Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 101: A Tongue Can Break Bones

Chapter 101: A Tongue Can Break Bones

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Ignoring Samira, Zhang Tie turned around and asked Miss Qili, “Miss Qili, could you tell me whether the Temporary Supervision Committee represents the officials of Blackhot City within Wild Wolf Castle? And could you tell me whether the Temporary Supervision Committee is entitled to supervise and manage everything related to this survival training?”

“Yes, as long as it is related to the students attending this survival training, the Temporary Supervision Committee will be responsible for the supervision and management. The Temporary Supervision Committee’s power is recorded in Blackhot City, and it states that the Temporary Supervision Committee has the power to manage everything that happens here and that it has also been granted the authority related to law enforcement and judicial related issues! Unless we receive an official notice from Blackhot City which details changes, then the rights and liabilities of the Temporary Supervision Committee will never change.” Not knowing what Zhang Tie was planning, Miss Qili could only solemnly and faithfully answer him.

“Fine! Since I have proven that I am innocent and not a thief, I would like to officially file a lawsuit against the Samira Business Group with the help of the Temporary Supervision Committee. During this incident, the Samira Business Group had treated me as a thief and had even disturbed my survival training. They had chased after me in public and had even attacked me, which has damaged my reputation and even my bright future. Based on the fact that the laws of Blackhot City will protect its citizens, I request the Samira Business Group to, for this misunderstanding and my losses, compensate me!” Zhang Tie righteously said.

“Bastard, are you still crazy about making money? This time, you got off easy, yet you still want compensation? Are you dreaming?” Samira shouted out loudly. Because he had lost his purse, Samira had already felt as if his heart was bleeding, but at this moment when Zhang Tie had even dared to ask for compensation, he felt as if a handsome amount of salt was thrown onto his wounded heart.

“Of course, I am not crazy. If what I have requested goes against Blackhot City laws, then please tell me, Boss Samira. If you can tell me, then I will definitely modestly correct it and eat my words!” As if he was looking at a pile of gold coins, Zhang Tie looked at Samira with an obscene smile.

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Samira instantly became silent, as what Zhang Tie had said truly did not violate Blackhot City laws.

Looking at the horny students outside the door, Zhang Tie shouted, “I know Blackhot City is now facing an unprecedented crisis, under which even Blackhot City might be at the edge of death. However, in my eyes, the laws of Blackhot City are still sacred and its authority is without a doubt. Nevertheless, at this critical moment, someone had actually treated the laws and the authority of Blackhot City as bullsh*t!” Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, the horny students outside the door started to whisper to one another. Leit, using a weird voice, shouted among the crowd, “Is the Samira Business Group planning to stomp on the authority of Blackhot City? Is the Samira Business Group planning to go and seek refuge with its new owner?” The students continued to whisper amongst themselves as Samira’s face turned pale. Since there were so many people here right now, what would happen if this scandal were to spread to Blackhot City?

“You… That’s nonsense! Since when did the Samira Business Group belittle the authority and laws of Blackhot City!?” Samira pointed at Zhang Tie and furiously cursed.

“Was I talking nonsense?” Zhang Tie said with a smile as he suddenly turned solemn and pointed at the students outside the door. “The other students all respect the laws and authority of Blackhot City and have taken the initiative to stand outside the room. You, Boss Samira, are not the plaintiff, the defendant, nor are you a member of the Temporary Supervision Committee in this investigation. Is an outsider allowed to sit within a temporary court, jumping here and there while muttering whatever you want and causing a disturbance in the Temporary Supervision Committee’s investigation? Please tell me, you being here… aren’t you trampling on the laws and authority of Blackhot City?”

Zhang Tie pointed and shouted at Samira as his magnificence directly forced Samira a couple of steps backwards. He had come in, sat down, and casually spoke during this investigation because he had Master Abyan as his backer. Like Zhang Tie had mentioned, compared to his master, he truly did not attach much worth to the Temporary Supervision Committee. In Samira’s eyes, this was a trivial matter. He had never thought that Zhang Tie would find loopholes from such a trivial matter to give him trouble. During normal times, this matter could be laughed off, but Blackhot City is currently under threats from the Norman Empire. Someone could turn this affair into a bigger matter. No matter what, the Temporary Supervision Committee was an official facet of Blackhot City, while Samira was just a businessman with no official status. Thinking of some of the terrible consequences, Samira’s face instantly turned pale as he was covered in cold sweat all over. In truth, Samira was just a small figure who knew clearly that the big figures would not mind giving him some benefits and face if he proved to be useful; however, if he had a poor reputation, then those big figures would prefer to stay away from him as far as possible. If he brought them trouble, they would definitely dig a pit and bury him, feeling no pity for him at all.

Zhang Tie’s words, like a sharp axe, directly chopped at Samira’s weakness and the place he feared the most.

“Besides, do you know how arrogant you have been? The survival training for the students from Blackhot City is something that has always been officially protected and endorsed by Blackhot City. During the survival training, the students attending it will be managed in a semi-militarized manner and will comply with the war-time management decree of Andaman Alliance. The entire Wild Wolf Valley is similar to a military camp. Despite this, the Samira Business Group had dared to ignore the laws and traditions of the Andaman Alliance. You had dared to trespass Wild Wolf Valley and casually tried to capture a student who was attending this survival training. Aren’t you violating the laws and dignity of Blackhot City? Aren’t you treating the wartime decree of the Andaman Alliance as bullsh*t? I have already begun to doubt whether or not you are a mole from the Norman Empire whose aim is to disturb this survival training by using the excuse of arresting me in an attempt to cause the confidence in Blackhot City and the Andaman Alliance to waver...”

Saying this, Zhang Tie heroically strode towards Samira, while the latter kept moving backwards with a forehead covered in sweat and a face that gradually turned pale. Although Samira opened his mouth, he wasn’t able to say a single word; what Zhang Tie had argued was all true, leaving no loopholes for him to refute. Hearing Zhang Tie’s argument, the horny students outside became increasingly noisy. Many of them had begun to curse at Samira with words like “traitor” and “mole”, which began to spread everywhere. Stimulated by the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, the atmosphere gradually lost control.

Earlier, the teachers from the Temporary Supervision Committee were forcing back their laughter, but upon hearing Zhang TIe’s testimony, they realized that Zhang Tie had worsened the situation. Every one of them looked solemn.

At this moment, Samira had already started to feel regret deep in his heart. “Why did I mess with Zhang Tie?” Earlier, Samira had already felt that Zhang Tie was similar to a poisonous snake, but now, he felt as if Zhang Tie’s mouth, like the bloody mouth of a magical beast, could completely engulf him.

“You are talking nonsense… They… they chased you because… because you stole their purse?” Samira made an emergency counterattack. Having lived so long, Samira was truly quick-witted. “Based on the laws of Blackhot City, when one has found a person committing a crime, they have the right to stop the crime for the purpose of protecting one’s interests. This right is even superior to the immunity conduct given to the members of the parliament of the Andaman Alliance. That’s why, your intention of setting me up has failed!”

“Hahaha...” Zhang Tie burst out into laughter. He had finally led Samira right into the trap he had set. “You’re right. The right to stop a crime when it happens is truly superior to the immunity given to the members of the parliament of the Andaman Alliance. If I had truly stolen your purse, then this law could truly be applicable to me and the title of being a mole of the Norman Empire would not have fallen on your head, but the problem is… I did not steal your purse!”

“Now that you have proven that you had not stolen the purse, then this could only mean that it was a misunderstanding and that you are innocent. But, this misunderstanding isn’t something for you to slander me with!” Samira said as he pretended to calm down.

“What if it’s not a misunderstanding this time? What if it was you who wanted to slander me? What if you were trying to stir up trouble during this survival training by slandering me, aiming to weaken the authority of Blackhot City among this group of thousands of students, who will be soldiers of Blackhot City in the future, and make us disappointed about Blackhot City? If it’s like that, then do you dare to still say that you are not a mole from the Norman Empire? Do you still dare to say that you are not a traitor who’s trying to destroy Blackhot City?“ When Zhang Tie said these words, not only did the expression on Samira’s face change, but even the faces of the Samira Business Group bodyguards and the teachers from the Temporary Supervision Committee became twisted, and the horny students beyond the door all became silent.

As he said this, Zhang Tie didn’t turn to Samira, whose face had long turned white; instead, he glanced at the bodyguards, whose faces had also turned white, and Jagla, the one who had thrown Samira’s purse inside Zhang Tie’s mining basket. Revealing his white teeth, Zhang Tie smiled. “Do you know how Blackhot City and the Andaman Alliance would deal with them if they were arrested for being traitors and moles? Their entire families would be hung!” At this moment, in the eyes of the bodyguards, Zhang Tie’s smile looked more terrifying than that of a demon. “Not to mention, they wouldn’t let you have an easy death. Before dying, you will be dealt with by professionals who, for the sake of interrogation, would not let a single inch of skin on any of your family members remain untouched. I know how they treat spies more clearly than any one of you...”

“No, no, we are not spies or traitors...” Several bodyguards had turned pale and stammered.

“Whether or not you are spies is not something for you to decide, but rather, it will depend on the reason you have purposely slandered and framed me, and it will also depend on whether you were trying to stir up trouble during the survival training by setting me up. For the spies of the Norman Empire, they can’t wait to see the people from Blackhot City be restless...” Zhang Tie looked in the eyes of the bodyguards calmly before moving his gaze to Jagla. Under Zhang Tie’s gaze, their legs had already started to shake, and Zhang Tie did not miss this. He then suddenly and loudly shouted, “Your heads are going to be chopped off, but you’re still planning to remain silent? Do you want me to report you to Blackhot City’s Ministry of Internal Affairs? Without needing to take out the Soul and Bloodline contract, the powerful departments of Blackhot City can put your entire family behind bars. Will you only speak the truth then? At this time, Blackhot City is encountering a great danger. For just a bit of compensation from the Samira Business Group and that mole of Norman Empire, the traitor of Blackhot City, do you really think it’s worth it for you to sacrifice the lives of all your family members for him?”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s further persuasion, Jagla completely collapsed mentally. At the same time, the plaintiff suddenly pointed at Samira and exclaimed, “I’ll speak! I will say everything! It’s him! It’s Samira who told me to throw a purse into your mining basket. He wanted me to frame you as a thief and then arrest you...”

Jagla, who suffered the most internally, suddenly collapsed like a broken dam, causing the bodyguards’ mental fortitude to immediately be destroyed. At the same time, all the teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee and all the horny students outside the door were shocked. Afterwards, it turned into a great chaos.

“I’ll speak, I’ll speak! It was Samira who had wanted us to arrest you after having Jagla pretend that his purse was stolen by you. And it was also Samira who wanted us to do this in public in order to let as many people know as possible...”

“It’s Samira, It’s Samira who wanted to disturb this survival training. It has nothing to do with us. We are just bodyguards who are trying to earn an ordinary living wage. We are not moles and traitors of the Norman Empire...”

“Samira told us that he would reward us as long as we were able to complete this task well. We really don’t know whether he’s a mole who wants to disturb this survival training...”

The bodyguards instantly shrieked one by one, fearing that their chance to prove their innocence would be taken away.

Hearing their testimonies, everything before Samira’s eyes turned pitch black as he passed out and hit his head on the ground.

For a while, after the great commotion from the shock, both the people inside and outside of the office suddenly became silent. In face of such a quick change and unbelievable outcome, they all felt their minds go blank.

At this moment, Captain Kerlin, Mr. Zerom, Miss Qili, all the teachers, and the horny students outside the door were gazing at Zhang Tie as if they were looking at a ghost. Everyone had witnessed how this miner had used his mouth to complete an amazing reversal, step by step revealing Samira’s “hidden status” as a mole of the Norman Empire.

This is too terrifying! Too exciting! Too motherf*cking dramatic! For many people, since young, they had never seen such a huge incident.

Mr. Zerom was the first to respond. Like a bird, Mr. Zerom jumped out from behind the line of desks and chairs and walked before Samira with just one step. Samira, who had just awoken and was shaking his head, passed out once again from Zerom’s ferocious kick.

“Emergency situation! Samira might be a mole from the Norman Empire. Since we don’t know whether there are other dangerous individuals within the Samira Business Group, all students outside, listen to my order! Take your weapons and follow me! We will go and disarm the people from the Samira Business Group...” After he finished saying that, Mr. Zerom turned to Miss Qili and solemnly said, “Miss Qili, please immediately report what had happened here to Blackhot City on behalf of the Temporary Supervision Committee and invite experts over to take over for the following proceedings, including Samira’s interrogations.

After taking another glance at Zhang Tie, Miss Qili seemed to have recovered her composure a bit. She then nodded. “I will faithfully report what has happened here to Blackhot City!”

At this moment, many of the horny students who had witnessed the entire interrogation started to shout outside, “Samira is a mole from the Norman Empire!” “Samira is a traitor of Blackhot City...” Such loud screams and shouts gradually caused turmoil in Wild Wolf Castle...

Seeing the matter deteriorate to this degree, everybody knew that even if Samira’s life could be saved, his future had been completely destroyed...

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