the horny students. The pleasant atmosphere could even be felt by the other people at the foot of the mountain.

The moment they paced up to ascend the mountain, they heard the exclamations and whistles of the animals who were sitting around two girls with masks on their faces who were performing a belly dance, which had many chaotic movements as they twisted their waists and bellies.

“After the party, we will meet up here before heading back to the tree base together. Brothers, seducing girls is a personal fight. I will go first, good luck!” After saying this with an obscene smile, Hista spat out the two tea leaves that were brought by Barley and immediately drilled into the crowd before disappearing.

Barley and the other members also cleansed their mouths before spitting out the tea leaves used to refresh their mouths. After exchanging glances, they said “good luck” to each other before drilling into the crowd and disappearing, leaving Zhang Tie standing on the ground alone, confused as to where to go.

Zhang Tie was not aware that what had happened to him at noon today, especially his fight with the bodyguard of the Samira Business Group, which was even described as marvelous, had caused his name to be well known among the girls in Wild Wolf Castle. They all knew how he forced back a LV 3 bodyguard of the Samira Business Group within a round and had used the “Hidden Blade Move” to deter the people who tried to set him up. Winning the fight using his intelligence and verbal prowess, he finally revealed Samira’s status as a “mole of the empire”. He was able to beat Samira, who had intended to frame him and put him in a hellish state, in such a short period of time. Such a reversal did not only shock the onlooking students but also the teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee. How could such a talented person just be silently digging in the mines before? Wasn’t that strange? Well, there was no need to be curious about that, as it was a profound mysterious cultivation method of the Chinese clan in the Oriental Continent...

When some of the gossipy students asked about that amazing, black-haired miner, they realized that he was exactly the Zhang Tie who was known everywhere in Wild Wolf Castle since a few days ago for his heroic feat of killing three wild wolves before jumping into a 200-m deep cave in order to survive. Realizing this, they felt that Zhang Tie was even more mysterious.

Powerful and mysterious were how many girls felt about Zhang Tie when they heard this name.

As there were only a few Chinese students attending this survival training, the moment Zhang Tie appeared in the square of Wild Wolf Castle, he was instantly recognized by many people who paid attention to him. Unexpectedly, Zhang Tie was also handsome and robust, which had caused many girls who were stealthily paying attention to him to become exceptionally spirited at the sight of this key person. In truth, Zhang Tie’s figure and his personalities definitely made him attractive in the eyes of others.

Standing in pace, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva as he stealthily glanced at the two hot girls beside him. Out of his expectation, a beauty had suddenly appeared in front him.

Almost as tall as Zhang Tie, that beauty had amber-colored hair, white skin, and a delicate face. She was wearing an elegant longuette while her two plump breasts were exposed from her V-shaped collar.

Wow, so huge!

Zhang Tie exclaimed inwardly. Regardless of sex, white people had the advantage over Chinese people when it came to physical development. Taking this beauty as an example, although she looked no more than 16 years old, her hot figure could even match those Chinese women in their thirties. She was the perfect example of a woman with an angel’s face and a terrific figure.

Seeing the beauty gazing at him with a big smile, Zhang Tie looked left and right before ascertaining she was here for him.

“Hello, I’m Alice, can I invite you to be my playmate in this bonfire party?”

‘Being invited by a beauty to be her playmate? Oh my god!’ Zhang Tie exclaimed inwardly. ‘Is today April Fool’s Day? Or I am just lucky enough to encounter beauties?’

“Are… are you talking to me?” As it had only been a single day, Zhang Tie had not fully completed his transition from a poor adolescent to the focus of the girls, thus hearing the beauty’s invitation, Zhang Tie became unconfident as he pointed at his own nose and asked the girl.

“Of course, do you think I am talking to someone else?” Alice winked.

A man, at such a moment and on such an occasion, unless there was something wrong with his mind, would never refuse the invitation of enchanting girls like Alice.

Having satisfied his vanity, Zhang Tie recovered his composure as he forced a smile. “I’m Zhang Tie, it’s my pleasure to be your playmate!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Alice also showed a smile as she seized Zhang Tie’s arm and hugged it between her breasts. While she did this, Alice looked proud as she glanced over the onlooking girls who had been focusing on Zhang Tie, sending them a special signal—he’s mine! This method of showing off was perhaps something that only girls could understand.

At this moment, Zhang Tie’s left hand was being hugged by Alice while his arm was tightly glued to Alice’s plump breasts and was sandwiched between them. Although Alice did not see this as something serious, Zhang Tie’s face immediately blushed. That sensation transmitted from his arm to his brain made him exceptionally excited and Tie felt his d*ck instantly pop up like a beast capturing a prey. Zhang Tie immediately foisted his right hand into a pocket of his trousers before firmly pressing down on that thing.

“What’s wrong with you?” Unknown whether or not she had noticed Zhang Tie’s abnormal movement, Alice innocently asked Zhang Tie as she silently rubbed Zhang Tie’s arm onto her breasts a couple of times.

Feeling the mischievousness and craftiness hidden in Alice’s naive face and her innocent tone, Zhang Tie immediately converted his embarrassment into a braveness that even surprised himself. Pretending to be ferociously staring at Alice, he kissed her under her surprised look. Moving his mouth to Alice’s ear, he whispered, “Earlier, I realized that thing was not tamed, so I just made it tamed!”

“How are you so bold? You want to kiss me, but you don’t ask whether I’m willing?” Alice, with wide opened eyes, looked at Zhang Tie in amazement.

“Well, if you felt that you suffered a loss, you can kiss me as compensation. Then, we will be even!” Zhang Tie shamelessly said.

“You bastard!” Alice smiled again as she tightly hugged Zhang Tie’s arm.

Zhang Tie slightly heaved a sigh inwardly.

After kissing Alice, Zhang Tie was also worried about what would happen next. He also felt that he was too bold just now, but then he remembered what his elder brother had told him. In fact, women really hated those gentlemen who dared not to be aggressive to them. If you bravely kissed a girl and she didn’t slap you, then it meant that she had not lost interest in you; at the very least, she did not lose interest in you because of this kiss. You then have to stand the upcoming test. The biggest loser was those who instantly apologized after kissing a girl. Many girls didn’t plan to slap you after being kissed; however, after you apologized, you might be slapped by them, and they would even add you into a list of bastards and would never form a good opinion of you—girls were born to wait for a man with a whip to conquer them!

Zhang Tie thought he was really lucky enough to meet such a beauty tonight, but never would he expected that this was not his only luck tonight. After walking a few steps forward with Alice, another beauty appeared in front of them. This was a blonde beauty who wore a skintight red mini-vest, which caused her huge breasts to almost burst out, skintight trousers, and a pair of boots. She was as hot as Alice, and in a single sentence, she was really pleasant to Zhang Tie’s eyes.

With eyes fixed on Zhang Tie and a sweet and confident smile, that beauty directly walked towards Zhang Tie and Alice. When that beauty walked towards them, Zhang Tie felt Alice’s tension and her hostility towards this women.

“Hello, I’m Beverly. Could I invite you to be my playmate tonight?” that beauty directly and boldly said to Zhang Tie.

After receiving the same invitation from the two beauties, Zhang Tie felt as if his popularity was skyrocketing.

“Sorry, I have already promised Alice to be her playmate tonight!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s explanation, Alice made a sweet smile and directly kissed Zhang Tie before glaring at Beverly.

The smile on Beverly's face remained unchanged. “Would you mind changing your playmate by choosing me?”

After a stealthy glance at this blonde girl’s breasts and Alice, who was looking at him with a sweet smile, Zhang Tie replied, “Hmm… I.. I do mind!”

“Do you mind having one more playmate?” Beverly proudly stood straight, causing her frame to be even more pronounced. “I think that as a gentleman, you should not refuse the invitation from a beauty like me for consecutive three times at a party!”

“Then, fine!” Zhang Tie had long been extremely excited inside. Who would refuse the invitation from a beauty like Beverly if there was nothing wrong with his mind? They were just playmates at a night party, the more the better.

When Beverly walked beside Zhang Tie and hugged his other arm, putting it between her breasts, Zhang Tie really felt a bit dazzled while his d*ck greatly expanded and became erect.

‘Happiness arrives so fast that this father has not even been circumcised yet.’ Zhang Tie sighed inwardly.When he was glued by their breasts at the same time, Zhang Tie immediately felt something was wrong between Alice and Beverly as there was a sense of animosity on them like what other female animals would do in front of their enemies.

“You two… do you two know each other?” Zhang Tie asked them out of curiosity.

“Of course...” Before Alice opened her mouth, Beverly had already spoken, “ Alice is a member of the Rose Association, while I am a member of the Lilac Association. We usually make exchanges with each other!” After recovering her composure, Alice raised her chin and proudly said, “Men fight to conquer the world, while we women fight to conquer men. Since this man is my target, Beverly, I will never lose this fight!”

“Alice, I have never doubted my charm!” Beverly also defiantly said before hugging Zhang Tie’s arm even more tightly, “I also won’t let this man go in front of me!”

“Just wait for that!”

“Fine, I hope you won’t cry!”

After fiercely glaring at each other, the girls both “harrumphed” and turned their heads away.

What the f*ck? What Rose Association and Lilac Association? Zhang Tie became really confused about what the two girls had talked about. Relationships between girls were much more complex than that between boys. Zhang Tie was not interested in interfering with the conflict between these girls.

“Stop, you two...” Zhang Tie couldn’t stand it anymore as he glanced at Alice and Beverly. “I’m really flattered by your adoration, but now that we are playmates for tonight’s party, we should just be happy. There’s no need to destroy the happy atmosphere!”

“Of course, we will definitely make you happy. Alice and I are not only your best playmates but also your best partners, aren’t we, Alice?”

“Of course!” Alice replied quickly as she returned a smile to Beverly. “This man belongs to us. We won’t let any more in, agreed?”


The bold behaviors of these two girls almost made Zhang Tie pass out, but he had to admit that he really enjoyed being hugged by the two beauties with huge breasts. It felt cool both psychologically and physiologically. Seeing the envious eyes of the other male animals, Zhang Tie felt an extremely sweet sensation inside. It’s pretty cool, and it’s exciting!


‘In the past, I thought that I would be very happy as long as I was surrounded by beauties, but it was only today when I am tightly hugged by two hot girls with huge breasts did I realize… this was true. Yeah! Hahaha...'

‘Well, I have to admit that I am a just a secular man who likes beauties and big boobs. The more beauties around me, the happier I will be and the more sense of achievement I will have!’

Zhang Tie said to himself in his heart!

Feeling as if he was being watched by a pair of eyes, Zhang Tie realized it was Miss Qili who was solemnly staring at him. In the past, Zhang Tie had felt that Miss Qili looked at him as if she were looking at a big, drooling toad; however, now that her opinion of Zhang Tie had improved, Miss Qili looked at him as if she were looking at a wolf disguised in human skin who would walk straight on the ground. Her eyes were teeming with alert and warning. Thinking of the strange punishment that woman had given him, Zhang Tie became pretty infuriated inside. ‘You don’t want any girls to stay with this father alone for three minutes… Heh heh, as you can see, I have two girls with me right now. Your motherf*cking punishment doesn’t work on me anymore.’

Facing Miss Qili’s stare, under the slight cry of Alice and Beverly, Zhang Tie pulled his arms away from the two girls’ breasts before directly hugging their slim waists and kissing the two girls’ faces right in front of Miss Qili. Then, he pointed at his own face, letting the two girls kiss him before finally grinning towards Miss Qili, exposing two rows of white teeth...

Zhang Tie felt really refreshed at the sight of Miss Qili being really infuriated as her willow-leaf-like eyes raising upwards.

In the distance, Hista and Barley encountered each other. When they thought that Zhang Tie was still a virgin and had no experience in seducing girls, their repulsive attitudes drove them to look for Zhang Tie. They wanted to see how Zhang Tie would lose face in front girls. Out of expectation, they caught sight of Zhang Tie ferociously hugging and kissing two beauties with huge breasts, causing their eyes to almost pop out of their sockets. And it even went further; he even let the two beauties kiss him back and the two beauties just did as he told them to.

Hista and Fatty Barley, who had thought they had rich experiences in seducing girls, were really shocked by what they saw. They became mouth agape.

“Beast!” Hista shouted. “Could he have been born with seducing skills? My god, he even let two girls kiss him at the same time. It’s two girls, not one! He has two girls accompanying him at once. God! Are you kidding me? Am I dreaming? Could digging in the mines really help people seduce girls? F*ck!”

“Beast!” Fatty Barley also cursed loudly. However, Zhang Tie instantly became much greater in his mind. In such a short period, a guy who had not yet even been circumcised was able to successfully seduce two beauties at the same time. Which other drooling guy was capable of this? Is digging in the mines really a super mysterious knowledge? At this moment, even Barley, who had heard of those rumor, started to feel his mind waver.

At the same time, it was not only Hista and Barley who were loudly cursing Zhang Tie but Miss Qili and Mr. Zerom as well...

But each of them was in a different mood when cursing him.

Kristine and Pandora were also cursing him. Zhang Tie never knew that his move was seen by so many people at the same time.

After cursing Zhang Tie, Kristine and Pandora, who were far from each other in the crowd, made the same movement—lowering their heads, they looked at their own breasts and both felt infuriated and unconvinced.

Bastard—they added one more word at the same time!

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