Chapter 48 - Chapter 7: Advent #6

Chapter 48 - Chapter 7: Advent #6

A miracle was happening outside the small temple.

There was a flash of light and great trees rose where there had been nothing before. They formed the shape of men with two hands.

Karma swallowed her saliva as the roots of the treants moved. She had a little bit of druid knowledge, so she was thrilled by the new force appearing on Enger Plains.

"Green Wind."

The centaurs next to Karma expressed their heartfelt admiration. Some closed their eyes and prayed with their hands together. The casiso and drake ogres, both of whom were struggling with the green barrier, also stared at the treants. The casios, who weren’t even afraid of the rain of arrows, felt their bodies start shaking.

Even the smallest of the treants were at least five or six metres tall. It seemed as though a forest was moving.

The drake ogres screamed while the casios raised their heads to the sky and roared. The centaurs, however, shouted Green Wind’s name.

In the midst of all the noise, Carack heard something else. Even though something wonderful was happening in front of his eyes, he looked back reflexively while holding his axe.

Deep inside the small temple...

The effect of Below the King’s Flag was already gone. However, Carack was In-gong’s knight and could feel it.


In-gong’s power was becoming stronger.


If Enkidu’s power was destruction, then Ainkel’s was life.

No matter what it was, the power of an elder dragon couldn’t be stolen easily.

The power of the dragon had been frozen in the piece of the dragon heart, so only a dragon could accept the magic power of another dragon.

However, Conquest wasn’t that simple. It was the power of dominance.

Ainkel’s magic power didn’t resist. It accepted In-gong’s dominance.

Ainkel’s magic flowed so naturally toward In-gong that he was slightly taken aback.

The power of a dragon entered In-gong’s body and naturally, the magic power attacked In-gong’s body. In-gong’s flesh was too fragile to endure a dragon’s magic power.

However, the whole process didn’t end with destruction.

[Your level has risen.]

In-gong received a vast amount of experience for the achievement, so he gained a level. A pure white light restored In-gong’s destroyed body.

In-gong screamed painfully as he was surrounded by the white light. This was because Ainkel’s magic power destroyed his barely recovered body once again.

Then In-gong’s level rose once again.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

Exactly three times...

That was the number of times that the repetition of destruction and regeneration had occurred. It was like breaking an old bowl and creating a new one repeatedly.

The clear voice of a woman resonated in In-gong’s head.

[Passive skill - Dragon Lineage Lv1 has been acquired.]

[Dragon Lineage Lv1 skill Dragon Blood has been learnt.]

It was a modification of his body. The dragon’s magic power evolved his flesh.

The power of Conquest and Protagonist Body made that possible. It developed into a new transformation.

[The level of Protagonist Body has risen.]

[The Protagonist Body Lv2 skill Hundred Poisons Resistance has been learnt.]

[The level of Magic Power Control has risen.]

[You have acquired the power of life.]

The body reconstruction was completed. The white and green light swirling around In-gong’s body scattered in the air.

In-gong opened his eyes slowly. His status window was floating in front of him.

[Name: Shutra Ignus]

[Age: 14]

[Species: Gandharva]

[Occupation: Protagonist]

[Secondary Occupation: Conquest Knight Lv2/ Dragon Humanoid]

[Uniqueness: Prince/ Conquest Knight/ Dragon Humanoid]

[Properties: Life]

[Level: 17]

Strength: 45

Intelligence: 45

Agility: 45

Talent: 45

Persistence: 45

Durability: 45

Mental Power: 45

Magic Power: 45

Charm: 32

Extra Points: 32

His basic stats had increased as a whole. There was the life property that hadn’t existed before, in addition to a secondary occupation and uniqueness.

‘Dragon humanoid.’

He had already seen it in Knight Saga. Despite being half draconian and half sura, it was a characteristic of Zephyr who had awakened his dragon blood.

Zephyr, who inherited the lineage of a dragon.

Locke, who inherited a dragon’s soul.

In-gong had the blood of a gandharva and sura. However, he was now ambushed by Ainkel’s power.

[Dragon Humanoid Lv1]

[The lineage of a dragon, the descendant of the Great King, has awakened in the flesh of a son of man. A dragon’s magic power is different.]

[Dragon Blood Lv1]

[The power of the Great Dragon has awakened in your body. All stats will rise temporarily and strengthen the dragon’s magic power.]

[Hundred Poisons Resistance Lv1.]

[Resistance to poison has increased greatly. (Can be upgraded to Thousand Poisons Resistance and Ten Thousand Poisons Resistance.)]

In-gong took a deep breath. Once he closed and opened his eyes again, the status and skill windows disappeared and he saw Green Wind’s face.

In a voice mixed with confusion and wonder, she said,

"You have obtained the flesh and spirit of a dragon. I can feel the strength of Ainkel coming from you.”

Ainkel’s remaining piece of power had disappeared. All of the power had been consumed to reconstruct In-gong’s flesh and spirit.

However, Green Wind didn’t feel like it was a waste. It was a power that had been sleeping for many years without anyone using it.

The magic in the small temple and Enger Plains were in good shape, so Green Wind’s dream had come true. Then it was good. The important thing right now was that Enger Plains was protected.

Moreover, Green Wind had intuitively sensed something. She couldn’t explain the rationale, but she understood that this was a tipping point.

Watcher Ainkel had accepted In-gong. Instead of resisting or rejecting, she gave him her magic power.

Green Wind didn’t know anything other than that. She nodded with satisfaction.

"After receiving Watcher Ainkel’s power, please watch over my children and the Enger Plains.”

The treants had shown up but the battle wasn’t over. Even at this moment, the casios and centaurs were still clashing.

In-gong nodded slowly. He lifted his right arm and the red and yellow lights seemed to growl. It was like a cry saying it wanted to destroy the enemy quickly.

It was as expected from the Great Tyrant Enkidu. In-gong turned around without any hesitation and ran out of the temple.


Carack, who was staring at the temple, welcomed In-gong first. In-gong responded with a smile.


Carack’s expression became calm. He really was the best knight in many ways.

"Your Highness!”

"Ohh, Your Highness the 9th Prince! The agent of Green Wind!”

The centaurs, who noticed belatedly, gazed at In-gong with shining eyes. They weren’t pretty girls like Caitlin but men who were staring at In-gong with starry eyes.

"It is wonderful! As expected from His Highness!”

Karma also praised In-gong. She didn’t know what happened inside the temple, but it was obvious that the miracle had occurred shortly after In-gong entered the temple. For Karma, In-gong wasn’t a mere prince but a great being who had caused a miracle.

He was pleased with the respect and praise that he hadn’t receive a lot of during the Red Lightning subjugation, but he couldn’t enjoy it forever.

In-gong looked beyond Green Wind’s barrier that was further enhanced by Ainkel’s magic.

‘I am grateful for the praise.’

The forest was moving. Common sense seemed to crumble in front of the trees that swung their branches as they moved forward.

There was a battle going on in front of the small temple. The giant treants that were six or seven metres tall moved their branches like a whip while their roots were tangled up with the casios’ legs.

In-gong opened the mini-map and gazed at it. Dozens of treants had appeared simultaneously where the centaurs, led by Ferocious Eyes, were fighting.

As expected, a melee was unfolding. The red dots and blue dots were scrambled together. Naturally, the damage was forced to grow.

‘There are three critical areas on the battlefield.’

One place was the left side of the battlefield and near the entrance to the temple.

Dozens of treants and drake ogres were facing each other.

On the right side of the battlefield, the centaurs and casios were mixed together.

In-gong knew where his power was needed most. He needed to break the morale of the entire group of casios.

‘A power is manipulating the casios. We must crush that power that is coming from the north.’

A purple wind wrapped around the casios.

Green Wind’s voice went into In-gong’s head and inspired him. Green Wind didn’t stop with In-gong, but also delivered the message to the treants.

Among the drake ogres, there was one particularly huge one. The upper body of the ogre was covered in blue scales while the lower half was larger than even the biggest casios.

The goat head had four horns protruding from it and his eyes were blood red.

He was the boss among the drake ogres. He was holding giant sickles in his hands and cutting the treants like he was harvesting them.

In-gong’s gaze moved towards the centre of the battlefield.

He was focused on that. In-gong had to defeat the drake ogre’s leader in order to improve the situation.

It wouldn’t be easy but the idea didn’t see too reckless. He could do it by himself now.

No, he had to do it.

"Carack, I will leave the temple to you.”

In-gong ordered. The small temple was still important. The magic moving the treants was done in the small temple.

Thus, he told Carack to protect it. Since waking up in the tent, he had always been behind Carack. However, this time he was going alone. He ignored the passion behind him and only concentrated on the battle in front of him.

Carack was confused by In-gong’s command, but it was only for a moment. He sensed the genuineness in In-gong and gave a cool smile.


A simple shout, but this was more dependable.

The centaurs were unable to keep up with the situation and blinked with confusion. Karma was also baffled but as the woman he picked to be his number two subordinate, she quickly realized what was going on.

"Come back safely! I will defend the temple!”

She would guard the temple with Carack.

In-gong nodded. The draco then approached In-gong. Despite being young, he felt like the draco was very clever.

‘I’ll have to name him after the fight.’

In-gong laughed before mounting the draco. He controlled his breathing and triggered Aura.

A white aura flared up like fire and the power of Conquest was activated softly.

‘It is my first boss fight alone.’

In-gong formed a fist. He crossed the green barrier and headed towards the drake ogres.

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