Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 100: A Complete Success

Chapter 100: A Complete Success

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Zhang Tie’s words had caused many people to be shocked, as none of them knew the reason behind Zhang Tie’s request.

“What do you want? Are you trying to stall for time?” The guy in silky hat instantly became alert and asked.

“Of course not. As a pious follower of the Guardian God School, I deserve to be under the protection of the Guarding God School when I am being set up and insulted. I simply wanted to ask Grandma Teresa for one of the Guardian God School’s Soul and Bloodline contract. For those among you that want to testify that I am guilty, please sign the contract and make a Soul and Bloodline oath. If your testimony is true, then would definitely have no reason to fear it and neither would it do you any harm. Using this method, I can avoid from being framed by a despicable person. Am I right, Boss Samira with triangular eyes resembling the head of a poisonous snake?”

“Pft!” Miss Qili wasn’t able to hold back from laughing out loud. Realizing her misconduct, Miss Qili hurriedly returned to her solemn look. The other teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee all looked really weird, as it was a challenge for them to hold back their laughter. Everyone turned their gazes to the man with the silky hat. At the same time, the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, who had just arrived outside the office, couldn’t hold back and began to speak in weird voices as they mocked Samira’s pair of triangular eyes.

Samira’s face turned purple. He stood up and pointed at Zhang Tie. “Brat, who are you trying to scare!? You could never get your hands on the Soul and Bloodline contract. You’re just trying to stall the proceeding!”

“My family has sold rice brew for dozens of years. Back when I was in Blackhot City, every week, I would send food to the orphans in the orphanage opened by Grandma Teresa. At the start, it was my father who sent it, then it was my elder brother, and now, I’m the one who sends it. For pious followers who have pure souls and feel obliged to help others like us, I think that Grandma Teresa and the Guardian God would not like to see us being slandered by others. If you, Boss Samira, would like to try the effect of the Soul and Bloodline contract and do not fear being devoured by your lies, then you can just continue to try setting me up!” Zhang Tie looked at Samira in disgust and spat towards him.

Like colors being mixed on a palette, Samira’s face was changing in color. At this moment, Samira had already long cursed Burwick’s ancestors. Samira realized that Burwick’s simple words, the one that said that Zhang Tie was the one who gave him trouble in public, was definitely a pit that waited for him to jump in by himself. If he had known that Zhang Tie was such a tricky guy, he would have never made such a rash decision; it was like beating a snake with a flyswatter. At this moment, Samira truly was full of regret.

Earlier, Samira had planned to testify that he had seen Zhang Tie stealing that guy’s purse, but when Zhang Tie mentioned the Guardian God School’s Soul and Bloodline contract, he was startled. The Soul and Bloodline contract was not something that only belonged to the Guardian God School; many other schools also had this contract. The pious followers would cut their fingers and would write the Soul and Bloodline Oath using their fresh blood and their prayers. Based on the constraints of the oath, as long as your name was on the contract, you would be devoured by the mysterious force within the Soul and Bloodline Oath you had taken if you told a lie. In the entire Blackhot City, only during major trials would the Soul and Bloodline contract be used to test whether the witness’ testimony was true or not. Samira could never have imagined that Zhang Tie would be able to get such an item. He had known the name of the grandma who was truly a pious follower of the Guardian God School, but never would he have thought that Zhang Tie was close to Grandma Teresa.

Of course, Samira did not dare to bet his life on this trivial incident. After cursing inwardly a couple of times, he had no other choice but to sit back down in his chair with a solemn look.

Seeing Samira staying silent with a solemn expression, Zhang Tie also heaved a deep sigh. Just now, he was just pretending to be confident. He had only heard of the Soul and Bloodline contract from others and was uncertain of whether or not he could get it. However, this was just like what Donder had taught him; when two brave men encountered one another on a narrow path, the braver man would win, but if two liars encountered one another on a narrow path, then the one with less confidence would be the first to retreat. As was expected, Samira was less confident than him. Thinking back to Fatty Donder’s instruction, Zhang Tie sneered inside.

“I will repeat one more time. Is there anyone who had seen how Jagla’s purse disappeared?” Miss Qili asked one more time. After several seconds, there was still no reply.

“Then, the fact is clear. Jaglar, nobody had seen Zhang Tie stealing your purse nor is there any physical evidence found. At that moment when you realized your purse was missing, you saw Zhang Tie quickly running away, but according to Zhang Tie, he was simply… heading for the washroom...” As Miss Qili could not bear to say the words “relieve his bowels” described by Zhang Tie, after hesitating for a while, she changed it into another saying. “That’s why you thought it was Zhang Tie who had stolen your purse and finally seeked for help in this office. But as there are no witnesses or any evidence, I declare that Zhang Tie is innocent!”

Hearing the result, all the other members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood cheered outside.

Rolling his eyes, Samira stood up impatiently. “I object. Your words don’t make any sense. There is a toilet outside of Wild Wolf Castle, so why did Zhang Tie not choose that toilet, which was closer to him, and instead choose the mine that is far away?”

“That’s simple. I had left my toilet paper inside the mining cave. If I want to relieve my bowels, of course I would have to go back to the mining cave. If I have taken a sh*t in Wild Wolf Castle, would I ask for your help to clean my butt, Boss Samira? Does your business group has such a service? Are you saying that you never clean your butt after relieving your bowls? Are you saying that you clean your butt using your fingers or just don’t clean it at all like those barbarians? My sh*t is still fresh over there and could be used as physical evidence. Do you want to identify it for yourself, Boss Samira...” Zhang Tie sneered.

Hearing Zhang Tie’s counterattack, all the other horny students outside the door of the room burst out into laughter while Hista whistled crazily. The teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee also held back from laughing out loudly. Captain Kerlin and Mr. Zerom’s face both flushed red and expanded greatly, causing a weird expression to be seen on their faces. Many teachers directly buried their heads below the desk with shoulders heavily shaking. Even Miss Qili, who was responsible for the interrogation of this incidence, had her face become twisted.

As expected, Samira was so infuriated that he even kept stomping his feet onto the ground. Pointing at Zhang Tie, he cursed, “Bastard! If you weren’t the thief and the purse isn’t with you, then why didn’t you stop and explain it when so many people were chasing you?”

“Bastard… Bastard… Bastard… Son of a b*tch… Your brothers must have been shot onto your wall by your father masturbating and had dried on it, so why are you alive? Bastard, answer me. I’m cursing you, so hurry up and admit that you are a bastard. What are you waiting for?” Zhang Tie directly growled towards Samira. As a result, Samira looked pale and instantly sat back down in his chair. Everyone, both the people inside and outside the room, all stared at Zhang Tie with wide opened eyes. As Samira has never been cursed at by others since he was young, he pointed at Zhang Tie with a quivering finger and tried to ascertain what Zhang Tie had said. “You… You… What did you curse me as?”

“I cursed you?” Zhang Tie innocently pointed at his own nose with wide opened eyes. Blinking his eyes, he asked “Did I curse you? I was just cursing that a bastard’s brothers were shot onto the wall when his father masturbated and were sacrificed, all the while he was left alive. Are you saying that you are that bastard?”

“Bastard, of course I’m not!” Samira furiously replied.

“That’s right. Since you’re not that bastard, then my cursing has nothing to do with you, right? There isn’t any need for you to respond in such a way. Look, there are so many people in the room, so why are you the only one who looks so excited and is jumping from the ground. Unless… you are that bastard? That would explain your response just now. Have I mention your name just now?”

“Nonsense. I was not excited at all. I didn’t make any response just now!” Feeling that Zhang Tie was a tricky person, under the dubious eyes, Samira gritted his teeth and sat down, trying his best to be innocent as his eyes remained looking forward with confidence.

Zhang Tie forced a smile. “So, Boss Samira, do you understand why I didn’t stop running when those people were chasing me? It’s because I am not the thief. There was no need for me to stop and give them a response because I had thought that they were chasing after someone else at that moment. I didn’t give a response since I am innocent. If I truly gave any response, I would truly have been in trouble! Bastard, bastard, bastard, Boss Samira, why aren’t you replying? Just reply. See? Since you aren’t the bastard, you didn’t reply and no one else here gave a response either. Do you understand now? What would I explain?”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Samira’s face was as black as ink. Glaring at Zhang Tie, he knew that this time, Zhang Tie had set him up in return and had realized that Zhang Tie was unexpectedly tricky. Thinking of his purse, Samira felt pain once again, as there were more than 20 gold coins inside the purse! My gold coins! Zhang Tie, you bastard! Just you wait!

“Leave!” Followed by several bodyguards, Samira furiously stood up from his chair and prepared to leave, as he constantly felt restless here.

“Hold on, Boss Samira?” Zhang Tie stopped Samira in a slow voice.

“Since you are already fine now, what else do you want!?” Samira loudly shouted at Zhang Tie.

“Thanks for your pardon. Since Boss Samira has said that I’m fine now, then next, there’s something you need to do!”


“What do you mean?” Seeing Zhang Tie’s confident smile, Samira suddenly felt as if something bad was about to happen...

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