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Chapter 569 - A Shocking Pawnbroker. And Joelson Actually Agreed!

Chapter 569: A Shocking Pawnbroker. And Joelson Actually Agreed!

The mustached man looked at the scattered dragon scales on the table, and his heart was filled with shock.

His voice was trembling from the intense shock.

The mustached man looked at Joelson and, in that instant, he became respectful.

He originally thought that Joelson was just a down and out noble, but now it seemed that he had underestimated Joelson.

To be able to produce such a powerful dragon scale, how could Joelson be a simple character!

All of a sudden, the mustached man became a little flustered.

Perhaps Joelson’s background was much more terrifying than he had guessed.

“Sir, this thing of yours is really too valuable. I don’t dare to accept it!”

The mustached man said in fear and trepidation.

There was no change in the expression on Joelson’s face as he said to the mustached man indifferently.

“Name your price. There’s no need to say the rest.”

When the mustached man heard what Joelson said, he subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

After deliberating for a long time, the mustached man finally took a deep breath and said solemnly to Joelson.

“Sir, my shop is small. The price I said might not be able to enter your eyes, but please believe me. This is already the highest reward I can pay.”

The mustached man slowly raised one of his fingers and said with difficulty.

“I can give you a maximum of 100,000 snow crystal coins for each dragon scale.”

“This is really the highest amount that my shop can give you. If you think it’s too little, I’ll immediately recommend a few bigger pawn shops in the inner city for you.”

“You can definitely get the amount you want there.”

“If you don’t have the permission to enter the inner city, I can think of a way to help you open it.”

The mustached man said with difficulty. He could not help but close his eyes.

He was afraid that Joelson would teach him a lesson because he heard that the price was too low.

It was not that the mustached man was too weak, but it was because the mustached man did not dare to fight back at all!

How could it be easy to take out a treasure that had the complete aura of a dragon scale?

If he really wanted to fight back, his precious life would be forfeited here.

The mustached man swallowed a mouthful of saliva and closed his eyes with difficulty.

He had already sensed Joelson’s fury.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

It was clearly such a short time, but now it had become so long. Even the mustached man felt as if several years had passed.

“One dragon scale for 100,000 snow crystal coins?”

“Then it’s settled.”

Joelson’s voice slowly sounded.

The mustached man suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

How could it be!

This gentleman was actually willing to exchange 100,000 snow crystal coins for one dragon scale!

One had to know that a dragon scale that was not well-preserved could be exchanged for at least 50,000 snow crystal coins in the underground city.

And now that it was so well-preserved, it could at least be doubled!

Not to mention, the owner of this dragon scale was an extremely powerful existence.

This point did not need the mustached man to observe. Just the terrifying pressure produced by the dragon scale produced by Joelson alone was enough to prove that the owner of these dragon scales was extraordinary.


“Are you not lying to me?”

“Do you really intend to use the price of 100,000 snow crystal coins to sell the dragon scales in your hands?”

Mustache’s voice was trembling. Even now, he still felt like he was in a dream.

One had to know that the reason he was offering 100,000 snow crystal coins for a dragon scale was entirely because he only had so many snow crystal coins in his hands. It did not mean that this dragon scale was only worth so much.

If the dragon scale was really put in the auction, any dragon scale would probably fetch a sky-high price of at least 500,000!

Moreover, the lord in the inner city just happened to need the dragon scale…

Under such circumstances, the value of the dragon scale in the auction would probably be even higher!

And the Mustache just needed to casually flip the dragon scale on the table, and he could directly earn over 100,000 snow crystal coins!

This was picking up money while lying on the ground!

This kind of free-for-all business was a loss for the current Joelson. Why did he do it?

For a moment, Mustache didn’t understand.

Joelson nodded, agreeing to this deal.

These dragon scales were nothing to Joelson. These were all dragon scales that fell off from Hades’s body when he grew up. They were all conveniently placed into the system space by Joelson.

There were at least as many of these dragon scales in his warehouse as there were hills. If one had to estimate a rough figure, there would probably be more than a thousand of them.

These things might be very precious to Mustache, an underground city merchant who had rarely seen dragons, but to the dragon master, they were like weeds on the side of the road. They were not rare at all.

Mustache rubbed his hands. After making sure that he was not joking, he carefully placed the dragon scales on the table, which were emitting a strong pressure, into a special box.

This box seemed to be a magic tool. After placing the dragon scales inside, the small box was directly locked to isolate the pressure coming from the dragon scales. At the same time, complicated magic patterns appeared from the lock core.

From the looks of it, it should be a magic tool that could seal off one’s aura.

From the analysis of the materials, this small box should not be cheap to make.

As Joelson sized up the small box in front of him, the mustached man also took the reward that he promised to Joelson.

The mustached man held a thick envelope in his hand.

“Sir, I have received a total of five dragon scales from you. I will exchange them for one dragon scale at the price of 100,000 snow crystal coins. This is an underground city bank card with a face value of 500,000 snow crystal coins. You can exchange it for 500,000 snow crystal coins in any bank in the underground city.”

Of course, the mustached man would not directly take out 500,000 snow crystal coins to give to Joelson.

If Joelson did not have the system space, he would probably carry this mountain of snow crystal coins back. He would probably become the most eye-catching person in the outer city of the underground city.

Perhaps even the inner city of the underground city would spread the news of Joelson.

He took the card from the mustached man, which could be exchanged for 500,000 snow crystal coins.

He did not know what kind of gem the card was made of. The moment he took it, it felt very cold, but then he immediately felt a very warm feeling.

This completely opposite feeling made him feel very strange.

On the card, there was a string of numbers formed by tiny magic threads.

It was the number of the balance in the card.


After a slight magic scan, Joelson found that there was indeed a special signal fluctuating in the card.

It seemed that the mustached man was not lying to him.

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