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Chapter 567 - The Street of Criminals

Chapter 567: The Street of Criminals

Elena and Joelson were walking on the street at this moment.

Joelson looked at the flyer in his hand and fell into deep thought.

He especially saw a note at the bottom right corner. If one wanted to participate in the auction, one had to provide at least 10,000 snow crystal coins as proof.

“Elena, do you know that if you want to participate in the auction, you have to provide at least 10,000 snow crystal coins as proof of assets?”

Joelson asked Elena.

Elena nodded. Although 10,000 snow crystal coins was not a small number, she could still take it out if she gritted her teeth.

After all, to enter the auction, one only needed to provide proof of assets of 10,000 snow crystal coins. It was not the entrance ticket that required 10,000 snow crystal coins.

If one really needed 10,000 snow crystal coins to enter the auction house, then it would be a robbery.

10,000 snow crystal coins could buy a whole 10,000 pieces of bread.

To the ordinary people in the underground city, this was an extremely terrifying number.

Unless it was the real group of rich people at the top of the underground city, the price was too high.

Elena replied to Joelson.

“I can barely take it out.”

Elena took out her small pink wallet from her waist and compared it with Joelson’s.

Joelson nodded and continued.

“In that case, you should go to the auction house first.”

Elena asked in puzzlement.

“Joelson, aren’t you going to the auction house with me? I remember that your target is also the resplendent gem, right?”

Joelson said indifferently.

“Of course, my target is also the resplendent gem but Elena, you probably didn’t look at the flyer carefully. The asset proof on it is based on the price of the head.”

Joelson paused for a moment and continued.

“In other words, if the two of us go together, we need 20,000 snow crystal coins as the asset proof.”

After Joelson said that, Elena’s eyes widened.


“This is too much!”

“It’s actually 20,000 snow crystal coins.”

Elena was in a dilemma. If it was 10,000 snow crystal coins, she might be able to barely make it out.

But if it was 20,000 snow crystal coins, she definitely wouldn’t be able to take it out.

The resplendent gem was a necessity for Elena. No matter what, Elena needed to get it.

What Elena didn’t know was that this 10,000 snow crystal coins was just a drop in the ocean for the price of the resplendent gem.

Joelson shrugged and continued speaking to Elena.

“It’s alright, Elena.”

“You can just go to the auction house later. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“You helped me treat myself and helped me pay for the hotel. I already owe you a lot. Right now, you can’t take out so many snow crystal coins. Of course, I can’t continue to seek your help.”

“Don’t worry, I have my ways.”

“I must get this bright gem.”

Joelson smiled faintly, and his face was full of confidence.

As if Joelson’s smile was too charming, Elena’s little face not only blushed slightly.

Then Elena nodded obediently.

“In that case, Mr. Joelson, I’ll go to the auction house first to collect some information.”

After saying that, Elena and Joelson split up and headed to the auction house first.

Looking at Elena’s disappearing figure, Joelson let out a sigh of relief.

“Alright, Elena has left.”

“Now it’s time to solve the problem of the wallet.”

After saying that, he walked away with his crutches.

At the corner of the street, in a very hidden location.

This was a pawn shop in the underground city. At the same time, it was also a place that provided usury to all kinds of people.

Joelson’s figure appeared in front of the pawn shop. Joelson raised his head and looked at it. His eyes were slightly flickering with light.

The people in the pawn shop seemed to have also discovered Joelson’s existence and hurriedly came out to welcome him.

The newcomer was a thin middle-aged man with shifty eyes.

He sized up Joelson from head to toe, as if he was thinking about how much money he could squeeze out of him.

However, the middle-aged man felt very strange about the current Joelson who was holding a walking stick.

The middle-aged man’s name was Giko. In the outer city of the underground city, those who knew him usually called him Mustache.

If it was a disabled person with a cane, Mustache would probably kick them out.

After all, they were disabled, which meant that they had lost the ability to make money, so they couldn’t extract much from them.

If they lent money to such people, they might even lose money.

However, the feeling that Joelson gave Mustache was very different. He wasn’t like those disabled people who had lost the ability to move, emitting a dispirited aura.

Instead, he faintly had the aura of a superior person.

Obviously, Joelson did not do anything. He just stood there with his crutch. However, he still emitted an oppressive aura.

This kind of aura could only be felt by some extremely powerful people or people in high positions.

Mustache rubbed his hands and hurriedly welcomed Joelson in.

He didn’t know why, but his body had already done so.

Maybe this was the subconscious.

His body was telling Mustache that if he didn’t treat Joelson respectfully, there was a high possibility of serious consequences.

The pawnshop was located in a remote area outside the underground city.

If it was a resident of the outer city, they would definitely stay away from this area. After all, this was a street known as the criminal paradise.

If you were a weak old man or a woman walking alone on the street, then the probability of you being robbed would be at least 80%.

Not far from the pawnshop, there were two or three figures who had already noticed the person who was about to enter the pawnshop.

These three people were all famous local ruffians and hooligans on the streets.

Especially the leader, the bald man who was blind in one eye. This made the surrounding residents even more terrified.

These three people were people who killed without batting an eye. As long as there were benefits, they would not show any mercy.

Moreover, the three of them were extremely narrow-minded.

There was once someone who angered the three of them. The three of them sneaked into another person’s house in the middle of the night and directly killed all the women and children in the other person’s house.

They would not take the initiative to provoke the strong, but bullying the weak was their hobby.

“Boss, that disabled person went to the pawnshop!”

“Should we make a move?”

Behind them, one of the gangsters said.

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