Chapter 46 - Chapter 7: Advent #4

Chapter 46 - Chapter 7: Advent #4

There were six elder dragons in the world of Knight Saga.

They had the same power was a god, but the users of Knight Sage treated the elder dragons like they were just an insignificant background. The reason was simple: only one of the six elder dragons, Queian, the guardian, affected the game directly.

'He only appeared indirectly.'

Queian, the guardian, also known as a saint dragon, was a strong supporter of Locke, the warrior. He had given Locke the strongest sword, ‘the Warrior’s Sword’, and Queian had also arranged the best teachers for him.

The remaining five dragons were only mentioned occasionally in item descriptions such as for the Thunder Light Anvil.

The elder dragons.

They were an existence that probably couldn’t be confronted in Knight Saga.

However, In-gong had a little bit of contact with them.

This was done through Earth Quaker, the gauntlet with the enchantment of the great Enkidu.

A piece of Ainkel, the watcher, had showed up in front of In-gong.

He wondered why. Moreover, why did Ainkel want to speak with him?

In-gong observed Ainkel. Dressed in clothes of blue leaves and stems, she was the manifestation of something other than a human. The ears that protruded from her hair were pointed at the ends like a pixie’s, while deer antlers sprouted from her head.

"I am a piece of Ainkel, a fragment of her that fell on Enger Plains.”

Her voice was as beautiful and mysterious as her appearance. However, the contents didn’t seem right.

She was a piece of Ainkel. Moreover, her expression was frozen.

Whether she read In-gong’s mind or had simply guessed, the woman in front of him, the piece of Ainkel, nodded.

"Yes, Watcher Ainkel is already dead. I am a piece of her strong will that has remained in the world.”

She hadn’t emerge in Knight Saga because she was already dead? However, what was the reason behind a dragon dying? Had she died from old age?

It was a story that he would have ignored in the past, but he couldn’t now because he had seen Enkidu. Such a huge mountain-like creature wouldn’t have simply died.

However, the piece of Ainkel had nothing more to say about Ainkel’s death.

She frowned and said,

“There is no time. I encountered a miracle that was formed through layers of coincidences. I found you due to Enkidu’s power in that weapon. You moved closer to this direction and my call was answered, so this encounter could be created.”

She seemed to be talking about the moment that Earth Quaker amplified In-gong’s aura.

"I am a fragment of Watcher Ainkel. Over a long period of time, I was reborn as the guardian of Enger Plains. The children of Enger Plains call me Green Wind.”

‘Green Wind!

In-gong knew that name. It was the name that the centaurs and satyrs prayed to. According to Knight Saga’s setting, it was due to Green Wind that Enger Plains could be protected.

The piece of Ainkel, Green Wind, stepped closer to In-gong. The surrounding scenery then changed once more.

It had become a small stone temple in the middle of the grasslands. It was a simple place where people prayed and left.

"This is my home and it contains the source of energy of Watcher Ainkel’s fragment.”

At Green Wind’s words, the red and yellow light rose again from Earth Quaker, which was on In-gong’s right arm. Green Wind stared straight into In-gong’s eyes and said,

“The monsters coming down from the north are heading to my home. They intend to destroy my home and devour my spirit, then Enger Plains will be lost. My children will also be in great danger.”

"Are you referring to the casios?”

In-gong asked for the first time. Green Wind shook her head roughly.

“It isn’t just them! It is different from the previous times. There are those who descended with the casios.”

Green Wind hugged her shoulders, then the surrounding scenery changed once again. There were wild barking sounds as the casios ran between giant monsters. The monsters each had a head that was like a goat’s while their upper body was like an ogre and their lower body had four beast legs like a centaur. It was like looking at a huge reptile.

It wasn’t just a fantasy. At this moment, they were actually moving.

"My children alone can’t stop the threat from the north, but you are different. You already have Enkidu’s power, so you will be able to gain strength from Ainkel’s fragment. With that strength, you can stop the threat from the north. Save the Enger Plains and my children.”

Green Wind’s tone was as soft as the wind. She grabbed In-gong’s hand.

“There is no time. They are coming already. Please hurry.”

In-gong’s consciousness flew into the sky at that moment and he had an overview of the Enger Plains from Green Wind’s viewpoint. He could see the small temple and the path of the monsters descending from the north.

"May the blessing of the wind be with you.”

Green Wind kissed In-gong’s forehead gently and in that moment, everything disappeared in a flash of light.


In-gong’s eyes flashed open and Carack and Karma were in front of his eyes. The tent was lit up by a lamp.

Instead of answering Carack, In-gong gazed at his right arm. Instead of Earth Quaker, his right hand was holding a small piece of green light.

"A piece of Green Wind.”

In-gong mumbled and activated the mini-map hastily. Even if he hadn’t been there yet, he could confirm it.

The small temple was located in the northeast. The casios were moving from the southeast, so it was no wonder the centaurs didn’t notice.

As Ferocious Eyes said, the centaurs were watching the north where the casios had always been.

In-gong guessed the distance roughly and swallowed his saliva. LIke Green Wind had said, he needed to hurry.

"Get up, Carack. Prepare to fight. I have to go to Ferocious Eyes right now.”

Karma was baffled by the sudden words, but In-gong’s knight Carack was different. Without any doubts, he jumped up and started moving.

As In-gong left the tent decisively with Carack and Karma, he gazed up at the sky. It was late afternoon and close to twilight.

"Ferocious Eyes is in his tent. Go with Karma. I will prepare the dracos.”

Now that the situation was like this, Karma no longer showed any confusion. She headed to Ferocious Eyes’ tent with In-gong.

“Your Highness?”

The centaurs guarding Ferocious Eyes’ tent were surprised by In-gong’s sudden appearance but couldn’t raise their weapons to stop him. In-gong entered the tent and said immediately,

"I received a revelation from Green Wind. We have to go and fight right now.”

He presented the piece of Green Wind to stop any arguments. Ferocious Eyes’ eyebrows raised as he took the piece of Green Wind In-gong received in the dream.

The centaurs and satyrs around Ferocious Eyes recognized Green Wind’s power. One of them asked in a confused voice,


It seemed like he wanted to know. He wanted to understand why the 9th Prince received Green Wind’s revelation.

However, it was the reality. Ferocious Eyes returned the piece of Green Wind to In-gong and asked,

“Where should we go?”

"Tribe Chief?”

The centaurs cried out with amazement. The promised meeting day was three days later. All the tribe warriors would gather then.

However, Ferocious Eyes only looked at In-gong.

"There is a small temple in the northeast. We have to go there. Green Wind is in danger.”

Ferocious Eyes was also aware of the temple in the northeast. It had never been considered an important place but Ferocious Eyes didn’t show any doubts.

“I believe Prince.”

The meaning of Ferocious Eyes’ words was obvious. The centaurs knew him and didn’t cry out any longer. They just ran out of the tent and blew their horns. It was the signal for battle.

In-gong exited the tent with Ferocious Eyes and saw Carack leading two dracos.


In-gong equipped Earth Quaker on his right arm and got on top of the draco. Karma brought In-gong out of the settlement.

The situation was urgent. He had never imagined this would happen when he first left the Demon King’s Palace.

It had been a direct mission from the demon king.

Did Mitra know that the situation would unfold like this? Moreover, if he had known, why did he choose In-gong instead of the other princes and princesses?

He had a few more questions.

Why were the casios showing this behaviour now? How had he known about Green Wind’s dwelling when even the centaurs hadn’t known?

There was something - one correct answer that existed for all his questions.

In-gong’s thoughts were interrupted. The centaurs were ready to depart. They were in a rush, so the supplies weren’t perfect.

Ferocious Eyes blew a huge horn. In-gong and 300 centaurs started running behind him.


The maneuverability of the centaur troops, who were all cavalry, was tremendous. In-gong had marched with orcs during the subjugation of Red Lightning tribe, so he realized the difference in mobility between the cavalry and infantry.

While they were sprinting, sunset was gradually getting closer. Karma, the only infantry among the troops, kept sweating but stayed by In-gong’s side.

The sight of so many centaurs on the plains was extraordinary. Those who were running at the front found the small temple covered in green light, unlike its usual state. They also found a group of casios a little further away.

"Oh, my god.”

"Green Wind."

All doubts about their chief’s orders were gone. Some of them couldn’t resist the impulse to look at In-gong.

Ferocious Eyes remained calm. The centaurs gradually lowered the speed of their advance and measured the number of casios.

It was estimated that there were 400~500. Moreover, it was the first time they had seen the monsters that were mixed in with the casios.

Due to the large numbers and unknown enemies, they would have normally avoided fighting. However, this wasn’t a fight that could be avoided.

"Prince, they are baffled by our appearance.”

Ferocious Eyes stopped and said to him. It was the last breath before the battle began.

In-gong gazed at the casios as well and he remembered Green Wind’s words.

She didn’t say to simply fight. In-gong had to absorb the remaining fragment of Ainkel to defeat the northern threat.

There was something in the temple. In-gong decided to tell Ferocious Eyes.

"I am going to the temple. Don’t let them approach it.”

Ferocious Eyes didn’t ask anymore. He just took out a bow and said to In-gong,

"I will give you nine people. Stay safe.”

A horn sounded between the centaurs. Ferocious Eyes and the centaurs started running in a diagonal direction like they were blocking the temple, while In-gong ran straight to the temple. Carack, Karma and several centaurs followed In-gong.

Instead of the sound of a horn, there were a large roar among the casios. In the sky, twilight was spreading.

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