Chapter 47 - Chapter 7: Advent #5

Chapter 47 - Chapter 7: Advent #5

In history, cavalry could be divided into two types.

There were those who used their mobility to attack and depart repeatedly or those who joined together as a mighty stone cavalry to push behind enemy lines..

The centaurs of the Mighty Fire tribe were closer to cavalry archers.

The centaurs, including Ferocious Eyes, pulled their bows and fired. Shooting a bow on a horse was a task that required high training but it was a necessity for the centaurs.

In-gong required them to draw the casios’ attention, not defeat them.

As the casios had more numbers than them, Ferocious Eyes didn’t want to rush recklessly at the casios. So, he fired arrows instead. The arrows flew in a large arc.

The rain of arrows pouring from the sky was enough to cause pressure, but the casios just ran forward and didn’t avoid the arrows.

The ones at the front were hit by the arrows, but a far greater number of casios passed through the rain of arrows. They were either being controlled or didn’t care about death. Some of them even caught the arrows in their mouths.

The centaurs listened to each other and shot arrows in succession. Dozens of casios died whenever the rain of arrows poured out. However, the distance between the casios and the centaurs was decreasing rapidly.

After the third arrow, Ferocious Eyes switched from a bow to a spear. The casios had a mobility comparable to the centaurs’ because they were rushing to their deaths.

They didn’t care about melee warfare.

Ferocious Eyes shouted angrily.

His roars shook the heavens and the earth but In-gong didn’t look back at Ferocious Eyes and the battlefield. In-gong used the mini-map to navigate the draco.

A part of the group of casios split off and headed toward the temple. It seemed like In-gong wouldn’t be able to avoid a struggle.

‘There are a lot of them.’

He guessed that there were dozens of them. It was possible because compared to In-gong and the centaurs, the casios had superior numbers.

Carack, who was on the draco next to In-gong, asked him,

"Prince! Do you just have to enter the temple?”

In-gong had to do precisely that. Green Wind didn’t tell him the specifics of the power, only that the power was sleeping in the small temple.

However, In-gong just nodded. He replied like a king talking to his men.

“Yes! We will be victorious if we arrive at the temple!”

Carack laughed at In-gong’s words. He held the dwarf axe and shouted excitedly,

"Then we will pierce through!”

Carack raised the speed of the draco and gave a battle cry as a wedge formation centering around In-gong formed naturally.


It was a warrior’s cry that raised the spirits of allies. In-gong stabbed the air with a dwarf dagger.

“Below the King’s Flag!”

It was the first time he had used Below the King’s Flag since securing the Thunder Light Anvil. The level of Conquest and Below the King’s Flag had risen.

A large flag made of pure white light unfurled behind In-gong’s back. The light spread out to cover Carack as well as Karma and the centaurs running with In-gong.

Karma, who was within the range of Below the King’s Flag, felt a spark of vitality through her body. The centaurs went wild and jumped against the wind.

In-gong felt the change. All those affected by Below the King’s Flag had become one.

"Pierce through!”


Carack replied to In-gong’s command. Surrounded by white light, In-gong’s troops were like a sharp arrow.

The 33 casios and three creatures, which seemed to be drake ogres, were like an illusion blocking In-gong from reaching Green Wind. Instead of slowing down, Carack just swung his axe as hard as he could.

A violent clash took place. Blood and flesh scattered in the air as there was a howl.

In-gong instinctively realized something - it would be the end if they stopped. They had to keep penetrating through.

Karma jumped up and trampled on the head of a casios. Carack moved his axe like a madman as he opened the path while the centaurs blocked access with their spears.

The casios weren’t caught quietly. They ran and tackled some centaurs down to the ground. The centaurs were reinforced by Below the King’s Flag but they weren’t invincible. The sharp teeth and claws of the casios caught the centaurs.

Horrible screams hit his ears but he couldn’t stop. Carack roared loudly,

"Prince! Go!”

The road was opened and the small temple was right in front of him.


One drake ogre cried out urgently and tried to block In-gong’s way, but it was futile. Karma jumped up to step on the drake ogre’s head while Carack’s axe struck his side. The drake ogre, who was much bigger than Carack, lost his balance and fell sideways.

In-gong rode through the open gap. He was now at the very front and before his eyes, he saw an drake ogre hitting the barrier of green light around the small temple.

"Green Wind’s barrier!”

One of the centaurs following In-gong cried out. In-gong ran straight and pulled back his right arm. A red and yellow light emanated from Earth Quaker as the draco used its instantaneous speed. The drake ogre hurriedly turned around but In-gong had already reached him and In-gong didn’t spare his aura.

The power of an explosion!

The Earth Quaker’s amplified white aura hit the drake ogre. Unlike how the casios had exploded, the drake ogre didn’t explode, but he was pushed back and fell to the ground.

The wall of green light didn’t block In-gong and his party. In-gong passed through the wall first, followed by Carack, Karma and the centaurs.

Carack once again knew what he had to do. Instead of entering the temple along with In-gong, he held his axe and waited at the entrance of the temple with Karma and the centaurs.

Unlike the party, the casios and drake ogres couldn’t go through the barrier, so they were smashing against it.

‘Hurry! Enkidu’s equipment will lead you!’

Green Wind’s voice was heard in In-gong’s head. In-gong jumped down from the draco and rushed deep into the temple with Enkidu’s magic power in Earth Quaker leading the way.

A large tree was growing in the middle of a flat place in the deepest part of the small temple. Despite being inside the building, the tree with its roots and branches was be enough to support the entire small temple.

Enkidu’s magic power resonated. In-gong reached out with his right arm which was wearing Earth Quaker and Ainkel’s magic power was released from deep within the tree.

Then In-gong was standing in front of something that looked like a huge tree but wasn’t one. Dozens of tree trunks covered in green light were joined together. It seemed like a flower bud that was opening.

In-gong took a deep breath. Every time a tree opened, Ainkel’s magic power became stronger and Earth Quaker emitted more light.

Finally, the thing hidden deep in the tree was revealed to In-gong. It was a fist sized green stone located between dozens of trees. In-gong realized what it was the moment he saw it shining like a jewel.

‘Dragon heart!’

It was the source of magic power that every dragon had. It symbolised that they had all descended from the great kings.

It wasn’t a complete chunk. Green Wind had said that only a fragment was here. However, this wasn’t from an ordinary dragon; it was a piece of the elder dragon, Ainkel.

The green light winding around the trees took the shape of Green Wind. She showed up in front of In-gong and explained in an urgent voice,

"A long time ago, Watcher Ainkel made the Enger Plains from a desert using great magic. This temple is located in the center of that magic.”

It had indeed been the feat of an elder dragon. Green Wind grabbed In-gong’s hand and said,

"I came from the fragment of Ainkel but I have changed as many years have passed since I was born. Please wake up Ainkel’s magic that remains in this temple. She left the magic to watch over the Enger Plains and its children.”

Once Green Wind’s hand touched him, In-gong was able to grasp the situation outside the small temple. The green light barrier around the temple was on the verge of collapse and a fierce clash was occurring between Ferocious Eyes’ centaurs and the casios.

In-gong breathed in deeply and recalled the incident with the Thunder Light Anvil.

This time he didn’t have Felicia and Caitlin but he had to do it, even if he was alone.

In-gong stretched out his right arm and raised his hand over the green stone that was a piece of Ainkel.


Since the beginning of time, there had been six great dragons in the world.

One of them...

She had been born from the wind that swept the world.

Her name had been Ainkel, who watched. Unlike Enkidu who was a tyrant, she was a gentle and beautiful female who watched those born on the earth.

In-gong saw an illusion of a dragon covered in green scales. There was no sense of intimidation and fear like when he had seen Enkidu. She was huge but also beautiful and natural. She became like a cloud in the sky or an island in the sea as she became part of the landscape.

Her green eyes emitted a warm light as she gazed at In-gong. He closed his eyes from the warmth of those green eyes.

[Dragon Characters Lv1 has been learnt.]

A clear voice was heard in his head. At the same time, In-gong understood some of the magic left behind by Ainkel.

In-gong woke up through Enkidu’s magic power and heard the wind. The new magic power was wrapped entirely around the small temple.

Green Wind hugged her shoulders. It had been a long time since she had felt Ainkel’s magic, so she was thrilled.

She looked down at Enger Plains from the sky. The miracle she had hoped for was happening. Large tree trunks sprouted out all around the small temple. Ainkel’s soldiers rose from the ground and started to shape themselves.

They were treants.

It started with one but soon expanded to dozens. They hadn’t uprooted and taken the first steps yet, but it was only a matter of time.

The casios and drake ogres were noticeably confused. The drake ogres, who had been fighting the centaurs fiercely, quickly turned toward the temple but dozens of treants were already between them and the temple.

It had become like this. It had been risky but it was just in time. There had been a large sacrifice but the Enger Plains were now guarded.

Green Wind sighed with relief and returned to the temple. She gave a deep bow of gratitude to In-gong.

However, she was shocked when she returned to the temple. Without realising it, she cried out with amazement.

In-gong still had his hands on the piece of Ainkel. Although the spell had already been activated in response to Enkidu’s magic, the connection between In-gong and the piece of Ainkel wasn’t cut off. The magic power remaining in the piece of Ainkel was being sucked into In-gong’s hands.

Why? What was happening?

There was only one answer.


It was the white woman's voice.

She wore a golden crown and appreciated Green Wind’s shock. She whispered into In-gong’s soul.


Make them submit.

Even if it is an elder dragon, make them kneel before you.

You, the Conquest Knight.’

In-gong didn’t stop. He dominated the power left behind in the piece of Ainkel.

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