Chapter 28 - Chapter 4: Awakening #3

Chapter 28 - Chapter 4: Awakening #3

Just like Below the King’s Flag was under the Conquest skill, Protagonist Body was directly below Protagonist Correction.

[Protagonist Body Lv1]

Lv1: When learning skills, the body’s efficiency will increase greatly.

Lv2: ???

Lv3: ???

Lv4: ???

Lv5: ???

If the skill reached the next level, he would be able to see new features.

‘Indeed, a protagonist.’

He didn’t have the body of a demon but the body of a protagonist. Moreover, the effect was truly like a protagonist’s, even though the skill was only level one.

‘This isn’t an effect of Protagonist Correction’s level rising.’

It seemed like acquiring Beast Authority had activated the skill.

‘If I keep increasing the level, will it be better than Zephyr’s Body Guard or Locke’s Blood of a Warrior?’

Both were passive skills that used magic and divine power respectively.

[Beast Authority Lv1 has been learnt.]

Thus far, nothing significant had changed. He learnt Basic Swordsmanship by swinging a sword once. The speed of how fast he could train was the key.

"Shutra, pay attention.”

Caitlin said as she applied a little bit of pressure to his hands. She still had her eyes closed but she was making a solemn expression.

In-gong closed his eyes again and focused on Caitlin’s aura. After going around the circuit five times, Caitlin slowly loosened her hands.

"Follow the route I just taught you. I will now teach you the eight basic movements of Beast Authority. Pay attention to my breathing.”

Cailin moved back a few steps and slowly moved her limbs. Her movements were very slow because it was a display for In-gong.

In-gong wasn’t well-versed in martial arts, but he had some degree of awareness about Caitlin’s demonstration in front of him. She needed to have a certain degree of mastery in the martial art technique in order to demonstrate it slowly like this.

Caitlin demonstrated three of the basic movements before looking at In-gong.

“You don’t have to do everything. Just try these three first.”

In-gong moved his hands and feet in a manner similar to Caitlin’s. Since Beast Authority was already Lv1, there wasn’t much difficulty in following the basic movements.

However, In-gong felt completely different from when he used Basic Swordsmanship or Dagger Throwing.

In-gong’s aura responded to his movements.

‘This is Aura.’

So far, it followed everything he had already known. It was a force that was completely different which moved within the bones and muscles of his arms and legs.

‘This is Beast Authority.’

His hands were bare but it felt like he was holding a weapon. He felt like he could smash rocks with his bare hands.

This was aura based martial arts.

In-gong could understand why Chris and Caitlin were surprised when he awakened Aura.

It was a miracle. The presence of an aura itself caused a dramatic gap in combat power.

He suddenly got goosebumps.

Beast Authority was only Lv1 while Aura was Lv3. Nevertheless, In-gong felt like there were still quite a large gap.

He had seen how ferocious and strong Caitlin was.

Furthermore, In-gong’s own enemy, Zephyr, was the strongest among the Demon King’s children.

In-gong had only learnt a few minor magic spells.

Even in the world where In-gong had lived originally, the gap between individual people would be enormous depending on the training. There was magic and aura in this world, so the strength of an individual would be able to transcend In-gong’s imagination.

‘I have to become stronger.’

He was motivated by a desire to survive . He calmed his heart and noticed that everything around him was silent.

Caitlin and Felicia were staring at In-gong.

In-gong hurriedly asked Caitlin,

"Uh, is something wrong?”

Were his movements wrong? Were his punches and kicks not powerful?

Caitlin blinked a few times at In-gong’s question before replying hastily,

"No, well done. Shutra is amazing. The basic movements of Beast Authority were done correctly.”

All three movements correctly demonstrated Aura. They were only the basic movements, but they weren’t easy.

“You- you are Shutra, right?”

A voice was heard from behind him. In-gong looked around and saw Felicia’s face full of confusion and doubt.

She didn’t know how to use Aura but she wasn’t ignorant about it. Her brother Silvan had an incredibly strong aura.

Looking at it objectively, In-gong was at an ordinary level. He just followed the basic movements that Caitlin did.

However, it was learnt immediately afterwards and the person doing it was Shutra.

'No, that is a bias. Didn’t I see him fight yesterday? Learning aura is separate from martial arts.’

Felicia regained her stability. When she thought about it properly, it wasn’t a big deal. Shutra was also a child of the Demon King. He was old enough to show his skills.

“Felicia noona?”

"No, I’m just a little surprised. Continue.”

Felicia sat back down in the corner with a little bit of embarrassment.

"Well, shall we continue?”

Caitlin asked awkwardly and In-gong nodded. Felicia also looked awkward due to the disturbance.

Everyone felt slightly awkward for a different reason.

"Prince! We are starting!”

The rough voice blew away the awkwardness and In-gong smiled widely at the owner of the voice.

"Uh... W-why are you looking like that?”

It wasn’t just In-gong but Caitlin and Felicia as well.

In-gong laughed at Carack’s words.

“It’s just great to see you.”

Carack was full of doubts but he was an exemplary orc and didn’t ask any questions.


After moving through the dwarf portal and the destroyed base of the Red Lightning tribe, the soldiers starting marching towards the east.

All of the infantry troops consisted of orcs and lycanthropes, so the marching speed was quite fast.

In-gong was moving right next to Caitlin. Thanks to the power of Protagonist Body, Beast Authority was already level three despite it only being three days since he learnt it.

Felicia watched In-gong and Caitlin train for two whole days, but unlike the first day, she didn’t intervene.

'Her eyes just shone.’

Did she think that In-gong had already been caught by Chris? So, that was why In-gong showed himself off to Felicia?

‘Or is there something else?’

The reason not known. He couldn’t ask Chris directly, so In-gong just spent the time getting to know Caitlin and Felicia. He had decided to keep watching.

On the 4th day, In-gong finally met Vandal.


Although Vandal’s camp was big, the most impressive thing was Vandal and his tent.

The ogre’s private tent was at least six metres tall and under its ceiling was where the red-haired Vandal was located. Vandal seemed even bigger thanks to his broad shoulders. It wouldn’t seem strange if Vandal’s head managed to hit the moon in the sky.

Just looking simply at his height, he was at least twice as tall as In-gong. Vandal turned towards those gathered in the tent and bowed.

“Welcome. I am Vandal.”

A growl-like voice came from him.

Chris responded with a slight nod while Caitlin smiled at Vandal.

Vandal glanced to the side toward Felicia.

“6th Princess, it has been a while.”

"Your tone is still the same. Yes, it has been a while.”

Felicia answered confidently as usual. It seemed like they had met several times before.

“This is... the 9th Prince?”

Vandal tilted his head like he wasn’t certain. It seemed like this was our first meeting.


He was one of five subordinates in Knight Saga that In-gong absolutely had to obtain.

The other four were fairly friendly monsters. In-gong held out his hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Vandal. I am Shutra.”

Vandal seemed somewhat perplexed, but he soon laughed and shook In-gong’s hands.

"It is also nice to meet you.”

In-gong’s and Vandal’s hands looked completely different. However, Chris nodded like he was satisfied and Caitlin gave a warm smile. Felicia was the only one who looked confused.

After Vandal finished greeting In-gong, he gave an order.

"Bring the dark elves.”

Soon, the tent door opened and one dark elf appeared.

“Royal Princess!”


A black-haired dark elf, wearing a swimsuit-like outfit similar to Felicia’s, fell to her knees before Felicia.

"It is fortunate that you aren’t hurt, Your Highness.”

"I’m glad that you’re okay, Delia”

Felicia replied in a humble voice towards her subordinate.

It was a pretty sight but Felicia didn’t keep it up for long.

Felicia arranged her expression and repeated the name in a louder voice.


The woman- Delia understood what Felicia’s call meant. She bowed her head towards In-gong’s party.

“Please forgive my rudeness. I am Delia Trident, an assistant to the 6th Royal Princess.”

She seemed to be three years older than Caitlin and Seira. Chris replied on behalf of the party.

"I forgive you.”

Then he turned his gaze towards Felicia who then clasped Delia’s shoulder lightly and said,

"Collect the troops. There are things to do.”

“I understand, Your Highness.”

Delia wiped her tears before stepping back.

Vandal watched quietly and spoke as soon as the tent door closed.

"Then I will talk about it straight away.”

Like the other things in the tent, the battlefield map on the table was also great. Fortunately, the table itself was ordinary.

Rather than Vandal’s huge body moving, a soldier moved the orc models on the battlefield instead.

As described earlier by Chris, the Red Lightning tribe were at the edge of the Jishuka Mountains. In the southeastern area where the Red Lightning tribe was, there was a huge swamp. Once that swamp was crossed, it would be the Human World.

"Their numbers are estimated to be approximately 3,000-5,000. There will be more if we add the women, but that is approximately the number of people that can fight.”

"Have the troops joined together?”

Vandal frowned at Chris’ question.

"They are gathered here and here. It would be nice if we could defeat each one, but the size of the troops is too ambiguous. They can break up and scatter.”

At Vandal’s words, the moving units were broken up into small troops that couldn’t be seen. One of the largest forces was Kairam’s but their movements were too elusive.

Chris gazed at the battlefield map and nodded.

"We just have to move before they join up. If we take care of Yakuzan, they will break down.”

The purpose of the expedition wasn’t the total massacre of the Red Lightning tribe. It was to take care of the ringleaders and tear the tribe apart.

"When will a battle be possible?”

In response to Chris’ inquiry, Vandal placed his hand directly on the map.

"We can move tomorrow morning.”

Vandal’s rough hands pushed the models of the Red Lightning tribe.

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