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Chapter 568 - : The Targeted Joelson. The Dragon Scale That Shocked the Mustache!

Chapter 568: The Targeted Joelson. The Dragon Scale That Shocked the Mustache!

“Boss, that disabled man went to the pawnshop!”

“Should we make a move?”

Behind them, one of the hooligans asked.

The three of them had been paying attention to Joelson, who was on crutches, for a long time.

From the moment Joelson entered the street, they had already regarded him, who was inconvenient to move, as their fat sheep today.

Although he was wearing a shabby coat and limping on his crutches, his unique temperament could not be concealed.

These three hooligans felt that he must be a down and out noble.

Now that he had come to the pawnshop, he must be auctioning off his belongings.

“Boss, if he goes in, the treasures that can be exchanged for money will be taken away by the Mustache!”

Another gangster said anxiously.

The Mustache had quite a reputation in the outer city of the underground city. If the three of them stole the business of the Mustache, they would definitely be hated by the Mustache. At that time, it would be even more difficult for the three of them to move in the underground city.

The one-eyed bald man called boss frowned. He glanced at his underling behind him and gave them a hard slap on the face.

“Are the two of you brainless?”

“Do you really have to steal Mustache’s things?”

“He went to a pawn shop. Could it be that Mustache wouldn’t give him money after he pawned his things?”

“We’ll wait for him to finish exchanging the money and directly rob the money in his hands. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and faster?”

Every time the one-eyed man said something, he would give his underlings a hard slap on the face.

When the one-eyed man finished speaking, the faces of the two underlings were already completely swollen.

“As expected of the boss. He’s really smart!”

“That’s right, that’s right. When that brat comes out, we’ll make a move. This way, we won’t even need to do anything dirty.”

The two underlings echoed.

The one-eyed man fiercely said, “When that brat comes out, we’ll follow him all the way. When we reach a place where there’s no one, we’ll make a move.”

“That brat is just a cripple who can’t move easily and needs to rely on crutches to walk. It’s absolutely impossible for him to escape from our hands!”

“Boss is mighty! Boss is wise!”

“Boss is mighty! Boss is wise!”

A cruel glint flashed across the eyes of the two lackeys.

They could already imagine the miserable state that Joelson was in under their hands.

If Joelson still dared to resist, they did not mind chopping off all of his fingers and adding another nameless corpse to the underground city.

The three of them laid in ambush at the door, waiting for him to come out.

He entered the pawnshop.

There weren’t too many complicated displays in the pawnshop. There were only a few scattered items.

These items were all very strange. Rather than saying that they were commodities or treasures, they were more like a kind of art that was only used for decoration.

These decorations were all pieced together with white strips of objects, forming one strange pattern after another, making people feel particularly uncomfortable.

Seeing that Joelson had noticed these decorations on the table, the mustached man explained.

“These are all my spoils of war.”

“Spoils of war?”

Joelson frowned, not understanding.

“Other than running a pawn shop business, I also lend money to some people when I have nothing to do. These are all things left behind by those customers who didn’t pay on time.”

The mustached man continued to explain.

“Of course, I didn’t kill them. I just left them with a deep lesson.”

“Every month that the arrears are delayed, I will take a bone from them and use it as the material for my artwork.”

When Joelson heard this, he was a little surprised.

It turned out that these artworks that made Joelson a little uncomfortable were actually made from human bones.

The mustached man looked shifty-eyed. He didn’t expect that he would be so vicious.

“Sir, you’re only here to pawn things. Just pretend that you didn’t see these things.”

“Hahahaha, in this line of work, no matter what, you have to have some deterrence. Otherwise, the money borrowed will be like water splashed out. It won’t come back, will it?”

The mustached man rubbed his hands and said to Joelson with a shifty look.

Although Joelson could not agree with the mustached man’s way of doing things, he could not deny it either.

If the loan shark was not ruthless, then he was doing charity work.

“Sir, what do you want to pawn in our pawnshop?”

The mustached man and Joelson came to the center of the pawnshop. There was a round crystal-like instrument here. It seemed to be used to identify things.

“I need money urgently. These have been pawned for me.”

Joelson took out two or three pieces of objects from his pocket.

These pieces of objects were completely black. In the dim room, they reflected light.

When these black objects appeared in the room, they instantly emitted a terrifying pressure.

It was as if a hurricane had suddenly appeared in the room.

The things that Joelson took out were the dragon scales that Hades had dropped.

After a long while, the pressure that represented Hades in the room slowly dissipated.

At this moment, the mustached man was able to take a deep breath. His legs went soft and he sat down on the ground.

He looked at the dragon scales that Joelson had taken out and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The mustached man sucked in a breath of cold air!

He had thought that the noble temperament of Joelson would belong to some poor noble family. The things that he had taken out were only good things that only some noble families had.

However, the moment the dragon scales appeared, the mustached man’s view of Joelson had completely changed.

One had to know that these were dragon scales!

Legendary existences!

The dragon scales that had fallen off a dragon’s body could only be preserved in the shortest amount of time possible to store the energy within them.

If the dragon scales had fallen off for too long, the energy stored within the dragon scales would disappear into the world.

The pressure within it would naturally disappear completely.

Although such a dragon scale had some value, it was definitely not as valuable as a dragon scale that could be preserved completely.

Since Joelson was able to take out such a terrifying dragon scale, it was definitely a dragon scale that had been preserved completely!

Moreover, the owner of this dragon scale was definitely an extremely terrifying existence!

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