Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 99: Verbal Defense

Chapter 99: Verbal Defense

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In the cave, everybody had their eyes fixed on Zhang Tie...

Remaining at his current spot, Zhang Tie, who had just hit a bodyguard and had sent him flying, crossed his hands behind his body and coldly stared at the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group. Ignoring the comments from the onlookers, Zhang Tie felt that his current gesture was heroic; however, in the eyes of those who knew fighting skills, they understood that this was the “Hidden Blade Move” that was always seen during dagger training. With the dagger behind him, this caused people to not know where the dagger was nor did they know whether the dagger was in his left hand or in his right hand. The dagger could also be put beside his waist, which frightened the others, as this increased the number of possible moves. This was the essence of the “Hidden Blade Move”. Sometimes, a sharp, hidden blade could be more frightening than a blade that was exposed in the sun.

After the short fight, Zhang Tie stood there with this “Hidden Blade Move”, causing everyone to be shocked. Seeing Zhang Tie’s cool gesture, the eyes of the onlookers all shone. Now, even those who had doubted Zhang Tie’s words had started to trust him. The reason was simple, and that was because Zhang Tie’s Qi field and his status really matched with his “Hidden Blade Move”. Instead of showing your purity and heroicness, this move was used to hide your killing intent. Anyone who saw Zhang Tie’s heroicness that was brought from his strong Qi field by his “Hidden Blade Move” would not believe that Zhang Tie was a thief. Everyone knew that a rhinoceros would never drill into a mouse’s den. A person’s spiritual energy and Qi field would leave the deepest impression on the hearts of others, and they were more persuasive than any words.

“So this is the true Hidden Blade Move...” Some of the horny students among the onlookers mumbled as they cast their eyes full of admiration and worship onto Zhang Tie. This was the first time they had witnessed someone among the undergraduates attending the survival training applying a fighting skill that had been taught at school so skillfully. At this moment, the fellow named Zhang Tie had caused the eyes of many to shine; it was as if he had opened a gate, allowing them to enter a completely new world.

All the horny students were startled, while the miners, who moved close to watch what was happening, became even more amazed. Although every one of the miners working here knew Zhang Tie, nobody could have expected that such an excellent “warrior” was among their “fellow workers”. At the sight of Zhang Tie’s performance, many of the miners instantly became confident and straightened their backs.

The Samira Business Group bodyguard who had been hit by Zhang Tie quickly recovered his composure. Zhang Tie’s strike just now did not make him lose his will to fight. Having seen the short fight, all the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group realized that Zhang Tie was a tricky fellow and that they would have to expend some effort in order to take him down.

After exchanging glances, the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group came to a final decision.

“Brat, since you dare to fight back so ferociously, don’t blame us for retaliating!” solemnly warned a bodyguard who took a step towards Zhang Tie.

“Even now, you’re still trying to frame me so despicably and are still trying to destroy by bright future and reputation. So why should this father treat you politely?” Zhang Tie coldly glared at the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group who wanted to charge at him. “Before moving, I suggest you to think over this twice. Do you think it’s worth risking your lives for that small bit of compensation that could barely allow your family to survive? Will the Samira Business Group feed you for the rest of your lives? I am only 15 years old. Have you considered what would happen if you try to create enmity with me over just a bit of compensation? I know you are smart, and we all know how things go. You are all just working for money, so I will warn you once again. Whoever dares to try to frame me as a thief again, this father will definitely kill him. I will see who will be killed first...”

Zhang Tie’s ferocious words were more lethal than his “Hidden Blade Move”. Hearing Zhang Tie’s warning, the bodyguards who were about to surge forward instantly froze and became clear-minded; it was as if they had just been doused with icy water from head to toe. Right. Was it worth it to create a grievance with that brat just for a bit of compensation? Remembering his ferocious attack, his heroic character, as well as that frightening killing intent hidden within his “Hidden Blade Move”, every one of the bodyguards realized one thing—even if they could take down this brat now, could they take him down in the future? Since this brat was already this sharp at the age of 15, he would definitely be outside of their control in a few years. If they framed him today and ended up destroying his bright future and reputation, what would happen if this guy decides to take revenge on them in the future… The bodyguards, especially the one who had experienced Zhang Tie’s fighting skills just now, were all shocked by his words. If they truly infuriated Zhang Tie, they might really not be able to eat and sleep well from now on.

It was nothing special to set up an unlucky student in the way arranged by and paid by Samira; however, if that student was so ferocious that it could cause them to not even be able to sleep well whenever they thought of him taking revenge, then everyone involved would have to reconsider it. Although the small bit of compensation from the Samira Business Group was enough to force them to take action, if they had to risk their own lives and bright futures, then the amount of compensation provided was far from enough.

After exchanging glances with each other, the bodyguards instantly learned what each of them had thought. It seemed that today’s incident would never develop as Samira had planned. From the beginning, this brat had already known how this story would develop. Such a person had really terrifying intelligence and strength, and it would be better for them to not stir trouble with him. They really didn’t know why Samira forced them to breed enmity with such a terrifying person.

“No matter what, I realized my purse was missing the moment you ran. Since you were the most suspicious one, that’s why we kept chasing you...”

“Are you idiots?” Zhang Tie cursed loudly. “You can go to the railway station of Blackhot City to have a look around. Every day, many purses are stolen over there. Which thief would instantly run once they heard the shouts from the owner? If they had truly done that, then they would just be admitting to their actions. If you have low intelligence, then I will forgive you for insulting my personality, but you can not insult my intelligence! If you had truly lost your purse, then I will see which bastard among you will dare to tell the onlookers that I have stolen your purse? Which one of you bastards dare to frame me?”

After being cursed at by Zhang Tie, the bodyguards became less aggressive and could not even utter a single word; instead, they simply looked back at Zhang Tie in the same manner as he looked at them. If Zhang Tie had not displayed his strength, then what he had just said would have made him a laughingstock; however, the fact was Zhang Tie had already shown his terrifying strength and intelligence. Considering what Zhang Tie had said and done, the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group really lost the courage to breed enmity with Zhang Tie just for a bit of compensation from the Samira Business Group.


“Brother, could you tell me the name of that buddy? How could he be digging in the mines together with you?” a horny student asked a miner who was beside him in a low voice.

“He’s Zhang Tie. He has already worked here with us for about 20 days...” As he said this, the miner looked at the person who had asked him the question with eyes full of contempt. Lowering his voice, he said, “His actions are within reason since he had even killed three wolves by himself before jumping into a pitch black hole that was as deep as 200 m in order to survive!”

“What!? You’re saying… he’s that guy who was chased by seven wolves and had jumped into a pitch black hole in order to survive?!” That person was really shocked by what he had heard. It turned out that Zhang Tie was not a normal student at all! He had long become a legendary figure.

“Of course!”

“If he was that sharp, then why did he choose to mine here?”

“This is a top secret!” The miner rolled his eyes.

“What top secret?” The horny student’s eyes suddenly started to shine.

“This secret isn’t something that I would casually tell others!”

The horny student gritted his teeth and pulled out 100 g of dried meat and tossed it to that miner. After receiving the dried meat, that miner whispered to him.

“What!? You’re saying digging in the mines is the best way to cultivate? You’re saying that Zhang Tie realized all this by digging in the mines? You’re saying that Zhang Tie had, at the very least, improved his strength by a level by just mining in the caves these past few days?” Hearing the secret, the horny student was really shocked by that top secret. It was truly too amazing.

“Huh, quiet. This secret was disclosed by Zhang Tie to the guys at the ores collection center by mistake. Don’t let the others know!”


The horny student hurriedly nodded while the other surrounding horny students had long kept their ears alert by raising them in a manner akin to donkeys...

At that moment, with burning torches in hand, another group of people entered the mining cave. Seeing what was happening over there, they hurriedly made their way over.

It was a teacher of the Temporary Supervision Committee and some students who were on duty in Wild Wolf Castle. Seeing the arrival of the teacher of the Temporary Supervision Committee, Zhang Tie and the bodyguards all heaved a deep sigh.


Half an hour later in the office of the Temporary Supervision Committee, Zhang Tie and the bodyguards of the Samira Business Group were standing in the middle of the room, while Captain Kerlin, Mr. Zerom, and the other teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee were sitting behind a row of desks. Aside from them, Samira was also sitting in a chair. At this moment, outside, the room was surrounded by students who came here to see how the story would develop.

Miss Qili, who was responsible for the investigation, had inquired all the witnesses. Seeing the wisp of a smile on the corner of Zerom’s mouth, Captain Kerlin became reassured.

“According to your testimony, the story has developed as follows: Jagla walked around the square of Wild Wolf Castle for more than half an hour before realizing that his purse had been stolen. At that moment, you saw Zhang Tie running away, so you took Zhang Tie as the thief who had stolen your purse. Is that why you called your people to chase Zhang Tie”

“Yes… That’s how it was?” The bodyguard from the Samira Business Group named Jagla admitted without any confidence.

“I will ask this once again. Among all of you present, did any one of you see how Jagla had lost his purse?” Miss Qili asked. Everyone remained silent. When Miss Qili raised her voice and asked again, there was still no reply. At this moment, Zhang Tie, who had long been silently observing Samira, found the traces of a cold smile forming at the corner of Samira’s mouth. The moment Samira was about to speak, Zhang Tie raised his hand. “Miss Qili, I have a request. In order to avoid being framed by someone, I beg for your consent to allow me to return to Blackhot City to bring something back in the event that someone wants to testify that I was the thief.”

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